Waterloo Region Generations
A record of the people of Waterloo Region, Ontario.

Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario

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Latitude: 43.7054447, Longitude: -80.3781647


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Birth   Person ID   Tree 
1 Ahrens, Charlotte Grace Louise "Grace"  16 Jul 1909Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I49461 Generations 
2 Allan, Agnes  6 Nov 1861Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I72450 Generations 
3 Ariss, Gordon  27 Aug 1916Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I239711 Generations 
4 Beames, Elisha Robert  1875Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I177477 Generations 
5 Borden, Dr. Harry Alexander  22 Jul 1908Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I187301 Generations 
6 Cardy, Elisabeth  CALC 12 Mar 1860Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I235906 Generations 
7 Cardy, Elizabeth  CALC 12 Mar 1860Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I87431 Generations 
8 Cardy, James Wittup  29 Nov 1881Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I60646 Generations 
9 Curliss, Edward Thomas  7 Jul 1876Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I38689 Generations 
10 Doyle, John F.  5 Jun 1872Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I88577 Generations 
11 Forbes, John Shand  13 Jun 1889Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I41817 Generations 
12 Gerrie, Annie Isabel  12 Sep 1876Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I65632 Generations 
13 Mann, Alice M.  1866Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I101357 Generations 
14 Mayer, Mary Ann  1845Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I135847 Generations 
15 McCloy, Katherine Bemis  24 Feb 1865Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I84453 Generations 
16 McConnell, Private John Francis  18 Sep 1893Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I349921 Generations 
17 McCutcheon, Mary Ann "Mazie"  CALC 8 Jul 1863Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I37545 Generations 
18 McNab, Helen Ramsay  Dec 1876Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I206002 Generations 
19 McNaught, William Kirkpatrick  1846Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I105158 Generations 
20 Near, Katherine Dianne Ellis  14 Nov 1871Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I238929 Generations 
21 Nolan, Mary Ann  1901Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I178143 Generations 
22 Parker, Mary Gertrude  1891Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I352341 Generations 
23 Parker, Mary Gertrude  8 Nov 1891Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I90229 Generations 
24 Parker, William John  21 Dec 1895Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I127245 Generations 
25 Parker, Private William John  21 Dec 1895Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I352344 Generations 
26 Parker, William John  21 Dec 1895Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I357975 Generations 
27 Pattison, Wilhelmine "Minnie"  15 Dec 1868Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I32213 Generations 
28 Perry, John  5 Jul 1835Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I60568 Generations 
29 Philip, William A.  11 Feb 1873Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I60025 Generations 
30 Powrie, Annie  2 Aug 1851Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I65321 Generations 
31 Renwick, Margaret "Maggie"  23 Apr 1861Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I185508 Generations 
32 Seip, George  23 Mar 1870Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I86584 Generations 
33 Simons, William Simons  21 Apr 1874Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I156398 Generations 
34 Slater, Josephine Amelia  Jan 1859Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I172538 Generations 
35 Small, Helen Ruby  1898Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I26015 Generations 
36 Small, Hilda Fraser  13 Feb 1903Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I163427 Generations 
37 Walker, Brownie  11 Jul 1889Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I88985 Generations 
38 Walker, Catherine Carrie Ann  27 Jun 1871Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I352604 Generations 
39 Walker, Catherine Cassie Ann  27 Jun 1871Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I88981 Generations 
40 Walker, Isabella  25 Feb 1852Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I178248 Generations 
41 Walker, John Alexander  CALC 26 Feb 1855Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I178250 Generations 
42 Walker, Minnie Estella Brown "Brownie"  11 Jul 1889Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I352596 Generations 
43 Walker, Violet Jane Pitceathly  20 Aug 1883Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I228635 Generations 
44 Walker, William Ingrahm  28 Jun 1876Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I131533 Generations 
45 Walker, William Wallace  17 Apr 1849Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I88979 Generations 
46 Wilkie, Alice  2 Feb 1879Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I66363 Generations 
47 Wilkie, Ernest  10 Apr 1886Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I66364 Generations 
48 Wilkie, Frederick  1873Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I60371 Generations 
49 Wilkie, James A.  19 Sep 1875Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I66362 Generations 
50 Williams, Annie Olive  Dec 1883Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I172481 Generations 
51 Williams, Robert Ernest  24 Jan 1893Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I352117 Generations 
52 Wyllie, Jennie Beckett  24 Jun 1873Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I125385 Generations 


Matches 1 to 57 of 57

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Died   Person ID   Tree 
1 Bauer, Carl Andreas "Charles"  Oct 1935Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I136426 Generations 
2 Bauman, Clayton  8 May 1978Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I168079 Generations 
3 Bearinger, Lucinda  7 May 2007Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I301101 Generations 
4 Bemis, Angeline  26 Oct 1865Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I84449 Generations 
5 Berberich, Rita Catherine  28 Jan 1026Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I181938 Generations 
6 Bolender, Laudvell  31 Dec 2011Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I67130 Generations 
7 Bowman, Ephraim M.  25 Feb 2007Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I259987 Generations 
8 Brubacher, Abner S.  4 May 2003Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I15203 Generations 
9 Chester, John Hammett  3 Sep 1969Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I94899 Generations 
10 Dahmer, Horace A.  6 May 1994Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I183683 Generations 
11 Denton, Georgina Francis "Ena"  2 Dec 1961Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I179993 Generations 
12 Diefenbacher, Royal  5 May 1982Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I48918 Generations 
13 Dobberthein, Sylvia Mathilda  7 Nov 1982Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I174463 Generations 
14 Frey, Leonard M.  14 Jul 2007Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I207075 Generations 
15 Gosk, Henryk  15 Jun 2000Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I152011 Generations 
16 Hart, Elizabeth  24 Mar 1856Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I30873 Generations 
17 Hasenpflug, Edith  27 Mar 1979Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I170506 Generations 
18 Hesch, Martin  25 Sep 2010Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I182661 Generations 
19 Hill, Murray William  4 Jan 1987Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I337960 Generations 
20 Horst, David S.  12 Jan 1966Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I239709 Generations 
21 Koch, Oliver S.  29 Jan 2008Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I123758 Generations 
22 Kuehn, Maria M. "Mary"  1 Jan 1976Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I187111 Generations 
23 Kyle, Mary Helen "Helen"  9 Apr 1987Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I338642 Generations 
24 Lang, Elizabeth  16 Mar 1955Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I142943 Generations 
25 Lehman, Ida Odilia  15 Dec 1974Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I53237 Generations 
26 Leis, Melvin  24 Aug 2005Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I186509 Generations 
27 Leis, Vanita Marie  7 Oct 2044Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I186510 Generations 
28 Letson, Margaret Ann "Maggie"  15 Aug 1979Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I56893 Generations 
29 Letson, Vera Bella  2 Dec 1986Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I53399 Generations 
30 Lichty, Adele Delores  2 May 1980Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I143419 Generations 
31 Lichty, Willard M.  21 Dec 2007Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I167318 Generations 
32 Limpert, Harry  20 Jan 1898Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I34182 Generations 
33 Main, Clifford C.  23 Apr 2002Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I259690 Generations 
34 Manto, August Christoff  13 May 1976Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I197601 Generations 
35 Martin, Amos G.  18 Sep 1994Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I118851 Generations 
36 Martin, Elmer S. W.  24 Sep 2006Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I162823 Generations 
37 Martin, Ismael G.  9 Jul 2009Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I163838 Generations 
38 Maude, William  18 Jul 1935Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I74209 Generations 
39 McAinsh, Robena Melissa  19 Jun 1933Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I93272 Generations 
40 Menger, Franklin S.  4 Mar 1909Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I5491 Generations 
41 Menger, George  17 May 1926Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I5487 Generations 
42 Menger, George Schroder  4 Jun 1915Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I5490 Generations 
43 Miller, Florence Maria  15 Aug 1968Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I55739 Generations 
44 Murphy, Elizabeth  2 Dec 1914Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I5859 Generations 
45 Musselman, Ervin G.  14 Mar 2005Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I49047 Generations 
46 Musselman, Marshall Lavern  15 Oct 2012Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I240918 Generations 
47 Orton, Dr. Henry  1869Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I166653 Generations 
48 Rickert, Robert Bruce  20 Oct 2012Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I187239 Generations 
49 Saunders, Mary  11 Jan 1927Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I116989 Generations 
50 Scherer, Leonard Herman  14 Oct 1935Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I83547 Generations 
51 Schuett, Wilbert Charles  28 Sep 2002Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I39230 Generations 
52 Schwindt, Andrew R.  16 Mar 1970Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I56355 Generations 
53 Seiling, Henry S.  27 Jan 1962Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I57230 Generations 
54 Snyder, Pearl Marie  16 Jul 2007Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I153157 Generations 
55 Speers, Thomas Henry  11 Aug 1964Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I180811 Generations 
56 Tinnes, Mathew  10 Nov 1980Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I166774 Generations 
57 Waters, Ray  26 Jul 1980Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I80476 Generations 


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Buried   Person ID   Tree 
1 Lightbody, Anne  Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I187289 Generations 


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Death   Person ID   Tree 
1 Bauman, Clayton  8 May 1978Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I168079 Generations 
2 Bemis, Angeline  26 Oct 1865Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I84449 Generations 
3 Limpert, Harry  20 Jan 1898Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I34182 Generations 
4 Menger, Franklin S.  4 Mar 1909Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I5491 Generations 
5 Menger, George  17 May 1926Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I5487 Generations 
6 Saunders, Mary  11 Jan 1927Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I116989 Generations 


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Occupation   Person ID   Tree 
1 Ahrens, Edward Elmore  1909Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I166844 Generations 
2 Harvey, Alexander  1839Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I99098 Generations 
3 Kennedy, John Edward  1877Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I66187 Generations 
4 Menger, George Schroder  1915Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I5490 Generations 
5 Skene, William Sangster  1869Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I65322 Generations 
6 Walker, William Wallace  1871Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I88979 Generations 
7 Walker, William Wallace  1876Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I88979 Generations 
8 Wyllie, William  1871Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I125380 Generations 


Matches 1 to 28 of 28

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Residence   Person ID   Tree 
1 Elisabeth Jane  1861Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I267916 Generations 
2 Cooper, Annie  1877Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I215351 Generations 
3 Froman, Henry  1851Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I132604 Generations 
4 Gatschene, Gladys  1983Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I43162 Generations 
5 Hill, Rebecca  1869Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I181270 Generations 
6 Jantzi, Moses S.  1944Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I120043 Generations 
7 Jeffrey, James Alfred  Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I355759 Generations 
8 Kennedy, Jane  1871Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I125384 Generations 
9 Kerr, Andrew  1858Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I237198 Generations 
10 Kuehn, Maria M. "Mary"  1972Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I187111 Generations 
11 Kuhl, Amelia  1923Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I54385 Generations 
12 Lindsay, Gordon  1939Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I94807 Generations 
13 Lingwood, Robert  1858Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I78796 Generations 
14 Marshal, Effie May  1950Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I118847 Generations 
15 Marshal, Effie May  1985Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I118847 Generations 
16 Marshall, Roy Kenneth  1950Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I157153 Generations 
17 Martin, Robert  1869Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I181269 Generations 
18 Mayer, Mary Ann  1864Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I135847 Generations 
19 McGachen, John  1875Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I246234 Generations 
20 Melross, James  Bef 1886Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I74135 Generations 
21 Musselman, Clara  1961Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I221297 Generations 
22 Parker, William John  Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I357975 Generations 
23 Parker, William John  Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I357975 Generations 
24 Seip, Henry  1867Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I36001 Generations 
25 Slater, Josephine Amelia  1882Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I172538 Generations 
26 Smith, Bertha Magdalena  1895Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I29867 Generations 
27 Thomson, Thomas Wilson  1879Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I250036 Generations 
28 Wylie, James B.  1861Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario I176109 Generations 


Matches 1 to 17 of 17

   Family   Married   Family ID   Tree 
1 Burnett / Gerrie  4 Nov 1840Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario F7649 Generations 
2 Robb / Irwin  1848Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario F41637 Generations 
3 Durrant / Young  1848Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario F7749 Generations 
4 Gale / Brandt  5 Jan 1850Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario F25563 Generations 
5 Burnet / Park  9 Sep 1853Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario F14985 Generations 
6 Erb / Dobbin  23 Mar 1854Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario F1570 Generations 
7 Campbell / MacDonnell  29 Dec 1863Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario F48008 Generations 
8 Wyllie / Kennedy  7 Jan 1871Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario F32111 Generations 
9 Flaherty / Crowe  24 Dec 1878Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario F16894 Generations 
10 Deans / Forsyth  17 Jan 1879Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario F251225 Generations 
11 Forbes / Slater  17 Jan 1882Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario F168804 Generations 
12 Hoffman / Pattison  17 Apr 1888Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario F8402 Generations 
13 Limpert / Smith  16 Jan 1895Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario F7889 Generations 
14 Schneider / Jackson  28 Nov 1899Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario F42937 Generations 
15 Riddell / Kells  1 Jul 1903Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario F46451 Generations 
16 Stork / Hilliard  4 Jul 1910Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario F12683 Generations 
17 Wilkinson / Curtis  30 Jan 1912Fergus, Wellington Co., Ontario F13888 Generations