Waterloo Region Generations
A record of the people of Waterloo Region, Ontario.

Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario

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Latitude: 44.1523703, Longitude: -81.0258178


Matches 1 to 105 of 105

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Birth   Person ID   Tree 
1 Ashbury, Stanley E.  25 Aug 1913Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I403533 Generations 
2 Axt, Irvin Garfield  27 Nov 1888Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I173049 Generations 
3 Barton, Emma Elizabeth  14 Jan 1900Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I382234 Generations 
4 Becker, Clara Elizabeth  8 Jan 1890Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I37844 Generations 
5 Becker, Edward Carl  14 Jan 1887Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I37843 Generations 
6 Becker, William G.  1887Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I316654 Generations 
7 Becking, William  27 Jul 1894Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I379937 Generations 
8 Beilstein, Elizabeth  7 Dec 1870Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I319966 Generations 
9 Brand, Clarence Balthasar  24 Sep 1903Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I40303 Generations 
10 Brand, Ezra Louis  6 Feb 1888Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I55155 Generations 
11 Briggs, Private Charles H.  5 Mar 1881Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I158360 Generations 
12 Bruegeman, John  23 Apr 1869Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I44706 Generations 
13 Brusso, Henry  23 Jul 1876Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I380831 Generations 
14 Brusso, Henry  23 Jul 1876Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I88018 Generations 
15 Clements, Richard  9 Dec 1947Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I53107 Generations 
16 Cress, Elizabeth  1867Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I127551 Generations 
17 Cressman, Ada  2 Jul 1898Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I24828 Generations 
18 Cressman, Alexander  26 Jun 1895Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I24826 Generations 
19 Cressman, Ida  2 Jul 1898Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I24829 Generations 
20 Cressman, Langton Laverne  5 Jul 1901Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I24830 Generations 
21 Cressman, Roxa  13 Apr 1897Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I24827 Generations 
22 Davey, Frederick Charles Perry  1874Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I34785 Generations 
23 Doerr, John  8 Jan 1878Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I346188 Generations 
24 Dresch, Pricilla  26 Jul 1878Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I25433 Generations 
25 Dresch, Theodore  Mar 1882Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I187580 Generations 
26 Eberth, Annie  17 Sep 1866Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I52954 Generations 
27 Eicheldinger, Joseph Charles  16 Sep 1888Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I90217 Generations 
28 Ernst, Fredrick William Eldon  1889Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I351858 Generations 
29 Ernst, Fredrick William Eldon "Eldon"  30 May 1889Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I190160 Generations 
30 Faber, Susan  28 Jul 1876Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I98654 Generations 
31 Faelker, Ethel  29 Sep 1913Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I181511 Generations 
32 Faelker, Pearl  7 Jan 1896Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I402501 Generations 
33 Faelker, Pearl  7 Jan 1897Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I160461 Generations 
34 Forster, Caroline Elisabeth Emilie  1893Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I256800 Generations 
35 Girodat, Aloysius John  28 May 1896Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I28694 Generations 
36 Gonder, Henry George  1893Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I382202 Generations 
37 Goos, Harvey Christian  5 Sep 1910Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I381985 Generations 
38 Gottswalts, William O.  1860Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I8151 Generations 
39 Grasser, Hilda M.  1890Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I380171 Generations 
40 Grasser, Hilda M.  1890Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I226491 Generations 
41 Hallman, Almeda  Abt 1891Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I6487 Generations 
42 Hallman, Dianah  Abt 1884Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I6513 Generations 
43 Hallman, Eda  Abt 1889Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I6486 Generations 
44 Hallman, Eldon  Abt 1871Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I6478 Generations 
45 Hallman, Hiram  24 Nov 1880Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I6512 Generations 
46 Hallman, Josiah  Abt 1875Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I6480 Generations 
47 Hallman, Leah  Abt 1873Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I6479 Generations 
48 Hallman, Leroy Murray  3 Mar 1890Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I6516 Generations 
49 Hallman, Louisa Annie  22 Mar 1894Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I6525 Generations 
50 Hallman, Lydia Ann  Abt 1877Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I6481 Generations 
51 Hallman, Maggie  8 Jun 1884Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I6520 Generations 
52 Hallman, Oliver Wesley  19 Sep 1893Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I6506 Generations 
53 Hallman, Robert Josiah Jesse Alvin  14 Mar 1887Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I6515 Generations 
54 Hasenyager, Albert  Apr 1861Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I175862 Generations 
55 Henemder, Jack Percival  2 May 1893Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I355587 Generations 
56 Hett, Wilhelmina  1882Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I25822 Generations 
57 Hilgartner, Emma Frieda C.  1895Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I163533 Generations 
58 Hoffman, Ida E.  Dec 1880Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I176669 Generations 
59 Israel, Magdalena Kempkes  8 Aug 1883Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I224540 Generations 
60 Jacques, Joseph Edward  Nov 1857Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I187814 Generations 
61 Jarvis, Trevor John  Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I131627 Generations 
62 Kehn, Philip  1878Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I52943 Generations 
63 Kemkes, Edwin Zephaniah  1 Feb 1877Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I73030 Generations 
64 Kemkes, Erwin  11 May 1885Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I151022 Generations 
65 Kemkes, Mary Almina Elverena  12 Sep 1879Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I20491 Generations 
66 Kieswetter, Florence Maria  4 Mar 1909Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I174082 Generations 
67 Kieswetter, Walter Joseph  31 Jul 1912Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I92307 Generations 
68 Lahn, William John  1896Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I188853 Generations 
69 Lobsinger, Edmund John  27 Aug 1907Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I74810 Generations 
70 Mahn, Ezra Henry Menno  12 Jul 1896Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I188099 Generations 
71 Mahn, John Henry Noah  23 Aug 1888Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I39531 Generations 
72 McGaw, John S.  8 Feb 1883Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I62876 Generations 
73 McGaw, Mary  1880Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I131983 Generations 
74 Melitzer, Angeline  5 Oct 1888Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I92387 Generations 
75 Miehm, Kenneth Seymour  1931Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I187211 Generations 
76 Miller, Mary A  18 Dec 1874Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I45519 Generations 
77 Miller, Matilda Eliza  Jun 1879Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I211986 Generations 
78 Neuert, Philippina  1850Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I13616 Generations 
79 Norsworthy, Avis Matilda "Eva"  16 Nov 1873Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I231133 Generations 
80 Nosworthy, Avis Matilda "Eva"  16 Sep 1873Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I350574 Generations 
81 Oppertshauser, Edward  1879Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I370289 Generations 
82 Prast, Alberta  1890Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I12091 Generations 
83 Privat, Sophia Mary  9 Dec 1860Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I49431 Generations 
84 Provost, Amelia Josetta "Millie  12 Apr 1857Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I65101 Generations 
85 Puttock, Jennet  4 Aug 1868Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I16796 Generations 
86 Rahn, Meta  1897Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I188717 Generations 
87 Rossel, Selma  1 Oct 1906Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I172662 Generations 
88 Russworm, Olga K.  1905Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I324746 Generations 
89 Schaefer, Frederick William  3 Mar 1888Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I98776 Generations 
90 Schaus, Adline  8 Sep 1892Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I190736 Generations 
91 Schoenhals, Naomi Elizabeth  1902Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I199492 Generations 
92 Schwalm, Margaret W.  1893Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I136927 Generations 
93 Scott, Matilda  Jul 1872Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I222206 Generations 
94 Struke, Clarence (Clare)  8 May 1920Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I187857 Generations 
95 Thaler, George  14 Jan 1887Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I94751 Generations 
96 Trussler, Ethel May  8 Feb 1891Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I175165 Generations 
97 Trussler, William Harold  7 Jul 1892Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I175176 Generations 
98 Twietmeyer, Louise Kathleen  28 Jun 1903Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I156644 Generations 
99 Wagner, David Nelson  1872Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I22895 Generations 
100 Wagner, Susanna  1861Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I48365 Generations 
101 Wakker, Conrad  1854Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I113626 Generations 
102 Weber, Vera Irene  12 Jan 1906Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I150686 Generations 
103 Wirtmann?, Bernhard  1831Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I35987 Generations 
104 Zingg, Arminella  24 Feb 1893Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I53497 Generations 
105 Zinn, Mary Dorthea  CALC 10 Sep 1866Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I75315 Generations 


Matches 1 to 111 of 111

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Died   Person ID   Tree 
1 Elizabeth Or Mary  24 Jan 1902Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I36022 Generations 
2 Jakob (Mrs.)  10 Jul 1885Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I241733 Generations 
3 Maria  12 Jul 1874Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I366629 Generations 
4 Ashbury, Stanley E.  27 Jun 2002Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I403533 Generations 
5 Auman, Anna  15 Mar 1929Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I166686 Generations 
6 Bierenstihl, Sophia  26 Jul 1884Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I242033 Generations 
7 Brox, Noah R.  11 Nov 1962Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I15717 Generations 
8 Buehler, Susannah  20 Mar 1999Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I164728 Generations 
9 Dellinger, Elizabeth "Elisa"  30 Nov 1907Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I117551 Generations 
10 Diebel, Marie "Mary"  7 Nov 1913Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I180083 Generations 
11 Dürrbecker, Anna Elisabeth  16 Jan 1910Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I55350 Generations 
12 Ernst, F W  16 Jan 1890Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I235216 Generations 
13 Ernst, Fredrick  16 Jan 1890Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I22520 Generations 
14 Esch, Lydia Ann  18 Sep 1947Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I11953 Generations 
15 Fellman, Samuel  7 Nov 1926Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I135592 Generations 
16 Fischer, Catharina  8 Aug 1878Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I367688 Generations 
17 Garvey, Mary Alice  1 Dec 1981Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I381108 Generations 
18 Gerhardt, Wilhelmina "Minnie"  25 Sep 1921Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I169164 Generations 
19 Gingrich, John  16 Mar 2008Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I25073 Generations 
20 Gingrich, Simon  12 Feb 1958Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I191360 Generations 
21 Girodat, Joseph Lorentz  17 Dec 1906Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I30973 Generations 
22 Girodat, Magaretta  29 Apr 1957Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I131788 Generations 
23 Glauser, Charles  8 Mar 1938Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I216027 Generations 
24 Glauser, William  1949Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I216030 Generations 
25 Graff, Ezra Franklin  1948Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I220394 Generations 
26 Greenwood, Cecil Harold  2 Jul 1995Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I379805 Generations 
27 Gross, Conrad Julius  22 Apr 1920Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I91245 Generations 
28 Grosz, Johann George "George"  15 Aug 1903Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I91243 Generations 
29 Grosz, Louisa  12 Apr 1928Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I169407 Generations 
30 Gruetzner, Edward  11 Aug 1922Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I122080 Generations 
31 Gruetzner, George Edward  25 Nov 1918Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I122075 Generations 
32 Hahn, Catharine Elizabeth  7 May 1942Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I9092 Generations 
33 Hallman, John Bechel  3 Jun 1930Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I6476 Generations 
34 Hartman, Gertrude Selma  20 Jan 1999Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I123086 Generations 
35 Heinzmann, Georg  8 Oct 1892Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I240167 Generations 
36 Hertel, Wilhelmina  1 Oct 1929Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I6477 Generations 
37 Hett, Conrad  5 Sep 1910Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I269791 Generations 
38 Hett, Elisabeth  3 Oct 1889Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I235688 Generations 
39 Hillgartner, John  30 Dec 1872Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I147035 Generations 
40 Hillgartner, John R.  13 Nov 1913Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I2983 Generations 
41 Hillgartner, Marie "Mary"  27 Apr 1886Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I215477 Generations 
42 Hoffmann, Heinrich  25 Aug 1892Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I240179 Generations 
43 Holzmann, Heinrich  10 Sep 1881Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I243176 Generations 
44 Huehn, Catherine  1941Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I156898 Generations 
45 Huehn, William Henry  13 Aug 1997Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I69656 Generations 
46 Huscher, Lavina  14 Apr 1884Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I242007 Generations 
47 Jucksch, Ferdinand  2 Jun 1883Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I242378 Generations 
48 Karch, Carl  17 Nov 1875Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I366838 Generations 
49 Kemkes, Herman  22 May 1917Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I20488 Generations 
50 Kirchner, Valentine  2 Jul 1912Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I27195 Generations 
51 Klinck, John  24 Nov 1971Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I198236 Generations 
52 Knechtel, Daniel  1936Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I122625 Generations 
53 Knechtel, Homer Franklin  9 Aug 1887Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I241025 Generations 
54 Knechtel, Menassy  6 Oct 1881Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I243217 Generations 
55 Knechtel, William  28 Jun 1932Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I122717 Generations 
56 Koch, Margareth  5 Mar 1876Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I24771 Generations 
57 Koch, Nicholas  1919Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I159853 Generations 
58 Kose, Samuel  21 Dec 1886Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I240996 Generations 
59 Lane, Eugene Wilfred  4 Dec 1993Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I196932 Generations 
60 Letson, Frederick Edgar "Edgar"  28 Sep 1989Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I379717 Generations 
61 Lichti, Percy Roy  24 Mar 2006Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I157598 Generations 
62 Lichty, Edwin M.  22 Oct 2003Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I264931 Generations 
63 Litt, Jacob  3 Jan 1920Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I77740 Generations 
64 Lotter, Caroline  27 Dec 1894Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I263582 Generations 
65 Lotter, Elizabeth  3 Jun 1924Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I263579 Generations 
66 Maurer, Heinrich  22 Sep 1888Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I368299 Generations 
67 Merklinger, David  6 Nov 1920Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I108846 Generations 
68 Merklinger, Louise  31 Jan 1924Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I99568 Generations 
69 Milhausen, Annie  21 Dec 1964Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I198237 Generations 
70 Moeser, Cranson K. F.  12 Nov 1992Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I164736 Generations 
71 Monk, Herman Wendorf  15 Aug 1925Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I90701 Generations 
72 Mueller, Eva  23 Mar 1862Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I147848 Generations 
73 Myers, Magdalena S.  14 Aug 1883Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I20487 Generations 
74 Oppertshäuser, Heinrich  4 Oct 1881Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I243307 Generations 
75 Paquette, Edward  30 Apr 2008Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I157898 Generations 
76 Peter, Johnette Victoria  15 Jun 1913Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I42706 Generations 
77 Pfohl, "Johann "John"  13 Feb 1907Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I124654 Generations 
78 Radtke, Dorothea Wilhelmina "Wilhelmina"  19 Mar 1918Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I93889 Generations 
79 Resbsoman, Elisabeth  19 Dec 1886Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I68215 Generations 
80 Russwurm, Valentine  1919Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I236425 Generations 
81 Schaefer, Catherine  31 Jan 1914Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I56864 Generations 
82 Schaefer, Gerald  3 Jul 1982Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I157400 Generations 
83 Schlagel, Edward  10 Mar 1922Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I27791 Generations 
84 Schultz, Katherine Emilia  20 Jan 1930Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I48238 Generations 
85 Schwan, Elizabeth Apollonia  1 Jun 1929Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I260339 Generations 
86 Seifert, Marvin Jacob  1966Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I162241 Generations 
87 Seip, Jacob  10 Dec 1953Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I110286 Generations 
88 Shantz, Abram B.  18 Sep 1975Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I164602 Generations 
89 Siegmann, Philip  7 Feb 1890Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I235427 Generations 
90 Smith, Ewart Wesley  17 Mar 1988Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I371263 Generations 
91 Snider, Cyrenius  29 Oct 1976Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I406538 Generations 
92 Snider, Cyrenius  29 Oct 1976Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I21228 Generations 
93 Snyder, Lewella  7 Dec 1977Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I406581 Generations 
94 Snyder, Lewella  7 Dec 1977Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I69621 Generations 
95 Stade, Friedrich Johann Christoph  14 Feb 1922Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I28805 Generations 
96 Stadelbauer, Christina  20 Nov 1915Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I171636 Generations 
97 Steuernagel, Amanda  27 May 1924Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I260249 Generations 
98 Streicher, Bishop Christian S.  6 May 1974Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I51604 Generations 
99 Stumpf, Maria  28 Jan 1861Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I220285 Generations 
100 Such, David  5 Jul 1939Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I185124 Generations 
101 Uhrig, Milburn  26 Nov 1981Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I105295 Generations 
102 Vath, John Anthony  19 Mar 1957Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I131787 Generations 
103 Vetter, Michael  27 Nov 1908Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I36020 Generations 
104 Weber, Conrad  14 Oct 1993Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I120826 Generations 
105 Weppler, Elfrieda "Freida"  24 Apr 2005Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I104279 Generations 
106 Wilhelm, Christiana Emilie Legate  29 Oct 1910Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I46089 Generations 
107 Woelfle, Barbara  5 Apr 1917Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I93878 Generations 
108 Yung, Karoline "Caroline"  2 Jan 1924Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I28054 Generations 
109 Zilliax, Charles William  12 Jan 1959Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I25920 Generations 
110 Zinn, Heinrich Christoph "Henry"  5 Mar 1920Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I75316 Generations 
111 Zoeger, Maria Ann "Mary"  23 Sep 1927Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I31491 Generations 


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Buried   Person ID   Tree 
1 Hundt, John  Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I50492 Generations 
2 Koch, Mary  Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I18592 Generations 
3 Lippert, Henry  Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I9476 Generations 
4 Muther, George E.  Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I117724 Generations 
5 Schwan, Elizabeth Apollonia  Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I260339 Generations 
6 Seiling, Adam  Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I102144 Generations 
7 Walden, Robert William  Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I168485 Generations 
8 Yung, Karoline "Caroline"  Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I28054 Generations 


Matches 1 to 17 of 17

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Death   Person ID   Tree 
1 Elizabeth Or Mary  24 Jan 1902Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I36022 Generations 
2 Jakob (Mrs.)  10 Jul 1885Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I241733 Generations 
3 Auman, Anna  15 Mar 1929Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I166686 Generations 
4 Dellinger, Elizabeth "Elisa"  30 Nov 1907Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I117551 Generations 
5 Hallman, John Bechel  3 Jun 1930Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I6476 Generations 
6 Hertel, Wilhelmina  1 Oct 1929Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I6477 Generations 
7 Hett, Elisabeth  3 Oct 1889Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I235688 Generations 
8 Hillgartner, John R.  13 Nov 1913Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I2983 Generations 
9 Hundt, John  6 Feb 1930Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I50492 Generations 
10 Huscher, Lavina  14 Apr 1884Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I242007 Generations 
11 Kemkes, Herman  22 May 1917Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I20488 Generations 
12 Kirchner, Valentine  2 Jul 1912Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I27195 Generations 
13 Knechtel, William  28 Jun 1932Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I122717 Generations 
14 Peter, Johnette Victoria  15 Jun 1913Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I42706 Generations 
15 Schaefer, Catherine  31 Jan 1914Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I56864 Generations 
16 Schlagel, Edward  10 Mar 1922Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I27791 Generations 
17 Yung, Karoline "Caroline"  2 Jan 1924Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I28054 Generations 


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Invention   Person ID   Tree 
1 Schmidt, Heinrich Moritz "Moritz" "Morris" "Maurice"  7 May 1880Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I177983 Generations 


Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Occupation   Person ID   Tree 
1 Bechtel, Moses  1874Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I13611 Generations 
2 Gruetzner, Theodore  1910Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I123359 Generations 
3 Hill, Christian  1886Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I164388 Generations 
4 Holzmann, Heinrich  1881Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I243176 Generations 
5 Kalbfleisch, John  1874Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I108212 Generations 
6 Kemkes, Herman  1879Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I20488 Generations 
7 Kemkes, Herman  1883Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I20488 Generations 
8 Kemkes, Herman  1885Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I20488 Generations 
9 Oppertshauser, Conrad  Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I69922 Generations 
10 Rossel, William  1903Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I172658 Generations 
11 Schmidt, Heinrich Moritz "Moritz" "Morris" "Maurice"  1876Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I177983 Generations 
12 Sutherland, Donald  1887Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I156193 Generations 
13 Wagner, David Nelson  1907Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I22895 Generations 
14 Ziegler, John Christopher  1888Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I114361 Generations 


Matches 1 to 37 of 37

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Residence   Person ID   Tree 
1 Anstett, Mary Ann  1912Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I3603 Generations 
2 Boecking, Herman  1902Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I42741 Generations 
3 Borth, Florence Anna  1964Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I170029 Generations 
4 Brei, Frederick  1893Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I1973 Generations 
5 Brubacher, Private Eli  1976Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I28940 Generations 
6 Buss, Private Peter Frederick  Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I188131 Generations 
7 Cress, Veronica  1867Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I16794 Generations 
8 Doesch, Jacob  1877Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I245791 Generations 
9 Dürrbecker, Anna Elisabeth  1910Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I55350 Generations 
10 Fach, Ruben Walter "Walter"  1964Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I204245 Generations 
11 Fellman, Rev. Jacob  1866Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I4822 Generations 
12 Girodat, Celia  1901Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I179421 Generations 
13 Girodat, Joseph Lorentz  1901Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I30973 Generations 
14 Graef, Fredrick William  1860Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I144510 Generations 
15 Greib, Valentin  1885Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I319006 Generations 
16 Henemder, Jack Percival  Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I355587 Generations 
17 Hett, Wilhelmina  1883Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I25822 Generations 
18 Hoeflin, John  1900Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I294579 Generations 
19 Knechtel, Daniel  1866Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I122625 Generations 
20 Knechtel, Peter  1868Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I124688 Generations 
21 Kressmann, Menno  1887Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I318738 Generations 
22 Letzkus, Josephine  1901Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I30617 Generations 
23 Maudelsloh, Ernst  1887Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I318781 Generations 
24 Metzger, Caroline  1903Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I172659 Generations 
25 Miller, Louisa  1884Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I5337 Generations 
26 Myers, Christopher  1876Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I246433 Generations 
27 Norsworthy, Avis Matilda "Eva"  1892Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I231133 Generations 
28 Peppler, Henry  1923Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I31588 Generations 
29 Privat, Sophia Mary  1886Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I49431 Generations 
30 Puttock, David  1867Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I16795 Generations 
31 Riechen, Sarah  1907Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I198120 Generations 
32 Rudy, Addison  1939Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I1094 Generations 
33 Starke, Eric Otto  Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I195093 Generations 
34 Thaler, George  Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I94751 Generations 
35 Veitel, Caroline  1893Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I184642 Generations 
36 Voltz, Andreas  1873Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I246613 Generations 
37 Winkler, Olga M.  1914Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario I188130 Generations 


Matches 1 to 48 of 48

   Family   Married   Family ID   Tree 
1 Becker / Ross  18 Dec 1860Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario F19521 Generations 
2 Armstrong / Tait  2 Apr 1861Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario F255992 Generations 
3 Puttock / Cress  17 Dec 1867Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario F4426 Generations 
4 Schaus / Niegrath  23 Feb 1869Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario F226214 Generations 
5 Brusso / Dankert  23 Jan 1870Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario F252392 Generations 
6 Hallman / Hertel  1 Nov 1870Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario F1949 Generations 
7 Geib / Wagner  14 Feb 1871Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario F11665 Generations 
8 Brusso / Esch  20 Feb 1871Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario F255823 Generations 
9 Klein / Forbes  3 Aug 1873Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario F227610 Generations 
10 Hafermehl / Gohl  23 Dec 1873Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario F227647 Generations 
11 McIntosh / Sutherland  24 May 1874Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario F36425 Generations 
12 Oswald / Thomas  28 Feb 1875Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario F227882 Generations 
13 Knechtel / Rudolph  30 Jun 1875Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario F30544 Generations 
14 Scherk / Baker  28 Jul 1875Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario F227358 Generations 
15 Myers / Schnurr  27 Jan 1876Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario F227874 Generations 
16 Gohl / Pfeifer  1 Feb 1876Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario F227646 Generations 
17 Senkbeil / Lackner  29 Feb 1876Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario F227818 Generations 
18 Miller / Lines  19 Dec 1876Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario F227835 Generations 
19 Kercher / Geiger  4 Feb 1877Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario F227626 Generations 
20 Schwalm / Kratt  6 Mar 1877Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario F46993 Generations 
21 Klippert / Reichle  3 Apr 1879Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario F25357 Generations 
22 Hallman / Disney  24 Feb 1880Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario F1954 Generations 
23 Hallman / Kühner  5 Oct 1880Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario F1957 Generations 
24 Reiner / Gross  19 Nov 1883Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario F10867 Generations 
25 Shoemaker / Bowman  23 Mar 1884Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario F1562 Generations 
26 Kenyon / Eberth  30 Sep 1884Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario F13686 Generations 
27 Filsinger / Hamel  16 Mar 1887Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario F3838 Generations 
28 Mandelsloh / Wertz  23 Nov 1887Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario F8476 Generations 
29 Marren / Zingg  31 May 1888Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario F10053 Generations 
30 Ringle / Becker  30 Dec 1890Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario F19520 Generations 
31 Kuhlman / Dankert  15 Jun 1896Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario F252391 Generations 
32 Eckstein / Gaiser  1899Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario F9959 Generations 
33 Pletch / Beilstein  14 Jun 1899Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario F243215 Generations 
34 Spiesz / Graff  17 Aug 1899Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario F45033 Generations 
35 Schlimm / Eby  1 Oct 1901Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario F17830 Generations 
36 Rossel / Metzger  30 Nov 1903Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario F168835 Generations 
37 Mather / Lippert  22 Aug 1906Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario F184104 Generations 
38 Ahrens / Riechen  1 May 1907Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario F187533 Generations 
39 Wagner / Horlock  25 Dec 1907Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario F5524 Generations 
40 Ball / Eby  23 Nov 1908Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario F35198 Generations 
41 Eicheldinger / Pfeffer  5 Apr 1910Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario F49111 Generations 
42 Maier / Anstett  20 May 1912Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario F2152 Generations 
43 Peppler / Prast  1 Oct 1912Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario F3369 Generations 
44 Binkle / Weltz  17 Oct 1914Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario F51258 Generations 
45 Schaus / Forster  19 Sep 1917Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario F50666 Generations 
46 Aldridge / Binkley  3 Sep 1918Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario F237748 Generations 
47 Cober / Eby  5 Oct 1921Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario F24456 Generations 
48 Hagey / Barton  27 Dec 1922Hanover, Grey Co., Ontario F259888 Generations