Waterloo Region Generations
A record of the people of Waterloo Region, Ontario.

Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario

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Latitude: 43.2637569, Longitude: -79.9523708


Matches 1 to 74 of 74

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Birth   Person ID   Tree 
1 Aitken, Alexander  1863Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I123110 Generations 
2 Bell, Elisabeth  1846Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I144153 Generations 
3 Boyle, Ellen  1 Jul 1872Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I88172 Generations 
4 Burton, Elizabeth  1 Apr 1857Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I84204 Generations 
5 Campbell, Jane  1846Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I94719 Generations 
6 Checkley, Ellen Marie Georgina  21 Jul 1886Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I186939 Generations 
7 Checkley, Olive  28 Sep 1888Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I99806 Generations 
8 Cherry, Edward A.  May 1854Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I213259 Generations 
9 Colehouse, Frederick  1857Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I99400 Generations 
10 Connor, Richard A.  20 Oct 1867Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I61496 Generations 
11 Cox, Mary  22 Apr 1845Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I25553 Generations 
12 Cramer, John  27 Dec 1856Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I68007 Generations 
13 Crombie, Mary Ann  1841Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I158999 Generations 
14 Donoghue, Margaret "Maggie"  6 Jan 1873Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I103714 Generations 
15 Donoghue, Sarah  2 Sep 1869Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I192593 Generations 
16 Edgar, John Hill  1827Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I88309 Generations 
17 Fischer, John  2 Nov 1837Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I71637 Generations 
18 Fleming, Eliza Jane  10 Oct 1839Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I83226 Generations 
19 Foley, William Allen  1841Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I104726 Generations 
20 Fox, Mary Ann  1851Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I140937 Generations 
21 Furtney, Sarah Jane  CALC 1858Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I37234 Generations 
22 Gimby, George John  CALC 14 Feb 1859Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I353306 Generations 
23 Goodman, Annie Maud  CALC 1 May 1861Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I146438 Generations 
24 Gorman, John  1836Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I35857 Generations 
25 Guggisberg, Frederick  1839Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I84457 Generations 
26 Harper, Charles  15 Aug 1871Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I103640 Generations 
27 Harper, Jeannie Isabella  5 Dec 1873Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I26396 Generations 
28 Harper, Margaret  Jul 1876Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I222385 Generations 
29 Hill, Mary Margaret  1919Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I73096 Generations 
30 Hore, Maria Isabel  22 Nov 1863Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I90146 Generations 
31 Howell, Samuel  1862Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I86686 Generations 
32 Irving, Rachel W.  1865Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I12089 Generations 
33 Jeffrey, Mary  8 Nov 1871Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I100106 Generations 
34 Jones, Catherine Coleman  1850Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I87561 Generations 
35 Jones, Edgar Andrew  23 Feb 1876Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I67185 Generations 
36 Jones, Margaretha Ellis "Margaret"  CALC 10 Mar 1853Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I89487 Generations 
37 Ker, Elizabeth  1834Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I60446 Generations 
38 Ker, Isabel  21 Dec 1841Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I43088 Generations 
39 Ker, James  1836Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I100359 Generations 
40 Ker, Mary  1838Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I101711 Generations 
41 Liebler, Elizabeth Jane  1832Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I15998 Generations 
42 McEachon, John W.  1855Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I189453 Generations 
43 McGaghay, Sarah  24 Dec 1851Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I84392 Generations 
44 McNally, Henry  13 Jun 1824Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I13133 Generations 
45 Miller, Caroline Catherine " Carrie"  1852Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I140657 Generations 
46 Miller, Henry  1842Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I101804 Generations 
47 Mitchell, Isabella  1850Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I52529 Generations 
48 Mitson, Major Alfred Bentley  10 Oct 1886Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I64708 Generations 
49 Mitson, Arthur Snelling  10 Oct 1886Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I64707 Generations 
50 Mitson, Joseph E.  8 Aug 1884Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I64706 Generations 
51 Mitson, Joseph Edward  16 Apr 1864Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I64704 Generations 
52 Morrish, Sarah Lily  16 Jul 1873Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I62372 Generations 
53 O' Hanley, John J.  15 Nov 1865Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I63915 Generations 
54 O'Connell, Margaret May  17 Oct 1873Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I84166 Generations 
55 O'Donnell, Thomas  20 Oct 1853Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I43267 Generations 
56 Roberts, Cecil Francis  18 Dec 1901Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I351587 Generations 
57 Ross, George B.  28 Apr 1869Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I64635 Generations 
58 Russell, William J.  1859Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I123330 Generations 
59 Schneider, Rosina  27 Jul 1849Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I74887 Generations 
60 Simons, Norval Ferguson  20 Apr 1819Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I35166 Generations 
61 Smith, Annie Loretta  31 Mar 1892Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I65179 Generations 
62 Smith, Mary Elizabeth  28 May 1888Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I65177 Generations 
63 Smith, Peter  10 Aug 1860Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I65174 Generations 
64 Sommerville, Roy M.  1857Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I155617 Generations 
65 Swan, John  10 Jul 1836Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I58354 Generations 
66 Sydney-Smith, Albert  9 May 1846Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I100460 Generations 
67 Thomas, William B.  7 Feb 1825Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I20267 Generations 
68 Thomson, Isabella  1854Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I70578 Generations 
69 Trask, George  28 Jun 1847Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I27701 Generations 
70 Warren, John Edward  13 Nov 1861Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I83671 Generations 
71 Weaver, Harrietta  16 Oct 1840Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I18187 Generations 
72 Wilhelm, Elizabeth  5 Jun 1844Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I32145 Generations 
73 Witherspoon, Robert F.  CA 1875Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I191280 Generations 
74 Young, Theodore Andrew  3 Sep 1874Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I138216 Generations 


Matches 1 to 30 of 30

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Died   Person ID   Tree 
1 Elisabeth Catharine  Summer 1855Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I46109 Generations 
2 Lucy  8 Oct 1912Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I65180 Generations 
3 Bechtel, William  1832Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I12398 Generations 
4 Bingeman, Marian Elizabeth  23 Jan 1984Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I202629 Generations 
5 Bleam, Jacob  Jan 1836Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I20521 Generations 
6 Bomberger, Christian  Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I10187 Generations 
7 Brohman, Rev. Clement Martin  Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I118186 Generations 
8 Camp, John  20 Mar 1881Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I192301 Generations 
9 Darby, Martha  12 May 1928Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I63969 Generations 
10 Dietrich, Carolina  10 Jan 1958Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I59721 Generations 
11 Dines, John Halbert  24 Oct 1875Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I88539 Generations 
12 Dreisinger, Jacob Fred Harold  1 May 1967Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I69727 Generations 
13 Ewart, James Bell  17 Dec 1853Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I119972 Generations 
14 Forwell, Annie Carolina  28 Mar 1969Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I299355 Generations 
15 Hubbard, Stephen Adrian  12 May 2002Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I187020 Generations 
16 Jackson, Miller Johnston  5 Aug 1907Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I94941 Generations 
17 Jaffray, Louisa  2 Sep 1909Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I260967 Generations 
18 Jantz, Nancy  8 Jul 1922Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I121942 Generations 
19 Kingsmill, William Henry  4 Aug 1855Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I76649 Generations 
20 Latschaw, Moses  8 Aug 1852Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I16835 Generations 
21 Lepard, Squire Thomas  Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I85636 Generations 
22 McKellar, Ann Smith  28 Jun 1893Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I170538 Generations 
23 Rae, William  25 Jun 1911Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I67139 Generations 
24 Renner, Mary Victoria  1 Feb 1975Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I356515 Generations 
25 Sager, Sarah  18 Apr 1922Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I86081 Generations 
26 Stauffer, Elizabeth  Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I10186 Generations 
27 Stipes, Barbara Ella  13 Oct 1918Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I7885 Generations 
28 Stone, Dinah  19 Apr 1880Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I180630 Generations 
29 Tohman, Catharine  Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I11294 Generations 
30 Wilbee, Henry  Mar 1858Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I177667 Generations 


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Buried   Person ID   Tree 
1 Elisabeth Catharine  Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I46109 Generations 
2 Gould, James H.  Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I74809 Generations 
3 Lampkin, Benjamin Franklin  Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I36691 Generations 
4 Reynolds, John  Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I104450 Generations 


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Birth   Person ID   Tree 
1 Trim, Susannah  10 Jan 1827Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I30055 Generations 


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Business   Person ID   Tree 
1 Henderson, Peter  Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I172521 Generations 


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Death   Person ID   Tree 
1 Lucy  8 Oct 1912Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I65180 Generations 
2 Bechtel, William  1832Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I12398 Generations 
3 Bleam, Jacob  Jan 1836Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I20521 Generations 
4 Jantz, Nancy  8 Jul 1922Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I121942 Generations 
5 Sager, Sarah  18 Apr 1922Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I86081 Generations 
6 Stipes, Barbara Ella  13 Oct 1918Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I7885 Generations 


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Epidemic   Person ID   Tree 
1 Bechtel, William  1832Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I12398 Generations 


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Misfortune   Person ID   Tree 
1 Bleam, Jacob  Jan 1836Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I20521 Generations 


Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Occupation   Person ID   Tree 
1 Averill, Henry Fordis  1871Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I60399 Generations 
2 Bemsel, John Christ.  1853Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I42735 Generations 
3 Colehouse, Frederick  1880Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I99400 Generations 
4 Henderson, Alfred George  Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I172524 Generations 
5 Henderson, Peter  Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I172523 Generations 
6 Lichtenthaeler, Christian  Bef 1837Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I87100 Generations 
7 Mitson, Joseph Edward  1881Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I64704 Generations 
8 Quarrie, John  Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I54797 Generations 
9 Rankin, John  1871Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I104701 Generations 
10 Scott, Andrew  Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I10287 Generations 
11 Smith, Peter  1888Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I65174 Generations 
12 Wilkinson, David  1861Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I136098 Generations 
13 Young, William Arnold  1874Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I138161 Generations 
14 Ziegler, Dillman  1832Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I9455 Generations 


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Religion   Person ID   Tree 
1 MacPhail, Flora  1861Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I148202 Generations 
2 Wilkinson, David  1861Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I136098 Generations 
3 Wilkinson, Donald  1861Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I136097 Generations 


Matches 1 to 39 of 39

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Residence   Person ID   Tree 
1 Ella  1861Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I268406 Generations 
2 ?, ?  1861Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I268408 Generations 
3 Arntfield, Caroline  1880Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I118811 Generations 
4 Avington, Margaret  1862Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I92437 Generations 
5 Ball, Janet Anne  1871Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I104722 Generations 
6 Barnett, Louis Otto  1961Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I316242 Generations 
7 Bingeman, Edith May Rn  1961Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I202626 Generations 
8 Cahile, Michael J.  1876Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I245704 Generations 
9 Callaway, Mary Ann  Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I177614 Generations 
10 Champ, Isabella  1871Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I9050 Generations 
11 Claus, Wilhelmina  1853Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I90375 Generations 
12 Connawarf, Mary  1879Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I83851 Generations 
13 Dreisinger, Jacob Fred Harold  1967Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I69727 Generations 
14 Gunther, Fred  1927Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I73771 Generations 
15 Guthrie, Janet  1849Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I135541 Generations 
16 Holmwood, Robert Penfold  1852Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I48811 Generations 
17 Kraft, Agatha  1836Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I95882 Generations 
18 Mattusch, Gertude  1946Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I167903 Generations 
19 Mattusch, Gertude  1967Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I167903 Generations 
20 McKay, Jessie A.  1890Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I66661 Generations 
21 McLellan, Mary  1871Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I188451 Generations 
22 McMellen, Catherine  1861Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I120127 Generations 
23 Moir, Mary Matilda  1851Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I103917 Generations 
24 Rankin, Lilias Philips  1871Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I104693 Generations 
25 Reynolds, John  Bef 1857Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I104450 Generations 
26 Scott, Elisabeth  1837Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I106052 Generations 
27 Scott, Mary  1837Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I85613 Generations 
28 Shannon, Jacob  Bef 1858Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I86889 Generations 
29 Shannon, Tracey  Bef 1858Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I86888 Generations 
30 Smith, James Findlay  1863Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I18189 Generations 
31 Smith, Maathilde Nelly  1876Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I245705 Generations 
32 Somerville, Agnes L. "Nancy"  1858Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I252039 Generations 
33 Somerville, James  1858Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I82688 Generations 
34 Sproll, Mary  1837Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I115635 Generations 
35 Taylor, Maxwell George  1974Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I195867 Generations 
36 Voll, Brother Carl  1964Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I299357 Generations 
37 Weaver, Jacob Samuel  CA 1835Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I18168 Generations 
38 Wonham, Canada  1856Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I140166 Generations 
39 Wood, Hope  1837Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario I147620 Generations 


Matches 1 to 24 of 24

   Family   Married   Family ID   Tree 
1 Witmer / Hyser  22 Dec 1835Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario F7377 Generations 
2 Bomberger / Eby  7 Oct 1839Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario F5187 Generations 
3 Simons / Guthrie  19 Oct 1849Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario F33813 Generations 
4 Fleming / Moir  26 Jun 1851Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario F26628 Generations 
5 Matheson / Burt  2 Sep 1853Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario F15509 Generations 
6 Dickman / Hadler  1854Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario F10141 Generations 
7 Smith / Campbell  26 Oct 1854Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario F32911 Generations 
8 Lockhart / Wonham  1 May 1856Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario F39525 Generations 
9 Walker / Burnet  7 May 1857Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario F41574 Generations 
10 Wilson / Bray  3 Sep 1857Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario F35029 Generations 
11 Bowman / Binkley  5 Jan 1859Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario F2368 Generations 
12 Cherry / Avington  8 Aug 1862Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario F24029 Generations 
13 Smith / Weaver  2 Dec 1863Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario F4709 Generations 
14 Tiffin / Roach  21 Sep 1869Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario F248397 Generations 
15 Averill / McLellan  23 May 1871Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario F53789 Generations 
16 McLellan / McGaghay  15 Dec 1872Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario F21915 Generations 
17 Marshall / Swanson  9 Sep 1873Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario F16666 Generations 
18 Clawson / Reid  6 Nov 1876Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario F17941 Generations 
19 Swain / Stunn  9 Jan 1877Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario F16066 Generations 
20 Colehouse / Arntfield  13 Aug 1880Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario F35404 Generations 
21 Smith / Bowman  12 Mar 1890Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario F9120 Generations 
22 Buchanan / McKay  16 Jul 1890Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario F17397 Generations 
23 Cosgrove / Lanz  4 Jun 1908Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario F222092 Generations 
24 Dixon / Hodgson  21 Sep 1915Dundas, Wentworth Co., Ontario F251360 Generations