Waterloo Region Generations
A record of the people of Waterloo Region, Ontario.

Alsfeld, Hessen, Germany

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Latitude: 50.7526397, Longitude: 9.2694797


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Birth   Person ID   Tree 
1 Maria Christina  14 Oct 1821Alsfeld, Hessen, Germany I121436 Generations 
2 Bauer, Elizabeth  1823Alsfeld, Hessen, Germany I90659 Generations 
3 Bellinger, Ernest  1854Alsfeld, Hessen, Germany I133344 Generations 
4 Bellinger, George  13 Jun 1848Alsfeld, Hessen, Germany I52346 Generations 
5 Bellinger, Theodore  CALC 28 May 1846Alsfeld, Hessen, Germany I235569 Generations 
6 Berdux, George  1821Alsfeld, Hessen, Germany I134018 Generations 
7 Bommoes, Heinrich  1844Alsfeld, Hessen, Germany I133592 Generations 
8 Dahmer, John  CALC 25 Jun 1832Alsfeld, Hessen, Germany I3597 Generations 
9 Doering, Andreas "Andrew"  27 Sep 1809Alsfeld, Hessen, Germany I124649 Generations 
10 Doering, David  3 Feb 1786Alsfeld, Hessen, Germany I91101 Generations 
11 Doering, George Christopher "Christopher"  CALC 17 Dec 1816Alsfeld, Hessen, Germany I26678 Generations 
12 Doering, Heinrich "Henry"  5 May 1824Alsfeld, Hessen, Germany I26693 Generations 
13 Fenner, Anna Catharine  1833Alsfeld, Hessen, Germany I33565 Generations 
14 Fleischhauer, Catherine  26 Dec 1839Alsfeld, Hessen, Germany I72858 Generations 
15 Habermehl, Henry  1837Alsfeld, Hessen, Germany I151368 Generations 
16 Koch, Margareth  5 Mar 1801Alsfeld, Hessen, Germany I24771 Generations 
17 Leuszler, Christian  1 Jan 1818Alsfeld, Hessen, Germany I63233 Generations 
18 Lippert, Henry  22 Nov 1836Alsfeld, Hessen, Germany I9476 Generations 
19 Meisner, Christoph  5 Sep 1825Alsfeld, Hessen, Germany I187524 Generations 
20 Reimueller, Adam  1853Alsfeld, Hessen, Germany I246483 Generations 
21 Schaab, Maria "Mary"  8 Jan 1827Alsfeld, Hessen, Germany I336370 Generations 
22 Schaefer, Susannah  2 Dec 1825Alsfeld, Hessen, Germany I57553 Generations 
23 Schierling, Elisa Bertha  9 May 1862Alsfeld, Hessen, Germany I44463 Generations 
24 Schneider, Johannes  1847Alsfeld, Hessen, Germany I246190 Generations 
25 Stumpf, Daniel  9 Jun 1832Alsfeld, Hessen, Germany I48415 Generations