Waterloo Region Generations
A record of the people of Waterloo Region, Ontario.

Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario

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Latitude: 43.3046797, Longitude: -80.6191483


Matches 1 to 108 of 108

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Birth   Person ID   Tree 
1 Allison, Florence  12 Mar 1880Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I22879 Generations 
2 Barnett, Eva Elinore  1901Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I89044 Generations 
3 Barnett, Jessie May  24 Feb 1905Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I352771 Generations 
4 Barnett, William  Abt 1870Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I134207 Generations 
5 Bateman, Charles  Oct 1868Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I230849 Generations 
6 Bingeman, Lawrence  11 Jun 1899Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I58927 Generations 
7 Bleich, Alice Margaret  7 Apr 1887Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I83510 Generations 
8 Bleich, Bertha Auguste  27 Aug 1892Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I83513 Generations 
9 Bleich, Friedrich Carl "Charles"  10 Jul 1894Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I83514 Generations 
10 Bleich, George  22 Aug 1895Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I83515 Generations 
11 Bleich, Ida Louise "Edith"  29 Mar 1889Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I83511 Generations 
12 Bleich, Lena  22 Dec 1898Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I83516 Generations 
13 Boniface, Lily  1877Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I173794 Generations 
14 Boyd, Hilda Marion  Dec 1904Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I372578 Generations 
15 Brown, Dr. Douglas Landseer  27 Jul 1890Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I11617 Generations 
16 Brown, Margaret Lister  1886Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I24704 Generations 
17 Bullock, Charles  1871Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I202673 Generations 
18 Bullock, Robert James  27 Feb 1937Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I340275 Generations 
19 Cane, Bertha  1857Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I255640 Generations 
20 Cann, Annie Elizabeth  1855Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I16540 Generations 
21 Clapperton, George  10 Jul 1857Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I138780 Generations 
22 Clemens, Willard Ewart  6 Mar 1898Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I24360 Generations 
23 Cressman, Beatrice Lenore  11 Jul 1885Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I91940 Generations 
24 Davey, John W.  17 Sep 1861Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I36446 Generations 
25 Davidson, Margaret Isabel  22 Jan 1916Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I266566 Generations 
26 Deeton, John Raymond Wallace "Jack"  25 Jan 1909Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I338121 Generations 
27 Dyer, Clara Viola  5 Jun 1896Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I338209 Generations 
28 Ellis, James Robert  18 Feb 1922Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I338014 Generations 
29 Enticknap, James  1867Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I34319 Generations 
30 Everatt, Kathleen  4 Feb 1888Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I281623 Generations 
31 Everatt, LeRoy  13 Jul 1889Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I76883 Generations 
32 Fenn, Margaret Ann  1868Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I352340 Generations 
33 Fenn, Margaret Ethel  1917Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I67331 Generations 
34 Fenn, Michael  1862Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I31688 Generations 
35 Fried, Emma Mabel  1867Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I904 Generations 
36 Furtney, Alfred R.  18 Sep 1895Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I90008 Generations 
37 Furtney, James Wellington  10 Apr 1881Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I203713 Generations 
38 Graham, Edward  1852Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I128574 Generations 
39 Grieve, Albert  Abt 1884Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I18669 Generations 
40 Hachey, Tammy Sue  1968Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I341835 Generations 
41 Hall, Margaret Elizabeth  1 Sep 1905Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I342066 Generations 
42 Harmer, Isaac  Jul 1873Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I224539 Generations 
43 Henrich, Caroline K.  4 Oct 1871Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I42435 Generations 
44 Henrich, Rev. William S.  1870Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I16752 Generations 
45 Hoffman, Carl Ward "Ward"  CALC 26 Aug 1915Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I340265 Generations 
46 Hoffman, Mary Ann  1863Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I31743 Generations 
47 Hofstetter, Glen Russell  1931Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I352172 Generations 
48 Hofstetter, John Adolph  23 Jan 1924Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I352170 Generations 
49 Holm, Levi Alexander  1881Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I142370 Generations 
50 Holtzhauer, Henry John  CALC 25 Jun 1858Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I354056 Generations 
51 Holtzhauer, Mary Ellen  1869Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I347733 Generations 
52 Kaufman, Alfred Roy  29 Nov 1886Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I14350 Generations 
53 Kaufman, Sarah Etta  1863Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I9498 Generations 
54 Klosz, William Henry  1880Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I341563 Generations 
55 Lepp, Almina May "Mina  1880Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I142335 Generations 
56 Lingelbach, Anna Agnes  1889Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I166616 Generations 
57 Lorimer, James  1863Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I350147 Generations 
58 Mann, Mary Elizabeth  1860Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I101355 Generations 
59 Marshall, Ada Matilda  24 Oct 1881Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I82366 Generations 
60 Marshall, Annie Louise  12 Apr 1885Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I352306 Generations 
61 Marshall, Annie Louise  16 Apr 1885Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I84232 Generations 
62 Marshall, George Anthony  19 Jun 1892Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I352308 Generations 
63 Marshall, Grace Winnifred  15 Jun 1887Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I352310 Generations 
64 Master, Isaac H.  20 Dec 1897Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I176820 Generations 
65 McCarley, William J.  6 Feb 1878Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I70014 Generations 
66 Moore, Sarah  26 Aug 1859Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I18176 Generations 
67 Moore, Sarah E.  1859Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I350910 Generations 
68 Morrison, John Jackson  1861Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I122330 Generations 
69 Mortimer, Lottie Madeliene  8 Aug 1908Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I323160 Generations 
70 Motherall, Beryl Matilda  21 May 1898Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I75075 Generations 
71 Neal, Lloy  Dec 1883Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I195570 Generations 
72 Partridge, Sarah Etta "Sadie"  1885Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I323159 Generations 
73 Poore, Elizabeth May "May"  23 May 1899Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I203936 Generations 
74 Poore, George Henry  6 Aug 1861Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I56628 Generations 
75 Poore, John Aaron  12 Apr 1876Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I203934 Generations 
76 Ramsay, Kathryn Martha  19 May 1907Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I341908 Generations 
77 Rendall, Hazel Jean  30 Sep 1900Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I341928 Generations 
78 Rendall, Stanley David  9 Jan 1896Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I341929 Generations 
79 Robinson, William Nicholas "Nicholas"  1845Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I346759 Generations 
80 Rush, Sarah Alice  CALC 5 Apr 1869Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I215176 Generations 
81 Schmidt, Frederick Elmer  18 May 1890Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I185249 Generations 
82 Scott, Marjorie Clara  27 Aug 1905Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I340248 Generations 
83 Shantz, Cameron Gillis  14 Jun 1922Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I58255 Generations 
84 Shantz, Lorne Rayburn  16 Mar 1905Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I102065 Generations 
85 Shelby, William  1862Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I29293 Generations 
86 Snyder, George  6 Sep 1877Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I23201 Generations 
87 Speare, Elizabeth  1867Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I350387 Generations 
88 Speare, Elizabeth Jane  11 Jan 1867Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I89424 Generations 
89 Spears, Mary Anne  18 Jan 1864Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I90131 Generations 
90 Stepler, Beatrice Pearl  8 Dec 1911Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I137844 Generations 
91 Thomas, Harry  26 Dec 1893Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I78906 Generations 
92 Thomas, Samuel James  1847Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I16521 Generations 
93 Thomson, Eleanore Jane  14 Nov 1933Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I340430 Generations 
94 Veitch, George M.  4 May 1857Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I41151 Generations 
95 Waugh, Ernest  15 Jul 1886Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I339895 Generations 
96 Weitzel, John L.  29 Jul 1898Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I95948 Generations 
97 Willson, Dorothy Isobel  3 Oct 1901Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I105601 Generations 
98 Wismer, Angeline Minerva  26 Jan 1876Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I14521 Generations 
99 Wismer, Mary Ann  1864Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I20048 Generations 
100 Witmer, Ethel Amanda  6 Sep 1909Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I172501 Generations 
101 Witmer, Flossie Belle  11 Jun 1906Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I137377 Generations 
102 Workman, Elsie  9 Mar 1870Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I112343 Generations 
103 Workman, James T.  1832Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I43221 Generations 
104 Workman, John W.  1843Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I112341 Generations 
105 Yates, Thomas  8 Jan 1864Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I89959 Generations 
106 Zinken, Dorothy May  8 Aug 1903Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I172866 Generations 
107 Zinken, Lorne Clarence  1899Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I172865 Generations 
108 Zinken, William Elroy "Roy"  1890Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I32959 Generations 


Matches 1 to 36 of 36

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Died   Person ID   Tree 
1 Bowman, Sarah  Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I234942 Generations 
2 Bricker, Clara  15 Sep 1932Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I12507 Generations 
3 Conrad, Alma Susannah  5 May 1940Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I201875 Generations 
4 Coxon, George  1874Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I47988 Generations 
5 Davy, John  16 Jul 1880Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I233291 Generations 
6 Furtney, Daniel  22 Feb 1900Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I4708 Generations 
7 Gofton, Robert  26 Feb 1888Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I803 Generations 
8 Hachey, Tammy Sue  7 Sep 1968Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I341835 Generations 
9 Hoffman, Barbara  Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I15133 Generations 
10 Hoffman, Carl Ward "Ward"  4 Jan 1936Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I340265 Generations 
11 Hofstetter, Harry  12 Feb 2013Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I352169 Generations 
12 Hunter, Thomas  29 Jul 1861Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I161178 Generations 
13 Laverick, Elizabeth  1864Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I47989 Generations 
14 Lazenby, Rev. Charles  11 Aug 1877Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I100822 Generations 
15 Lazenby, Charles  11 Aug 1877Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I369932 Generations 
16 Levan, Daniel K.  Nov 1877Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I20574 Generations 
17 Master, George C.  1 Oct 1874Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I15113 Generations 
18 Master, Samuel  6 Feb 1860Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I15132 Generations 
19 Moore, Alexander  Bef 1871Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I130448 Generations 
20 Motherall, William  Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I7485 Generations 
21 Robson, Agnes  17 Nov 1912Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I67536 Generations 
22 Sauer, John K  6 Dec 1886Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I241488 Generations 
23 Scherer, Wilhelm  5 Aug 1866Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I147213 Generations 
24 Schmitt, John George R.  3 Sep 1930Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I220307 Generations 
25 Shantz, David P.  27 Jun 1873Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I20038 Generations 
26 Shantz, Hannah  26 Jan 1891Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I20043 Generations 
27 Snyder, Dilman  25 Dec 1886Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I15947 Generations 
28 Staebler, Mary  10 May 1887Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I241219 Generations 
29 Stauffer, Elizabeth  28 Jul 1952Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I10206 Generations 
30 Stewart, Catharine  18 Feb 1930Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I159837 Generations 
31 Tornow, Lavinia  24 May 1885Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I57821 Generations 
32 Veitch, George  25 Dec 1866Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I146811 Generations 
33 Wahn, Valentine  20 Jun 1867Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I247842 Generations 
34 Washburn, Stephen Murray  8 Jun 1931Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I172747 Generations 
35 Wheeler, Elizabeth  15 May 1905Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I23448 Generations 
36 Young, Charles  1 Sep 1915Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I126216 Generations 


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Buried   Person ID   Tree 
1 Everett, Eliza  Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I105586 Generations 
2 Nichol, Thomas  Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I7934 Generations 


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Death   Person ID   Tree 
1 Furtney, Daniel  22 Feb 1900Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I4708 Generations 
2 Gofton, Robert  26 Feb 1888Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I803 Generations 
3 Hoffman, Carl Ward "Ward"  4 Jan 1936Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I340265 Generations 
4 Lazenby, Rev. Charles  11 Aug 1877Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I100822 Generations 
5 Robson, Agnes  17 Nov 1912Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I67536 Generations 
6 Shantz, Hannah  26 Jan 1891Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I20043 Generations 
7 Stewart, Catharine  18 Feb 1930Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I159837 Generations 
8 Washburn, Stephen Murray  8 Jun 1931Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I172747 Generations 
9 Wheeler, Elizabeth  15 May 1905Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I23448 Generations 


Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Occupation   Person ID   Tree 
1 Bechtel, Henry  1882Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I14276 Generations 
2 Boehmer, Jacob S.  Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I59795 Generations 
3 Bowers, Dr. Samuel Sauers  Bef 1857Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I16121 Generations 
4 Clapperton, Robert  1856Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I133133 Generations 
5 Cockerton, Fredrick  1899Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I72375 Generations 
6 Davey, John W.  1882Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I36446 Generations 
7 Deeton, Robert  1882Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I64350 Generations 
8 Eggert, Dr. Wilhelm  1855Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I107130 Generations 
9 Furtney, Samuel  1893Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I5566 Generations 
10 Gofton, Andrew  1910Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I146935 Generations 
11 Kelsey, Richard  1854Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I55816 Generations 
12 Lachman, Alton Melvin  1910Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I78996 Generations 
13 Lazenby, Rev. Charles  1877Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I100822 Generations 
14 Poore, John Aaron  1898Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I203934 Generations 
15 Snider, Hiram  1881Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I16150 Generations 
16 Snyder, Henry Wanner  1880Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I16532 Generations 
17 Wegenast, John George  1887Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I58982 Generations 
18 Witmer, David Wanner  1902Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I3671 Generations 


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Religion   Person ID   Tree 
1 Cockerton, Edith  1898Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I203935 Generations 
2 Furtney, Samuel  1893Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I5566 Generations 
3 Lazenby, Rev. Charles  1877Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I100822 Generations 


Matches 1 to 40 of 40

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Residence   Person ID   Tree 
1 Brand, Charles  1857Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I8216 Generations 
2 Brightrall, Private George Clarence  Abt 1916Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I180126 Generations 
3 Burchatzki, Augustie  1927Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I176134 Generations 
4 Clapperton, Robert  1856Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I133133 Generations 
5 Davey, Emma  1883Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I43412 Generations 
6 Dodman, Avis  1868Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I346757 Generations 
7 Eckstein, Oliver  1937Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I15898 Generations 
8 Fenn, Conrad  1863Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I31689 Generations 
9 Fralick, Maria Carry  1864Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I112342 Generations 
10 Furtney, Isaac  1893Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I92275 Generations 
11 Furtney, Sarah Jane  1883Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I37234 Generations 
12 Gordon, Elizabeth  1882Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I36393 Generations 
13 Graham, Mary  1863Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I31690 Generations 
14 Habel, Roy  Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I15824 Generations 
15 Harkin, Benjamin Lorenz  1862Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I153345 Generations 
16 Hiller, Mable M.  1967Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I180164 Generations 
17 Hofstetter, Percy Erastus  1974Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I25488 Generations 
18 Holtzhauer, John  1858Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I98317 Generations 
19 Hund, Dorothea  1861Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I48462 Generations 
20 Kaufman, Allen  1858Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I19605 Generations 
21 McArthur, Alexander  1857Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I133205 Generations 
22 McGraw, Thomas  1861Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I103335 Generations 
23 Neal, Harriet  1865Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I9510 Generations 
24 Neal, R. J.  Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I198527 Generations 
25 Neeb, Johann Heinrich Conrad  1859Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I129340 Generations 
26 Pauli, Emma  1927Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I150844 Generations 
27 Poore, Mary Josephine  1899Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I169287 Generations 
28 Quandt, William "Bill"  1967Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I168677 Generations 
29 Robinson, Mark  1868Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I346758 Generations 
30 Rosenberger, Lucinda Mae  1937Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I15897 Generations 
31 Schrafenberg, Johan  1861Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I48459 Generations 
32 Snyder, Margaret Veronica  1974Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I24109 Generations 
33 Stauffer, Private Gordon Henry  Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I165584 Generations 
34 Stumpf, Anna Katharina  1859Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I272954 Generations 
35 Thomas, Harry  Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I78906 Generations 
36 Turnbull, Isabella  1862Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I124672 Generations 
37 Wardlaw, Dr. James Sime  1853Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I60860 Generations 
38 Weiss, Magdalena  1873Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I245666 Generations 
39 Workman, James T.  1868Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I43221 Generations 
40 Workman, John W.  1864Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario I112341 Generations 


Matches 1 to 37 of 37

   Family   Married   Family ID   Tree 
1 Neeb / Stumpf  28 Aug 1859Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario F34643 Generations 
2 Schrafenberg / Hund  6 Aug 1861Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario F12584 Generations 
3 Schweitzer / Hacht  14 May 1872Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario F20054 Generations 
4 Deaton / Spry  25 Sep 1872Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario F30845 Generations 
5 Sararas / Sheard  8 Jun 1873Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario F6321 Generations 
6 Bingeman / Clemens  15 Sep 1874Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario F4250 Generations 
7 / Goetz  20 Oct 1874Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario F7461 Generations 
8 Daniells / Pogson  28 Aug 1878Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario F19949 Generations 
9 Bean / Hallman  9 Mar 1880Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario F4210 Generations 
10 Snyder / Cann  29 Dec 1880Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario F4366 Generations 
11 Bean / Gilmar  22 Feb 1881Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario F4212 Generations 
12 Leuszler / Schneider  22 Feb 1881Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario F15524 Generations 
13 McRae / Nichol  5 Apr 1882Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario F16234 Generations 
14 Schill / Furtney  1883Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario F40954 Generations 
15 Kaufman / Davey  20 Jun 1883Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario F11337 Generations 
16 Forbes / Lake  6 Aug 1884Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario F26295 Generations 
17 Gofton / Kaufman  4 Mar 1885Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario F7785 Generations 
18 Rush / Eby  18 Nov 1885Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario F5176 Generations 
19 Enticknap / Wismer  15 Oct 1890Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario F9099 Generations 
20 Hilborn / Lepp  5 Oct 1892Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario F251197 Generations 
21 Kipp / Snyder  31 Jan 1894Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario F4969 Generations 
22 Gofton / Woelfle  1 Jan 1896Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario F10244 Generations 
23 Weitzel / Ross  30 Jun 1897Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario F24758 Generations 
24 McKay / Boniface  29 Dec 1897Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario F32476 Generations 
25 Poore / Cockerton  24 Nov 1898Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario F188886 Generations 
26 Nahrgang / Battler  29 Nov 1899Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario F188588 Generations 
27 Wall / Poore  29 Nov 1899Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario F168069 Generations 
28 Schultz / Gabel  15 Jul 1903Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario F5557 Generations 
29 Ramsay / Neal  9 Feb 1904Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario F186906 Generations 
30 Green / Spaetzel  21 Dec 1904Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario F175394 Generations 
31 Anderson / Brown  18 Sep 1912Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario F44696 Generations 
32 Lockie / Lepp  19 Mar 1913Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario F48997 Generations 
33 Wood / Baer  3 Jun 1914Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario F45048 Generations 
34 Golbeck / MacDonald  1 Dec 1915Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario F18067 Generations 
35 Wright / Hall  21 Aug 1918Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario F248838 Generations 
36 Herlick / Kenyon  22 Dec 1920Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario F252498 Generations 
37 Merner / Willson  22 May 1926Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario F26909 Generations 


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family   Residence   Family ID   Tree 
1 Brand / Sauter  1857Plattsville, Oxford Co., Ontario F3212 Generations