Waterloo Region Generations
A record of the people of Waterloo Region, Ontario.

London, England

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Tree: Generations
Latitude: 51.5063131, Longitude: -0.1271536


Matches 1 to 367 of 367

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Birth   Person ID   Tree 
1 Anna B.  CALC 2 Jun 1809London, England I388091 Generations 
2 Dorothy  Abt 1920London, England I157436 Generations 
3 Joan Phyllis  26 Apr 1921London, England I408249 Generations 
4 Susan Jane  15 Jan 1816London, England I350971 Generations 
5 Abbott, Ann Rachel  1806London, England I388621 Generations 
6 Abbott, Joseph  1898London, England I168904 Generations 
7 Acres, John William  24 Nov 1910London, England I379952 Generations 
8 Adam, Charles Robert  7 Dec 1893London, England I32497 Generations 
9 Adams, George E.  1898London, England I379744 Generations 
10 Adams, Thomas  1893London, England I97806 Generations 
11 Allan, Private Alfred Charles  26 Jul 1892London, England I118439 Generations 
12 Allen, Alfred Charles  20 Jul 1892London, England I145112 Generations 
13 Amos, Maude Theresa  Aug 1887London, England I230737 Generations 
14 Annets, Frank George  8 Jan 1899London, England I145021 Generations 
15 Apkin, Constance E.  1905London, England I383370 Generations 
16 Atkinson, George  1867London, England I176106 Generations 
17 Austin, Charles Edward  1898London, England I58389 Generations 
18 Austin, John William  1880London, England I123305 Generations 
19 Aylward, Elizabeth Priscilla  Dec 1873London, England I173248 Generations 
20 Ayres, Corporal Henry William  2 Jul 1877London, England I158099 Generations 
21 Babbs, Sergeant George  15 Mar 1884London, England I158100 Generations 
22 Ball, Private Samuel  9 Oct 1893London, England I158140 Generations 
23 Barnett, Private Ernest  12 Apr 1892London, England I158164 Generations 
24 Barnett, Frederick Albert  4 Mar 1894London, England I158166 Generations 
25 Barnett, Lillian  Mar 1895London, England I221589 Generations 
26 Bassil, Sapper Frederick  4 Mar 1886London, England I158173 Generations 
27 Bath, Violet  1890London, England I166910 Generations 
28 Batters, Marion Neilson  21 Mar 1822London, England I388171 Generations 
29 Bauer, Ernest Charles  8 Jul 1903London, England I222947 Generations 
30 Bauer, Mabel  1895London, England I225636 Generations 
31 Bayliss, Benjamin  29 Jan 1893London, England I186132 Generations 
32 Bedford, Mary A.  1805London, England I170318 Generations 
33 Benham, William Charles  9 Mar 1888London, England I185499 Generations 
34 Bignell, Stanley  1901London, England I177364 Generations 
35 Blackburn, Corporal F.  13 Aug 1879London, England I158246 Generations 
36 Bradley, Private Arthur  1 Jul 1897London, England I158318 Generations 
37 Bradley, Florence  1905London, England I252925 Generations 
38 Brock, Herbert  1899London, England I178617 Generations 
39 Brookbanks, Ernest Arthur  1890London, England I381840 Generations 
40 Brooks, Violet Martha  CALC 24 Feb 1909London, England I350229 Generations 
41 Brown, George  27 Dec 1891London, England I158371 Generations 
42 Bryning, Hannah Chedd  16 Oct 1866London, England I388190 Generations 
43 Buckley, Arthur John  25 Aug 1871London, England I43611 Generations 
44 Buller, Private George Robert  12 May 1892London, England I158414 Generations 
45 Burnett, Elizabeth  1881London, England I129879 Generations 
46 Burr, Florence Annie  1899London, England I350138 Generations 
47 Cain, John  13 Jun 1878London, England I49519 Generations 
48 Callan, Frederick Edward  27 Mar 1885London, England I49870 Generations 
49 Callan, Thomas  15 Dec 1881London, England I51338 Generations 
50 Capes, Louise Jane  21 Sep 1872London, England I341723 Generations 
51 Capon, James  1882London, England I166657 Generations 
52 Cardoza, Frederick William  12 Oct 1886London, England I123323 Generations 
53 Carter, Caroline  1812London, England I68178 Generations 
54 Carter, Fredrick  15 Apr 1883London, England I180570 Generations 
55 Carter, Helena  Abt 1875London, England I354200 Generations 
56 Causon, Elsie F.  1892London, England I148862 Generations 
57 Chaloner, Charles  CALC 21 Oct 1805London, England I388090 Generations 
58 Cheney, Matthew John  1889London, England I179252 Generations 
59 Chesterman, William  Abt 1870London, England I58853 Generations 
60 Child, Harry  23 Aug 1891London, England I354760 Generations 
61 Chisholm, Esther Evelyn  CALC 14 Jul 1912London, England I351483 Generations 
62 Chisholm, Herbert  1910London, England I351487 Generations 
63 Chisholm, Kathleen Lilly  1908London, England I351484 Generations 
64 Claridge, Mary  16 Mar 1894London, England I224986 Generations 
65 Cluney, Arthur Ernest  23 May 1887London, England I208742 Generations 
66 Cluney, James  Jul 1883London, England I209031 Generations 
67 Cluney, Matthew John  15 Feb 1890London, England I208720 Generations 
68 Cole, Alice  1880London, England I68519 Generations 
69 Colyer, Florence Winnifred  1902London, England I58944 Generations 
70 Cooper, Charles Cecil Henry  1885London, England I147440 Generations 
71 Cooper, Charles Ernest  5 Mar 1897London, England I354854 Generations 
72 Cooper, Harry  CALC 24 Jul 1880London, England I351890 Generations 
73 Cornell, Richard Charles  1887London, England I159794 Generations 
74 Cotterrell, John  1853London, England I8906 Generations 
75 Cottrell, George  6 Jun 1819London, England I134902 Generations 
76 Crick, Emily  1859London, England I139776 Generations 
77 Critcher, Lance Corporal Francis Thomas "Fred"  16 Feb 1897London, England I31933 Generations 
78 Critcher, Fred Thomas  16 Feb 1907London, England I354893 Generations 
79 Cropp, Arthur Henry  Sep 1894London, England I195336 Generations 
80 Crump, Albert  8 Aug 1872London, England I354900 Generations 
81 Crump, Albert Ernest  30 Nov 1897London, England I212850 Generations 
82 Crump, George  24 Mar 1892London, England I354903 Generations 
83 Dally, William J.  22 Nov 1876London, England I354926 Generations 
84 Dally, William John  22 Nov 1875London, England I379918 Generations 
85 Darling, Horace  20 Jul 1876London, England I354933 Generations 
86 Darlow, Leonard  19 Apr 1897London, England I354934 Generations 
87 De Vere, George  12 Jun 1900London, England I354972 Generations 
88 De Vere, Harold  9 Mar 1895London, England I354973 Generations 
89 De Vere, Stuart  19 Apr 1896London, England I354974 Generations 
90 Denham, Frederick T.  Dec 1888London, England I227443 Generations 
91 Denham, Mary Anne Sarah  1884London, England I389209 Generations 
92 Denton, Georgina Francis "Ena"  22 Dec 1925London, England I179993 Generations 
93 Devere, Arthur  15 Sep 1894London, England I354971 Generations 
94 Dines, George  1901London, England I45566 Generations 
95 Dolotowicz, Michael  1897London, England I380252 Generations 
96 Donovan, Catharine "Kate"  22 Jan 1866London, England I356662 Generations 
97 Downs, John  1861London, England I59368 Generations 
98 Drake, Alfred Arthur  1903London, England I349955 Generations 
99 Drew, Alfred H.  2 Dec 1870London, England I355049 Generations 
100 Drew, Alfred Henry  27 Dec 1893London, England I355050 Generations 
101 Drummond, Alexander  4 Nov 1896London, England I355054 Generations 
102 Duller, Percy John  1 Sep 1897London, England I355067 Generations 
103 Dyer, John George  1856London, England I296896 Generations 
104 Easton, Horace George  9 Mar 1899London, England I229380 Generations 
105 Egg, William George  7 Apr 1886London, England I355101 Generations 
106 Ellis, Charles James  1842London, England I70464 Generations 
107 Elmslie, Norman Atkinson  7 Mar 1897London, England I355112 Generations 
108 Elphick, Ernest  23 Jan 1884London, England I355113 Generations 
109 Elsley, David  12 Sep 1825London, England I16522 Generations 
110 Elsley, William  30 Sep 1826London, England I17200 Generations 
111 Elvin, Frederick George  17 Aug 1863London, England I74002 Generations 
112 Evans, Thomas James  9 Feb 1859London, England I58572 Generations 
113 Everett, Amy  1900London, England I388777 Generations 
114 Everett, Charles Thomas  21 Jan 1896London, England I355148 Generations 
115 Everett, Charles Thomas  21 Mar 1897London, England I388037 Generations 
116 Fennell, George N.  1890London, England I382685 Generations 
117 Ferris, George Alfred  31 Mar 1885London, England I355174 Generations 
118 Fisher, Edwin George  16 Mar 1884London, England I355187 Generations 
119 Foot, Albert E.  9 Nov 1886London, England I355212 Generations 
120 Foot, Private Albert Edward  9 Nov 1886London, England I388637 Generations 
121 Foot, Daisy R.  1893London, England I388224 Generations 
122 Foot, Harold  1 Apr 1895London, England I243591 Generations 
123 Foot, Walter John  4 Jul 1891London, England I243588 Generations 
124 Francis, J. S.  28 Jun 1883London, England I355238 Generations 
125 Francis, James Snelgrove  28 Jun 1883London, England I177634 Generations 
126 Frayling, Walter  14 May 1888London, England I355246 Generations 
127 Fream, Mary Anne  17 Feb 1860London, England I104682 Generations 
128 Freer, Edward H.  1894London, England I340205 Generations 
129 Gambling, Edward R.  16 Oct 1906London, England I379560 Generations 
130 Gambling, Elizabeth  Abt 1903London, England I352001 Generations 
131 Gardner, Henry Milton  20 Jan 1895London, England I355278 Generations 
132 Gartley, Mary Elizabeth  11 Jul 1854London, England I354226 Generations 
133 Gatehouse, Private Richard Oliver  1893London, England I381280 Generations 
134 Gatehouse, Private Richard Oliver "Dick"  23 Oct 1893London, England I127246 Generations 
135 Gatehouse, William David  1860London, England I157532 Generations 
136 Gates, Reginald William  24 Jun 1892London, England I355292 Generations 
137 Geddes, James  1802London, England I70392 Generations 
138 Gellatly, Harold John Clement  2 Jun 1892London, England I157255 Generations 
139 Gibb, Catherine  1865London, England I51899 Generations 
140 Gillett, Eliza  Sep 1880London, England I157278 Generations 
141 Gillett, George  23 Mar 1897London, England I355331 Generations 
142 Gillings, Joseph  1896London, England I357139 Generations 
143 Girling, John Frank  28 Sep 1881London, England I205954 Generations 
144 Gladding, Florence Lavinia  Jul 1896London, England I171444 Generations 
145 Glennie, James Strachan  1780London, England I46947 Generations 
146 Goldsmith, Rose  1901London, England I353798 Generations 
147 Goodland, Elizabeth J.  5 Jul 1877London, England I149874 Generations 
148 Graff, Edith Mills  1884London, England I120034 Generations 
149 Greenhill, Ellen Maria  19 Jul 1871London, England I370578 Generations 
150 Grimwood, Charles F.  1888London, England I381714 Generations 
151 Groves, Mary Ann  1 Nov 1837London, England I47316 Generations 
152 Groves, Sarah  1903London, England I382414 Generations 
153 Gurney, Kate Dorothy  18 Oct 1881London, England I82095 Generations 
154 Gurney, Winnifred Hannah  18 Feb 1877London, England I105643 Generations 
155 Gurton, William S.  17 Jul 1892London, England I355433 Generations 
156 Hackett, Joseph  12 Aug 1897London, England I355441 Generations 
157 Haddaway, Henry George  7 Jan 1882London, England I355443 Generations 
158 Haddaway, Henry George  7 Jan 1882London, England I179225 Generations 
159 Haddaway, Rose Elizabeth  1897London, England I379852 Generations 
160 Hall, Arthur Montague  24 Jul 1896London, England I157328 Generations 
161 Hall, Ernest John  Jun 1901London, England I157331 Generations 
162 Hall, Frederick Charles  18 Sep 1897London, England I138933 Generations 
163 Hamilton, Emma  7 Aug 1840London, England I3181 Generations 
164 Hamilton, Thomas  1810London, England I28633 Generations 
165 Hamilton, Thomas  18 Aug 1843London, England I67005 Generations 
166 Hammond, Annie  May 1877London, England I228491 Generations 
167 Harrington, Joseph  London, England I118333 Generations 
168 Haskins, Alice Kate  Jul 1885London, England I175686 Generations 
169 Haskins, William Henry Arthur  9 Dec 1893London, England I175685 Generations 
170 Hassell, Ethel  1889London, England I356080 Generations 
171 Hatchman, John  21 Dec 1884London, England I157283 Generations 
172 Hatfield, Alfred  6 Nov 1895London, England I71465 Generations 
173 Hawes, Thomas Edward "Edward"  14 Apr 1886London, England I169134 Generations 
174 Henderson, May  17 Mar 1863London, England I60159 Generations 
175 Hilliard, Thomas V. N.  1875London, England I115396 Generations 
176 Hilliard, Thomas V. N.  1876London, England I351185 Generations 
177 Hillier, Felix Francis  1893London, England I190880 Generations 
178 Himes, Lavinia Emma  26 Jan 1871London, England I101874 Generations 
179 Hinds, Herbert  6 Mar 1891London, England I322470 Generations 
180 Holledge, Percy Thomas  10 Aug 1893London, England I355662 Generations 
181 Hollis, Charles Thomas  3 Feb 1891London, England I355664 Generations 
182 Holston, Emily  7 Feb 1837London, England I68613 Generations 
183 Holton, Lily Ella  1 Dec 1887London, England I388940 Generations 
184 Horne, Ann  1903London, England I187499 Generations 
185 Hornett, Annie E.  1897London, England I351018 Generations 
186 Horton, Elizabeth  CALC 8 Sep 1849London, England I153186 Generations 
187 Howes, Kate Alice  27 Jun 1873London, England I65294 Generations 
188 Howes, Millicent  16 Oct 1866London, England I388109 Generations 
189 Hoy, Elizabeth Sarah  Oct 1898London, England I173253 Generations 
190 Hoy, John William  CALC 16 Sep 1878London, England I388142 Generations 
191 Hughes, Henrietta  1923London, England I164527 Generations 
192 Hughes, Rose E.  1884London, England I382351 Generations 
193 Hulks, George  30 Sep 1888London, England I228225 Generations 
194 Hunt, Beatrice  10 Nov 1896London, England I383741 Generations 
195 Hyde, Ethel Marie Beatrice  1895London, England I389025 Generations 
196 Inrig, Walter  8 May 1897London, England I322641 Generations 
197 Jeffery, Gertrude Alice  23 Nov 1894London, England I389206 Generations 
198 Jervis, George Alfred  Apr 1881London, England I184808 Generations 
199 Johnson, Charles  1909London, England I47845 Generations 
200 Johnson, Henry Herbert  22 Aug 1898London, England I355774 Generations 
201 Kilbey, Henry  Nov 1861London, England I172173 Generations 
202 Kilby, Elizabeth  1894London, England I308615 Generations 
203 Lambert, Oliver  1892London, England I349677 Generations 
204 Lardner, Sidney  7 Mar 1895London, England I203186 Generations 
205 Lardner, Wilfred L.  21 Mar 1901London, England I203188 Generations 
206 Lee, Ernest Edward  Apr 1892London, England I209298 Generations 
207 Lee, Frank Walter  9 Mar 1886London, England I84631 Generations 
208 Lee, George  16 Aug 1852London, England I209294 Generations 
209 Lee, Hilda Emma  Apr 1902London, England I74266 Generations 
210 Lee, John  8 Apr 1894London, England I73656 Generations 
211 Lee, Sidney  27 Nov 1894London, England I355970 Generations 
212 Lipscombe, Thomas  7 Jun 1879London, England I356006 Generations 
213 Little, Oliver John  Nov 1890London, England I229608 Generations 
214 Little, William Cecil  1898London, England I382307 Generations 
215 Livock, Charles J.  23 Dec 1896London, England I188567 Generations 
216 Livock, Francis  8 Jul 1898London, England I188568 Generations 
217 Livock, James  Jun 1873London, England I188565 Generations 
218 Lockhart, George H.  5 Mar 1893London, England I172340 Generations 
219 Lockhart, Henry E.  12 Sep 1860London, England I172337 Generations 
220 Long, Alfred  1 Apr 1898London, England I356026 Generations 
221 Lovell, Ellen  1893London, England I235290 Generations 
222 Lovell, Reuben William  22 Jan 1879London, England I210411 Generations 
223 Lowder, John  15 Dec 1885London, England I356041 Generations 
224 Lowe, Alexandria Mary "Drina"  1889London, England I160378 Generations 
225 Lyons, Herbert H.  6 Sep 1896London, England I356067 Generations 
226 Lyons, W. E.  28 Mar 1894London, England I356069 Generations 
227 Maile, Daisy Dorothy Catherine  CALC 18 Dec 1906London, England I353051 Generations 
228 Mann, James  13 Nov 1893London, England I357699 Generations 
229 Marshall, Edward George  Mar 1902London, England I232105 Generations 
230 Martin, Albert Charles  24 Oct 1977London, England I175706 Generations 
231 Martin, Richard Thomas  3 Dec 1903London, England I144738 Generations 
232 Matthews, Horace Gilbert  19 Jan 1895London, England I357740 Generations 
233 Matthews, Wilfred Victor  19 Jun 1892London, England I357742 Generations 
234 McDonald, Private Alan  6 Jun 1897London, England I388835 Generations 
235 McDonald, Alan  6 Jun 1897London, England I357608 Generations 
236 McDonald, Alan  6 Jun 1897London, England I73658 Generations 
237 McDonald, Frederick Edward  4 Feb 1869London, England I388833 Generations 
238 Medhurst, Albert Edward  27 Apr 1833London, England I229382 Generations 
239 Megeney, James Allen  1884London, England I350869 Generations 
240 Melrose, George Charles  Nov 1874London, England I209493 Generations 
241 Merrall, Abert Ernest  Feb 1895London, England I357762 Generations 
242 Merry, Albert Victor  18 Jul 1875London, England I357763 Generations 
243 Merser, Alfred John  2 Sep 1876London, England I357765 Generations 
244 Middleton, William Randolph  17 Sep 1882London, England I357773 Generations 
245 Miles, Laurence Frederick Cecil  31 Jul 1926London, England I157899 Generations 
246 Miller, Mary Jane  1873London, England I62995 Generations 
247 Mills, David  20 Sep 1897London, England I357794 Generations 
248 Mills, George E.  1860London, England I159580 Generations 
249 Monck, Ernest Ross  28 Apr 1884London, England I357815 Generations 
250 Morris, Benjamin  4 Nov 1897London, England I357834 Generations 
251 Mullett, William  14 Oct 1859London, England I65802 Generations 
252 Mumford, John Arthur  1881London, England I350415 Generations 
253 Murray, Minnie  Abt 1891London, England I158422 Generations 
254 Mustin, Ernest  Oct 1879London, England I162333 Generations 
255 Nearingburg, John G.  CALC 6 Jun 1855London, England I337992 Generations 
256 Newcombe, Nelson  7 Jun 1811London, England I234308 Generations 
257 Newland, Albert Edward  21 Oct 1896London, England I357902 Generations 
258 Newland, Albert George  12 May 1887London, England I357903 Generations 
259 Newland, Private Harry  17 Oct 1887London, England I228592 Generations 
260 Newland, James Robert  23 Nov 1871London, England I351409 Generations 
261 Newland, Mary Jane "Jennie"  10 Dec 1898London, England I349923 Generations 
262 Newlands, James Jr.  7 May 1898London, England I357906 Generations 
263 Newman, Edwin Lionel  Apr 1882London, England I189270 Generations 
264 Nicholls, Henry Brood  6 Oct 1875London, England I357912 Generations 
265 Nichols, Eizabeth  Mar 1871London, England I172174 Generations 
266 Nightingale, George E.  18 Aug 1891London, England I357916 Generations 
267 Norey, Mary Kate "Kate"  22 May 1874London, England I380627 Generations 
268 Norman, Frank  1874London, England I174680 Generations 
269 Nuttall, William Arthur  1873London, England I352134 Generations 
270 Osborne, Sarah Ann  CALC 14 May 1834London, England I388485 Generations 
271 Pady, Rev. William John  1866London, England I178729 Generations 
272 Palmer, Charles William  25 Aug 1875London, England I380626 Generations 
273 Pateman, Henry Charles  18 Feb 1888London, England I357978 Generations 
274 Patient, Charles Thomas  2 Dec 1896London, England I221160 Generations 
275 Payne, Walter Charles  30 Jan 1891London, England I210341 Generations 
276 Payne, William Simeon  1836London, England I119688 Generations 
277 Peach, Violet Frances  25 Dec 1876London, England I54093 Generations 
278 Pedlar, C. A.  10 Jul 1887London, England I357994 Generations 
279 Petty, Daniel John  16 Feb 1896London, England I205366 Generations 
280 Petty, Edward James  11 Feb 1874London, England I205361 Generations 
281 Pike, Daisy Elizabeth  1898London, England I382230 Generations 
282 Pike, Henry Sidney  14 Nov 1893London, England I358031 Generations 
283 Potter, William Rickaby  6 Nov 1890London, England I174730 Generations 
284 Poure, John  1855London, England I80768 Generations 
285 Pryce, Katey  1902London, England I349987 Generations 
286 Pulbrook, Daniel  29 Jan 1887London, England I358080 Generations 
287 Purkis, Cecil  9 Aug 1884London, England I350007 Generations 
288 Purkis, Thomas William  18 Jan 1879London, England I358088 Generations 
289 Raisig, Joseph William  26 Dec 1888London, England I157329 Generations 
290 Ramsey, Samuel F.  1841London, England I101013 Generations 
291 Ready, Thomas John  5 May 1884London, England I221167 Generations 
292 Rebbeck, Clara Jane  19 Dec 1889London, England I68690 Generations 
293 Resden, Helen  1886London, England I179415 Generations 
294 Ridley, Stephen  13 Dec 1892London, England I206087 Generations 
295 Rixon, Joseph Henry "Henry"  11 Apr 1838London, England I178502 Generations 
296 Robb, William Rowley  1841London, England I205501 Generations 
297 Robins, Edwin  1 Jul 1897London, England I352874 Generations 
298 Russ, Henry G.  1887London, England I380449 Generations 
299 Russ, Maude Theresa  Mar 1910London, England I230739 Generations 
300 Russ, William  Apr 1884London, England I230736 Generations 
301 Rutty, Emily Louis  1899London, England I166678 Generations 
302 Sanderson, C. H.  15 Dec 1895London, England I358231 Generations 
303 Scrimger, James R.  10 Aug 1830London, England I99820 Generations 
304 Scroggins, Philip  Mar 1897London, England I212022 Generations 
305 Sharpe, Horace Edgar  1899London, England I159263 Generations 
306 Shaw, Irene May  1920London, England I388606 Generations 
307 Shenston, Thomas S.  25 Jun 1822London, England I86203 Generations 
308 Shepherd, Alfred  22 May 1899London, England I358340 Generations 
309 Shepherd, Lillian Hannah  28 Mar 1897London, England I379973 Generations 
310 Shurly, Cosmos John  11 Feb 1835London, England I65746 Generations 
311 Sibley, George Desmond  4 May 1901London, England I306533 Generations 
312 Silcox, James E.  1851London, England I61556 Generations 
313 Simpson, Grace  1867London, England I389057 Generations 
314 Sims, Thomas George  23 Feb 1889London, England I358379 Generations 
315 Smith, Alice  1878London, England I407392 Generations 
316 Smith, Alice Matilda  14 Jul 1878London, England I185817 Generations 
317 Smith, Lillian Rose  1895London, England I167474 Generations 
318 Soulby, Josephine May  Jul 1897London, England I185174 Generations 
319 Southwell, George  18 Dec 1875London, England I67633 Generations 
320 Stanton, Emma  17 Aug 1817London, England I29585 Generations 
321 Staples, Alice Grace  CALC 27 Feb 1868London, England I388628 Generations 
322 Starkey, Charles Frederick  18 Mar 1892London, England I358464 Generations 
323 Starkey, William Henry  Jul 1868London, England I204213 Generations 
324 Stephens, Emma Sabina  29 Nov 1861London, England I66292 Generations 
325 Stevens, Annie  18 Jun 1864London, England I65814 Generations 
326 Stevens, John  28 Dec 1872London, England I82661 Generations 
327 Stevens, John Frederick  1871London, England I349837 Generations 
328 Stevens, John J.  1859London, England I139295 Generations 
329 Summerfield, Roland  Aug 1880London, England I358535 Generations 
330 Tatum, Henry John  CALC 10 May 1859London, England I203366 Generations 
331 Thurgood, Henry George  CALC 23 Jan 1898London, England I388946 Generations 
332 Tindall, John Charles  1798London, England I36352 Generations 
333 Vice, Alfred David  21 Jan 1868London, England I96823 Generations 
334 Wade, Albert Edward  12 Oct 1897London, England I358681 Generations 
335 Wade, Arthur Henry  3 Jun 1896London, England I228574 Generations 
336 Wade, Bertram E. "Bert"  1898London, England I379943 Generations 
337 Wahl, Charlotte Ennis  14 Feb 1870London, England I93286 Generations 
338 Walpole, Ethel  1897London, England I140154 Generations 
339 Ward, Dorothy Eleanor  30 Oct 1910London, England I331430 Generations 
340 Warne, Edith E. May  1895London, England I381761 Generations 
341 Warne, Ellen Elizabeth  1903London, England I349800 Generations 
342 Waumsley, Charles Henry  1900London, England I379681 Generations 
343 Waumsley, Charles Henry  1900London, England I58127 Generations 
344 Weeks, Private Charles Edward  8 Oct 1888London, England I388727 Generations 
345 Weeks, Charles Edward  8 Oct 1888London, England I358752 Generations 
346 Weight, Arthur Edward  CALC 27 Mar 1884London, England I350502 Generations 
347 West, Jennie  1884London, England I351299 Generations 
348 Westrop, George  11 Jun 1893London, England I358778 Generations 
349 Westrop, Leonard  30 Jan 1891London, England I358779 Generations 
350 Westrop, Percival Gilbert "Percy"  9 Oct 1895London, England I388232 Generations 
351 Westrop, Wallis  1896London, England I179321 Generations 
352 Westrop, Wallis  15 Nov 1896London, England I358781 Generations 
353 White, Adelaide Mary "Addie"  Nov 1899London, England I195715 Generations 
354 Whythe, George Arthur  1870London, England I388850 Generations 
355 Wickens, Charles Francis  Dec 1880London, England I206644 Generations 
356 Wildman, Georgina  Aug 1882London, England I206298 Generations 
357 Wilkins, William Richard  23 Mar 1885London, England I161906 Generations 
358 Williams, Arthur William  18 Nov 1892London, England I358845 Generations 
359 Williams, Violet  1900London, England I69966 Generations 
360 Winch, Violet  20 Jun 1892London, England I157094 Generations 
361 Wood, Thomas  20 Dec 1890London, England I358907 Generations 
362 Wood, Thomas  20 Dec 1890London, England I164922 Generations 
363 Woodfield, Charles E.  1869London, England I381760 Generations 
364 Woodman, William George  1811London, England I85314 Generations 
365 Wright, Walter  7 Jul 1895London, England I203420 Generations 
366 Yates, William James  Jan 1876London, England I335024 Generations 
367 Young, Lillie Olive  Dec 1891London, England I203319 Generations 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Died   Person ID   Tree 
1 Tess  2 Feb 1999London, England I399238 Generations 
2 Bowlby, Annie Hespeler  22 Aug 1910London, England I135227 Generations 
3 Cameron, James  1868London, England I250971 Generations 
4 Chisholm, Thomas  2 Dec 1909London, England I356663 Generations 
5 Gatehouse, William David  1906London, England I157532 Generations 
6 McNicol, Private Alexander Caddle  21 Jun 1916London, England I66894 Generations 
7 Miehm, Harold  29 Nov 1979London, England I372083 Generations 
8 Nicholson, Caroline Christie  15 May 1924London, England I389135 Generations 
9 Reid, Lt. Col. Richard  1918London, England I187572 Generations 
10 Seagram, Philip Frowde  8 Mar 1941London, England I192289 Generations 
11 Smith, Charles Alexander  13 May 1915London, England I104261 Generations 
12 Wigginton, William  8 Jan 1890London, England I65397 Generations 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Buried   Person ID   Tree 
1 Miehm, Harold  6 Dec 1979London, England I372083 Generations 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Birth   Person ID   Tree 
1 Price, John  21 Sep 1848London, England I132568 Generations 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Death   Person ID   Tree 
1 Cameron, James  1868London, England I250971 Generations 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Occupation   Person ID   Tree 
1 Reid, Lt. Col. Richard  1913London, England I187572 Generations 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Residence   Person ID   Tree 
1 Battenberg, Private Oscar Henry Ziegler  1925London, England I164816 Generations 
2 Martin, Albert Charles  London, England I175706 Generations 
3 Matthews, Horace Gilbert  London, England I357740 Generations 
4 Matthews, Wilfred Victor  London, England I357742 Generations 
5 McDonald, Alan  London, England I357608 Generations 
6 Medhurst, Albert Edward  London, England I229382 Generations 
7 Merrall, Abert Ernest  London, England I357762 Generations 
8 Merry, Albert Victor  London, England I357763 Generations 
9 Merser, Alfred John  London, England I357765 Generations 
10 Middleton, William Randolph  London, England I357773 Generations 
11 Miehm, Harold  1962London, England I372083 Generations 
12 Mills, David  London, England I357794 Generations 
13 Millwood, Joseph Edward  London, England I183934 Generations 
14 Monck, Ernest Ross  London, England I357815 Generations 
15 Morris, Benjamin  London, England I357834 Generations 
16 Newland, Albert Edward  London, England I357902 Generations 
17 Newland, Albert George  London, England I357903 Generations 
18 Newland, Private Harry  London, England I228592 Generations 
19 Newland, James Robert  London, England I351409 Generations 
20 Newlands, James Jr.  London, England I357906 Generations 
21 Nicholls, Henry Brood  London, England I357912 Generations 
22 Nightingale, George E.  London, England I357916 Generations 
23 Nuttall, William Arthur  London, England I352134 Generations 
24 Pateman, Henry Charles  London, England I357978 Generations 
25 Patient, Charles Thomas  London, England I221160 Generations 
26 Pedlar, C. A.  London, England I357994 Generations 
27 Petty, Daniel John  London, England I205366 Generations 
28 Philip, Frederick G.  1964London, England I209212 Generations 
29 Pike, Henry Sidney  London, England I358031 Generations 
30 Porter, Benjamin Alfred  London, England I207839 Generations 
31 Potter, William Rickaby  London, England I174730 Generations 
32 Pulbrook, Daniel  London, England I358080 Generations 
33 Purkis, Cecil  London, England I350007 Generations 
34 Purkis, Thomas William  London, England I358088 Generations 
35 Ready, Thomas John  London, England I221167 Generations 
36 Ridley, Stephen  London, England I206087 Generations 
37 Robins, Edwin  London, England I352874 Generations 
38 Sanderson, C. H.  London, England I358231 Generations 
39 Saunders, John Edward  London, England I358241 Generations 
40 Shepherd, Alfred  London, England I358340 Generations 
41 Sims, Thomas George  London, England I358379 Generations 
42 Spooner, Arthur  London, England I205556 Generations 
43 Spooner, William Samuel  London, England I205551 Generations 
44 Starkey, Charles Frederick  London, England I358464 Generations 
45 Summerfield, Roland  London, England I358535 Generations 
46 Wade, Albert Edward  London, England I358681 Generations 
47 Wade, Arthur Henry  London, England I228574 Generations 
48 Weeks, Charles Edward  London, England I358752 Generations 
49 Westrop, George  London, England I358778 Generations 
50 Westrop, Leonard  London, England I358779 Generations 
51 Westrop, Wallis  London, England I358781 Generations 
52 Wilkins, William Richard  London, England I161906 Generations 
53 Williams, Arthur William  London, England I358845 Generations 
54 Wood, Thomas  London, England I358907 Generations 
55 Wright, Walter  London, England I203420 Generations 


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   Family   Married   Family ID   Tree 
1 Stevens / Baldwin  22 Sep 1858London, England F262568 Generations 
2 Hedges / Scott  25 Dec 1893London, England F262339 Generations 
3 Eason / Hall  28 Jul 1897London, England F169410 Generations 
4 Palmer / Norey  25 Dec 1899London, England F259203 Generations 
5 Dally / Driver  17 Feb 1901London, England F258894 Generations 
6 Trew / Abbott  4 Oct 1903London, England F258884 Generations 
7 Hobson / Moses  12 Jun 1904London, England F51867 Generations 
8 Dolson / Bentley  16 Dec 1916London, England F38458 Generations