Waterloo Region Generations
A record of the people of Waterloo Region, Ontario.

Calgary, Alberta

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Tree: Generations
Latitude: 51.0450361, Longitude: -114.0632167


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Birth   Person ID   Tree 
1 Hill, Ann Elizabeth  Aug 1906Calgary, Alberta I194209 Generations 
2 Poffenroth, Julius  5 Sep 1912Calgary, Alberta I73422 Generations 
3 Shantz, Clara  Mar 1907Calgary, Alberta I177856 Generations 


Matches 1 to 46 of 46

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Died   Person ID   Tree 
1 Dorothy  14 Nov 1979Calgary, Alberta I42667 Generations 
2 Alexander, John MacKenzie "Scotty"  2 Jul 1995Calgary, Alberta I176771 Generations 
3 Alteman, Ernest Henry "Henry"  4 Apr 1928Calgary, Alberta I108502 Generations 
4 Baxter, Jane Elizabeth  6 Oct 2004Calgary, Alberta I338640 Generations 
5 Bricker, Elias W.  13 Jan 1939Calgary, Alberta I20238 Generations 
6 Bricker, Harvey  21 Mar 1957Calgary, Alberta I3317 Generations 
7 Cressman, Dennis Clare  8 Aug 2018Calgary, Alberta I196913 Generations 
8 Cressman, Ivan  20 Jul 1936Calgary, Alberta I10 Generations 
9 Currie, Albert John  3 Dec 1904Calgary, Alberta I338457 Generations 
10 Eby, Clarence Saruch  4 Sep 1986Calgary, Alberta I104858 Generations 
11 Eby, Hannah  10 Jul 1936Calgary, Alberta I20824 Generations 
12 Eby, Henry M.  17 Jul 1955Calgary, Alberta I21686 Generations 
13 Elford, William Herbert  22 Sep 1921Calgary, Alberta I181632 Generations 
14 Frey, Alton Edward  11 Feb 1978Calgary, Alberta I156402 Generations 
15 Frey, Ephraim S.  8 Oct 1956Calgary, Alberta I22336 Generations 
16 Frey, John Henry  31 Aug 1966Calgary, Alberta I22352 Generations 
17 Gowdy, William Thomas  19 Oct 1949Calgary, Alberta I148466 Generations 
18 Hagey, Angeline  25 Oct 1945Calgary, Alberta I2679 Generations 
19 Heller, Georgina Augusta  18 Dec 1970Calgary, Alberta I54879 Generations 
20 Henderson, Margaret Jane  1 Jul 1952Calgary, Alberta I138714 Generations 
21 King, Neil Glen Norman  8 Jan 1990Calgary, Alberta I184439 Generations 
22 Lerch, Magdalene Hanna  18 Mar 1996Calgary, Alberta I204826 Generations 
23 Loker, Hiram Christopher  9 Jul 1912Calgary, Alberta I102936 Generations 
24 Lutton, Rachel Jane  5 Jan 1991Calgary, Alberta I415487 Generations 
25 Martin, Emmanuel M.  1997Calgary, Alberta I129485 Generations 
26 Maude, Elisabeth  12 Oct 1919Calgary, Alberta I155961 Generations 
27 Maude, Elizabeth  12 Oct 1919Calgary, Alberta I423675 Generations 
28 Maus, Agnes Isabella  23 Aug 2007Calgary, Alberta I337937 Generations 
29 Megli, Samuel  1946Calgary, Alberta I134355 Generations 
30 Millican, Dr. James Alexander  3 Jan 1944Calgary, Alberta I65005 Generations 
31 Morley, Laura May  Mar 1930Calgary, Alberta I83980 Generations 
32 Musser, Amos  10 Dec 1974Calgary, Alberta I3962 Generations 
33 Rosenberger, Edwin  1 Nov 1950Calgary, Alberta I14654 Generations 
34 Roth, Nadine Carol  5 Dec 1998Calgary, Alberta I380153 Generations 
35 Schmitt, Elizabeth "Betsy"  31 Dec 1962Calgary, Alberta I6213 Generations 
36 Shantz, Nathan  4 Sep 1915Calgary, Alberta I19995 Generations 
37 Snider, Catharine  19 Feb 1944Calgary, Alberta I21239 Generations 
38 Stauffer, Pearl Lily  19 Feb 1981Calgary, Alberta I10445 Generations 
39 Thomson, George Brodie  1954Calgary, Alberta I146275 Generations 
40 Wambold, Edna Jeriene  16 Sep 1918Calgary, Alberta I71763 Generations 
41 Weber, Melissa  20 Mar 1926Calgary, Alberta I18489 Generations 
42 Weidenhammer, Emeline  16 Oct 1936Calgary, Alberta I94364 Generations 
43 Weissgerber, Louis John  1916Calgary, Alberta I149421 Generations 
44 Wideman, Abraham H.  1939Calgary, Alberta I23214 Generations 
45 Wilson, Helen  1937Calgary, Alberta I139987 Generations 
46 Witwer, John A.  2 Apr 1930Calgary, Alberta I196215 Generations 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Crime   Person ID   Tree 
1 Staehle, Donald Sherman  24 Jul 1946Calgary, Alberta I165046 Generations 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Death   Person ID   Tree 
1 Cressman, Ivan  20 Jul 1936Calgary, Alberta I10 Generations 
2 Currie, Albert John  3 Dec 1904Calgary, Alberta I338457 Generations 
3 Shantz, Nathan  4 Sep 1915Calgary, Alberta I19995 Generations 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Military   Person ID   Tree 
1 Anderson, Hugh Donald  1915Calgary, Alberta I49254 Generations 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Occupation   Person ID   Tree 
1 Allison, Lloyd  1915Calgary, Alberta I61623 Generations 
2 Brown, Samuel  1891Calgary, Alberta I101669 Generations 
3 Clemens, Thomas Ira Jacob "Ira"  1910Calgary, Alberta I53418 Generations 
4 Gibson, Dr. John Liddle  1906Calgary, Alberta I128856 Generations 
5 Jennings, William Harry  1918Calgary, Alberta I74804 Generations 
6 Luckhardt, Henry  1902Calgary, Alberta I96737 Generations 
7 Snider, Harold  1917Calgary, Alberta I143533 Generations 
8 Woodley, Clarence Ashford  1912Calgary, Alberta I14118 Generations 


Matches 1 to 43 of 43

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Residence   Person ID   Tree 
1 Ariss, Harold William David  1971Calgary, Alberta I308756 Generations 
2 Beisel, Ralph  1967Calgary, Alberta I168161 Generations 
3 Bingham, Mary Emily  1938Calgary, Alberta I65383 Generations 
4 Bricker, Elias W.  1918Calgary, Alberta I20238 Generations 
5 Brown, Alzora F.  1891Calgary, Alberta I101673 Generations 
6 Brown, Alzora F.  1891Calgary, Alberta I101673 Generations 
7 Brown, Norman Fleetwood  1891Calgary, Alberta I108863 Generations 
8 Brown, Norman Fleetwood  1891Calgary, Alberta I108863 Generations 
9 Brown, Theodore Samuel  1891Calgary, Alberta I101672 Generations 
10 Brown, Theodore Samuel  1891Calgary, Alberta I101672 Generations 
11 Chamberlin, Walter Arthur  1913Calgary, Alberta I150339 Generations 
12 Clark, Geraldine Helen  1972Calgary, Alberta I199325 Generations 
13 Clemens, Austin Eshleman  1921Calgary, Alberta I17463 Generations 
14 Clemens, Enoch  1896Calgary, Alberta I12595 Generations 
15 Dedman, Francis "Frank"  1981Calgary, Alberta I174426 Generations 
16 Ernst, Emma  1923Calgary, Alberta I12729 Generations 
17 Fischer, Augustus "Gus"  1960Calgary, Alberta I310887 Generations 
18 Frey, Jeconiah  1962Calgary, Alberta I87194 Generations 
19 Gabel, Edward  1960Calgary, Alberta I123273 Generations 
20 Gehman, Samuel  1943Calgary, Alberta I19947 Generations 
21 Gordon, Mary B.  1911Calgary, Alberta I68092 Generations 
22 Groh, Flora May  1941Calgary, Alberta I83320 Generations 
23 Heller, Georgina Augusta  1961Calgary, Alberta I54879 Generations 
24 Holzworth, Percy  1952Calgary, Alberta I55634 Generations 
25 Jacques, Joseph Edward  1886Calgary, Alberta I187814 Generations 
26 Kennedy, Hugh Angus  Calgary, Alberta I60219 Generations 
27 Marshall, Anthony  1911Calgary, Alberta I104933 Generations 
28 Marshall, Florence Mabel  1911Calgary, Alberta I67100 Generations 
29 Marshall, Jack  1911Calgary, Alberta I68081 Generations 
30 Marshall, Willa Gordon  1911Calgary, Alberta I68103 Generations 
31 Millar, John  Calgary, Alberta I357779 Generations 
32 Millican, Albert  1921Calgary, Alberta I335629 Generations 
33 Monzo, Matilda  1891Calgary, Alberta I101670 Generations 
34 Monzo, Matilda  1891Calgary, Alberta I101670 Generations 
35 Monzo, Matilda  1891Calgary, Alberta I101670 Generations 
36 Pequegnat, Leah R.  1917Calgary, Alberta I8682 Generations 
37 Pringle, Anna Christina Young  1921Calgary, Alberta I335625 Generations 
38 Quarrie, Euphemia "Effie"  1887Calgary, Alberta I148352 Generations 
39 Riddell, Walter  1975Calgary, Alberta I287398 Generations 
40 Schaefer, Frederick  1906Calgary, Alberta I280674 Generations 
41 Snyder, Grace  1962Calgary, Alberta I87193 Generations 
42 Taylor, Mary Ella Sherwood  1985Calgary, Alberta I196197 Generations 
43 Trussler, Leslie W.  1929Calgary, Alberta I26087 Generations 


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   Family   Married   Family ID   Tree 
1 Trussler / Orr  17 May 1898Calgary, Alberta F48596 Generations