Waterloo Region Generations
A record of the people of Waterloo Region, Ontario.

Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario

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Tree: Generations
Latitude: 43.3988736, Longitude: -80.5427456


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Birth   Person ID   Tree 
1 Baer, Josiah  9 Oct 1882Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I22500 Generations 
2 Becker, Maxwell Israel  27 Aug 1904Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I132716 Generations 
3 Bergey, Alma  Abt 1894Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I158220 Generations 
4 Bergey, Gordon Nathaniel  10 Jun 1892Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I6777 Generations 
5 Bergey, Jacob Edgar  18 Mar 1887Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I6746 Generations 
6 Bock, Elvina  9 Aug 1891Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I282928 Generations 
7 Bock, Roy  25 Jan 1893Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I86505 Generations 
8 Bowman, Ephraim  1888Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I6912 Generations 
9 Burrell, Arthur James  Nov 1906Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I203002 Generations 
10 Devitt, Emanuel  1877Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I12847 Generations 
11 Donnenwerth, Caroline  Feb 1861Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I89040 Generations 
12 Gerbig, Catherine  10 May 1882Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I190357 Generations 
13 Godbold, Delilah  1852Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I91301 Generations 
14 Hallman, Amanda G.  16 Feb 1884Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I6341 Generations 
15 Hallman, Edwin D.  1 Feb 1875Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I6372 Generations 
16 Hallman, Joseph  12 Mar 1901Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I72247 Generations 
17 Hallman, Oscar Orlando  23 Apr 1901Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I200221 Generations 
18 Heimpel, Verna Pauline  10 Jan 1924Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I178843 Generations 
19 Hertzberger, Catharine  3 Nov 1857Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I44177 Generations 
20 Horst, Hilda  18 Feb 1902Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I23952 Generations 
21 Knechtel, Carl "Charles"  22 Nov 1869Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I29315 Generations 
22 Knechtel, Carolina  1855Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I131671 Generations 
23 Knechtel, Clifford Stanley  1912Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I123030 Generations 
24 Knechtel, Edna Grace  1914Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I87662 Generations 
25 Knechtel, Elizabeth  10 Nov 1859Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I173324 Generations 
26 Knechtel, Jacob T.  6 Oct 1879Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I11280 Generations 
27 Knechtel, Olivia G.  1911Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I70393 Generations 
28 Krupp, Benjamin B.  CALC 29 Jul 1855Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I12573 Generations 
29 Miller, Mary Ann  18 Mar 1880Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I11273 Generations 
30 Milne, Alice Louise  18 Feb 1918Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I129319 Generations 
31 Poll, Charles William  3 Jan 1867Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I88031 Generations 
32 Reier, Louisa  21 Nov 1890Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I6411 Generations 
33 Rickert, Ervin  10 Mar 1882Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I76254 Generations 
34 Rickert, Flossie  27 Sep 1894Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I72136 Generations 
35 Rickert, Harvey  23 Jul 1886Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I19643 Generations 
36 Rickert, Jacob  3 Aug 1833Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I93887 Generations 
37 Rickert, John  10 Jun 1830Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I15208 Generations 
38 Rickert, Milton  12 Dec 1885Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I72133 Generations 
39 Rickert, Morley Menno B.  4 Jun 1888Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I183657 Generations 
40 Rickert, Stanley  10 May 1893Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I72135 Generations 
41 Rothaermel, Elizabeth G.  3 Aug 1848Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I27488 Generations 
42 Rothaermel, Henry K.  19 Jun 1852Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I27491 Generations 
43 Rothaermel, Johannes K. "John"  10 Nov 1853Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I27492 Generations 
44 Rothaermel, Maria  18 Oct 1849Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I27489 Generations 
45 Ruby, Albert Emanuel  2 Feb 1867Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I33696 Generations 
46 Ruppel, Susannah  1883Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I43230 Generations 
47 Schenk, Anna E.  27 Aug 1888Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I76536 Generations 
48 Schiedel, Rachel  1869Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I3326 Generations 
49 Schmitt, Vinneta  19 Mar 1902Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I157826 Generations 
50 Schneller, Allen John Simon  4 May 1890Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I53131 Generations 
51 Schneller, Henry  21 Apr 1841Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I53129 Generations 
52 Schneller, Jacob Henry  27 Feb 1887Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I53128 Generations 
53 Schultzke, John  1891Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I187684 Generations 
54 Schweitzer, Ada  20 Jul 1886Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I52923 Generations 
55 Schweitzer, Amsey  12 Jul 1877Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I24677 Generations 
56 Schwoob, Elizabeth  6 Mar 1870Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I31167 Generations 
57 Sehl, George  7 Jun 1865Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I179864 Generations 
58 Shantz, Jonathan  12 Oct 1873Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I19485 Generations 
59 Shantz, Lemore H.  13 Aug 1909Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I200375 Generations 
60 Simpson, Edward  18 Sep 1849Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I151634 Generations 
61 Stoltz, Edward J.  22 May 1870Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I885 Generations 
62 Unger, Emanuel  10 May 1854Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I3829 Generations 
63 Ware, Alice Mary  23 Feb 1885Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I76237 Generations 
64 Ware, Arthur Anaias  2 Jan 1882Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I76236 Generations 
65 Ware, Ernest Herbert Frederick  25 Jan 1870Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I120567 Generations 
66 Ware, Horace John  19 Mar 1879Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I76235 Generations 
67 Woods, Rebecca Perrin  19 Jan 1879Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I32836 Generations 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Christened   Person ID   Tree 
1 Schmidt, Barbara  25 Dec 1858Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I122755 Generations 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Died   Person ID   Tree 
1 Anna Margaretha  2 Apr 1881Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I243388 Generations 
2 John (Mrs.)  12 May 1887Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I241104 Generations 
3 Maria "Mary"  8 Nov 1873Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I216233 Generations 
4 Albrecht, George Timothy  31 Oct 1980Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I137498 Generations 
5 Aue, Ernest  24 Feb 1859Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I33694 Generations 
6 Bowman, Elam  28 Jan 1975Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I169870 Generations 
7 Bricker, Sarah  19 May 1948Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I12707 Generations 
8 Doering, Christian  24 Dec 1865Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I26691 Generations 
9 Donnenwerth, Jacob  19 Sep 1870Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I5184 Generations 
10 Erb, Noah L.  6 Oct 1955Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I52689 Generations 
11 Gerbig, John Christian  20 Nov 1869Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I95825 Generations 
12 Hotel, Daniel  5 Jul 1888Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I75480 Generations 
13 Knechtel, Johann Jacob  29 Apr 1866Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I143191 Generations 
14 Latschaw, Catharine  31 Jul 1834Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I16806 Generations 
15 Latschaw, David  1 Mar 1841Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I16834 Generations 
16 Latschaw, Joseph  23 Apr 1828Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I16810 Generations 
17 Lauer, Philipine  9 Mar 1889Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I235731 Generations 
18 Merklin, Catherine  2 May 1872Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I269849 Generations 
19 Pimper, (Mr.)  7 May 1872Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I145856 Generations 
20 Ringler, John  12 Jul 1867Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I2126 Generations 
21 Salm, Christina  15 Jan 1892Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I240343 Generations 
22 Salm, Gottlieb  6 May 1908Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I76272 Generations 
23 Saltzberger, Catharine  17 Jan 1890Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I1137 Generations 
24 Schenk, Anna Catharina "Catherine"  30 Mar 1884Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I134444 Generations 
25 Schuh, Catharine  9 May 1885Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I241819 Generations 
26 Schultz, Johann "John"  1874Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I134443 Generations 
27 Sehl, Peter  23 Jun 1881Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I243412 Generations 
28 Seipert, John  18 Nov 1858Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I86902 Generations 
29 Shantz, Mary Ann  28 Feb 1861Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I19669 Generations 
30 Thaler, Johann David "David"  12 Feb 1912Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I142820 Generations 
31 Unger, Leah  13 Jun 1864Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I18480 Generations 
32 Weiss, Michael  4 Feb 1865Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I247920 Generations 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Buried   Person ID   Tree 
1 Bauman, Magdalena B.  Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I7932 Generations 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Business   Person ID   Tree 
1 Knechtel, Daniel L.  1877Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I11276 Generations 


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Death   Person ID   Tree 
1 Albrecht, George Timothy  31 Oct 1980Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I137498 Generations 
2 Hotel, Daniel  5 Jul 1888Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I75480 Generations 
3 Latschaw, Catharine  31 Jul 1834Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I16806 Generations 
4 Merklin, Catherine  2 May 1872Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I269849 Generations 
5 Seipert, John  18 Nov 1858Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I86902 Generations 


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Epidemic   Person ID   Tree 
1 Latschaw, Catharine  1834Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I16806 Generations 


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Occupation   Person ID   Tree 
1 Bock, David J.  1891Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I86501 Generations 
2 Daly, Jeremiah  1874Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I48780 Generations 
3 Duench, Aaron C.  Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I49320 Generations 
4 Gerbig, John Christian  1869Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I95825 Generations 
5 Karcher, George  1878Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I68563 Generations 
6 Perrin, John  1879Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I73429 Generations 
7 Reiner, Christian  1852Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I51946 Generations 
8 Rickert, John  1891Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I15208 Generations 


Matches 1 to 45 of 45

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Residence   Person ID   Tree 
1 Aue, Ernest  1858Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I33694 Generations 
2 Boehmer, Valentine Jr.  1877Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I245590 Generations 
3 Bricker, Catharine  1867Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I12446 Generations 
4 Degenhardt, Elizabeth  1865Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I93466 Generations 
5 Donnenwerth, Melinda  1886Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I70960 Generations 
6 Eschleman, Leah  1871Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I4291 Generations 
7 Forler, Henry  1951Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I81182 Generations 
8 Geiger, Barbara B.  1870Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I12212 Generations 
9 Gerbig, Melissa  1887Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I318603 Generations 
10 Gerstner, Bernardina  1868Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I131690 Generations 
11 Gofton, Roger Fonger  1886Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I39190 Generations 
12 Hallman, Aaron B.  1870Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I6333 Generations 
13 Hallman, Angeline  1882Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I6405 Generations 
14 Hallman, Elizabeth  1875Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I6355 Generations 
15 Hallman, Elizabeth  1875Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I6355 Generations 
16 Hallmann, David  1875Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I245825 Generations 
17 Hallmann, Johann  1877Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I246057 Generations 
18 Horst, Rev. Osiah W.  1953Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I131576 Generations 
19 Knechtel, Alfred  1875Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I6356 Generations 
20 Knechtel, Alfred  1875Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I6356 Generations 
21 Knechtel, Carolina  1878Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I131671 Generations 
22 Knechtel, Ephraim  1933Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I6363 Generations 
23 Knechtel, Peter  1847Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I35215 Generations 
24 Lautenschl√§ger, Isaak Samuel  1886Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I264476 Generations 
25 Meirowski, Johann  1885Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I319034 Generations 
26 Miller, Anne  1861Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I99261 Generations 
27 Niergarth, Elizabeth  1861Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I114201 Generations 
28 Pollakowski, John Ferdinand  1875Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I98256 Generations 
29 Reth, Caroline  1875Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I98257 Generations 
30 Rickert, George  Bef 1881Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I93508 Generations 
31 Rickert, Menno B.  1882Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I15214 Generations 
32 Ruby, Adam  1843Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I33665 Generations 
33 Schweitzer, Margaret  1878Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I68571 Generations 
34 Schweitzer, Mary Ann  1886Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I264477 Generations 
35 Schwendker, Maria Elisabeth  1868Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I113125 Generations 
36 Schwindt, John  1933Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I124811 Generations 
37 Shantz, Lorne Raymond "Ray"  1961Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I136161 Generations 
38 Snyder, Walter Sheldon  1941Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I169935 Generations 
39 Steineke, Wilhelmina  1859Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I48424 Generations 
40 Stoltz, Alexander  1904Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I876 Generations 
41 Stoltz, Edward J.  1904Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I885 Generations 
42 Stoltz, Louise  1883Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I120120 Generations 
43 Unger, Ellen  1882Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I3794 Generations 
44 Unger, Ellen  1882Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I3794 Generations 
45 Woelfle, John C.  1861Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario I99260 Generations 


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Family   Married   Family ID   Tree 
1 Rose / Moser  16 Aug 1859Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario F42778 Generations 
2 Reier / Fust  28 Feb 1860Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario F25628 Generations 
3 Shantz / Bachert  18 Sep 1866Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario F4889 Generations 
4 Schmidt / Hallman  19 Mar 1872Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario F1644 Generations 
5 Raeth / Benedict  9 Jun 1874Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario F7223 Generations 
6 Rickert / Hallman  27 Dec 1899Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario F1929 Generations 
7 Brighton / Hallman  21 Dec 1904Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario F6048 Generations 
8 Hewitt / Ludolph  25 Nov 1908Mannheim, Waterloo Region, Ontario F15645 Generations