Waterloo Region Generations
A record of the people of Waterloo Region, Ontario.

Petoskey, Emmet, Michigan, USA

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Latitude: 45.3733333, Longitude: -84.9552778


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Birth   Person ID   Tree 
1 Walrond, Lorne  15 Jul 1881Petoskey, Emmet, Michigan, USA I7692 Generations 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Died   Person ID   Tree 
1 Bauman, Sarah E.  16 Feb 1922Petoskey, Emmet, Michigan, USA I7695 Generations 
2 Brower, William  Aft 1881Petoskey, Emmet, Michigan, USA I16417 Generations 
3 Eby, Jeremiah B.  2 Dec 1961Petoskey, Emmet, Michigan, USA I61117 Generations 
4 Eby, Susannah  10 Feb 1978Petoskey, Emmet, Michigan, USA I61233 Generations 
5 Helrigel, Mary Ann  9 Mar 1936Petoskey, Emmet, Michigan, USA I46076 Generations 
6 Hewitt, Elizabeth  27 Jul 1882Petoskey, Emmet, Michigan, USA I106988 Generations 
7 Hoffer, Jacob B.  23 Mar 1948Petoskey, Emmet, Michigan, USA I130196 Generations 
8 Kabelman, Frederick William "William"  16 Jul 1961Petoskey, Emmet, Michigan, USA I140220 Generations 
9 Kurtz, Barbara  15 Nov 1938Petoskey, Emmet, Michigan, USA I81710 Generations 
10 Kurtz, Catherine  15 Oct 1932Petoskey, Emmet, Michigan, USA I45969 Generations 
11 Kurtz, Elizabeth  15 Sep 1950Petoskey, Emmet, Michigan, USA I23279 Generations 
12 Kurtz, Frederick Menno  30 Jan 1944Petoskey, Emmet, Michigan, USA I182400 Generations 
13 Meinsinger, Veronica "Francisca"  23 Aug 1917Petoskey, Emmet, Michigan, USA I45961 Generations 
14 Naergarth, Mary Elizabeth  23 Jun 1916Petoskey, Emmet, Michigan, USA I220507 Generations 
15 Sararas, Lydia  28 Oct 1921Petoskey, Emmet, Michigan, USA I1257 Generations 
16 Schaefer, Michael  1 Apr 1922Petoskey, Emmet, Michigan, USA I108489 Generations 
17 Seibert, Jacob  1876Petoskey, Emmet, Michigan, USA I22081 Generations 
18 Seibert, John S.  17 Jan 1914Petoskey, Emmet, Michigan, USA I22131 Generations 
19 Singer, Alexander  21 Oct 1915Petoskey, Emmet, Michigan, USA I69369 Generations 
20 Singer, Benjamin  6 Feb 1912Petoskey, Emmet, Michigan, USA I125033 Generations 
21 Singer, Catharine  16 Apr 1915Petoskey, Emmet, Michigan, USA I7347 Generations 
22 Singer, Rachael  18 Feb 1906Petoskey, Emmet, Michigan, USA I124998 Generations 
23 Singer, William  14 Mar 1914Petoskey, Emmet, Michigan, USA I125006 Generations 
24 Smith, Jasper Bart  1 Feb 1911Petoskey, Emmet, Michigan, USA I48687 Generations 
25 Smith, Jasper F.  1 Feb 1911Petoskey, Emmet, Michigan, USA I406527 Generations 
26 Stein, Elizabeth  Aug 1870Petoskey, Emmet, Michigan, USA I22145 Generations 
27 Stover, Catharine "Katie  22 Sep 1920Petoskey, Emmet, Michigan, USA I8350 Generations 
28 Walrond, John Edwin  12 Jan 1918Petoskey, Emmet, Michigan, USA I7688 Generations 
29 Walrond, Lorne  12 May 1944Petoskey, Emmet, Michigan, USA I7692 Generations 
30 Weaver, Caroline Lucille  26 Apr 1964Petoskey, Emmet, Michigan, USA I18109 Generations 
31 Zeller, Phoebe  2 Jan 1886Petoskey, Emmet, Michigan, USA I1412 Generations 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Buried   Person ID   Tree 
1 Hoffer, Jacob B.  Petoskey, Emmet, Michigan, USA I130196 Generations 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Death   Person ID   Tree 
1 Singer, Alexander  21 Oct 1915Petoskey, Emmet, Michigan, USA I69369 Generations 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Occupation   Person ID   Tree 
1 Bowman, Percy Lorne  1900Petoskey, Emmet, Michigan, USA I7348 Generations 
2 Brower, William  1880Petoskey, Emmet, Michigan, USA I16417 Generations 
3 Hoffer, Jacob B.  Bef 1948Petoskey, Emmet, Michigan, USA I130196 Generations 
4 Singer, Alexander  1915Petoskey, Emmet, Michigan, USA I69369 Generations 
5 Smith, Jasper Bart  1911Petoskey, Emmet, Michigan, USA I48687 Generations 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Residence   Person ID   Tree 
1 Bowman, Benjamin B.  1895Petoskey, Emmet, Michigan, USA I8348 Generations 
2 Hewitt, Annie  1880Petoskey, Emmet, Michigan, USA I146195 Generations 
3 Mindel, Elsie  1880Petoskey, Emmet, Michigan, USA I149073 Generations 
4 Sararas, Lydia  1918Petoskey, Emmet, Michigan, USA I1257 Generations 
5 Smith, Elizabeth  Petoskey, Emmet, Michigan, USA I142394 Generations 
6 Stover, Catharine "Katie  1895Petoskey, Emmet, Michigan, USA I8350 Generations 
7 Trafelet, Martin Peter  1899Petoskey, Emmet, Michigan, USA I167991 Generations 
8 Wideman, Abraham H.  1931Petoskey, Emmet, Michigan, USA I23214 Generations 


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   Family   Married   Family ID   Tree 
1 Weaver / Snyder  18 Sep 1877Petoskey, Emmet, Michigan, USA F4631 Generations 
2 Snyder / Kaufman  22 Aug 1880Petoskey, Emmet, Michigan, USA F1260 Generations 
3 Bowman / Stover  15 Apr 1883Petoskey, Emmet, Michigan, USA F2458 Generations