Waterloo Region Generations
A record of the people of Waterloo Region, Ontario.

Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario

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Tree: Generations
Latitude: 43.5675808, Longitude: -80.9208917


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Birth   Person ID   Tree 
1 Allingham, William Armstrong  19 Nov 1889Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I197739 Generations 
2 Baechler, Norman Arthur  25 Dec 1897Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I162540 Generations 
3 Becker, Lillie  Oct 1883Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I184624 Generations 
4 Berger, Emma  Jul 1881Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I156685 Generations 
5 Bier, Pearl Caroline  18 Nov 1907Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I164783 Generations 
6 Dailey, Priscilla  Apr 1880Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I189477 Generations 
7 Deppisch, William Henry  30 Nov 1883Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I29271 Generations 
8 Doering, Adam David  5 Jun 1867Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I43361 Generations 
9 Doering, Charles Emil  12 Aug 1871Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I109944 Generations 
10 Doering, Vida  7 Jun 1891Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I43758 Generations 
11 Engel, Harriette Ruth  Mar 1902Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I189578 Generations 
12 Grahm, Philip  3 Sep 1870Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I52241 Generations 
13 Grimm, Carman Douglas  Mar 1899Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I231517 Generations 
14 Grimm, Eric Homer  25 Dec 1897Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I231516 Generations 
15 Hartmier, Anna E.  1886Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I341904 Generations 
16 Hasen, Alfred Kenneth  1887Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I96995 Generations 
17 Henrich, Rosalind  18 Apr 1875Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I45352 Generations 
18 Hoffman, Herbert  1890Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I135533 Generations 
19 Kertcher, Adelaide "Addie"  3 Dec 1869Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I29756 Generations 
20 Kertcher, Charles S.  Oct 1871Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I182264 Generations 
21 Kertcher, Frederick Joseph  2 Jul 1871Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I29757 Generations 
22 Kertcher, John George  19 Jul 1865Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I58900 Generations 
23 Kertcher, Mary Ann  1861Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I38518 Generations 
24 Kertcher, Sophia  9 Oct 1863Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I58901 Generations 
25 Kipfer, Amanda  10 Feb 1898Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I127911 Generations 
26 Kipfer, Cyranius  25 Nov 1899Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I73837 Generations 
27 Kriesel, William  1915Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I169181 Generations 
28 Kropf, Stanley Irvin  1928Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I78811 Generations 
29 Linder, Cecil  1905Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I25688 Generations 
30 Linder, Charles  1908Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I25689 Generations 
31 Maier, Louis Allan  22 Jul 1885Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I42330 Generations 
32 Merklinger, Mary Annie  8 Dec 1866Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I184651 Generations 
33 Miller, Bertha  12 Jul 1883Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I41972 Generations 
34 Miller, Melinda  1886Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I152409 Generations 
35 Mueller, Clara Martha  10 May 1888Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I262878 Generations 
36 Nafziger, Ivan E.  14 Jul 1927Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I173858 Generations 
37 Newmaster, Otto Louis  1901Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I246557 Generations 
38 Pauli, William Edward  4 Oct 1897Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I184987 Generations 
39 Pressing, Elisabeth  23 Jun 1887Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I77723 Generations 
40 Pressing, George Christian  1884Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I184953 Generations 
41 Roese, Norman  20 Oct 1893Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I358222 Generations 
42 Schade, Leonard  25 Mar 1865Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I327063 Generations 
43 Schaefer, Elizabeth J.  19 Sep 1871Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I36621 Generations 
44 Schaefer, Martha Isobel  1900Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I136762 Generations 
45 Schneider, Odell Ida  17 May 1912Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I165347 Generations 
46 Walker, Emma  18 May 1862Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I60725 Generations 
47 Walker, Florence  1869Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I148869 Generations 
48 Williams, Captain Russell  26 Feb 1892Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I109170 Generations 
49 Witte, Lillian Mabel  13 Jun 1881Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I77364 Generations 
50 Yundt, Ida Elizabeth  1894Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I307897 Generations 


Matches 1 to 52 of 52

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Died   Person ID   Tree 
1 H (Mrs.)  6 Dec 1885Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I241659 Generations 
2 Albrecht, Edna  3 Nov 2012Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I160873 Generations 
3 Boshart, Jacob  26 May 1928Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I24608 Generations 
4 Boshart, Samuel  6 Jul 1964Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I29384 Generations 
5 Burn, Thusnelda Hilda  5 Aug 1930Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I189567 Generations 
6 Clemens, Nathaniel Unger  25 Jul 1931Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I17324 Generations 
7 Doering, Heinrich "Henry"  28 May 1898Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I26693 Generations 
8 Erb, Annie  21 Dec 2013Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I228557 Generations 
9 Erb, Eva  11 Aug 2012Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I131004 Generations 
10 Erb, Mildred Kathleen  6 Jul 2010Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I131036 Generations 
11 Erb, Veronica B. "Fannie"  2 Jun 1993Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I164708 Generations 
12 Gingerich, Herbert M.  9 May 1969Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I46212 Generations 
13 Gingrich, Reta  3 Jan 2014Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I172106 Generations 
14 Glebe, Harold Milton  18 Nov 2006Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I157500 Generations 
15 Gole, Myrtle  29 Jul 2007Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I98513 Generations 
16 Hasenpflug, Henry  2 Mar 1904Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I152590 Generations 
17 Henderson, Elspet  1878Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I153870 Generations 
18 Hoerle, Alma Catherine  3 Jun 1981Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I369743 Generations 
19 Hoerle, Alma Catherine  3 Jun 1981Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I160021 Generations 
20 Hofstetter, Ruby Marie  7 Aug 2011Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I352176 Generations 
21 Holst, Elizabeth  25 Aug 1955Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I76191 Generations 
22 Kipfer, Florence O.  2 Nov 2004Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I29385 Generations 
23 Kipfer, Mary Inoda  18 Jul 1962Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I87196 Generations 
24 Knechtel, Johann Valentin "Valentine"  23 Apr 1896Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I31795 Generations 
25 Kropf, Leah L.  28 Jan 1986Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I175753 Generations 
26 Kropf, Veronica L. "Fannie"  20 Jan 1977Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I43732 Generations 
27 Lichti, Melvin A.  11 Mar 2013Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I195236 Generations 
28 Lichti, Veronica  23 Jul 1985Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I46655 Generations 
29 Lichty, Christian R.  30 Apr 1979Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I142463 Generations 
30 Linder, Mary  13 Jul 1938Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I26206 Generations 
31 Martin, Lydiann  7 Aug 1994Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I55787 Generations 
32 Mayer, John B  23 Oct 1891Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I240678 Generations 
33 McFadden, Mary Ann  26 Feb 1907Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I277257 Generations 
34 McWilliams, William Alexander  1871Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I146769 Generations 
35 Poole, George Joseph  10 Apr 1967Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I175754 Generations 
36 Randall, Charlotte  23 Sep 1926Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I26205 Generations 
37 Roes, Emma N.  31 Mar 1981Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I369314 Generations 
38 Schaub, Melville Paul  2 Feb 1974Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I197238 Generations 
39 Schmidt, Clara  4 Feb 1993Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I163974 Generations 
40 Schmidt, Jakob S  28 Aug 1892Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I240368 Generations 
41 Schmidt, Veronica J. "Fannie"  7 Mar 2008Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I166568 Generations 
42 Schneider, Siebert  25 Jun 1912Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I73497 Generations 
43 Schultz, Barbara  19 Mar 1944Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I51451 Generations 
44 Snyder, Roy S.  28 Aug 1971Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I69748 Generations 
45 Steinacker, Victoria Elizabeth "Betty"  1 Oct 2011Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I106801 Generations 
46 Voll, Eileen  18 May 2008Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I370387 Generations 
47 Wilker, Daniel William  12 Sep 2000Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I131592 Generations 
48 Yost, Ada May  28 Dec 2003Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I164021 Generations 
49 Zehr, Annie  20 Dec 1980Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I105752 Generations 
50 Zehr, Madeleine  22 Dec 1960Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I108117 Generations 
51 Zehr, Rev. Menno S.  15 Jul 1980Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I129726 Generations 
52 Zimmerman, Frederick  18 Oct 1920Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I103394 Generations 


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Buried   Person ID   Tree 
1 Becker, Daniel  Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I184650 Generations 
2 Gerth, Valentine "Felty"  Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I106964 Generations 
3 Merklinger, Mary Annie  Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I184651 Generations 


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Death   Person ID   Tree 
1 Boshart, Jacob  26 May 1928Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I24608 Generations 
2 Boshart, Samuel  6 Jul 1964Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I29384 Generations 
3 Clemens, Nathaniel Unger  25 Jul 1931Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I17324 Generations 
4 Gingerich, Herbert M.  9 May 1969Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I46212 Generations 
5 Hasenpflug, Henry  2 Mar 1904Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I152590 Generations 
6 Kipfer, Mary Inoda  18 Jul 1962Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I87196 Generations 
7 Randall, Charlotte  23 Sep 1926Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I26205 Generations 


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Occupation   Person ID   Tree 
1 Deppisch, George J. Jr.  1883Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I29173 Generations 
2 Doering, Heinrich "Henry"  1871Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I26693 Generations 
3 Hawke, Benjamin  1881Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I68296 Generations 
4 Linder, Frederick  1916Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I57695 Generations 
5 Pfaff, Louis  1890Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I86460 Generations 


Matches 1 to 45 of 45

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Residence   Person ID   Tree 
1 Albrecht, Jacob Armand  1973Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I108642 Generations 
2 Albrecht, Lorne S.  1973Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I129703 Generations 
3 Baechler, Alice  1982Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I125008 Generations 
4 Bast, Emma  1974Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I163730 Generations 
5 Berger, Martin  1882Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I150438 Generations 
6 Bier, Edna Sarah  1953Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I51535 Generations 
7 Brunk, Iva Mildred  1980Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I160466 Generations 
8 Bundy, Mary Jane "Minnie  1901Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I111212 Generations 
9 Cockwell, Percy Douglas  Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I354824 Generations 
10 Cress, Eva Catherine  1913Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I32772 Generations 
11 Dierlamm, Edward H.  1901Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I248584 Generations 
12 Doering, Albert  1886Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I50297 Generations 
13 Doering, Ferdinand  1874Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I134584 Generations 
14 Doering, Ferdinand  1874Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I134584 Generations 
15 Duench, John  Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I51314 Generations 
16 Döring, Albert  1886Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I264331 Generations 
17 Everatt, Amanda  1973Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I76899 Generations 
18 Gunther, Marie  1882Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I150549 Generations 
19 Hoffman, Herbert  1934Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I135533 Generations 
20 Horst, Henry M.  1992Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I144133 Generations 
21 Jutzi, Rudolph  1944Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I200539 Generations 
22 Koch, Mabel  1975Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I201203 Generations 
23 Kriesel, Bertram C.  1913Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I75678 Generations 
24 Kropf, Adela  1979Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I144326 Generations 
25 Lebold, Samuel  1974Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I164190 Generations 
26 Leis, Clayton  1944Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I305013 Generations 
27 Lichti, Veronica  1981Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I46655 Generations 
28 Linder, Frederick  Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I57695 Generations 
29 Mickus, Joseph  1875Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I41580 Generations 
30 Moehlman, Jake  Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I357807 Generations 
31 Ottman, Henry George "Harry"  1915Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I74707 Generations 
32 Ratz, Emma Clara  1934Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I164546 Generations 
33 Roese, Norman  Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I358222 Generations 
34 Rothaermel, John  1880Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I48385 Generations 
35 Schlueter, Clayton  1990Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I166236 Generations 
36 Schneiker, Kunigunda  1880Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I72168 Generations 
37 Semple, Robert  Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I358324 Generations 
38 Semple, William  Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I358325 Generations 
39 Swan, Annie Ruth  1911Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I115579 Generations 
40 Talmage, Charles Emanuel  Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I358552 Generations 
41 Tye, Dr. Percival Lawrence  1912Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I102600 Generations 
42 Wettlaufer, Peter  1908Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I94601 Generations 
43 Williams, Captain Russell  Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I109170 Generations 
44 Williams, Captain Russell  Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I109170 Generations 
45 Zehr, Erwin S.  1970Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario I197798 Generations 


Matches 1 to 25 of 25

   Family   Married   Family ID   Tree 
1 Ortwein / Gildner  18 May 1880Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario F15314 Generations 
2 Burnett / Reid  26 Oct 1880Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario F12934 Generations 
3 Hawke / Grieve  2 Nov 1880Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario F50175 Generations 
4 Nottdorf / Manser  10 Oct 1883Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario F50509 Generations 
5 Campbell / Taylor  24 Dec 1884Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario F50659 Generations 
6 Freeborn / Hammond  9 Jul 1888Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario F13395 Generations 
7 Pfaff / Moser  2 Mar 1890Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario F22422 Generations 
8 Cobo / Kertcher  26 May 1891Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario F14575 Generations 
9 Brunk / Livergood  3 Jan 1893Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario F19844 Generations 
10 Dewar / McGillawee  9 Jan 1895Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario F13482 Generations 
11 Koenig / Huehn  6 Feb 1898Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario F185605 Generations 
12 Schade / Freeborn  28 Mar 1900Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario F50460 Generations 
13 Kruspe / Steinacker  1901Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario F256623 Generations 
14 Kruspe / Steinacker  6 Mar 1901Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario F252466 Generations 
15 Holt / Smith  15 Apr 1903Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario F50173 Generations 
16 Norman / Dewar  27 Jun 1906Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario F50475 Generations 
17 Schmidt / Thompson  10 Jun 1908Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario F27757 Generations 
18 Gilbert / Freeborn  28 Apr 1909Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario F11869 Generations 
19 Duench / Saunders  9 Sep 1909Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario F165266 Generations 
20 Schmehl / Mueller  5 Sep 1911Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario F233179 Generations 
21 Hampel / Hartmier  31 Dec 1912Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario F249009 Generations 
22 Biehn / Cress  6 May 1913Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario F28986 Generations 
23 Oswald / Yundt  4 Jun 1919Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario F240218 Generations 
24 Cockwell / Gowing  11 Jan 1929Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario F6834 Generations 
25 Neeb / Riehl  1936Milverton, Perth Co., Ontario F47406 Generations