Waterloo Region Generations
A record of the people of Waterloo Region, Ontario.

Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario

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Tree: Generations
Latitude: 43.7318400, Longitude: -80.9537925


Matches 1 to 123 of 123

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Birth   Person ID   Tree 
1 Ament, Grace  1912Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I166137 Generations 
2 Ament, Margaret  1898Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I180777 Generations 
3 Baker, Eva Jane  12 Jan 1894Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I29554 Generations 
4 Barber, Beatrice  5 Jun 1883Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I83037 Generations 
5 Barber, Frances Jane  27 Aug 1875Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I83032 Generations 
6 Barber, Illa  22 Jul 1888Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I83039 Generations 
7 Barber, Kate  14 Dec 1876Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I83033 Generations 
8 Bender, Elsie Franklin  1903Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I114271 Generations 
9 Berdux, Elizabeth "Lizzie"  1876Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I139321 Generations 
10 Bierenstihl, Emma  Nov 1875Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I171952 Generations 
11 Boyd, Sarah Jane "Jane"  5 Jan 1897Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I131405 Generations 
12 Bricker, Arthur Kyle  27 Nov 1881Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I12654 Generations 
13 Bricker, Calvin D.  3 Nov 1884Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I12656 Generations 
14 Bricker, Clarkson McGarvin  10 Oct 1889Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I12782 Generations 
15 Bricker, Edward G.  4 May 1883Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I12655 Generations 
16 Bricker, Erwin Charles  17 Apr 1893Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I12658 Generations 
17 Bricker, Joseph S.  18 Feb 1890Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I12657 Generations 
18 Brodhagen, Caroline Irene  27 Nov 1947Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I384440 Generations 
19 Butterfield, Ernest Edward  17 Dec 1885Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I340441 Generations 
20 Chapman, Marvel Viola  20 Mar 1903Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I129905 Generations 
21 Clarke, Olin Lyle  1889Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I52682 Generations 
22 Davey, Myrtle Winnifred  1899Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I34819 Generations 
23 Davidson, Edward  Jul 1906Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I183899 Generations 
24 Davidson, William  Sep 1903Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I183898 Generations 
25 Dippel, John  1874Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I29842 Generations 
26 Durrant, Sarah Etta  13 Jul 1890Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I413334 Generations 
27 Ford, George  15 Jan 1877Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I380952 Generations 
28 Frank, George  May 1883Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I224334 Generations 
29 Gabel, John  Abt 1857Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I149094 Generations 
30 Gallop, William  20 May 1876Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I362622 Generations 
31 Gingrich, George Henry  6 Aug 1903Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I135393 Generations 
32 Glennie, John Archibald  7 Dec 1880Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I62749 Generations 
33 Good, Addison St. Clair  12 Aug 1895Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I22652 Generations 
34 Good, John Albert  4 Jul 1891Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I22601 Generations 
35 Gowing, David Walter  29 Apr 1901Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I380555 Generations 
36 Gowing, George Wesley  12 Sep 1885Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I93142 Generations 
37 Gowing, George Wesley "Wesley"  12 Sep 1885Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I421321 Generations 
38 Gowing, Lester Earl "Earl"  21 Sep 1887Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I93143 Generations 
39 Gowing, William Henry  5 Jan 1858Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I93138 Generations 
40 Harvey, Ida May  Apr 1878Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I184090 Generations 
41 Hay, Ella  9 Aug 1870Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I179195 Generations 
42 Hay, Dr. Henry  27 Mar 1864Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I25933 Generations 
43 Hay, Jessie Mildred  8 Jul 1881Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I33705 Generations 
44 Hayden, Henry  1853Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I114764 Generations 
45 Hedrich, Emma  11 Mar 1878Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I37002 Generations 
46 Heibein, Frederick George  29 Oct 1898Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I25312 Generations 
47 Herber, Rosina  23 Dec 1859Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I52112 Generations 
48 Herman, Minnie May  Mar 1879Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I346989 Generations 
49 Hess, William  17 May 1875Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I121533 Generations 
50 Hickey, Lottie Ethel  28 Feb 1876Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I65477 Generations 
51 Huber, Mary  12 Jan 1882Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I29755 Generations 
52 Jantzi, Neil  1959Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I132294 Generations 
53 Karcher, Margaret "Maggie"  15 Apr 1893Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I26806 Generations 
54 Kaufman, Edna L.  16 Jan 1900Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I51813 Generations 
55 Kaufman, John Angus  5 Jan 1871Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I58989 Generations 
56 Kelly, Emma  5 Nov 1862Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I65435 Generations 
57 Kelly, Mary Jane  8 Mar 1859Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I82791 Generations 
58 Knapp, Clara E.  1 Jun 1873Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I37406 Generations 
59 Knapp, Levina  26 Jan 1887Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I36704 Generations 
60 Knechtel, Alfred Emmanuel "Alfie"  18 Feb 1924Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I182504 Generations 
61 Law, William George  1885Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I352354 Generations 
62 Lindenschmidt, Annie E.  Feb 1891Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I202295 Generations 
63 Liphardt, Clara  27 Apr 1882Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I26412 Generations 
64 Lippert, Melinda  21 Mar 1877Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I179022 Generations 
65 Little, John Alexander  11 Mar 1873Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I64679 Generations 
66 Livingston, Francis Charles "Frank"  11 Oct 1873Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I93304 Generations 
67 Lockie, James S.  30 May 1867Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I42419 Generations 
68 Lorch, Philip  Feb 1881Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I187701 Generations 
69 Loree, Pearl Emmeline Jane  15 Jul 1884Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I64000 Generations 
70 Marks, Harry  28 Dec 1902Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I182351 Generations 
71 McMillan, William Jamieson  13 Nov 1882Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I289552 Generations 
72 Meyer, Lilian Olive  7 Nov 1894Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I13447 Generations 
73 Mitchell, Herbert Leslie  Jun 1884Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I174594 Generations 
74 Mitchell, Rebecca  Jan 1887Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I173861 Generations 
75 Mitson, Orton Harold  23 Jan 1891Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I64710 Generations 
76 Moyer, Byron  20 Apr 1886Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I14908 Generations 
77 Moyer, Malissa  26 May 1880Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I200565 Generations 
78 Newman, Norris  22 Oct 1899Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I357909 Generations 
79 Peppler, Allen Wesley  13 Mar 1870Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I10886 Generations 
80 Peppler, Catherine Elizabeth  19 Feb 1872Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I6820 Generations 
81 Perrin, Ervin  29 Oct 1880Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I422131 Generations 
82 Pike, Ellen Mary  1923Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I70022 Generations 
83 Plantz, Anna Martha "Martha"  20 Sep 1865Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I78066 Generations 
84 Playford, Birwell Stephen  16 Jan 1901Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I120033 Generations 
85 Pletch, Earl E.  Aug 1904Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I187090 Generations 
86 Purcell, Wilson Earl  25 Jul 1893Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I358084 Generations 
87 Reinhart, Albert S.  1877Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I380003 Generations 
88 Reinhart, Albert S.  1877Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I118170 Generations 
89 Roth, John Walter  20 Oct 1879Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I242896 Generations 
90 Rudolph, William  1 Feb 1879Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I143652 Generations 
91 Schade, Conrad Noah  8 Feb 1875Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I71715 Generations 
92 Schelter, Edward G.  16 Jun 1880Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I189869 Generations 
93 Scherer, Gertrude  19 Oct 1882Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I32402 Generations 
94 Scherer, Laura E.  27 Jan 1868Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I136087 Generations 
95 Seigner, Daisy Dean  20 Feb 1884Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I26281 Generations 
96 Sneath, Cora Pearl  3 Apr 1909Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I380612 Generations 
97 Stockfisch, William Charles  21 Aug 1892Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I173307 Generations 
98 Stuart, William Sherwood  11 Apr 1898Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I349596 Generations 
99 Tennant, Ellen Elizabeth  23 Jul 1856Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I93075 Generations 
100 Tennant, Ellen Elizabeth "Elizabeth"  23 Jul 1856Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I349985 Generations 
101 Thompson, Ethel Mary  31 Aug 1880Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I81928 Generations 
102 Tiler, Effie  22 Jun 1874Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I88249 Generations 
103 Tremain, Adelaide "Ada"  2 Dec 1882Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I61007 Generations 
104 Tremain, Emma  10 Dec 1863Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I81751 Generations 
105 Tremain, Francis Ennah "Frank"  13 Jan 1884Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I177918 Generations 
106 Tremain, Isaac Wesley  Abt 1867Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I353046 Generations 
107 Tremain, James A. Henry "Jim"  11 Oct 1856Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I177921 Generations 
108 Tremain, Joseph Lloyd  20 Jan 1895Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I358627 Generations 
109 Tremain, Russell Wellington  20 Aug 1872Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I82490 Generations 
110 Tremain, W. C.  16 Aug 1889Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I358628 Generations 
111 Tremaine, Charles Wesley  1884Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I382229 Generations 
112 Tremaine, Ethel J.  Feb 1888Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I231599 Generations 
113 Wakeford, Carmen Beverley "Joe"  1 Mar 1912Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I422706 Generations 
114 Walser, Emileus Joseph "Emil"  24 Dec 1882Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I37770 Generations 
115 Walser, Joseph Edward  7 Mar 1876Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I243686 Generations 
116 Welker, Alexander H.  1882Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I93629 Generations 
117 Welker, Wilfred  5 Jul 1898Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I358760 Generations 
118 Wenzel, Nicholas  1879Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I22532 Generations 
119 Wilson, Donna  1939Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I96650 Generations 
120 Woods, Percy  19 Apr 1889Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I53838 Generations 
121 Zilliax, Freda  Abt 1890Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I80578 Generations 
122 Zilliax, Viola Anne  1900Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I227048 Generations 
123 Zinn, Alfred John  May 1899Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I185937 Generations 


Matches 1 to 150 of 150

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Died   Person ID   Tree 
1 (Mrs.)  12 Sep 1891Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I240776 Generations 
2 Albrecht, Lydia  7 Sep 2012Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I163878 Generations 
3 Albrecht, Noah  4 Jan 1983Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I96108 Generations 
4 Anderson, William Pumfrey  29 Jan 1931Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I277596 Generations 
5 Archer, Emma  1 Apr 1870Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I296169 Generations 
6 Arnold, George  11 Nov 1906Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I52513 Generations 
7 Austin, John Brown  Aug 1879Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I70720 Generations 
8 Ayers, George  4 Feb 1904Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I36146 Generations 
9 Baerwinkel, Gary H.  6 Oct 2017Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I419337 Generations 
10 Bartman, John  8 Apr 1964Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I174044 Generations 
11 Battenberg, Ruth Elizabeth Ann  23 Dec 1975Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I164820 Generations 
12 Bauman, Jeremiah  19 Jul 1967Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I71512 Generations 
13 Bauman, Lavina  13 Jan 1996Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I183621 Generations 
14 Bauman, Luida  26 Jul 2011Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I178173 Generations 
15 Bender, Burkhardt  5 Apr 1902Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I171571 Generations 
16 Bennewis, Heinrich  28 Mar 1880Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I233253 Generations 
17 Biehn, Harold  2 Oct 1993Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I60283 Generations 
18 Boshart, Ezra  1 Nov 1968Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I108592 Generations 
19 Bossenberry, Emerson  1989Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I177885 Generations 
20 Bowman, Joshua S.  8 Apr 1895Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I7372 Generations 
21 Bowman, Salinda  29 Jul 2010Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I118852 Generations 
22 Bowman, Selina M.  21 Dec 2009Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I164616 Generations 
23 Brenneman, Ferna Mae  20 Dec 2008Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I187217 Generations 
24 Bricker, Elizabeth  3 May 1908Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I12578 Generations 
25 Brubacher, Levi M.  11 Jun 2013Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I254258 Generations 
26 Brubacher, Richard S.  10 Mar 2000Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I178902 Generations 
27 Bryce, Sharon Marie  2 Aug 2016Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I384938 Generations 
28 Campbell, James  18 Nov 1933Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I391823 Generations 
29 Campbell, Samuel  In InfancyListowel, Perth Co., Ontario I12778 Generations 
30 Clemmer, Cleason M.  20 Jul 2002Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I268894 Generations 
31 Culligan, Joanne Phyllis  5 Aug 2007Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I189617 Generations 
32 Dinkel, Emma Ana  20 Mar 1882Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I242674 Generations 
33 Dinkel, Johann Chrisostomus  4 May 1889Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I235604 Generations 
34 Dinkel, Johann Joseph Michael  21 Oct 1886Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I241279 Generations 
35 Eberlin, Jerome Louis  11 Jan 1993Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I349390 Generations 
36 Echlin, Captain Russell Alexander  Aug 1973Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I424956 Generations 
37 Edes, Charlotte Louise  6 May 1918Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I200225 Generations 
38 Fischer, Philippina  17 Jan 1894Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I7375 Generations 
39 Freeman, Edna B.  25 Sep 2004Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I37499 Generations 
40 Freeman, Naomi  27 May 2011Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I190737 Generations 
41 Frey, Lydia Ann  23 Jul 2012Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I193600 Generations 
42 Funk, Hannah  6 Nov 1913Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I3578 Generations 
43 Gabel, Peter  17 Jun 1897Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I77493 Generations 
44 Geach, Rev. John  25 Jul 1932Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I200224 Generations 
45 Gehman, Martha Magdalena  3 May 1893Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I6030 Generations 
46 Gibbons, William James  4 Jan 1932Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I21669 Generations 
47 Glennie, Peter W.  9 Feb 1935Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I116584 Generations 
48 Good, Lydia  23 Dec 1927Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I9106 Generations 
49 Gooding, Elizabeth Jane  2 Sep 1913Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I177922 Generations 
50 Gottfried, Adeline Elizabeth  24 Nov 1965Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I177909 Generations 
51 Gottfried, Jacob Samuel  26 Jan 1921Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I165003 Generations 
52 Gottfrield, Mary  19 Nov 1925Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I111036 Generations 
53 Gowdy, Anna  17 Jan 1926Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I12652 Generations 
54 Gregory, Hattie Esther  11 Oct 1975Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I200525 Generations 
55 Gregory, Isabella  28 Jan 1923Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I86086 Generations 
56 Guenther, Elsie M.  30 Mar 1986Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I380173 Generations 
57 Hammond, James Boyd "Boyd"  6 Dec 1965Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I51466 Generations 
58 Harnock, George William  24 Feb 2010Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I192691 Generations 
59 Henderson, Adam  25 Dec 1914Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I99578 Generations 
60 Henderson, Margaret Jean "Jean"  25 Apr 1987Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I383238 Generations 
61 Hess  4 Aug 1881Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I243164 Generations 
62 Hess, Johann Jakob  4 Feb 1884Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I241993 Generations 
63 Hess, Robert  25 Jan 1885Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I241669 Generations 
64 Hoffman, Amanda E.  9 Nov 2009Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I34352 Generations 
65 Holzschuh, Regina  15 Feb 1953Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I50707 Generations 
66 Jacobi, Emma Luella  18 Dec 1972Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I54029 Generations 
67 Jantzi, Noah K.  25 Oct 2009Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I134061 Generations 
68 Jarvis, Trevor John  21 Jan 2015Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I131627 Generations 
69 Kaufman, Ezra  23 Feb 1885Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I241696 Generations 
70 Kaufman, Margaret  12 Nov 1932Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I18050 Generations 
71 Knapp, Norman S.  23 Oct 2009Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I148849 Generations 
72 Knarr, Dorothy Marie  17 Jun 1970Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I163288 Generations 
73 Knechtel, Lydia  19 Mar 1925Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I77725 Generations 
74 Knoblauch, Gordon P.  26 Feb 1971Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I109178 Generations 
75 Krauter, Conrad Harry "Harry"  27 May 1974Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I422938 Generations 
76 Kreutzer, Elizabeth  1871Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I108167 Generations 
77 Kruger, Gustaav  28 Apr 1883Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I242408 Generations 
78 Kuepfer, David K.  15 Jan 2017Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I142813 Generations 
79 Kuepher, Emma  24 Oct 2008Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I177295 Generations 
80 Lanz, Jacob  9 Nov 1949Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I372893 Generations 
81 Lavery, Ruth Margeurete  1 Sep 1963Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I106821 Generations 
82 Lawrence, Harold Douglas "Hank"  21 Jan 2007Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I383454 Generations 
83 Levan, Charles  4 Sep 1891Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I240651 Generations 
84 Levan, Peter S.  26 Mar 1908Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I20590 Generations 
85 Lichty, David W.  1 Jan 1970Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I128581 Generations 
86 Lima, Jose Pereira  5 Mar 1993Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I423457 Generations 
87 Livingston, John  21 May 1896Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I77627 Generations 
88 Loree, Pearl Emmeline Jane  9 Sep 1950Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I64000 Generations 
89 Lorentz, Kassilda Katherina  19 Jan 1970Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I80361 Generations 
90 Main, Mary  14 Oct 1922Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I58943 Generations 
91 Martin, Aaron M. D.  14 Oct 2010Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I190891 Generations 
92 Martin, Cleason B.  4 Sep 2006Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I313917 Generations 
93 Martin, Elmer S.  13 Dec 2011Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I178113 Generations 
94 Martin, Melinda  20 Mar 2002Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I175412 Generations 
95 Martin, Saloma  23 Oct 2011Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I247835 Generations 
96 Martin, Urias M.  23 Sep 2010Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I162179 Generations 
97 Martinson, John  27 Dec 1889Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I30019 Generations 
98 Matthews, William Henry  16 Jan 1928Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I42386 Generations 
99 Metzger, Henry B.  2 Jun 2005Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I175411 Generations 
100 Metzger, Susanna B.  2009Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I167731 Generations 
101 Metzger, Urias B.  31 Oct 2011Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I178172 Generations 
102 Nichol, John Dr.  7 Oct 1892Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I240301 Generations 
103 Nichols, Mary  20 Jun 1879Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I261673 Generations 
104 Nickel, Johann George "John"  15 Dec 1922Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I178973 Generations 
105 Ortwein, Carolina  13 Feb 1890Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I235381 Generations 
106 Oswald, Eva Amanda  16 Oct 1944Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I116877 Generations 
107 Ott, Henry  16 Jan 1934Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I127442 Generations 
108 Otterbein, Earl Stanley  8 Nov 1991Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I380172 Generations 
109 Pendergast, Ellen  10 Nov 1907Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I105585 Generations 
110 Petherick, John  27 Jul 1880Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I155363 Generations 
111 Reist, Annie  20 Apr 2013Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I305445 Generations 
112 Rennie, Albert Edgar  19 Mar 1939Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I111026 Generations 
113 Riehm, John  14 Aug 1923Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I13074 Generations 
114 Roth, John Walter  19 Apr 1882Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I242896 Generations 
115 Rudow, Ronald  20 Mar 2003Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I139240 Generations 
116 Schallhorn, Saloma  4 Jun 2007Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I25543 Generations 
117 Schneider, Henriette  22 Dec 1879Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I233539 Generations 
118 Schneider, Herman  29 May 1872Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I147753 Generations 
119 Schultz, William R. "Bill"  12 Apr 1992Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I417353 Generations 
120 Shantz, Eileen  21 Apr 1987Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I60067 Generations 
121 Shantz, Lloyd Stanley  27 Aug 1994Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I124556 Generations 
122 Shantz, Mary  5 Oct 2011Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I260542 Generations 
123 Siebert, Stanley George Jacob  14 Aug 2001Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I349885 Generations 
124 Snyder, Angeline Orilla  12 May 1895Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I18021 Generations 
125 Spies, Helen Boyle  29 Aug 2001Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I150989 Generations 
126 Stemmler, Herbert E.  18 May 1967Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I233131 Generations 
127 Stephan, Maria Melena  24 Jan 1886Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I241526 Generations 
128 Steuernagel, Ann Elisabetha  16 Mar 1889Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I81134 Generations 
129 Stuart, William Sherwood  13 Sep 1898Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I349596 Generations 
130 Sutherland, Donald Warden  14 Nov 1924Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I423608 Generations 
131 Tremain, Aaron  26 Sep 1927Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I311177 Generations 
132 Tremain, Ann  19 Apr 1921Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I30020 Generations 
133 Tremain, Michael  7 Sep 1881Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I261672 Generations 
134 Veitch, James Clare "Clare"  10 Jan 1991Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I383237 Generations 
135 Wagler, Magdalena  11 Jun 1972Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I148572 Generations 
136 Wagner, Rev. George H.  22 Sep 1907Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I220855 Generations 
137 Walter, Raymond  8 Oct 1975Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I50992 Generations 
138 Weber, Amos M.  14 Jun 2008Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I164615 Generations 
139 Weber, Angus W.  27 Jul 2009Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I172102 Generations 
140 Weber, Eileen  19 Apr 2009Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I49878 Generations 
141 Welker, Elizabeth  10 Nov 1915Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I7942 Generations 
142 Whaley, Mabel  10 Jun 1985Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I43738 Generations 
143 Wideman, Susannah H.  2009Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I164669 Generations 
144 Wilken, Amsey Jacob  11 Sep 1984Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I110523 Generations 
145 Wilken, Johann "John"  23 Oct 1914Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I110471 Generations 
146 Wilkinson, Arthur Aaron  6 Jun 1997Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I379736 Generations 
147 Witmer, John  14 Feb 1933Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I3577 Generations 
148 Zilliax, Conrad  8 Apr 1927Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I142073 Generations 
149 Zilliax, Friedrich  17 Mar 1930Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I142013 Generations 
150 Zimmermann, John  5 Nov 1874Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I367563 Generations 


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Buried   Person ID   Tree 
1 Bowman, Addison Milo  Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I21743 Generations 
2 Brink, Elizabeth  Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I168478 Generations 
3 George, Conrad  Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I146565 Generations 
4 Good, Lydia  Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I9106 Generations 
5 Hewitt, George  Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I85526 Generations 
6 Knechtel, Lydia  Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I77725 Generations 


Matches 1 to 21 of 21

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Death   Person ID   Tree 
1 Austin, John Brown  Aug 1879Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I70720 Generations 
2 Bender, Burkhardt  5 Apr 1902Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I171571 Generations 
3 Bowman, Joshua S.  8 Apr 1895Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I7372 Generations 
4 Campbell, James  18 Nov 1933Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I391823 Generations 
5 Dinkel, Emma Ana  20 Mar 1882Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I242674 Generations 
6 Good, Lydia  23 Dec 1927Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I9106 Generations 
7 Gottfrield, Mary  19 Nov 1925Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I111036 Generations 
8 Gowdy, Anna  17 Jan 1926Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I12652 Generations 
9 Henderson, Adam  25 Dec 1914Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I99578 Generations 
10 Hess, Robert  25 Jan 1885Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I241669 Generations 
11 Knechtel, Lydia  19 Mar 1925Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I77725 Generations 
12 Levan, Peter S.  26 Mar 1908Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I20590 Generations 
13 Livingston, John  21 May 1896Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I77627 Generations 
14 Oswald, Eva Amanda  16 Oct 1944Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I116877 Generations 
15 Petherick, John  27 Jul 1880Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I155363 Generations 
16 Riehm, John  14 Aug 1923Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I13074 Generations 
17 Stuart, William Sherwood  13 Sep 1898Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I349596 Generations 
18 Sutherland, Donald Warden  14 Nov 1924Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I423608 Generations 
19 Wagner, Rev. George H.  22 Sep 1907Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I220855 Generations 
20 Witmer, John  14 Feb 1933Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I3577 Generations 
21 Zilliax, Conrad  8 Apr 1927Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I142073 Generations 


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Directory   Person ID   Tree 
1 Hohman, Ludwig  1871Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I104359 Generations 


Matches 1 to 31 of 31

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Occupation   Person ID   Tree 
1 Austin, Adam  1871Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I70723 Generations 
2 Austin, Adam  1881Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I70723 Generations 
3 Bailey, James Emerson  1917Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I87691 Generations 
4 Bender, Lloyd Feick  1923Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I58965 Generations 
5 Bricker, Moses M.  1885Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I179187 Generations 
6 Bricker, Mayor Samuel O.  1881Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I12776 Generations 
7 Calder, Norman  1908Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I50595 Generations 
8 Clemens, Sylvester  1897Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I66171 Generations 
9 Dippel, George  1899Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I171955 Generations 
10 Good, Addison St. Clair  1917Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I22652 Generations 
11 Heimbecker, Peter  1900Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I40631 Generations 
12 Hess, Wilhelm  1875Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I120900 Generations 
13 Hohman, Ludwig  1871Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I104359 Generations 
14 Hollinger, Edward  1895Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I41156 Generations 
15 Huber, George T.  1882Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I3149 Generations 
16 Israel, Jacob  1872Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I96486 Generations 
17 Livingston, Peter  1873Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I77624 Generations 
18 Lockhof, Carl August  1873Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I246365 Generations 
19 Lortz, John Georg  1871Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I153843 Generations 
20 Merkel, Charles William John  1895Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I46675 Generations 
21 Meyer, Absalom  1881Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I13417 Generations 
22 Mitson, Joseph Edward  1891Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I64704 Generations 
23 Peppler, Ludwig "Louis"  1871Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I10883 Generations 
24 Petherick, Thomas Ishmael  1875Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I155370 Generations 
25 Rudolph, Simon  1879Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I136109 Generations 
26 Somerville, David  1877Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I167147 Generations 
27 Stockfisch, Charles  1891Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I173301 Generations 
28 Tremain, Michael W.  1878Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I86975 Generations 
29 Zilliax, Christian  1882Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I142040 Generations 
30 Zilliax, Christopher  1882Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I45469 Generations 
31 Zilliax, Conrad  1927Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I142073 Generations 


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Religion   Person ID   Tree 
1 Hess, Marie E.  1871Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I153844 Generations 
2 Lortz, Catherine  1871Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I44276 Generations 
3 Lortz, John Georg  1871Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I153843 Generations 
4 Lortz, Mary  1871Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I153845 Generations 


Matches 1 to 56 of 56

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Residence   Person ID   Tree 
1 Ash, Mary Ann  1872Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I34441 Generations 
2 Ballard, Elizabeth Casaline "Cassie"  1901Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I52580 Generations 
3 Bender, Burkhardt  1895Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I171571 Generations 
4 Boehmer, Joseph  1910Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I144851 Generations 
5 Bossenberry, Emerson  1940Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I177885 Generations 
6 Braun, Jacob B.  1888Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I127586 Generations 
7 Braun, Margaretta  1892Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I55591 Generations 
8 Bricker, Mayor Samuel O.  1902Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I12776 Generations 
9 Campbell, Ada  1881Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I12777 Generations 
10 Christman, Melinda  1888Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I26164 Generations 
11 Dahms  1953Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I138 Generations 
12 Doerfling, Wilhelm  1875Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I245803 Generations 
13 Gabel, John  1882Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I149094 Generations 
14 Gooding, Robert James  1897Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I210766 Generations 
15 Gross, George  1926Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I257206 Generations 
16 Guenther, Elsie  1972Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I190510 Generations 
17 Heibein, John "Jack"  1920Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I45398 Generations 
18 Heppler, Elizabeth  1886Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I86387 Generations 
19 Heppler, Martin  1882Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I149313 Generations 
20 Hess, Lizzie  1882Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I149096 Generations 
21 Kelly, Annie Ingles Boyd  1931Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I191355 Generations 
22 Lichti, Martha Z.  1981Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I164322 Generations 
23 Lichti, Martha Z.  1984Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I164322 Generations 
24 Lockhof, Carl August  1873Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I246365 Generations 
25 Lustig, August Ferdinand Joachim  1868Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I90392 Generations 
26 Moorhead, Nancy Ellen  1911Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I163068 Generations 
27 Morley, William Wesley  1912Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I109535 Generations 
28 Patterson, Agnes  1884Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I49086 Generations 
29 Perrin, James  1886Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I135751 Generations 
30 Petherick, John  1880Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I155363 Generations 
31 Petherick, Naomi A.  1876Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I155371 Generations 
32 Purcell, Wilson Earl  Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I358084 Generations 
33 Riehm, Jacob  1923Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I13246 Generations 
34 Riehm, John  1923Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I13074 Generations 
35 Rozell, Joseph G.  1901Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I144391 Generations 
36 Runstedler, Peter  1891Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I103505 Generations 
37 Schmermund, Margaret  1911Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I140193 Generations 
38 Schneider, Susanna  1926Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I79431 Generations 
39 Seigner, Daisy Dean  1949Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I26281 Generations 
40 Simpson, Thomas  1885Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I89244 Generations 
41 Snelling, Samuel  1901Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I50778 Generations 
42 Stephan, Annie M.  1897Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I66172 Generations 
43 Taylor, Ann Hood  1915Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I145079 Generations 
44 Thaler, Salome  1912Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I81470 Generations 
45 Tremain, Joseph Lloyd  Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I358627 Generations 
46 Tremain, W. C.  Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I358628 Generations 
47 Trow, Mayme  1911Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I117266 Generations 
48 Wallace, Janet  1880Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I215153 Generations 
49 Watson, John  1876Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I132313 Generations 
50 Waugh, Victoria Elisabeth  1873Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I246462 Generations 
51 Wehe, John Arthur  1875Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I33927 Generations 
52 Wehe, Laura  1879Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I177722 Generations 
53 Welker, Wilfred  Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I358760 Generations 
54 Wilken, Charles  1911Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I51344 Generations 
55 Wilken, Ralph Frederick Martin  1984Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I38405 Generations 
56 Witmer, John  1929Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario I3577 Generations 


Matches 1 to 55 of 55

   Family   Married   Family ID   Tree 
1 Daly /   14 Nov 1858Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario F21235 Generations 
2 Goodall / Burnet  27 Nov 1865Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario F31579 Generations 
3 Israel / Griffin  14 May 1872Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario F25017 Generations 
4 Frank / Grasser  2 Jul 1872Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario F11242 Generations 
5 Anticknap / Ash  17 Sep 1872Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario F9137 Generations 
6 Knapp / Hess  3 Dec 1872Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario F12475 Generations 
7 Sotheran / Batters  22 Apr 1874Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario F52561 Generations 
8 Wideman / Cress  23 May 1875Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario F3663 Generations 
9 Ayers / Tindall  22 May 1877Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario F20381 Generations 
10 Carr / Manser  31 Jul 1878Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario F50504 Generations 
11 Moyer / Daum  8 Aug 1878Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario F4029 Generations 
12 Rouse / Osborne  21 Nov 1879Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario F272743 Generations 
13 Martin / Knipe  14 Dec 1880Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario F2150 Generations 
14 Foerster / Zimmerman  25 Mar 1881Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario F46011 Generations 
15 Anderson / Swanton  24 May 1881Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario F271583 Generations 
16 Bricker / Campbell  14 Dec 1881Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario F3534 Generations 
17 Newbigging / Tremble  14 Sep 1882Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario F272023 Generations 
18 Gabel / Hess  15 Nov 1882Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario F43750 Generations 
19 Little / Oke  26 Mar 1884Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario F272760 Generations 
20 Crooks / Patterson  1 Oct 1884Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario F12794 Generations 
21 Kraft / Heppler  13 May 1886Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario F22508 Generations 
22 Frame / Rolls  29 Jul 1886Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario F46256 Generations 
23 MacKie / Glennie  23 Mar 1887Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario F28552 Generations 
24 Stricker / Tilt  21 Jan 1888Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario F46253 Generations 
25 Ringler / Carmichael  7 Mar 1888Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario F251891 Generations 
26 Nichols / McGorman  15 Mar 1888Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario F51204 Generations 
27 Stockfish / Zurbrigg  25 May 1888Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario F222938 Generations 
28 Arendt / Hess  13 Feb 1889Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario F224902 Generations 
29 Lantz / Gohl  18 Feb 1890Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario F40487 Generations 
30 Weiss / Braun  8 May 1892Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario F18714 Generations 
31 Goodwin / Franklin  12 Sep 1892Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario F9934 Generations 
32 Meyer / McDowell  18 Jun 1895Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario F6141 Generations 
33 MeWhinney / Gies  1 Apr 1896Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario F165321 Generations 
34 Maxwell / Proudlove  14 Jul 1897Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario F51698 Generations 
35 Moyer / Seeburger  31 Jan 1900Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario F185574 Generations 
36 Dippel / Sitler  14 Feb 1900Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario F7879 Generations 
37 Fenton / Ballard  2 Jan 1901Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario F36799 Generations 
38 Sitler / Berdux  11 Sep 1902Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario F41244 Generations 
39 Milhausen / Daily  29 Sep 1902Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario F45490 Generations 
40 Rudell / Hay  29 Jun 1904Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario F8872 Generations 
41 Wagner / Krajaefski  27 Sep 1905Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario F259260 Generations 
42 Kennedy / Grosz  10 Dec 1906Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario F44523 Generations 
43 Grasser / Klemmer  22 Jan 1907Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario F168709 Generations 
44 Schmidt / Gabel  17 Jun 1908Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario F175595 Generations 
45 Schlueter / Voll  24 Dec 1908Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario F161963 Generations 
46 Brownson / Tremain  26 Jan 1911Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario F36889 Generations 
47 Morrow / Moorhead  11 Apr 1911Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario F162104 Generations 
48 Bulmer / Bailey  31 Jan 1912Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario F17841 Generations 
49 Klugman / Klemm  25 Dec 1912Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario F33349 Generations 
50 Eby / Baker  7 Sep 1914Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario F7780 Generations 
51 Ruppel / Zilliax  1917Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario F24289 Generations 
52 Bell / Edwards  22 May 1917Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario F54644 Generations 
53 Walker / Yost  6 Jun 1917Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario F55260 Generations 
54 Shantz / Coote  26 Mar 1918Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario F5637 Generations 
55 Lavery / Denny  2 Jun 1920Listowel, Perth Co., Ontario F30516 Generations