Waterloo Region Generations
A record of the people of Waterloo Region, Ontario.

Hanover, Germany

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Tree: Generations
Latitude: 52.3723333, Longitude: 9.7380748


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Birth   Person ID   Tree 
1 ?  1822Hanover, Germany I252527 Generations 
2 Anna  1819Hanover, Germany I35250 Generations 
3 Anna  1825Hanover, Germany I59235 Generations 
4 Bertha  1839Hanover, Germany I248337 Generations 
5 Caroine  1792Hanover, Germany I259366 Generations 
6 Caroline  1830Hanover, Germany I248138 Generations 
7 Fredericka  1804Hanover, Germany I35669 Generations 
8 Luizah  1827Hanover, Germany I266021 Generations 
9 Minando  1828Hanover, Germany I248254 Generations 
10 Rehen (?)  1826Hanover, Germany I259700 Generations 
11 Sophia  1826Hanover, Germany I375606 Generations 
12 Armbrecht, Henry  1826Hanover, Germany I376286 Generations 
13 Badenhausen, Caroline  1792Hanover, Germany I35720 Generations 
14 Bakab, Augustus  1849Hanover, Germany I266022 Generations 
15 Bakab, Henry  1822Hanover, Germany I266020 Generations 
16 Bickmeyer, Georg  1819Hanover, Germany I35248 Generations 
17 Bierwirth, Wilhelm  1817Hanover, Germany I34866 Generations 
18 Blieminae (?), William  1807Hanover, Germany I266092 Generations 
19 Braun, Christian  1793Hanover, Germany I35719 Generations 
20 Brauns, Henry  1835Hanover, Germany I259364 Generations 
21 Broeckel, Philip  1818Hanover, Germany I387117 Generations 
22 Brower, Henry  1832Hanover, Germany I35599 Generations 
23 Else, Louisa  1831Hanover, Germany I376361 Generations 
24 Griesen, Carl  1828Hanover, Germany I35371 Generations 
25 Gussen, Henry  1824Hanover, Germany I59234 Generations 
26 Harrefeldt, Caroline  10 May 1838Hanover, Germany I2579 Generations 
27 Harrifield, Ernst  1837Hanover, Germany I248465 Generations 
28 Hellemann, Catherine  1832Hanover, Germany I376421 Generations 
29 Hoftimeister, Henry  1869Hanover, Germany I324344 Generations 
30 Krug, Emilia Pauline Wilhelmine  4 Oct 1840Hanover, Germany I38413 Generations 
31 Meyer, Heinrich "Henry"  CALC 20 Aug 1836Hanover, Germany I353920 Generations 
32 Recker, Adeline  1833Hanover, Germany I35649 Generations 
33 Recker, Catherina  1837Hanover, Germany I35660 Generations 
34 Schafstadt, Philip  1811Hanover, Germany I35394 Generations 
35 Schultz, Heinrich  1817Hanover, Germany I35638 Generations 
36 Schultz, William  3 May 1899Hanover, Germany I358295 Generations 
37 Sleger, August  1839Hanover, Germany I35672 Generations 
38 Sleger, Frederick  1800Hanover, Germany I35668 Generations 
39 Sleger, Frederick  1843Hanover, Germany I35673 Generations 
40 Sleger, Heinrich  1832Hanover, Germany I35670 Generations 
41 Sleger, Sophia  1835Hanover, Germany I35674 Generations 
42 Stager, Augustus  1842Hanover, Germany I258449 Generations 
43 Stager, Frederick  12 Nov 1801Hanover, Germany I2557 Generations 
44 Stege, Friedricke  1827Hanover, Germany I91998 Generations 
45 Stuebing, Johann Heinrich Frederick Wilhelm "William"  9 Nov 1823Hanover, Germany I43822 Generations 
46 Uhd, Fredrick  1806Hanover, Germany I68358 Generations 
47 Vernon, Edward  1854Hanover, Germany I252528 Generations 
48 Vernon, Frederic  1822Hanover, Germany I252526 Generations 
49 Weiberg, Friedrich "Frederick"  6 May 1835Hanover, Germany I92065 Generations 
50 Wettneben, Henry  1802Hanover, Germany I264964 Generations 
51 Wickline, Fredericka  1805Hanover, Germany I28129 Generations 
52 Wickline, Friederieke  Abt 1804Hanover, Germany I353138 Generations 


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Residence   Person ID   Tree 
1 Schultz, William  Hanover, Germany I358295 Generations