Waterloo Region Generations
A record of the people of Waterloo Region, Ontario.

Dublin, Dublin, Leinster, Ireland

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Tree: Generations
Latitude: 53.3330556, Longitude: -6.2488889


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Birth   Person ID   Tree 
1 Isabella  1874Dublin, Dublin, Leinster, Ireland I144591 Generations 
2 Antisell, Private Evans  17 Feb 1897Dublin, Dublin, Leinster, Ireland I122269 Generations 
3 Antisell, Thomas Christopher Mansell "Mansell"  24 Apr 1895Dublin, Dublin, Leinster, Ireland I223691 Generations 
4 Bannister, Dr. J. Reginald  1923Dublin, Dublin, Leinster, Ireland I187292 Generations 
5 Bartley, James Francis  7 Nov 1926Dublin, Dublin, Leinster, Ireland I408004 Generations 
6 Berrie, James Kirby  21 Jul 1894Dublin, Dublin, Leinster, Ireland I158229 Generations 
7 Black, David  11 Jun 1894Dublin, Dublin, Leinster, Ireland I157426 Generations 
8 Bolton, Richard S.  5 May 1897Dublin, Dublin, Leinster, Ireland I158290 Generations 
9 Bradner, Private Patrick Joseph  17 Mar 1895Dublin, Dublin, Leinster, Ireland I158320 Generations 
10 Burnett, Lucretia J.  1845Dublin, Dublin, Leinster, Ireland I135023 Generations 
11 Caffrey, Reginald  8 Aug 1897Dublin, Dublin, Leinster, Ireland I49442 Generations 
12 Carroll, Thomas  1900Dublin, Dublin, Leinster, Ireland I189854 Generations 
13 Carwey, Pat  1 Aug 1897Dublin, Dublin, Leinster, Ireland I354725 Generations 
14 Carwey, Thomas  13 Dec 1895Dublin, Dublin, Leinster, Ireland I354726 Generations 
15 Collins, Dennis  10 Feb 1898Dublin, Dublin, Leinster, Ireland I354834 Generations 
16 Dixon, Ernest  1892Dublin, Dublin, Leinster, Ireland I350443 Generations 
17 Duffy, Cecil  3 Sep 1896Dublin, Dublin, Leinster, Ireland I355063 Generations 
18 Edwards, Frederick Charles  1898Dublin, Dublin, Leinster, Ireland I86401 Generations 
19 Elston, Harry  13 Jul 1895Dublin, Dublin, Leinster, Ireland I355115 Generations 
20 Fitzpatrick, Mary  1844Dublin, Dublin, Leinster, Ireland I114619 Generations 
21 French, Michael  3 Jul 1896Dublin, Dublin, Leinster, Ireland I355252 Generations 
22 French, Michael John  1897Dublin, Dublin, Leinster, Ireland I350432 Generations 
23 Gardner, Charles  1895Dublin, Dublin, Leinster, Ireland I349107 Generations 
24 Grome, Frederick Charles  3 Oct 1829Dublin, Dublin, Leinster, Ireland I254723 Generations 
25 Hardy, Thomas James  10 Jul 1898Dublin, Dublin, Leinster, Ireland I355501 Generations 
26 Herting, John  11 Jun 1897Dublin, Dublin, Leinster, Ireland I355601 Generations 
27 Hilton, William  26 Dec 1897Dublin, Dublin, Leinster, Ireland I223686 Generations 
28 Hodgins, Arthur George  21 Oct 1895Dublin, Dublin, Leinster, Ireland I355640 Generations 
29 Hughes, Edwin Arthur  14 Nov 1887Dublin, Dublin, Leinster, Ireland I210231 Generations 
30 Ihgham, Robert  22 Dec 1893Dublin, Dublin, Leinster, Ireland I355731 Generations 
31 Ingham, Geoffrey  10 Mar 1896Dublin, Dublin, Leinster, Ireland I355730 Generations 
32 Ingham, Private Robert  22 Dec 1893Dublin, Dublin, Leinster, Ireland I61413 Generations 
33 Jenkins, Harry  13 Oct 1898Dublin, Dublin, Leinster, Ireland I355765 Generations 
34 Kelly, Frederick S.  1917Dublin, Dublin, Leinster, Ireland I331467 Generations 
35 Lealess, James  25 Sep 1898Dublin, Dublin, Leinster, Ireland I223684 Generations 
36 Lealess, Robert  29 May 1894Dublin, Dublin, Leinster, Ireland I355964 Generations 
37 Manning, Francis Paul  Abt 1920Dublin, Dublin, Leinster, Ireland I157602 Generations 
38 McQueen, May  1896Dublin, Dublin, Leinster, Ireland I130492 Generations 
39 Morgan, Sarah  1825Dublin, Dublin, Leinster, Ireland I95851 Generations 
40 Nearor, Ellen  1837Dublin, Dublin, Leinster, Ireland I133716 Generations 
41 Skuse, Private Robert  16 Aug 1897Dublin, Dublin, Leinster, Ireland I61412 Generations 
42 Stanley, Thomas Cooper  22 Mar 1901Dublin, Dublin, Leinster, Ireland I115712 Generations 
43 Tassie, Jane  1828Dublin, Dublin, Leinster, Ireland I129872 Generations 
44 Tassie, Dr. William L.  10 May 1815Dublin, Dublin, Leinster, Ireland I95848 Generations 
45 Thompson, Georgina  1878Dublin, Dublin, Leinster, Ireland I96644 Generations 
46 Wheller, Louisa M.  1893Dublin, Dublin, Leinster, Ireland I167086 Generations 
47 White, Beatrice Kathleen  5 Feb 1899Dublin, Dublin, Leinster, Ireland I339268 Generations 


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Birth   Person ID   Tree 
1 Blake, Albert Edward  Dublin, Dublin, Leinster, Ireland I69295 Generations