Waterloo Region Generations
A record of the people of Waterloo Region, Ontario.


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Tree: Generations
Latitude: 56.6808333333333, Longitude: -4.32833333333333


Matches 1 to 612 of 612

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Birth   Person ID   Tree 
1 Agnes  1810Scotland I391779 Generations 
2 Agnes  1829Scotland I362751 Generations 
3 Agnes  1830Scotland I392496 Generations 
4 Agnes  1833Scotland I396960 Generations 
5 Agnes  1836Scotland I391854 Generations 
6 Agnes  1845Scotland I361373 Generations 
7 Agnes  1853Scotland I392601 Generations 
8 Ana  1830Scotland I391552 Generations 
9 Ann  1801Scotland I363493 Generations 
10 Ann  1807Scotland I390785 Generations 
11 Ann  1818Scotland I364588 Generations 
12 Ann  1822Scotland I361146 Generations 
13 Ann  1823Scotland I377656 Generations 
14 Ann  1826Scotland I364292 Generations 
15 Ann  1829Scotland I390814 Generations 
16 Ann  1830Scotland I392915 Generations 
17 Ann  1832Scotland I391975 Generations 
18 Ann  1837Scotland I391813 Generations 
19 Ann  1854Scotland I393014 Generations 
20 Anna  1815Scotland I361635 Generations 
21 Annie  1818Scotland I363426 Generations 
22 Catherine  1795Scotland I394888 Generations 
23 Catherine  1808Scotland I373957 Generations 
24 Catherine M.  1820Scotland I364253 Generations 
25 Christena  1824Scotland I394705 Generations 
26 Christiana  1810Scotland I395378 Generations 
27 Christina  1872Scotland I363082 Generations 
28 Elizabeth  1800Scotland I395169 Generations 
29 Elizabeth  1800Scotland I364498 Generations 
30 Elizabeth  1804Scotland I374191 Generations 
31 Elizabeth  1805Scotland I391983 Generations 
32 Elizabeth  1807Scotland I363259 Generations 
33 Elizabeth  1808Scotland I361040 Generations 
34 Elizabeth  1813Scotland I361879 Generations 
35 Elizabeth  1814Scotland I378522 Generations 
36 Elizabeth  1814Scotland I361574 Generations 
37 Elizabeth  1820Scotland I363993 Generations 
38 Elizabeth  1823Scotland I396785 Generations 
39 Elizabeth  1826Scotland I391111 Generations 
40 Elizabeth  1832Scotland I360600 Generations 
41 Elizabeth  1834Scotland I392539 Generations 
42 Elizabeth  1835Scotland I395160 Generations 
43 Elizabeth  1835Scotland I363579 Generations 
44 Elizabeth  1845Scotland I361789 Generations 
45 Elizabeth  1852Scotland I361178 Generations 
46 Ellen  1795Scotland I391895 Generations 
47 Ellen  1817Scotland I392752 Generations 
48 Ellen  1835Scotland I359722 Generations 
49 Ellinor  1807Scotland I395024 Generations 
50 Elsa  1832Scotland I391265 Generations 
51 Elspeth  1839Scotland I392513 Generations 
52 Emma  1830Scotland I361623 Generations 
53 Emma E.  1831Scotland I390762 Generations 
54 Euphemia  1830Scotland I363173 Generations 
55 Grace  1799Scotland I364313 Generations 
56 Helen  1813Scotland I361174 Generations 
57 Helen  1818Scotland I364335 Generations 
58 Hellen  1815Scotland I393854 Generations 
59 Isabella  1810Scotland I390471 Generations 
60 Isabella  1812Scotland I364279 Generations 
61 Isabella  1818Scotland I363840 Generations 
62 Isabella  1823Scotland I393244 Generations 
63 Isabella  1823Scotland I392708 Generations 
64 Isabella  1824Scotland I393032 Generations 
65 Isabella  1828Scotland I362614 Generations 
66 Isabella  1836Scotland I393141 Generations 
67 Isabella  1850Scotland I392894 Generations 
68 Jane  1798Scotland I394166 Generations 
69 Jane  1800Scotland I395165 Generations 
70 Jane  1815Scotland I364300 Generations 
71 Jane  1820Scotland I395408 Generations 
72 Jane  1820Scotland I394260 Generations 
73 Jane  1822Scotland I392001 Generations 
74 Jane  1823Scotland I126065 Generations 
75 Jane  1825Scotland I392287 Generations 
76 Jane  1826Scotland I392749 Generations 
77 Jane  1826Scotland I361973 Generations 
78 Jane  1826Scotland I360730 Generations 
79 Jane  1829Scotland I363490 Generations 
80 Jane  1835Scotland I391919 Generations 
81 Jane  1835Scotland I364887 Generations 
82 Jane  1867Scotland I363001 Generations 
83 Janet  1796Scotland I393721 Generations 
84 Janet  1801Scotland I360601 Generations 
85 Janet  1816Scotland I362142 Generations 
86 Janet  1824Scotland I363649 Generations 
87 Janet  1828Scotland I362810 Generations 
88 Janet  1840Scotland I364851 Generations 
89 Jannet  UnknownScotland I390805 Generations 
90 Jannet  1790Scotland I394712 Generations 
91 Jannet  1806Scotland I394689 Generations 
92 Jannet  1820Scotland I394697 Generations 
93 Jemima  1825Scotland I395254 Generations 
94 Jenett  1817Scotland I391034 Generations 
95 Jessie  1806Scotland I362611 Generations 
96 Jessie  1835Scotland I361988 Generations 
97 Katherine  1827Scotland I360735 Generations 
98 M.  1833Scotland I395774 Generations 
99 Margaret  1796Scotland I392403 Generations 
100 Margaret  1798Scotland I363739 Generations 
101 Margaret  1817Scotland I364648 Generations 
102 Margaret  1820Scotland I363810 Generations 
103 Margaret  1823Scotland I392680 Generations 
104 Margaret  1823Scotland I363926 Generations 
105 Margaret  1825Scotland I363689 Generations 
106 Margaret  1828Scotland I364274 Generations 
107 Margaret  1829Scotland I373748 Generations 
108 Margaret  1831Scotland I362532 Generations 
109 Margaret  1833Scotland I362463 Generations 
110 Margaret  1841Scotland I363575 Generations 
111 Margaret  1845Scotland I393089 Generations 
112 Margaret  1914Scotland I361807 Generations 
113 Marion  1823Scotland I362863 Generations 
114 Martha  1841Scotland I392489 Generations 
115 Mary  1803Scotland I391259 Generations 
116 Mary  1820Scotland I364234 Generations 
117 Mary  1826Scotland I364175 Generations 
118 Mary  1835Scotland I362675 Generations 
119 Mary  1839Scotland I363609 Generations 
120 Nancy  1834Scotland I360053 Generations 
121 Phoebe  1845Scotland I364218 Generations 
122 Sarah  1788Scotland I391465 Generations 
123 Sarah  1828Scotland I391608 Generations 
124 Susan  1816Scotland I364689 Generations 
125 ?  1805Scotland I395772 Generations 
126 ????, Daniel  1840Scotland I390525 Generations 
127 Adams, Jemima  1847Scotland I397316 Generations 
128 Adams, William  1818Scotland I397314 Generations 
129 Alexander, Robert  1833Scotland I362570 Generations 
130 Allan, James  1824Scotland I361487 Generations 
131 Allen, Malcolm  1803Scotland I395033 Generations 
132 Allison, John  1821Scotland I392787 Generations 
133 Allison, John  1852Scotland I393050 Generations 
134 Allison, Maggie  1848Scotland I392791 Generations 
135 Allison, Marion  1866Scotland I392789 Generations 
136 Allison, Thomas  1850Scotland I392777 Generations 
137 Anderson, Duncan  1825Scotland I390761 Generations 
138 Anderson, George  1869Scotland I362384 Generations 
139 Anderson, John  1834Scotland I361270 Generations 
140 Anderson, John  1845Scotland I362382 Generations 
141 Anderson, Mary  1819Scotland I373968 Generations 
142 Anderson, Susan  1871Scotland I362385 Generations 
143 Anderson, William  1818Scotland I361218 Generations 
144 Armstrong, David  1828Scotland I392914 Generations 
145 Armstrong, Jane  1859Scotland I392917 Generations 
146 Armstrong, Janet  1858Scotland I392916 Generations 
147 Armstrong, Joseph  1861Scotland I392918 Generations 
148 Bain, Alexander  16 Oct 1898Scotland I379776 Generations 
149 Bain, Catherine  1903Scotland I383069 Generations 
150 Baird, Thomas  1828Scotland I394676 Generations 
151 Baker, George Alfred  1834Scotland I389011 Generations 
152 Ballantyne, Harold  1895Scotland I379427 Generations 
153 Ballentyne, Jane  1846Scotland I362383 Generations 
154 Ballenytne, John  1836Scotland I362631 Generations 
155 Ballingal, Maragret  1818Scotland I363194 Generations 
156 Barbour, John  1790Scotland I388702 Generations 
157 Barclay, James  1825Scotland I374056 Generations 
158 Barclay, Janet  1837Scotland I362632 Generations 
159 Barker, William  1828Scotland I364886 Generations 
160 Baron (?), Walter  1829Scotland I393798 Generations 
161 Barrie, George  1827Scotland I393151 Generations 
162 Barrie, John  1826Scotland I393140 Generations 
163 Barron, Ellen  1840Scotland I397515 Generations 
164 Bennett, John  1832Scotland I398010 Generations 
165 Beveridge, Margaret  1858Scotland I364135 Generations 
166 Bird, Joseph Campbell  CALC 14 Nov 1880Scotland I388797 Generations 
167 Black, John  1804Scotland I395020 Generations 
168 Blackwood, Robert  1827Scotland I393072 Generations 
169 Boyd, Edward  1824Scotland I397017 Generations 
170 Brown, Maggie  1845Scotland I378494 Generations 
171 Bruce, John  1830Scotland I362693 Generations 
172 Brydon, James  1810Scotland I373998 Generations 
173 Buchan, Margaret  1830Scotland I393962 Generations 
174 Buchanan, James  1843Scotland I361618 Generations 
175 Burnett, Thomas  1803Scotland I393880 Generations 
176 Burt, Margaret  1834Scotland I393631 Generations 
177 Cairns, Alexander  1837Scotland I392818 Generations 
178 Calder, Archibald  1828Scotland I391232 Generations 
179 Calder, Elizabeth  1850Scotland I360897 Generations 
180 Caldwell, David  1825Scotland I393840 Generations 
181 Caldwell, Isabella  1839Scotland I392466 Generations 
182 Caldwell, James  1843Scotland I392468 Generations 
183 Caldwell, John  1832Scotland I392465 Generations 
184 Caldwell, Joseph  1841Scotland I392467 Generations 
185 Caldwell, Thomas  1834Scotland I392469 Generations 
186 Caldwell, William  1836Scotland I392453 Generations 
187 Cameron, Dugald  1903Scotland I382447 Generations 
188 Campbell, Alice  1858Scotland I361505 Generations 
189 Campbell, James  1820Scotland I361382 Generations 
190 Campbell, John  1835Scotland I392488 Generations 
191 Campbell, Robert  1840Scotland I359374 Generations 
192 Campbell, Thomas  1840Scotland I391820 Generations 
193 Cant, Charlotte  1889Scotland I388585 Generations 
194 Carrick, William  1819Scotland I393929 Generations 
195 Chalmers, William  1818Scotland I364334 Generations 
196 Cleghorn, John  1830Scotland I365843 Generations 
197 Cleland, Andrew W.  1820Scotland I395253 Generations 
198 Cleland, Margaret  1847Scotland I395255 Generations 
199 Clouston, William  1835Scotland I362613 Generations 
200 Conachie, Charles  1878Scotland I361046 Generations 
201 Conachie, George  1875Scotland I361045 Generations 
202 Conachie, Margaret  1872Scotland I361044 Generations 
203 Conachie, Robert  1861Scotland I361042 Generations 
204 Connor, Mary  1840Scotland I364197 Generations 
205 Cook, James  1851Scotland I395380 Generations 
206 Cook, Jannet  1845Scotland I395132 Generations 
207 Cook, Robert  1798Scotland I395130 Generations 
208 Cook, Robert  1836Scotland I395377 Generations 
209 Corrie, Robert  1820Scotland I359721 Generations 
210 Coulthard, Jane  1833Scotland I364162 Generations 
211 Coulthard, Joseph  1832Scotland I360752 Generations 
212 Coulthard, William  1823Scotland I364161 Generations 
213 Coutts, Alexander  1804Scotland I390470 Generations 
214 Coutts, William  1828Scotland I391974 Generations 
215 Cowan, Margaret  1819Scotland I378659 Generations 
216 Cowan, S. James  1809Scotland I393157 Generations 
217 Cowan, William  1815Scotland I363451 Generations 
218 Cowan, William  1828Scotland I393162 Generations 
219 Cowan, William  1841Scotland I378696 Generations 
220 Craigie, Christina  1850Scotland I363994 Generations 
221 Crawford, James  1898Scotland I381008 Generations 
222 Crosbie, David  1844Scotland I361266 Generations 
223 Cumming, Richard  1820Scotland I363425 Generations 
224 Currie, Margaret  1836Scotland I361244 Generations 
225 Currie, Mary H.  1917Scotland I382006 Generations 
226 Curry, Agnes  1839Scotland I395583 Generations 
227 Curry, David  1837Scotland I395582 Generations 
228 Curry, George  1835Scotland I395581 Generations 
229 Curry, John  1828Scotland I395579 Generations 
230 Curry, William  1798Scotland I395577 Generations 
231 Custer, James  1824Scotland I397018 Generations 
232 Deans, John  1830Scotland I393088 Generations 
233 Dickey, Alexander  1815Scotland I378677 Generations 
234 Dickey, David  1859Scotland I378679 Generations 
235 Dickie, Christina  1867Scotland I393928 Generations 
236 Dickieson, James  1821Scotland I392748 Generations 
237 Docherty, Isabella  1859Scotland I373937 Generations 
238 Donaldson, Agnes Bicket  24 Sep 1894Scotland I387794 Generations 
239 Donnald, Robert  1791Scotland I392243 Generations 
240 Donnell, Peter  1839Scotland I364122 Generations 
241 Doughty, George  1850Scotland I361586 Generations 
242 Dryman, Agnes  1825Scotland I393841 Generations 
243 Duncan, Jane  1851Scotland I360718 Generations 
244 Dunlop, James  1853Scotland I363691 Generations 
245 Dunn, Adam  1830Scotland I393034 Generations 
246 Dunnett, Catherine  1869Scotland I361791 Generations 
247 Dunnett, Charles  1872Scotland I361792 Generations 
248 Dyer, Margaret  1860Scotland I363260 Generations 
249 Elizabeth  1800Scotland I390462 Generations 
250 Elliott, Janet  1832Scotland I392768 Generations 
251 Elliott, Mary  1830Scotland I393575 Generations 
252 Fairgrieve, George  1850Scotland I362485 Generations 
253 Farquhar, Allan  1864Scotland I360731 Generations 
254 Ferguson, Ann  1803Scotland I394880 Generations 
255 Ferguson, Archi  1861Scotland I363954 Generations 
256 Ferguson, Hugh  1814Scotland I392756 Generations 
257 Ferguson, Margaret  1804Scotland I395034 Generations 
258 Fletcher, Charles  1820Scotland I394017 Generations 
259 Ford, Alice H.  CA 1827Scotland I387982 Generations 
260 Ford, George  1828Scotland I393757 Generations 
261 Forrest, Benjamin  1831Scotland I360346 Generations 
262 Forrest, Robert  1820Scotland I364291 Generations 
263 Forsythe, Archibald  1818Scotland I363226 Generations 
264 Fraser, Ellen  1835Scotland I393035 Generations 
265 Galway, Annie  1849Scotland I363261 Generations 
266 Garland, James  1805Scotland I395293 Generations 
267 Garland, John  1841Scotland I395291 Generations 
268 Garland, William  1808Scotland I395289 Generations 
269 Garland, William  1843Scotland I395292 Generations 
270 Gibb, Agnes  1846Scotland I361329 Generations 
271 Gilchrist, Elizabeth  1832Scotland I395267 Generations 
272 Gilmour, Alexander  1824Scotland I364174 Generations 
273 Grant, Angeline  1856Scotland I374673 Generations 
274 Grant, Anna  1858Scotland I374680 Generations 
275 Gray, Robert  1826Scotland I363276 Generations 
276 Grieve, Catherine  1801Scotland I388203 Generations 
277 Grieve, James  1818Scotland I393882 Generations 
278 Griffin, Lottie  1872Scotland I393918 Generations 
279 Grills, Charles  1869Scotland I361230 Generations 
280 Gunn, Jane  1808Scotland I391973 Generations 
281 Haggert, Ann  1824Scotland I363227 Generations 
282 Hamilton, Thomas  1820Scotland I392495 Generations 
283 Harrison, Madie  1863Scotland I362849 Generations 
284 Harrow, David  1845Scotland I391262 Generations 
285 Harrow, Robert  1835Scotland I391261 Generations 
286 Harrow, William  1798Scotland I391258 Generations 
287 Harrow, William  1831Scotland I391260 Generations 
288 Hastings, David  1835Scotland I392019 Generations 
289 Hastings, William  1820Scotland I391927 Generations 
290 Hay, Susan Woods  1890Scotland I382289 Generations 
291 Hayderman (?), Robert  1825Scotland I364884 Generations 
292 Helm, Isabella  1831Scotland I392541 Generations 
293 Henderson, Andrew  1834Scotland I373918 Generations 
294 Henderson, James  1823Scotland I396959 Generations 
295 Henderson, Margaret  1805Scotland I373854 Generations 
296 Henderson, Martha  1872Scotland I361888 Generations 
297 Henderson, William  1812Scotland I373853 Generations 
298 Henderson, William  1835Scotland I388017 Generations 
299 Hislop, George  1827Scotland I374203 Generations 
300 Hogg, James  1822Scotland I393990 Generations 
301 Hogg, Mary  26 Feb 1804Scotland I380542 Generations 
302 Hollywood, John  1917Scotland I383016 Generations 
303 Hope, George  1828Scotland I393574 Generations 
304 Hope, Margaret  1840Scotland I374186 Generations 
305 Hounam, Mary  1856Scotland I393664 Generations 
306 Hunter, Agnes  1826Scotland I392910 Generations 
307 Hunter, David  1840Scotland I394675 Generations 
308 Hutcheson, Isabella  1826Scotland I362972 Generations 
309 Hutchinson, Adam  1828Scotland I391812 Generations 
310 Hutchinson, Hugh  1824Scotland I391954 Generations 
311 Hutson, Elizabeth  1838Scotland I393620 Generations 
312 Hutson, William  1841Scotland I393630 Generations 
313 Irving, James  1865Scotland I378664 Generations 
314 Jackson, Janet  1820Scotland I393883 Generations 
315 Jackson, William  1830Scotland I362299 Generations 
316 James, Mary  1823Scotland I364195 Generations 
317 Jamieson, Catherine  1864Scotland I363560 Generations 
318 Jamieson, John  1822Scotland I363558 Generations 
319 Jardine, David  1840Scotland I362438 Generations 
320 Jardine, James  1865Scotland I361788 Generations 
321 Johnston, Jane  1840Scotland I360709 Generations 
322 King, Adam  1839Scotland I363801 Generations 
323 Kinnoch, Jane  1934Scotland I385086 Generations 
324 Kinsman, Jane  1815Scotland I363210 Generations 
325 Knox, William  1813Scotland I394695 Generations 
326 Kynoch, William  1833Scotland I363775 Generations 
327 Lapsley, William  1838Scotland I361054 Generations 
328 Leighton, Barbara  1851Scotland I392006 Generations 
329 Leighton, Isabella  1850Scotland I392005 Generations 
330 Leighton, Jane  1848Scotland I392004 Generations 
331 Leighton, Mary  1846Scotland I392003 Generations 
332 Leighton, Robert  1844Scotland I392002 Generations 
333 Leighton, William  1814Scotland I392000 Generations 
334 Leithead, May K.  1904Scotland I382262 Generations 
335 Leslie, James  1886Scotland I382430 Generations 
336 Little, Christina  1829Scotland I374204 Generations 
337 Littlejohn, Jessie Kay  1832Scotland I391934 Generations 
338 Livingstone, James  1838Scotland I397516 Generations 
339 Lockie, John  1851Scotland I373972 Generations 
340 Lockie, William  1848Scotland I393597 Generations 
341 Logan, Alexander  1823Scotland I390524 Generations 
342 Love, Sarah  1853Scotland I363008 Generations 
343 Lyndman, Robert  1826Scotland I391999 Generations 
344 Malcolm, Francis  1825Scotland I363115 Generations 
345 Malcolmson, James  1820Scotland I361104 Generations 
346 March, Hannah  1842Scotland I362540 Generations 
347 Marshall, James  1830Scotland I360513 Generations 
348 Marshall, John  1827Scotland I373838 Generations 
349 Martindale, John  1821Scotland I363883 Generations 
350 Matheson, John  1825Scotland I397481 Generations 
351 Mathew, Jane Nichol  1922Scotland I385187 Generations 
352 McArthur, David  1813Scotland I392922 Generations 
353 McArthur, William  1839Scotland I392919 Generations 
354 McCallister, Grace  1814Scotland I361772 Generations 
355 McCartney, Catherine  3 Jul 1864Scotland I389043 Generations 
356 McCartney, John  30 Jul 1869Scotland I389044 Generations 
357 McColl, Archibald  1813Scotland I396784 Generations 
358 McCrea, Elizabeth  1819Scotland I391972 Generations 
359 McCruton, Archibald  1840Scotland I391897 Generations 
360 McCutcheon, Robert A.  1807Scotland I391982 Generations 
361 McDonald, Abraham  1817Scotland I362371 Generations 
362 McDonald, Donald  1815Scotland I394115 Generations 
363 McDonald, Donald  1863Scotland I361232 Generations 
364 McDonald, Elizabeth  1850Scotland I362700 Generations 
365 McDonald, George  1841Scotland I390534 Generations 
366 McDonald, Janet  1830Scotland I392797 Generations 
367 McDonald, John  1844Scotland I364788 Generations 
368 McDonald, Mary  1856Scotland I364142 Generations 
369 McDougal, Eliza  1846Scotland I364651 Generations 
370 McDougal, Isabella  1844Scotland I364650 Generations 
371 McDougal, James  1848Scotland I364652 Generations 
372 McGeorge, Annabella  1881Scotland I364144 Generations 
373 McGeorge, David  1846Scotland I364141 Generations 
374 McGeorge, David  1879Scotland I364143 Generations 
375 McHoul, Robert Paterson  1890Scotland I387655 Generations 
376 McIntyre, Helen  1838Scotland I363277 Generations 
377 McKay, Alexander  1832Scotland I391264 Generations 
378 McKay, Bathia  CALC 7 Jul 1853Scotland I388334 Generations 
379 McKay, Christina  1830Scotland I365510 Generations 
380 McKay, John  1815Scotland I392515 Generations 
381 McKay, Mary  1830Scotland I378678 Generations 
382 McKenzie, William  1808Scotland I362375 Generations 
383 McKersie, Margaret  1831Scotland I395050 Generations 
384 McKie, Jean  1820Scotland I394713 Generations 
385 McKillop, Angus  1902Scotland I382630 Generations 
386 McKinley, Donald  1823Scotland I386753 Generations 
387 McKinley, Donald  1835Scotland I377659 Generations 
388 McKuett, James  1826Scotland I391551 Generations 
389 McLachlan, Jennie  1849Scotland I361182 Generations 
390 McLean, Ellen  1840Scotland I360788 Generations 
391 McLean, Henry  CA 1905Scotland I183427 Generations 
392 McLean, James  1843Scotland I364691 Generations 
393 McLean, John  1841Scotland I364688 Generations 
394 McLean, Margaret  1838Scotland I361095 Generations 
395 McLellan, Angus  1831Scotland I393861 Generations 
396 McLellan, John  1824Scotland I361185 Generations 
397 McLeod, Annie  1860Scotland I364021 Generations 
398 McLeod, Ronald  1835Scotland I361622 Generations 
399 McMurchy, Janet  1831Scotland I362577 Generations 
400 McNab, Alex  1828Scotland I363080 Generations 
401 McNaughton, Agnes  1868Scotland I363610 Generations 
402 McPherson, Anna  1852Scotland I392793 Generations 
403 McPherson, Isabella  1815Scotland I363134 Generations 
404 McPherson, John  1836Scotland I392492 Generations 
405 McPherson, Perter  1834Scotland I378343 Generations 
406 McRae, Donald  1842Scotland I362531 Generations 
407 McRae, Isabella  1840Scotland I361692 Generations 
408 McRae, James  1780Scotland I364898 Generations 
409 McRae, Samuel  1838Scotland I363155 Generations 
410 McTavish, Duncan  1828Scotland I364273 Generations 
411 McTavish, James  1840Scotland I364590 Generations 
412 McTavish, John  1815Scotland I364252 Generations 
413 McTavish, Peter  1822Scotland I364264 Generations 
414 McTavish, Peter  1842Scotland I364591 Generations 
415 McTavish, Peter  1842Scotland I364254 Generations 
416 McVicar, Janet  1860Scotland I148105 Generations 
417 McWilliams, Charles  1853Scotland I362872 Generations 
418 Melross, James  1849Scotland I393109 Generations 
419 Menzies, Jane  1866Scotland I360732 Generations 
420 Menzies, Janet  1873Scotland I363577 Generations 
421 Menzies, Richard  1871Scotland I363576 Generations 
422 Menzies, William  1842Scotland I363574 Generations 
423 Mercer, George  1865Scotland I360933 Generations 
424 Milar, David  1859Scotland I361275 Generations 
425 Millar, David  1795Scotland I395771 Generations 
426 Miller, Ellen  Jul 1851Scotland I392762 Generations 
427 Miller, James  1849Scotland I363070 Generations 
428 Miller, Janet  1819Scotland I394192 Generations 
429 Miller, John  1789Scotland I394165 Generations 
430 Miller, Margaret  1828Scotland I394677 Generations 
431 Miller, William  1799Scotland I394190 Generations 
432 Millson, Alex  1826Scotland I391935 Generations 
433 Milne, Charles  1843Scotland I397518 Generations 
434 Milne, Robert  1841Scotland I397520 Generations 
435 Milner, Betsey  1851Scotland I360771 Generations 
436 Milroy, John  1826Scotland I392929 Generations 
437 Mitchell, Alexander  1793Scotland I394711 Generations 
438 Mitchell, Helen F.  1886Scotland I372421 Generations 
439 Mitchell, William  1828Scotland I394704 Generations 
440 Moffat, John  1813Scotland I363594 Generations 
441 Montgomery, Mary  1861Scotland I360760 Generations 
442 Montgomery, Walter  1870Scotland I360761 Generations 
443 Morton, William  1845Scotland I378493 Generations 
444 Moss, James  1830Scotland I364885 Generations 
445 Murphy, Mary  1901Scotland I381271 Generations 
446 Murray, Adam  1835Scotland I361090 Generations 
447 Murray, Alexander  1814Scotland I393902 Generations 
448 Murray, Charlotte  1809Scotland I390461 Generations 
449 Murray, Duncan  1840Scotland I361454 Generations 
450 Murray, Ellen  1836Scotland I362300 Generations 
451 Murray, George  1857Scotland I362752 Generations 
452 Murray, John  1814Scotland I394665 Generations 
453 Murray, John  1818Scotland I377944 Generations 
454 Murray, Robert  1836Scotland I362750 Generations 
455 Murray, Robert  1836Scotland I362360 Generations 
456 Nairn, David  1851Scotland I363353 Generations 
457 Nesbitt, Ann  1830Scotland I392788 Generations 
458 O'Hanley, Murdock  1847Scotland I362602 Generations 
459 Oliver, Adam  1829Scotland I392661 Generations 
460 Oliver, Andrew  1815Scotland I393084 Generations 
461 Oliver, James  1855Scotland I393663 Generations 
462 Oliver, John  1825Scotland I362973 Generations 
463 Oliver, John  1836Scotland I392878 Generations 
464 Oliver, John  1859Scotland I373761 Generations 
465 Oliver, Mary  1879Scotland I393665 Generations 
466 Oliver, Thomas  1817Scotland I362494 Generations 
467 Orr, Andrew  1822Scotland I393147 Generations 
468 Orr, George  1841Scotland I374185 Generations 
469 Parker  CA 1835Scotland I360054 Generations 
470 Patrick, Robert  1846Scotland I360969 Generations 
471 Patterson, Elizabeth  1857Scotland I363604 Generations 
472 Patterson, James  1820Scotland I364233 Generations 
473 Patterson, James  1839Scotland I364236 Generations 
474 Patterson, John  1838Scotland I360580 Generations 
475 Patterson, Robert  1837Scotland I364235 Generations 
476 Patterson, Thomas  1814Scotland I394259 Generations 
477 Peddie, Katherine  1876Scotland I360720 Generations 
478 Pollock, John  1848Scotland I363007 Generations 
479 Pringle, George  1824Scotland I363509 Generations 
480 Quinn, Felix  28 Nov 1922Scotland I385303 Generations 
481 Rae, Janet  1826Scotland I373839 Generations 
482 Raeburn, William  1867Scotland I362393 Generations 
483 Ramsay, Barbara  1819Scotland I393991 Generations 
484 Renfrew, Elizabeth  1827Scotland I378462 Generations 
485 Rennie, Archie  1815Scotland I391860 Generations 
486 Renningmale (?), Margaret  1831Scotland I395275 Generations 
487 Richardson, James  1844Scotland I373936 Generations 
488 Robertson, Charles  1817Scotland I364417 Generations 
489 Robertson, Charles  1830Scotland I364496 Generations 
490 Robertson, Christiana  1825Scotland I364500 Generations 
491 Robertson, George  1843Scotland I363860 Generations 
492 Robertson, George C. M.  1868Scotland I379661 Generations 
493 Robertson, John  1830Scotland I364221 Generations 
494 Robertson, Robert  1819Scotland I364299 Generations 
495 Robertson, Susannah  1835Scotland I364501 Generations 
496 Ross, Hugh M.  1904Scotland I383181 Generations 
497 Russell, Elizabeth  1825Scotland I378150 Generations 
498 Schofield, James  1816Scotland I374150 Generations 
499 Scott, Bessie  1841Scotland I392824 Generations 
500 Scott, Isabella  1840Scotland I361176 Generations 
501 Scott, John  1831Scotland I364045 Generations 
502 Scott, Robert  1843Scotland I363446 Generations 
503 Scott, William  1811Scotland I397003 Generations 
504 Scott, William  1817Scotland I392751 Generations 
505 Scrimger, David  1845Scotland I363737 Generations 
506 Scrimger, James  1830Scotland I361106 Generations 
507 Scringer, James  1891Scotland I393833 Generations 
508 Shill, James  1822Scotland I361766 Generations 
509 Sim, Anny  1909Scotland I365015 Generations 
510 Sim, James  UnknownScotland I390804 Generations 
511 Sinclair, Henry  1848Scotland I395412 Generations 
512 Sinclair, Janet  1841Scotland I395410 Generations 
513 Sinclair, Jessie  1842Scotland I394858 Generations 
514 Sinclair, John  1815Scotland I395407 Generations 
515 Sinclair, John  1838Scotland I395409 Generations 
516 Sinclair, John  1838Scotland I394857 Generations 
517 Sinclair, Mary  1842Scotland I360871 Generations 
518 Sinclair, Mary  1843Scotland I395411 Generations 
519 Skene, George  1828Scotland I397301 Generations 
520 Small, Barbara  1826Scotland I363346 Generations 
521 Small, James  1858Scotland I390457 Generations 
522 Smith, Annie  1848Scotland I363914 Generations 
523 Smith, John  1843Scotland I360708 Generations 
524 Smith, William  1829Scotland I394659 Generations 
525 Smith, William  1831Scotland I362803 Generations 
526 Snodgrass, Elizabeth  1863Scotland I378464 Generations 
527 Snodgrass, Jane  1855Scotland I378463 Generations 
528 Snodgrass, Margaret  1867Scotland I378466 Generations 
529 Snodgrass, Mary  1865Scotland I378465 Generations 
530 Snodgrass, Thomas  1825Scotland I378461 Generations 
531 Soutar, John  1830Scotland I392694 Generations 
532 Spalding, Christina  1863Scotland I361076 Generations 
533 Spiers, David  1831Scotland I361109 Generations 
534 Splint, Mary  1824Scotland I397812 Generations 
535 Stark, Andrew  1823Scotland I393119 Generations 
536 Stevenson, Mary  1827Scotland I393724 Generations 
537 Stevenson, William  1824Scotland I393715 Generations 
538 Stevenson, William  1825Scotland I395266 Generations 
539 Stewart, Charles  1812Scotland I361634 Generations 
540 Stewart, John  1839Scotland I395082 Generations 
541 Stewart, John  1857Scotland I361883 Generations 
542 Storey, John  1842Scotland I392499 Generations 
543 Storey, Robert  1820Scotland I392497 Generations 
544 Stratton, Ellen  1827Scotland I392695 Generations 
545 Struthers, Alex  1804Scotland I391849 Generations 
546 Struthers, Alexander  1829Scotland I394091 Generations 
547 Struthers, Mary  1842Scotland I362567 Generations 
548 Stuart, Charles  1861Scotland I362975 Generations 
549 Summerville, James  1779Scotland I395168 Generations 
550 Summerville, Jannet  1840Scotland I395173 Generations 
551 Summerville, John  1829Scotland I395170 Generations 
552 Summerville, Mary  1835Scotland I395172 Generations 
553 Sutherland, Anna  1842Scotland I362694 Generations 
554 Sutherland, John  1836Scotland I394690 Generations 
555 Sutherland, Robert  1806Scotland I394688 Generations 
556 Swan, Jane  1824Scotland I393985 Generations 
557 Taylor, George  1844Scotland I374048 Generations 
558 Taylor, James  1845Scotland I377464 Generations 
559 Taylor, John  1834Scotland I374034 Generations 
560 Taylor, John  1846Scotland I361129 Generations 
561 Taylor, Joseph  1804Scotland I374046 Generations 
562 Tennant, Robert  1830Scotland I395166 Generations 
563 Tennant, William  1802Scotland I395164 Generations 
564 Thompson, Margaret  1842Scotland I396963 Generations 
565 Thomson, Allan  1858Scotland I364024 Generations 
566 Thomson, David  1875Scotland I361098 Generations 
567 Thomson, David Marshall  1900Scotland I387575 Generations 
568 Thomson, Hugh  1829Scotland I373747 Generations 
569 Thomson, John  1871Scotland I361097 Generations 
570 Thomson, Margaret  1850Scotland I361096 Generations 
571 Thomson, Peter  1836Scotland I361094 Generations 
572 Turnbull, James  1840Scotland I393656 Generations 
573 Turnbull, John  1834Scotland I363826 Generations 
574 Turnbull, Robert  1819Scotland I360607 Generations 
575 Turnbull, Thomas  1812Scotland I392696 Generations 
576 Vance, Robert  12 Nov 1804Scotland I380541 Generations 
577 Waldie, George  1827Scotland I360729 Generations 
578 Walker, Mary  1798Scotland I393303 Generations 
579 Walter, Andrew  1834Scotland I360617 Generations 
580 Wardlaw, Margaret  1826Scotland I362281 Generations 
581 Watson, Alice  1844Scotland I393657 Generations 
582 Watson, James  1817Scotland I393961 Generations 
583 Watt, Carrie  1860Scotland I361196 Generations 
584 Watts, Thomas  1810Scotland I391961 Generations 
585 Weir, William  1838Scotland I390464 Generations 
586 Whitten, James  1831Scotland I390458 Generations 
587 Whyte, Margaret  15 Jul 1841Scotland I389184 Generations 
588 Wightman, Adam  1844Scotland I361878 Generations 
589 Wightman, Mary  1860Scotland I361881 Generations 
590 Wilkins, Jane  1846Scotland I363212 Generations 
591 Williamson, William  1818Scotland I364011 Generations 
592 Wills, Mary  1889Scotland I379660 Generations 
593 Wilson, Alexander  1826Scotland I393170 Generations 
594 Wilson, Andrew  1873Scotland I360632 Generations 
595 Wilson, James  1860Scotland I374122 Generations 
596 Wilson, Janet  1854Scotland I360625 Generations 
597 Wilson, John  1791Scotland I364895 Generations 
598 Wilson, John  1831Scotland I390459 Generations 
599 Wilson, John  1833Scotland I364752 Generations 
600 Wilson, Richard  1867Scotland I361660 Generations 
601 Wolff, Ann  1836Scotland I397011 Generations 
602 Wood, Andrew  1800Scotland I394696 Generations 
603 Wood, Jannet  1842Scotland I394698 Generations 
604 Wood, John  1832Scotland I378089 Generations 
605 Woods, John  1833Scotland I360836 Generations 
606 Wright, Agnes  1865Scotland I378387 Generations 
607 Wright, Harriet  1870Scotland I378389 Generations 
608 Wright, James  1836Scotland I378385 Generations 
609 Wright, Jane  1857Scotland I378388 Generations 
610 Wright, Jennie  1850Scotland I378671 Generations 
611 Wright, John  1790Scotland I392402 Generations 
612 Young, William  1851Scotland I361675 Generations