Waterloo Region Generations
A record of the people of Waterloo Region, Ontario.

Prussia, Germany

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Tree: Generations
Latitude: 50.7169992, Longitude: 8.5830003


Matches 1 to 331 of 331

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Birth   Person ID   Tree 
1 Adolphine  1823Prussia, Germany I33713 Generations 
2 Agnes  1780Prussia, Germany I259403 Generations 
3 Ahlana  1826Prussia, Germany I261220 Generations 
4 Albertina  1845Prussia, Germany I309157 Generations 
5 Albina  1828Prussia, Germany I259028 Generations 
6 Albina  1829Prussia, Germany I35157 Generations 
7 Amelia  1835Prussia, Germany I264951 Generations 
8 Anna  1793Prussia, Germany I148492 Generations 
9 Anna  1803Prussia, Germany I259462 Generations 
10 Anna  1810Prussia, Germany I258580 Generations 
11 Anna Barbara  1786Prussia, Germany I266705 Generations 
12 Anna Maria  1803Prussia, Germany I35270 Generations 
13 Anna Maria  1809Prussia, Germany I266702 Generations 
14 Annie  1848Prussia, Germany I144741 Generations 
15 Augusta  1818Prussia, Germany I259150 Generations 
16 Augusta  1859Prussia, Germany I148335 Generations 
17 Barbara  1835Prussia, Germany I267145 Generations 
18 Carolina  1817Prussia, Germany I219854 Generations 
19 Carolina  1828Prussia, Germany I153979 Generations 
20 Caroline  1835Prussia, Germany I265246 Generations 
21 Caroline  1846Prussia, Germany I144780 Generations 
22 Catherine  1830Prussia, Germany I219802 Generations 
23 Catherine  1843Prussia, Germany I144901 Generations 
24 Caty  1808Prussia, Germany I259134 Generations 
25 Cecilia  1828Prussia, Germany I265403 Generations 
26 Christena  1848Prussia, Germany I282996 Generations 
27 Christina  1821Prussia, Germany I261214 Generations 
28 Christina  1840Prussia, Germany I146310 Generations 
29 Elizabeth  1865Prussia, Germany I309422 Generations 
30 Ernstina  24 Oct 1857Prussia, Germany I43589 Generations 
31 Frederika  1825Prussia, Germany I252116 Generations 
32 Fredrika  1816Prussia, Germany I259245 Generations 
33 Gertrude  1804Prussia, Germany I35152 Generations 
34 Hannah  1820Prussia, Germany I134423 Generations 
35 Hannah  1836Prussia, Germany I259503 Generations 
36 Hennette  1829Prussia, Germany I35609 Generations 
37 Jemima  1822Prussia, Germany I259590 Generations 
38 Juithe  1829Prussia, Germany I142693 Generations 
39 Julia Ann  1841Prussia, Germany I125604 Generations 
40 L. D.  1804Prussia, Germany I154683 Generations 
41 Leila  1805Prussia, Germany I144746 Generations 
42 Lisa  1837Prussia, Germany I258983 Generations 
43 Louisa  1830Prussia, Germany I264999 Generations 
44 Louisa  1834Prussia, Germany I220152 Generations 
45 Louise  12 Nov 1844Prussia, Germany I43595 Generations 
46 Magdalena  1810Prussia, Germany I258626 Generations 
47 Magdalena  1810Prussia, Germany I112102 Generations 
48 Mariah  1817Prussia, Germany I259728 Generations 
49 Martha  1808Prussia, Germany I219356 Generations 
50 Martha  1809Prussia, Germany I261468 Generations 
51 Martha  1836Prussia, Germany I259584 Generations 
52 Mary  1798Prussia, Germany I259251 Generations 
53 Mary  1810Prussia, Germany I259218 Generations 
54 Mary  1820Prussia, Germany I215978 Generations 
55 Mary Therese  1826Prussia, Germany I219170 Generations 
56 Minnie  1821Prussia, Germany I147802 Generations 
57 Regina  1842Prussia, Germany I219358 Generations 
58 Rosand  1841Prussia, Germany I308871 Generations 
59 Rosena  1802Prussia, Germany I144898 Generations 
60 Sani  Mar 1885Prussia, Germany I183730 Generations 
61 Sophia  1790Prussia, Germany I258431 Generations 
62 Sophia  1816Prussia, Germany I257373 Generations 
63 Sophia  1828Prussia, Germany I153862 Generations 
64 Theresia  1814Prussia, Germany I220033 Generations 
65 Wilhelmina  1813Prussia, Germany I258266 Generations 
66 Wilhelmina  1821Prussia, Germany I35612 Generations 
67 Wilhelmina  1826Prussia, Germany I258356 Generations 
68 Wilhelmina  1830Prussia, Germany I261280 Generations 
69 Wilhelmine  1816Prussia, Germany I265242 Generations 
70 Wilhelmine  1833Prussia, Germany I153866 Generations 
71 Ante, Hulda  20 Jul 1852Prussia, Germany I79323 Generations 
72 Badke, William  1817Prussia, Germany I90809 Generations 
73 Baisey, Susetta  1823Prussia, Germany I258425 Generations 
74 Barker, Elisibeth  1841Prussia, Germany I258302 Generations 
75 Becker, Mary  Feb 1883Prussia, Germany I156064 Generations 
76 Beitz, Julius  1834Prussia, Germany I159279 Generations 
77 Berkherd, Ricka  1841Prussia, Germany I266006 Generations 
78 Bitdorf, Ernst  1807Prussia, Germany I259133 Generations 
79 Bitdorf, Henry  1844Prussia, Germany I259135 Generations 
80 Bitdorf, Lisa  1847Prussia, Germany I259137 Generations 
81 Bleschke, Joseph  1815Prussia, Germany I34895 Generations 
82 Boedecker, Heinrich C. "Henry"  1827Prussia, Germany I153388 Generations 
83 Bôhmer, Ballantine  1850Prussia, Germany I219096 Generations 
84 Borrish, Carl  1825Prussia, Germany I135241 Generations 
85 Breithopf, Rev. Franciskus  1827Prussia, Germany I267148 Generations 
86 Brexlen (?), Augustus  1822Prussia, Germany I258442 Generations 
87 Brown, August William  27 Mar 1826Prussia, Germany I73773 Generations 
88 Brusso, Frederick  Abt 1845Prussia, Germany I353039 Generations 
89 Buncke, William  1831Prussia, Germany I153865 Generations 
90 Burki, Charlotte  1848Prussia, Germany I259225 Generations 
91 Burki, Emilia  1843Prussia, Germany I259223 Generations 
92 Burki, Fredrika  1838Prussia, Germany I259221 Generations 
93 Burki, John  1837Prussia, Germany I259220 Generations 
94 Burki, Lisa  1841Prussia, Germany I259222 Generations 
95 Chlman (?), John  1832Prussia, Germany I259783 Generations 
96 Classen, Agnes  CALC 18 Jun 1780Prussia, Germany I38850 Generations 
97 Clausz, Charles  1828Prussia, Germany I267127 Generations 
98 Clos, Othelda  1858Prussia, Germany I125938 Generations 
99 Clowalski, Rev. Edward  1829Prussia, Germany I267093 Generations 
100 Conrad, Caroline  7 Jun 1860Prussia, Germany I80316 Generations 
101 Conrad, Henry  28 Aug 1863Prussia, Germany I80315 Generations 
102 Conrad, Jacob  30 Jul 1854Prussia, Germany I91064 Generations 
103 Conrad, Matilda  1844Prussia, Germany I261338 Generations 
104 Conrad, Peter  1855Prussia, Germany I219686 Generations 
105 Conrad, Peter  1856Prussia, Germany I219265 Generations 
106 Conrad, Philip  28 Mar 1852Prussia, Germany I80608 Generations 
107 Consmen (?), Charles  1823Prussia, Germany I258206 Generations 
108 Corns, Charles  1833Prussia, Germany I253578 Generations 
109 Dabert, Christian  1825Prussia, Germany I153860 Generations 
110 Damiker, Anna  1855Prussia, Germany I259154 Generations 
111 Damiker, Charles  1837Prussia, Germany I259151 Generations 
112 Damiker, Christian  1808Prussia, Germany I259149 Generations 
113 Damiker, Louisa  1844Prussia, Germany I259152 Generations 
114 Damiker, William  1849Prussia, Germany I259153 Generations 
115 Dapper, August  1849Prussia, Germany I258269 Generations 
116 Dapper, Bertha  1853Prussia, Germany I258268 Generations 
117 Dapper, Frederick  1814Prussia, Germany I258265 Generations 
118 Dapper, Teresa  1850Prussia, Germany I258267 Generations 
119 Dempskie, August  2 Feb 1868Prussia, Germany I43596 Generations 
120 Dempskie, John  2 Nov 1822Prussia, Germany I43594 Generations 
121 Dessauer?, Louis W.  1811Prussia, Germany I35051 Generations 
122 Dessauer?, Minerva  1830Prussia, Germany I35052 Generations 
123 Dessauer?, Wolff  1831Prussia, Germany I35053 Generations 
124 Detzler, Margaretta  1818Prussia, Germany I125261 Generations 
125 Disher, Henriette  1841Prussia, Germany I259253 Generations 
126 Disher, Mary  1845Prussia, Germany I259254 Generations 
127 Distelmeier, Edward  1856Prussia, Germany I153726 Generations 
128 Distelmeyer, Amalia "Emma"  18 Apr 1854Prussia, Germany I93571 Generations 
129 Distelmeyer, John Charles  CALC 30 Mar 1821Prussia, Germany I153533 Generations 
130 Doerner, Ameal  1847Prussia, Germany I259464 Generations 
131 Doerner, August  1830Prussia, Germany I259466 Generations 
132 Doerner, August  1833Prussia, Germany I258999 Generations 
133 Doerner, Charles  1825Prussia, Germany I258753 Generations 
134 Doerner, Charls Sen.  1803Prussia, Germany I259461 Generations 
135 Doerner, Lydian  1840Prussia, Germany I259463 Generations 
136 Dorner, August  1833Prussia, Germany I35156 Generations 
137 Dorner, Charles  1804Prussia, Germany I35151 Generations 
138 Dorner, Emile  1847Prussia, Germany I35154 Generations 
139 Dorner, Lydia  1840Prussia, Germany I35153 Generations 
140 Dubrick, Charles  18 May 1845Prussia, Germany I115023 Generations 
141 Dumbolt, Christian  1822Prussia, Germany I154306 Generations 
142 Ecken, John H.  1821Prussia, Germany I219169 Generations 
143 Ezerivinskie, August  9 Nov 1881Prussia, Germany I43590 Generations 
144 Ezerivinskie, Fred  9 Feb 1857Prussia, Germany I43588 Generations 
145 Ezerivinskie, Minnie  9 Oct 1883Prussia, Germany I43591 Generations 
146 Fesa, Arnettena  1853Prussia, Germany I261284 Generations 
147 Fink, John  1815Prussia, Germany I254963 Generations 
148 Fischer, Louisa  1826Prussia, Germany I15438 Generations 
149 Fischer, Lucas "Luke"  14 Oct 1830Prussia, Germany I59520 Generations 
150 Fisher, Daniel  1827Prussia, Germany I264950 Generations 
151 Fisher, Fidel  1835Prussia, Germany I265402 Generations 
152 Flad, Maria  1824Prussia, Germany I265399 Generations 
153 Flath, Rosina  24 Dec 1827Prussia, Germany I79251 Generations 
154 Foester, Preel  1855Prussia, Germany I259592 Generations 
155 Forester, Rev. Stephen  Dec 1849Prussia, Germany I156060 Generations 
156 Fromm, Jenort (?)  1819Prussia, Germany I259368 Generations 
157 Funcken, Rev. Eugene  1831Prussia, Germany I125151 Generations 
158 Gallen, Maria  1825Prussia, Germany I153950 Generations 
159 Gedcke, Charles Gottfried  1864Prussia, Germany I122645 Generations 
160 Gehl, Anton  1807Prussia, Germany I266700 Generations 
161 Gehl, Barbara  1839Prussia, Germany I30187 Generations 
162 Gehl, Feronika  1843Prussia, Germany I266703 Generations 
163 Gehl, Henry  1835Prussia, Germany I133868 Generations 
164 Gehl, Theresa  1845Prussia, Germany I266704 Generations 
165 Gehl, Victor  Abt 1837Prussia, Germany I266567 Generations 
166 Gilles, Hubert  CALC 1820Prussia, Germany I243120 Generations 
167 Gillis, Charles  1837Prussia, Germany I35377 Generations 
168 Gillis, Mary  1832Prussia, Germany I35988 Generations 
169 Gillis, Matthias  1785Prussia, Germany I35972 Generations 
170 Gillis, Matthias  1836Prussia, Germany I34874 Generations 
171 Gillis, Michael  1825Prussia, Germany I34889 Generations 
172 Gillis, William  1841Prussia, Germany I35975 Generations 
173 Glinheman, Charles  1843Prussia, Germany I265243 Generations 
174 Glinheman, Frederick  1847Prussia, Germany I265244 Generations 
175 Glinheman, William  1803Prussia, Germany I265241 Generations 
176 Graul, Fredricka  30 Jul 1826Prussia, Germany I135349 Generations 
177 Gross, Christian  1835Prussia, Germany I267138 Generations 
178 Habbich, John  1813Prussia, Germany I219355 Generations 
179 Hanich, Fredk  1851Prussia, Germany I144828 Generations 
180 Hanich, Henrietta  1848Prussia, Germany I144829 Generations 
181 Harnack, Amelia  1869Prussia, Germany I144788 Generations 
182 Harnack, Charles  27 Nov 1843Prussia, Germany I144786 Generations 
183 Harnack, Christian  6 Feb 1845Prussia, Germany I144893 Generations 
184 Hartleb, Anna Elizabeth  1836Prussia, Germany I35273 Generations 
185 Hartleb, Balser  1830Prussia, Germany I35272 Generations 
186 Hartleb, Johannes  1845Prussia, Germany I35275 Generations 
187 Hartleb, Juliana  1842Prussia, Germany I35274 Generations 
188 Hartleb, Wilhelm  9 Mar 1801Prussia, Germany I35269 Generations 
189 Hashlip, Maria Sophia  1820Prussia, Germany I154652 Generations 
190 Hauk, Charles  1826Prussia, Germany I34876 Generations 
191 Hayman, Mary Elizabeth  Dec 1853Prussia, Germany I329148 Generations 
192 Heideman, William  1851Prussia, Germany I309261 Generations 
193 Held, John  1833Prussia, Germany I219357 Generations 
194 Hemmer, Gottleib  1826Prussia, Germany I142692 Generations 
195 Hemmer, Mary  1861Prussia, Germany I142694 Generations 
196 Henning, William  1816Prussia, Germany I35865 Generations 
197 Henzel, Maria  1841Prussia, Germany I152012 Generations 
198 Herber, John  1833Prussia, Germany I215475 Generations 
199 Herres, John  CALC 5 Jan 1820Prussia, Germany I219107 Generations 
200 Hobb, John  1813Prussia, Germany I261467 Generations 
201 Homuth, Christian J.  28 Sep 1824Prussia, Germany I89393 Generations 
202 Hubert, Henry  4 Jun 1834Prussia, Germany I60247 Generations 
203 Jaglowitz, Francis A. "Frank"  1 May 1864Prussia, Germany I89920 Generations 
204 Keffer, August  1848Prussia, Germany I265972 Generations 
205 Kersnowski, Eva  5 Nov 1852Prussia, Germany I144894 Generations 
206 Knittel, Albert  1847Prussia, Germany I257374 Generations 
207 Knittel, Ccestao (?)  1849Prussia, Germany I257375 Generations 
208 Knittel, Eda  1851Prussia, Germany I257377 Generations 
209 Knittel, Richard  1850Prussia, Germany I257376 Generations 
210 Koch, Barbara Elizabeth  18 Jul 1844Prussia, Germany I352932 Generations 
211 Koepfel, Henry  1815Prussia, Germany I261122 Generations 
212 Korenske, August  1847Prussia, Germany I144779 Generations 
213 Korenske, Fredk  1867Prussia, Germany I144782 Generations 
214 Korker, August  1846Prussia, Germany I258357 Generations 
215 Korker, Frederick  1851Prussia, Germany I258359 Generations 
216 Korker, Gotfred  1816Prussia, Germany I258355 Generations 
217 Korker, Gotfred  1848Prussia, Germany I258358 Generations 
218 Korker, Otto  1857Prussia, Germany I258361 Generations 
219 Korker, Wilhelmina  1853Prussia, Germany I258360 Generations 
220 Kraus, Charles  1848Prussia, Germany I259248 Generations 
221 Kraus, Emilia  1855Prussia, Germany I259249 Generations 
222 Kraus, Fred.  1814Prussia, Germany I259244 Generations 
223 Kraus, Henry  1844Prussia, Germany I259246 Generations 
224 Kreimer, Wilhelmina  1850Prussia, Germany I35610 Generations 
225 Kreimer, William  1824Prussia, Germany I35608 Generations 
226 Kreman, William  1819Prussia, Germany I258424 Generations 
227 Krohn, Dorothy  1802Prussia, Germany I215104 Generations 
228 Krutz, Joseph  1803Prussia, Germany I220032 Generations 
229 Krutz, Margretha  1848Prussia, Germany I220034 Generations 
230 Krutz, Mary  1850Prussia, Germany I220035 Generations 
231 Kuhl, Maria Anna  CALC 16 Jun 1800Prussia, Germany I233329 Generations 
232 Kuhn, Henriette  27 Oct 1849Prussia, Germany I157565 Generations 
233 Kutz, William  1825Prussia, Germany I35611 Generations 
234 Leanan (?), Henry  1852Prussia, Germany I252117 Generations 
235 Leanan (?), John  1828Prussia, Germany I252115 Generations 
236 Loeb, William  1838Prussia, Germany I258920 Generations 
237 Löbig, Anna Mary  19 Jul 1829Prussia, Germany I125842 Generations 
238 Mantushfoska, Barbara  1820Prussia, Germany I12063 Generations 
239 Marquardt, Gottlieb  Abt 1848Prussia, Germany I354029 Generations 
240 Martin, John  1831Prussia, Germany I259358 Generations 
241 Maurer, Barbara  1834Prussia, Germany I35744 Generations 
242 Maurer, Charles  1840Prussia, Germany I35743 Generations 
243 Maurer, Jacob  CALC 13 Jun 1808Prussia, Germany I112100 Generations 
244 Maurer, John  CALC 18 Mar 1838Prussia, Germany I35742 Generations 
245 May, Augusta  8 May 1846Prussia, Germany I144787 Generations 
246 Mayer, Julius  1826Prussia, Germany I259027 Generations 
247 Mehnke, Christian  1850Prussia, Germany I148334 Generations 
248 Mellow, Henrietta  1848Prussia, Germany I259730 Generations 
249 Mellow, Johannah  1853Prussia, Germany I259731 Generations 
250 Miller, August  1848Prussia, Germany I219856 Generations 
251 Miller, Carl  1844Prussia, Germany I219855 Generations 
252 Miller, Charles  1837Prussia, Germany I265930 Generations 
253 Miller, Fred  1820Prussia, Germany I219853 Generations 
254 Miller, Frederick  1833Prussia, Germany I265926 Generations 
255 Miller, John D.  1821Prussia, Germany I30529 Generations 
256 Minke, Louisa  1855Prussia, Germany I147747 Generations 
257 Mouny (?), Jacob  1807Prussia, Germany I253580 Generations 
258 Mouser, Charles  1842Prussia, Germany I258627 Generations 
259 Mouser, Jacob  1808Prussia, Germany I258625 Generations 
260 Muratzki, Henry  1818Prussia, Germany I204806 Generations 
261 Myers, John  1799Prussia, Germany I258717 Generations 
262 Nicholus, Fredericka  1845Prussia, Germany I264955 Generations 
263 Offleman, Nicholis  27 Jan 1850Prussia, Germany I73335 Generations 
264 Olinski, John  17 Feb 1848Prussia, Germany I69072 Generations 
265 Pelz, Gustav William  24 Sep 1830Prussia, Germany I350465 Generations 
266 Piellusch, Marie "Mary"  11 Nov 1872Prussia, Germany I330085 Generations 
267 Piellusch, Minnie  1890Prussia, Germany I308873 Generations 
268 Plath, Caroline Henrietta  13 Oct 1829Prussia, Germany I125610 Generations 
269 Podawn, Gustave  1874Prussia, Germany I309205 Generations 
270 Radke, Ernest  Nov 1874Prussia, Germany I204414 Generations 
271 Rech, Frederich  1828Prussia, Germany I265245 Generations 
272 Rech, Mina  1853Prussia, Germany I265247 Generations 
273 Rech, William  1856Prussia, Germany I265248 Generations 
274 Rogaschefska, Sister Gudila  Jan 1869Prussia, Germany I201589 Generations 
275 Rose, C.  1805Prussia, Germany I154682 Generations 
276 Rütz, Peter  1827Prussia, Germany I219831 Generations 
277 Schild, Appolonia  1 Nov 1821Prussia, Germany I38193 Generations 
278 Schitz, John  1832Prussia, Germany I267212 Generations 
279 Schlueter, William Charles  1830Prussia, Germany I112401 Generations 
280 Schmidt, Catherine  1844Prussia, Germany I70340 Generations 
281 Schmidt, Jacob  1851Prussia, Germany I125378 Generations 
282 Schmidt, Margaret  1850Prussia, Germany I121052 Generations 
283 Schmidt, Martin  1813Prussia, Germany I38194 Generations 
284 Schmidt, Mathias  1831Prussia, Germany I153902 Generations 
285 Schmidt, Peter  1812Prussia, Germany I267149 Generations 
286 Schmigelske, Fredk  1845Prussia, Germany I144740 Generations 
287 Schneider, Bertha  1845Prussia, Germany I35507 Generations 
288 Schoeneich, Hugo  Jan 1870Prussia, Germany I174565 Generations 
289 Schriber, John  1867Prussia, Germany I148339 Generations 
290 Schroeder, William  1826Prussia, Germany I259240 Generations 
291 Schuler, John  1831Prussia, Germany I125988 Generations 
292 Schultz, Christine  22 Jun 1834Prussia, Germany I93022 Generations 
293 Schultz, Sophia  28 Mar 1826Prussia, Germany I89392 Generations 
294 Shoenheit, August  1834Prussia, Germany I295839 Generations 
295 Shunke, William  1853Prussia, Germany I216073 Generations 
296 Simon, V.  1827Prussia, Germany I154305 Generations 
297 Sknofske, Barbara  1864Prussia, Germany I144904 Generations 
298 Sknofske, Eva  1870Prussia, Germany I144905 Generations 
299 Sknofske, Frank  1879Prussia, Germany I144907 Generations 
300 Sknofske, Mary  1857Prussia, Germany I144902 Generations 
301 Sknofske, Mechan  1846Prussia, Germany I144900 Generations 
302 Sknofske, Rose  1875Prussia, Germany I144906 Generations 
303 Slontie, Christian  1842Prussia, Germany I147736 Generations 
304 Smith, John  1827Prussia, Germany I261271 Generations 
305 Spector, Lily  Oct 1910Prussia, Germany I183732 Generations 
306 Spector, Michael  Aug 1903Prussia, Germany I183731 Generations 
307 Spector, Samuel  Mar 1884Prussia, Germany I183729 Generations 
308 Spreeman, Frederich  1809Prussia, Germany I215103 Generations 
309 Spriemann, Charles  1837Prussia, Germany I152961 Generations 
310 Stahlberg, August  1825Prussia, Germany I33712 Generations 
311 Stahlschmidt, Lewise  1848Prussia, Germany I293302 Generations 
312 Szekofoski (?), Louis  1842Prussia, Germany I282995 Generations 
313 Toemin, Maria Dorothea  CALC 20 Oct 1799Prussia, Germany I348809 Generations 
314 Tuerk, Frederick William  22 Nov 1844Prussia, Germany I27505 Generations 
315 Uleher (?), Frederick  1830Prussia, Germany I258538 Generations 
316 Velkie, August  1848Prussia, Germany I261216 Generations 
317 Velkie, Christian  1819Prussia, Germany I261213 Generations 
318 Velkie, Fredrica  1855Prussia, Germany I261218 Generations 
319 Velkie, William  1852Prussia, Germany I261217 Generations 
320 Vinning, Mina  9 Nov 1837Prussia, Germany I60259 Generations 
321 Wado, William  1818Prussia, Germany I257915 Generations 
322 Wagner, Margaretha  1832Prussia, Germany I219922 Generations 
323 Waldmean, Eliza  1843Prussia, Germany I261412 Generations 
324 Warlick, Selma  Jan 1881Prussia, Germany I174566 Generations 
325 Weber, George  1843Prussia, Germany I219525 Generations 
326 Weber, George S.  1826Prussia, Germany I219530 Generations 
327 Weisa, Charles  1785Prussia, Germany I264978 Generations 
328 Wilhelm, Elizabeth  12 Jan 1818Prussia, Germany I35866 Generations 
329 Ziegler, Frederike Louise  CALC 17 Nov 1823Prussia, Germany I153583 Generations 
330 Zülke, Francis  1852Prussia, Germany I153980 Generations 
331 Zülke, Herman  1854Prussia, Germany I153981 Generations 


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Birth   Person ID   Tree 
1 Milbrandt, August  Prussia, Germany I68408 Generations 
2 Schmidt, Philipine  Prussia, Germany I353925 Generations