Waterloo Region Generations
A record of the people of Waterloo Region, Ontario.

Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario

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Tree: Generations
Latitude: 43.4251231, Longitude: -80.4085064


Matches 1 to 55 of 55

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Birth   Person ID   Tree 
1 Bean, Euphemia  27 Jun 1865Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I15463 Generations 
2 Becker, Beulah E.  11 Dec 1905Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I25467 Generations 
3 Becker, Clarence  5 Jul 1901Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I25466 Generations 
4 Biehn, Milton  16 Sep 1883Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I15664 Generations 
5 Brethauer, John  18 May 1884Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I92921 Generations 
6 Chownyk, Joseph  22 Mar 1913Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I357251 Generations 
7 Chownyk, Stella  1910Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I357255 Generations 
8 Gehl, Levi Allen  5 Sep 1865Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I350507 Generations 
9 Gimbel, Abraham  8 Jan 1879Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I34125 Generations 
10 Gimbel, Anna Ottilie  7 Jul 1872Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I350219 Generations 
11 Gimbel, Catherine  23 Sep 1884Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I22715 Generations 
12 Gimbel, Emma  24 Nov 1874Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I9340 Generations 
13 Gimbel, Henry A.  30 Jun 1872Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I22717 Generations 
14 Gimbel, Jacob  1875Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I146134 Generations 
15 Gimbel, Marietta  12 Mar 1880Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I146137 Generations 
16 Gimbel, William Henry  12 Oct 1877Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I22716 Generations 
17 Gimble, Adeline Rebecca  21 Mar 1888Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I92150 Generations 
18 Gimble, Albert Martin  5 Nov 1881Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I92149 Generations 
19 Gimble, John Andrew  12 Mar 1896Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I34113 Generations 
20 Green, Isaiah  CALC 25 Mar 1845Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I175550 Generations 
21 Green, William  9 Apr 1841Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I143969 Generations 
22 Krampien, Albert H.  13 Aug 1857Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I26925 Generations 
23 O'Donnell, Edith Jane  10 Jan 1881Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I61167 Generations 
24 Sararas, Magdalena  17 Nov 1862Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I1276 Generations 
25 Schantz, Tobias K.  10 Apr 1842Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I20164 Generations 
26 Shantz, Abraham K.  20 Sep 1844Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I20178 Generations 
27 Shantz, Benjamin  21 Sep 1811Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I20137 Generations 
28 Shantz, Benjamin K.  5 Dec 1846Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I20182 Generations 
29 Shantz, Catharine  17 May 1836Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I20146 Generations 
30 Shantz, Christian  20 Jan 1840Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I20149 Generations 
31 Shantz, Clarence  9 Jun 1904Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I86443 Generations 
32 Shantz, Hannah  1 Apr 1838Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I20148 Generations 
33 Shantz, Josiah K.  5 Dec 1834Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I20138 Generations 
34 Shantz, Lydia K.  17 Aug 1851Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I20194 Generations 
35 Shantz, Mary Edna "Edna"  5 Jul 1917Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I182876 Generations 
36 Shantz, Menno K.  31 Jan 1849Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I20193 Generations 
37 Shantz, Rebecca  3 Mar 1815Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I20207 Generations 
38 Shiry, Mary Ann  9 May 1872Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I146177 Generations 
39 Shupe, Dr. Charles  6 Oct 1846Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I26801 Generations 
40 Shupe, Isabella Matilda  2 Feb 1858Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I338086 Generations 
41 Shupe, Mary  9 Jul 1811Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I5535 Generations 
42 Snyder, Caleb B.  18 Sep 1860Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I17865 Generations 
43 Snyder, Daniel B.  8 Feb 1825Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I17536 Generations 
44 Snyder, David  1836Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I3122 Generations 
45 Snyder, Elias B.  29 Mar 1828Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I17681 Generations 
46 Snyder, Judith  14 Jul 1832Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I17897 Generations 
47 Snyder, Leah  8 Dec 1838Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I17915 Generations 
48 Snyder, Mary  15 Jan 1831Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I17876 Generations 
49 Snyder, Mary  20 May 1857Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I17788 Generations 
50 Snyder, Mary Emma  16 Aug 1883Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I208210 Generations 
51 Snyder, Titus B.  1 Nov 1854Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I17709 Generations 
52 Stahlbaum, Wendel  12 Nov 1858Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I350031 Generations 
53 Walch, John  7 Aug 1851Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I387190 Generations 
54 Weber, Judith  4 Jul 1855Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I18507 Generations 
55 Weber, Leah  5 Mar 1874Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I18482 Generations 


Matches 1 to 220 of 220

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Died   Person ID   Tree 
1 Anna Barbara  4 Jun 1879Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I34196 Generations 
2 Caroline  11 Mar 1885Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I25533 Generations 
3 Florence  15 May 1904Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I382792 Generations 
4 Lottie  31 Dec 2015Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I385123 Generations 
5 Susanna  30 Jul 1874Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I367301 Generations 
6 Aitken, William Russell  21 Jan 2014Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I384078 Generations 
7 Alexander, Samuel Gibson  29 Mar 1974Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I176758 Generations 
8 Anderson, James George  8 Oct 1978Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I381006 Generations 
9 Aniskwicz, Michael  17 Apr 1931Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I356600 Generations 
10 Arndt, Jean Selma  6 Jul 1998Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I262467 Generations 
11 Arnold, Elsie Matilda  Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I387861 Generations 
12 Ashley, Patricia M. "Patsy"  22 Oct 1993Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I352085 Generations 
13 Baer, Louisa  31 Dec 1962Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I9675 Generations 
14 Baldrey, Robert Walter "Bob"  20 May 2013Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I384163 Generations 
15 Barnes, Verna Jean  29 Nov 1999Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I382869 Generations 
16 Barnett, Douglas Herbert  26 May 2007Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I149263 Generations 
17 Bartholomew, Georgina Viola "Lolly"  8 Aug 1989Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I382922 Generations 
18 Bartlett, John Joseph "Jack"  12 Sep 1997Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I178058 Generations 
19 Batista, Ines  27 Apr 2014Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I385869 Generations 
20 Battler, Garry Ross  17 Jun 2010Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I384194 Generations 
21 Bauer, Antoinette Marie  13 Nov 1979Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I379752 Generations 
22 Bauman, Leah  24 Mar 1876Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I6764 Generations 
23 Beacom, John Wesley  20 Oct 2012Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I378975 Generations 
24 Bechtel, Elizabeth  11 Jan 1891Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I11350 Generations 
25 Bechtel, Muriel Aleen  22 Aug 2008Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I157945 Generations 
26 Beechey, Marcella M.  8 Apr 1991Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I357510 Generations 
27 Benn, Anthony "Tony"  25 Nov 1992Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I380968 Generations 
28 Bergen, Walter Theodore  3 Dec 2007Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I185186 Generations 
29 Bernhardt, Clara May Theurer  1 May 1993Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I24604 Generations 
30 Bernhardt, John Walker  9 Feb 1943Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I352044 Generations 
31 Bochenek, Frank R.  21 Aug 1934Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I356613 Generations 
32 Boehmer, Christian  11 May 1882Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I81355 Generations 
33 Bolger, Walter John "Watt"  7 Sep 2009Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I378984 Generations 
34 Borodaiko, Anthony  26 Nov 1935Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I356615 Generations 
35 Bowman, Isaac G.  13 Apr 1893Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I6817 Generations 
36 Bowman, Leslie "Sammy"  2 Jun 1988Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I381997 Generations 
37 Bowman, Nelson  9 Jan 1883Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I242229 Generations 
38 Bowman, Susannah  30 Jul 1874Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I7532 Generations 
39 Bowman, William Keith "Keith"  4 Jun 2004Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I176850 Generations 
40 Brenner, Esther Marie  26 Oct 2015Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I380588 Generations 
41 Brubacher, Almeda B.  7 Sep 2010Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I191904 Generations 
42 Brubacher, Luanna  2 Apr 1973Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I24682 Generations 
43 Burkhart, John Homer "Homer"  23 Feb 2009Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I387062 Generations 
44 Chester, William  11 May 1965Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I181389 Generations 
45 Chisholm, Henry "Harry"  25 Jan 1947Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I171635 Generations 
46 Chisholm, Kathleen Lilly  13 Jan 1991Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I351484 Generations 
47 Clarke, Kenneth  28 Jan 2004Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I182767 Generations 
48 Clemens, Nelson  9 Jun 1951Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I17167 Generations 
49 Coates, Francis  1 May 1937Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I70784 Generations 
50 Cornell, Erastus  2 Dec 1892Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I240064 Generations 
51 Cressman, Leonard Allen  27 May 2010Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I160495 Generations 
52 Cressman, Willard  13 Aug 2014Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I182484 Generations 
53 Cummings, Andrew Joseph  23 Jan 1937Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I46630 Generations 
54 Dahmer, William  4 Jan 1962Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I91505 Generations 
55 Dando, Albert Burge Cecil  20 Nov 1936Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I388251 Generations 
56 Deering, Christine  16 Feb 2002Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I386588 Generations 
57 Devey, Sharon Ann  11 Mar 2011Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I389072 Generations 
58 Dietrich, Frank Eugene  10 Jan 2006Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I380587 Generations 
59 Dietrich, Loretta  26 Jan 2013Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I189215 Generations 
60 Dippel, Edna Viola  24 Jun 1999Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I379271 Generations 
61 Doerr, Irene  8 Nov 1989Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I76926 Generations 
62 Doherty, Gladys Catherine  26 Mar 2010Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I380527 Generations 
63 Dumarczuk, Anne Elizabeth  16 Jan 1941Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I357068 Generations 
64 Dunbrook, Emerson Edward  8 Jul 1986Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I316817 Generations 
65 Erb, Dorothy Katherine  25 Mar 2008Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I160714 Generations 
66 Erb, Vera Catherine  30 May 2016Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I353357 Generations 
67 Faelker, Ethel  20 Nov 1976Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I181511 Generations 
68 Farr, J. Kenneth "Ken"  31 May 2000Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I382954 Generations 
69 Farr, Russell  8 Dec 2011Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I382957 Generations 
70 Fordney, Elizabeth  Nov 1842Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I12375 Generations 
71 Gibbons, Marion Magdelena  5 Oct 1991Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I379733 Generations 
72 Gimbel, Henry Charles  11 Feb 1920Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I10598 Generations 
73 Gingerich, Magdalena "Mattie"  19 Feb 1969Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I22938 Generations 
74 Goetz, Joseph "Joe"  29 Aug 1997Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I383619 Generations 
75 Gottsleben, Ephraim  13 Mar 1877Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I34201 Generations 
76 Gow, Gertrude Salina  16 Sep 1943Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I379416 Generations 
77 Guenther, Edith Elizabeth "Eda"  6 Aug 1974Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I80012 Generations 
78 Guenther, Hedwig Louise "Hedy"  6 Aug 1990Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I379779 Generations 
79 Hallman, Archibald D. "Archie"  10 Jan 1968Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I351332 Generations 
80 Hammer, Rose Isabel  12 Dec 2013Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I160032 Generations 
81 Haneshian, Vartan  2 Feb 2017Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I384710 Generations 
82 Harris, Doris May  12 Mar 1993Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I379106 Generations 
83 Hartwick, Clara Pauline  30 Nov 1991Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I379975 Generations 
84 Haryett, Ada  24 Nov 1962Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I351908 Generations 
85 Havey, Leo Michael  5 May 1937Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I355544 Generations 
86 Hebel, Florence May  10 Sep 1991Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I380463 Generations 
87 Hedges, Richard Henry "Dick"  29 Oct 2010Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I387403 Generations 
88 Heimpel, Gertrude Eileen  19 Feb 2007Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I183822 Generations 
89 Heinbecker, Dale  14 Jul 2010Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I118032 Generations 
90 Hennebury, Estella Madeline  1 Nov 1999Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I357072 Generations 
91 Herchenratter, Estelle Elfreida  24 Aug 1996Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I378994 Generations 
92 Hergott, Rosa Helena "Helen"  3 May 1969Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I380600 Generations 
93 Hipel, Ruth Isabel  26 Mar 1927Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I352034 Generations 
94 Hodgins, William John "Jack"  15 Mar 2005Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I386282 Generations 
95 Hough, Ethel Viola  24 Mar 1933Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I379632 Generations 
96 House, Sarah Catherine  25 Apr 1930Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I10815 Generations 
97 Howard, Fredrick  11 Jan 1923Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I51484 Generations 
98 Hoy, Francis Douglas  3 Apr 2009Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I15137 Generations 
99 Hribar, Ivan  4 Dec 2003Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I386312 Generations 
100 Hurst, Harold Clayton "Harry"  9 Jan 2013Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I381652 Generations 
101 Husband, Letitia Kathleen  8 Nov 1998Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I384045 Generations 
102 Johnston, Helen  24 May 1934Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I108169 Generations 
103 Johnston, Megan Nichole  30 Aug 2016Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I182076 Generations 
104 Kabel, Mary Ann  16 Oct 2011Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I181834 Generations 
105 Kadel, Frederick Edwin "Fred"  18 Apr 1962Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I380316 Generations 
106 Kalbfleisch, Pearl E.  10 Nov 1997Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I352844 Generations 
107 Kelly, Private John Joseph  2 Dec 1919Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I188303 Generations 
108 Kinzel, Albert  3 Dec 1992Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I381083 Generations 
109 Klein, Roy Elgin  13 Oct 2009Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I163323 Generations 
110 Knight, Lorne  31 May 1937Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I188608 Generations 
111 Koebel, Albert Gerard  3 Sep 1977Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I301146 Generations 
112 Kolb, Elizabeth Gertrude  10 Oct 2007Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I184925 Generations 
113 Kolb, Leda May  2 Jun 2003Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I157891 Generations 
114 Kress, Frederick Carl "Carl"  30 Dec 1999Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I379151 Generations 
115 Kress, Harold Armand  30 Mar 1977Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I32757 Generations 
116 Kreutzweiser, George John  22 Feb 1972Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I379386 Generations 
117 Kropf, Wayne Duncan  12 Jan 2016Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I73723 Generations 
118 Krueger, Idella M.  4 Jul 1963Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I39063 Generations 
119 Kufske, Mildred Loretta  15 Dec 1993Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I146356 Generations 
120 Kurt, Reta I.  28 Oct 2010Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I189614 Generations 
121 Lackenbauer, Harold George  6 Sep 2009Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I175333 Generations 
122 Ladbrook, Charlotte Helen  10 Jan 2014Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I388578 Generations 
123 Lichty, Keith Ross  14 Oct 2015Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I177548 Generations 
124 Livergood, Anna Maria  24 Mar 1836Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I19619 Generations 
125 Lossing, Herman Edwin "Edwin"  15 Oct 1980Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I380300 Generations 
126 Lutz, Jacob  15 Aug 1865Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I13058 Generations 
127 Lutz, Nelson  23 Nov 1911Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I13066 Generations 
128 Makcrow, James  6 Jun 2009Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I384918 Generations 
129 Manske, William Carl  22 Jun 1983Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I41426 Generations 
130 Martin, Jesse M.  17 May 2014Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I176987 Generations 
131 Martin, John Timothy "Tim"  10 Jun 2005Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I386619 Generations 
132 Martin, John Timothy "Tim"  10 Jun 2005Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I176452 Generations 
133 Marzec, Stanistaw  8 Dec 1935Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I356616 Generations 
134 McColl, Elizabeth "Betty"  29 Aug 2010Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I190013 Generations 
135 McDonald, Marjorie Louise  13 Jan 2009Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I155299 Generations 
136 McKnight, Ella May  16 Dec 1937Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I182140 Generations 
137 McMurtry, Beatrice Evelyn "Bea"  9 Feb 1991Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I379625 Generations 
138 McNanney, Thomas Bartolomew  30 Mar 1937Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I379463 Generations 
139 Metcalf, Levina  17 Feb 1937Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I188802 Generations 
140 Mielke, Doris  11 Apr 1996Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I379125 Generations 
141 Millar, Ruby Loretta  3 Jun 1970Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I380130 Generations 
142 Moody, Elizabeth Sarah  21 Jul 1947Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I351949 Generations 
143 Morris, Private Stephen Bratton  17 Apr 1920Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I188318 Generations 
144 Moyer, Mary  7 Oct 1888Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I13059 Generations 
145 Muther, George E.  2 Feb 1928Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I117724 Generations 
146 Nahrgang, Lydia Ann  26 Jan 1958Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I386657 Generations 
147 Norton, Myrna Rose  8 Nov 2015Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I383618 Generations 
148 O'Connell, Timothy Thomas "Thomas"  4 Oct 1972Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I381107 Generations 
149 Oberholtzer, George B.  17 Dec 1961Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I22325 Generations 
150 Olender, Josephine "JoJo"  14 Sep 2000Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I186674 Generations 
151 Pamphlet, Elizabeth "Lizzie"  1947Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I171735 Generations 
152 Pawelko, Josephine Victoria  26 Oct 2005Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I385340 Generations 
153 Penner, William W.  11 Aug 2002Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I176305 Generations 
154 Pomeroy, Alfred Francis "Al"  28 Nov 2011Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I387540 Generations 
155 Preston, Marshall Maurice  22 Mar 1962Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I352373 Generations 
156 Reichert, Christian  8 May 1852Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I8774 Generations 
157 Reichert, David  Jan 1817Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I8863 Generations 
158 Reinhart, Jean Frances  29 May 2002Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I90050 Generations 
159 Roth, Arthur Henry  9 Oct 1966Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I351176 Generations 
160 Roth, Nelda  4 Jun 2006Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I267771 Generations 
161 Roth, Olivia  6 Jun 2009Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I75350 Generations 
162 Rush, Harold Eby  14 Feb 2011Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I175767 Generations 
163 Santa, Joseph  28 Feb 1963Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I88955 Generations 
164 Sararas, David  28 Aug 1892Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I240344 Generations 
165 Schaefer, Versie Dorothy  23 Feb 2010Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I166709 Generations 
166 Scheirich, John  13 Oct 1891Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I10501 Generations 
167 Scherer, Elma Anna Elizabeth  27 Dec 1958Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I382244 Generations 
168 Schmalz, Thomas Joseph Englebert Francis "Tom"  14 Aug 2009Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I126724 Generations 
169 Schmidt, Lavina  8 Jul 1967Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I157188 Generations 
170 Schmitt, Phyllis Jacqueline  26 Apr 2014Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I181295 Generations 
171 Schneider, David  2 Dec 1875Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I17516 Generations 
172 Schneider, Margarete E. "Gretchen"  1 Aug 2010Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I383858 Generations 
173 Shantz, Jacob E.  31 Mar 1922Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I19597 Generations 
174 Shantz, Luida  25 Jan 1954Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I48465 Generations 
175 Shantz, Priscilla  12 Jan 1985Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I19444 Generations 
176 Shantz, Verle Ward  3 Sep 1994Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I185065 Generations 
177 Sheridan, Elizabeth  1999Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I107197 Generations 
178 Sherk, Dr. Iva Ruth  29 Mar 2011Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I387296 Generations 
179 Shupe, John  15 Apr 1861Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I5548 Generations 
180 Siegfried, Anne Marie  30 Apr 1998Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I217245 Generations 
181 Sittler, Seleda  22 Dec 2013Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I379015 Generations 
182 Slumski, Roy Alvin Herbert  12 May 1994Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I190004 Generations 
183 Smallwood, Gordon Stanley "Stan"  24 Mar 1999Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I383888 Generations 
184 Snider, Willard Urbin  30 Jan 2013Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I179933 Generations 
185 Snyder, Clarence Wilfred  9 May 1938Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I178828 Generations 
186 Snyder, Henrietta Ottilia "Ottilie"  29 Mar 1977Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I380719 Generations 
187 Snyder, Herbert Maplin  1 Feb 1942Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I2119 Generations 
188 Snyder, Phoebe Elsie  8 Aug 1981Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I191303 Generations 
189 Sommers, Joan P.  29 Jul 2004Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I187900 Generations 
190 Spencer, George L.  24 Feb 1937Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I188745 Generations 
191 Spencer, Vera Edyth  13 Oct 1999Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I383823 Generations 
192 Spitzig, Magdalena  1936Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I68814 Generations 
193 Steinman, Katherine  26 May 1973Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I78165 Generations 
194 Stremble, Robert James "Bob"  14 Jan 2005Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I381506 Generations 
195 Stroh, Marvin H.  29 Mar 1977Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I70711 Generations 
196 Strome, Olive May  22 May 1980Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I380073 Generations 
197 Strycker, Jean  13 Jun 2006Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I184380 Generations 
198 Stumpilich, Christina  11 Dec 2005Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I381586 Generations 
199 Thomas, Andrew Anthony  12 Jul 1934Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I357184 Generations 
200 Tischart, Harold Joseph  4 Jun 2015Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I43163 Generations 
201 Titley, Emily Elizabeth  28 Jun 2012Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I383889 Generations 
202 Turley, Pauline Marion  9 Sep 2015Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I385349 Generations 
203 Vanoverbeke, Charles Arthur "Chuck"  26 Feb 2011Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I126883 Generations 
204 Veysey, Malcolm Gerald  11 Sep 2004Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I384784 Generations 
205 Voisin, Irene Clara  8 May 2006Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I170884 Generations 
206 Voisin, Rose Louise  2 Aug 1927Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I316822 Generations 
207 Voll, Margaret Magdelene  30 Nov 1987Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I299210 Generations 
208 Weber, Rev. Abraham C.  6 Jul 1874Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I18421 Generations 
209 Weber, Emma  6 Mar 1965Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I18366 Generations 
210 Weber, Marjorie  22 Jan 2011Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I314468 Generations 
211 Weiberg, Mary J.  4 Apr 1962Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I351172 Generations 
212 Welch, Thomas Henry  8 Oct 1933Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I350525 Generations 
213 West, Jennie  20 Dec 1958Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I351299 Generations 
214 White, Marion J. "Mae"  8 Aug 1986Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I351162 Generations 
215 Woolner, John Dickie  28 May 1934Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I351531 Generations 
216 Wright, Jean  28 May 1965Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I382373 Generations 
217 Wunder, Adele Marie  8 Jun 1998Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I379181 Generations 
218 Young, Susana  3 Aug 1993Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I380726 Generations 
219 Yuill, Gwen  2 Feb 2011Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I383647 Generations 
220 Ziegler, Rosaline M.  9 Aug 1993Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I383332 Generations 


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Buried   Person ID   Tree 
1 Puttock, David  Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I16795 Generations 


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Business   Person ID   Tree 
1 Boehmer, Reinhard  CA 1887Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I40694 Generations 
2 Lutz, Charles  1867Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I69224 Generations 


Matches 1 to 22 of 22

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Death   Person ID   Tree 
1 Aniskwicz, Michael  17 Apr 1931Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I356600 Generations 
2 Bernhardt, John Walker  9 Feb 1943Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I352044 Generations 
3 Bochenek, Frank R.  21 Aug 1934Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I356613 Generations 
4 Borodaiko, Anthony  26 Nov 1935Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I356615 Generations 
5 Bowman, Isaac G.  13 Apr 1893Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I6817 Generations 
6 Chisholm, Henry "Harry"  25 Jan 1947Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I171635 Generations 
7 Dando, Albert Burge Cecil  20 Nov 1936Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I388251 Generations 
8 Fordney, Elizabeth  Nov 1842Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I12375 Generations 
9 Gimbel, Henry Charles  11 Feb 1920Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I10598 Generations 
10 Heinbecker, Dale  14 Jul 2010Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I118032 Generations 
11 Hipel, Ruth Isabel  26 Mar 1927Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I352034 Generations 
12 Hough, Ethel Viola  24 Mar 1933Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I379632 Generations 
13 House, Sarah Catherine  25 Apr 1930Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I10815 Generations 
14 Johnston, Helen  24 May 1934Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I108169 Generations 
15 Kelly, Private John Joseph  2 Dec 1919Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I188303 Generations 
16 Lutz, Nelson  23 Nov 1911Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I13066 Generations 
17 Marzec, Stanistaw  8 Dec 1935Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I356616 Generations 
18 Pamphlet, Elizabeth "Lizzie"  1947Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I171735 Generations 
19 Sittler, Seleda  22 Dec 2013Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I379015 Generations 
20 Thomas, Andrew Anthony  12 Jul 1934Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I357184 Generations 
21 Welch, Thomas Henry  8 Oct 1933Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I350525 Generations 
22 Woolner, John Dickie  28 May 1934Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I351531 Generations 


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Education   Person ID   Tree 
1 Simmons, Rev. William  Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I4342 Generations 


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Occupation   Person ID   Tree 
1 Becker, Emanuel  1899Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I1202 Generations 
2 Bowman, Eli Eby  1895Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I8201 Generations 
3 Howard, Fredrick  1923Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I51484 Generations 
4 Scott, Rev. George B.A.  1872Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I1719 Generations 
5 Snyder, Gideon B.  1889Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I54338 Generations 


Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Residence   Person ID   Tree 
1 Baer, Louisa  1952Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I9675 Generations 
2 Bock, Annie Elizabeth  1927Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I34231 Generations 
3 Bracey, Annetta  1937Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I53444 Generations 
4 Cornell, Milton  Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I92167 Generations 
5 Hertel, Herman  1927Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I34230 Generations 
6 Kalapaca, M.  Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I355800 Generations 
7 Moyer, Noah  1869Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I352293 Generations 
8 Sararas, Caroline  1918Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I1280 Generations 
9 Sararas, Elisabeth  1877Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I246004 Generations 
10 Sararas, Ellen  1918Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I1285 Generations 
11 Sauvey, Joseph  1864Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I5540 Generations 
12 Schmidt, Christena  1868Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I22728 Generations 
13 Shelly, David  1868Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I22727 Generations 
14 Sources, Blank News  Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I98875 Generations 


Matches 1 to 50 of 50

   Family   Married   Family ID   Tree 
1 Sherk / Park  14 Dec 1869Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario F1399 Generations 
2 Rellinger / Cressman  13 Jan 1870Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario F23 Generations 
3 Adolph / Rosenberger  6 Dec 1870Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario F3267 Generations 
4 Musser / Beasley  6 Feb 1872Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario F1276 Generations 
5 Bingeman / Hallman  28 May 1872Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario F1922 Generations 
6 Cairns / Moffat  28 May 1872Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario F19405 Generations 
7 Weidman / Robinson  13 Jul 1872Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario F49105 Generations 
8 Bear / Lantz  29 Sep 1872Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario F3048 Generations 
9 Perrin / Woods  25 Dec 1872Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario F42785 Generations 
10 Groh / Rosenberger  15 Jul 1873Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario F552 Generations 
11 Hilker / Dammeier  15 Sep 1873Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario F27315 Generations 
12 Sherk / Huber  28 Oct 1873Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario F1401 Generations 
13 Shelly / Snyder  3 Feb 1874Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario F4583 Generations 
14 Godbold / Woods  4 Jul 1874Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario F23765 Generations 
15 Clemens / Copley  14 Oct 1874Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario F4540 Generations 
16 Boettcher / Hammacher  27 Apr 1875Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario F227445 Generations 
17 Waugh / Bowman  27 Jul 1875Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario F2210 Generations 
18 Groh / Bechtel  25 Jan 1876Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario F553 Generations 
19 Woolner / Eby  11 Jun 1876Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario F3729 Generations 
20 Kunkel / Strickler  27 Jun 1876Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario F227814 Generations 
21 Hagey / Souder  1 Aug 1876Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario F886 Generations 
22 Weber / Oberholtzer  19 Dec 1876Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario F227880 Generations 
23 Hoelscher / Schuetz  24 Dec 1876Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario F227736 Generations 
24 Buckler / Souder  7 Feb 1877Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario F2348 Generations 
25 Buckler / Souder  12 Feb 1877Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario F2347 Generations 
26 Weber / Clemmer  13 Feb 1877Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario F2691 Generations 
27 Buckler / Sauder  27 Feb 1877Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario F227491 Generations 
28 Witmer / Bechtel  9 Sep 1877Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario F227382 Generations 
29 Stengel / Kolb  21 Oct 1877Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario F227801 Generations 
30 Greitzner / Sararas  13 Nov 1877Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario F227655 Generations 
31 Wismer / Thomas  25 Mar 1878Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario F3966 Generations 
32 Allison / Hance  27 Aug 1879Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario F17002 Generations 
33 Cornell / Hewitt  4 Sep 1879Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario F9066 Generations 
34 Godbold / Gofton  10 Nov 1879Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario F23760 Generations 
35 Eschleman / Stauffer  26 Nov 1879Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario F1366 Generations 
36 Stauffer / Shantz  24 Dec 1879Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario F262 Generations 
37 Perrin / Wingham  6 Jan 1880Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario F19123 Generations 
38 Steip / Cornell  30 Sep 1880Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario F7138 Generations 
39 Clemens / Snider  8 Mar 1881Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario F4140 Generations 
40 Rife /   2 Jun 1881Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario F3042 Generations 
41 Goudie / Snyder  3 Aug 1881Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario F3358 Generations 
42 Woolner / Weber  2 Oct 1881Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario F3733 Generations 
43 Schwartz / Wingham  25 Dec 1881Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario F1685 Generations 
44 Eaton / Hubner  29 Aug 1882Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario F24233 Generations 
45 Bingaman / Cressman  12 Dec 1882Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario F9 Generations 
46 Cornell / Hilborn  20 Nov 1883Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario F12478 Generations 
47 Theurer / Boehmer  28 Oct 1884Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario F252618 Generations 
48 Schiedel / Gimbel  3 Nov 1897Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario F1683 Generations 
49 Toman / Biehn  26 Mar 1902Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario F12629 Generations 
50 Becker / Brighton  26 May 1926Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario F11707 Generations 


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family   Residence   Family ID   Tree 
1 Eaton / Hubner  1882Freeport (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario F24233 Generations