Waterloo Region Generations
A record of the people of Waterloo Region, Ontario.

Centreville (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario

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Tree: Generations
Latitude: 43.4367167, Longitude: -80.4130553


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Birth   Person ID   Tree 
1 Affeldt, Amelia  25 Jan 1887Centreville (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I71920 Generations 
2 Affeldt, Henry "Harry"  17 May 1892Centreville (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I71922 Generations 
3 Affeldt, Martha  Apr 1878Centreville (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I184817 Generations 
4 Bechtel, Willard Paul  13 Sep 1925Centreville (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I142096 Generations 
5 Bortz, Sergeant Allan  26 Sep 1889Centreville (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I156638 Generations 
6 Bowman, Matilda P.  29 Oct 1868Centreville (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I7015 Generations 
7 Burgetz, John Joseph  11 Nov 1895Centreville (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I71897 Generations 
8 Dippel, Mary  1 Jul 1872Centreville (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I52980 Generations 
9 Dippel, Nora  24 Oct 1903Centreville (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I34135 Generations 
10 Erdman, Albert  Aug 1873Centreville (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I189298 Generations 
11 Good, Vera  8 Jun 1899Centreville (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I24000 Generations 
12 Haubner, Lucinda  13 Jan 1860Centreville (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I37100 Generations 
13 Hertel, Clara  14 Mar 1878Centreville (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I228954 Generations 
14 Hertel, Jacob Richard  12 Jun 1893Centreville (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I92129 Generations 
15 Hertel, Rebecca  26 Feb 1874Centreville (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I204137 Generations 
16 Hipner, Gabriel  23 Mar 1868Centreville (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I84881 Generations 
17 Janz  31 Aug 1896Centreville (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I237791 Generations 
18 Klem, Matilda Helene  5 Feb 1875Centreville (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I44074 Generations 
19 Klem, Nelson Alexander  2 Feb 1880Centreville (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I143421 Generations 
20 Klemm, Elizabeth  1876Centreville (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I143420 Generations 
21 Klemm, Mary Ann  11 Oct 1862Centreville (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I48189 Generations 
22 Krampien, Edith  1871Centreville (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I164934 Generations 
23 Latsch, Alice A.  5 Jun 1882Centreville (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I19353 Generations 
24 Latsch, Essie May  2 Mar 1890Centreville (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I19358 Generations 
25 Latsch, Harvey  26 Aug 1894Centreville (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I19359 Generations 
26 Latsch, Milton  19 Jun 1886Centreville (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I19357 Generations 
27 Latsch, Norman  20 Sep 1880Centreville (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I19352 Generations 
28 Michalofsky, Willard Edward  8 Mar 1924Centreville (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I193575 Generations 
29 Miehm, Alta Elizabeth "Elizabeth"  CALC 29 Jun 1918Centreville (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I298988 Generations 
30 Miehm, Nelson George  12 Nov 1884Centreville (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I298984 Generations 
31 Mihm, John  5 Nov 1853Centreville (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I71714 Generations 
32 Mihm, Private John Henry  12 Jan 1892Centreville (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I157109 Generations 
33 Miller, Joseph  Mar 1871Centreville (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I243729 Generations 
34 Moss, John K.  18 Oct 1870Centreville (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I25381 Generations 
35 Moss, Myrtle Eileen  25 Jun 1933Centreville (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I115399 Generations 
36 Scharman, Lorne Henry  1902Centreville (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I68547 Generations 
37 Scheonbechler, Amelia  11 Aug 1867Centreville (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I352272 Generations 
38 Schlieman, Urias  17 Feb 1882Centreville (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I350544 Generations 
39 Stengel, Adrian  12 Apr 1851Centreville (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I55160 Generations 
40 Thaler, Ella Lorena  6 Apr 1897Centreville (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I352804 Generations 
41 Thaler, Mary Magdalene "Marie"  8 Oct 1895Centreville (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I349888 Generations 
42 Thaler, Sarah  8 Nov 1883Centreville (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I3813 Generations 
43 Wamboldt, Elizabeth Rosetta "Lizzie"  27 Mar 1874Centreville (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I23902 Generations 
44 Wiegand, George John  31 Mar 1891Centreville (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I92443 Generations 
45 Wiegand, William S.  19 Sep 1873Centreville (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I92441 Generations 
46 Ziegler, Ivan Edward  17 Nov 1898Centreville (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I381395 Generations 


Matches 1 to 15 of 15

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Died   Person ID   Tree 
1 Christina Margaretha  13 Feb 1869Centreville (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I215784 Generations 
2 Affeldt, Herman Charles  1 Aug 1933Centreville (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I34869 Generations 
3 Bretthauer, Valentine  7 Jul 1883Centreville (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I242238 Generations 
4 Clemens, Lydia Jane  5 May 1950Centreville (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I17561 Generations 
5 Daub, Anna  5 Jul 1954Centreville (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I108260 Generations 
6 Detweiler, Benjamin  Bef 1899Centreville (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I22854 Generations 
7 Hase, Carolina Sophia  24 Nov 1884Centreville (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I242020 Generations 
8 Hipner, Gabriel  26 Mar 1868Centreville (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I84881 Generations 
9 Kirkpatrick, Elizabeth Agnes  1 May 1937Centreville (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I188557 Generations 
10 Latsch, Ferdinand Sr.  3 Mar 1893Centreville (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I23646 Generations 
11 Moss, Mary  24 Dec 1935Centreville (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I158269 Generations 
12 Schenkel, Anna Maria "Mary"  20 Mar 1888Centreville (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I23647 Generations 
13 Troxel, Lydia  10 Feb 1946Centreville (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I380321 Generations 
14 Wamboldt, Hannah  30 Jan 1925Centreville (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I14423 Generations 
15 Weber, Mary  22 Aug 1893Centreville (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I18367 Generations 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Business   Person ID   Tree 
1 Bechtel, Jacob S.  1888Centreville (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I12813 Generations 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Death   Person ID   Tree 
1 Latsch, Ferdinand Sr.  3 Mar 1893Centreville (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I23646 Generations 
2 Weber, Mary  22 Aug 1893Centreville (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I18367 Generations 


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Occupation   Person ID   Tree 
1 Affeldt, Henry "Harry"  1917Centreville (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I71922 Generations 
2 Brethauer, Abraham  1883Centreville (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I92919 Generations 
3 Dippel, John Yost  1881Centreville (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I15165 Generations 
4 George, Henry  1905Centreville (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I34162 Generations 
5 Hunt, August  1872Centreville (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I620 Generations 
6 Jantz, Joseph  1874Centreville (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I69648 Generations 
7 Meisel, William  1901Centreville (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I1287 Generations 
8 Moss, John K.  1895Centreville (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I25381 Generations 


Matches 1 to 31 of 31

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Residence   Person ID   Tree 
1 Bowman, Matilda P.  1895Centreville (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I7015 Generations 
2 Brethauer, Abraham  1883Centreville (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I92919 Generations 
3 Doersam, Ida Louisa  1954Centreville (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I178500 Generations 
4 Grischow, Ella  1923Centreville (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I71706 Generations 
5 Herdel, Isaak  1875Centreville (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I246116 Generations 
6 Hertel, Johanna  1886Centreville (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I264426 Generations 
7 Hipner, Jacob  1868Centreville (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I84882 Generations 
8 Jansen, August Sr.  1906Centreville (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I71745 Generations 
9 Jantz, Joseph  1874Centreville (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I69648 Generations 
10 Janz, Jakob  1876Centreville (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I246230 Generations 
11 Janz, Maria Anna  1875Centreville (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I246117 Generations 
12 Maas, Carolina H. L.  1884Centreville (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I22257 Generations 
13 Miehm, Hugh  Centreville (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I357775 Generations 
14 Mihm, Catharina  1873Centreville (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I246229 Generations 
15 Mihm, Catharina  1873Centreville (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I246229 Generations 
16 Mihm, Christine  1876Centreville (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I66632 Generations 
17 Mihm, Dorothea  Bef 1884Centreville (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I126018 Generations 
18 Mihm, Jakob  1886Centreville (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I264482 Generations 
19 Mihm, Private John Henry  Centreville (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I157109 Generations 
20 Mihm, Maria "Mary"  1874Centreville (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I91133 Generations 
21 Moss, Harvey  Centreville (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I71849 Generations 
22 Pulford, James  Centreville (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I358081 Generations 
23 Schreiber, Justina  1874Centreville (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I69649 Generations 
24 Schreiber, Justina  1874Centreville (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I69649 Generations 
25 Schönbächler, Emilie  1887Centreville (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I318778 Generations 
26 Snyder, Henry W.  1884Centreville (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I22219 Generations 
27 Strickland, George Hudson "Hudson"  Centreville (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I39325 Generations 
28 Thaler, David M.  1912Centreville (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I3762 Generations 
29 Weber, Bertha M.  1952Centreville (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I243711 Generations 
30 Weber, Judith  Centreville (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I18507 Generations 
31 Wiegand, George John  Centreville (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I92443 Generations 


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Family   Married   Family ID   Tree 
1 Moyer / Schantz  9 Apr 1876Centreville (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario F227869 Generations 
2 Janz / Mihm  20 Jun 1876Centreville (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario F227771 Generations 
3 Pfeifer / Albert  5 Apr 1894Centreville (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario F250645 Generations 
4 Moss / Bowman  20 Feb 1895Centreville (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario F6554 Generations