Waterloo Region Generations
A record of the people of Waterloo Region, Ontario.

Seaforth, Huron Co., Ontario

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Latitude: 43.6668014, Longitude: -81.4998017


Matches 1 to 35 of 35

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Birth   Person ID   Tree 
1 Ament, William Kenneth "Kenneth"  27 May 1903Seaforth, Huron Co., Ontario I197888 Generations 
2 Baase, Mary Catherina  1872Seaforth, Huron Co., Ontario I107512 Generations 
3 Belt, Charles Henry  5 May 1866Seaforth, Huron Co., Ontario I89306 Generations 
4 Burrell, Eliza  14 Aug 1864Seaforth, Huron Co., Ontario I290504 Generations 
5 Burrell, Margaret  16 Jun 1862Seaforth, Huron Co., Ontario I57862 Generations 
6 Carswell, Gordon Patterson  6 Apr 1905Seaforth, Huron Co., Ontario I339455 Generations 
7 Elsworth, Leon Chester Hardih  23 Jul 1896Seaforth, Huron Co., Ontario I179117 Generations 
8 Forbes, Robert Ross  7 Apr 1895Seaforth, Huron Co., Ontario I349574 Generations 
9 Gillespie, Dr. William  20 Oct 1881Seaforth, Huron Co., Ontario I214454 Generations 
10 Hallman, Ivah  26 Apr 1878Seaforth, Huron Co., Ontario I6492 Generations 
11 Hallman, Osgood  19 Mar 1882Seaforth, Huron Co., Ontario I6493 Generations 
12 Hallman, Phoebe  10 Sep 1884Seaforth, Huron Co., Ontario I6494 Generations 
13 Hammett, Myrtle Leitch  9 Aug 1884Seaforth, Huron Co., Ontario I225270 Generations 
14 Hays, Charlie Gibbons  28 Aug 1893Seaforth, Huron Co., Ontario I355554 Generations 
15 Hildebrand, Orville Francis  11 Jan 1920Seaforth, Huron Co., Ontario I157910 Generations 
16 Holman, Ivey  Apr 1879Seaforth, Huron Co., Ontario I174410 Generations 
17 Horton, Bertha May  2 Jun 1897Seaforth, Huron Co., Ontario I74743 Generations 
18 Hudson, Dorothy Rosena Jean  18 Apr 1918Seaforth, Huron Co., Ontario I386300 Generations 
19 Joynt, George Leo A.  26 Jul 1896Seaforth, Huron Co., Ontario I355797 Generations 
20 McNab, Harold Cyril  1901Seaforth, Huron Co., Ontario I123843 Generations 
21 Messett, Henry  11 Feb 1876Seaforth, Huron Co., Ontario I1522 Generations 
22 Milburn, Clarence Edgar  4 Jul 1894Seaforth, Huron Co., Ontario I179128 Generations 
23 Murray, John Gregg  29 Sep 1878Seaforth, Huron Co., Ontario I225269 Generations 
24 Murray, Thomas Peter  11 Sep 1877Seaforth, Huron Co., Ontario I352689 Generations 
25 Murray, Thomas Peter  11 Sep 1877Seaforth, Huron Co., Ontario I228656 Generations 
26 Neville, Dennis Joseph  6 Apr 1906Seaforth, Huron Co., Ontario I38299 Generations 
27 Oldfield, Jane  4 Jul 1851Seaforth, Huron Co., Ontario I223485 Generations 
28 Overholt, George Irvin  25 Feb 1860Seaforth, Huron Co., Ontario I215319 Generations 
29 Paul, Catherine Elizabeth Nettie  15 Oct 1892Seaforth, Huron Co., Ontario I84339 Generations 
30 Paul, Iva Marie  22 Jul 1896Seaforth, Huron Co., Ontario I84340 Generations 
31 Payne, Walter Frederick  18 Feb 1898Seaforth, Huron Co., Ontario I357987 Generations 
32 Shantz, Oscar  11 Oct 1871Seaforth, Huron Co., Ontario I20059 Generations 
33 Spain, Cornelius  1886Seaforth, Huron Co., Ontario I100863 Generations 
34 Twiss, Hazel Anderina "Rena"  24 Aug 1896Seaforth, Huron Co., Ontario I341476 Generations 
35 Twiss, Rena  1896Seaforth, Huron Co., Ontario I112081 Generations 


Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Died   Person ID   Tree 
1 Ament, John George  3 Aug 1889Seaforth, Huron Co., Ontario I165668 Generations 
2 Bell, Martin Douglas  14 Jan 2002Seaforth, Huron Co., Ontario I384232 Generations 
3 Clinton, Mary  18 Dec 1915Seaforth, Huron Co., Ontario I145870 Generations 
4 Dietrich, Sebastian  17 May 1892Seaforth, Huron Co., Ontario I240081 Generations 
5 Folland, Mary Jane  17 Oct 1956Seaforth, Huron Co., Ontario I350820 Generations 
6 Griffin, Rachel  29 Aug 1921Seaforth, Huron Co., Ontario I96487 Generations 
7 Hays, John  26 Aug 1908Seaforth, Huron Co., Ontario I124150 Generations 
8 Hays, Thomas Edward  14 Mar 1929Seaforth, Huron Co., Ontario I171161 Generations 
9 Hossbach, Georg  4 Aug 1880Seaforth, Huron Co., Ontario I233378 Generations 
10 Martin, Elvina M.  24 Oct 2008Seaforth, Huron Co., Ontario I118854 Generations 
11 McLean, Murdo Young  19 Jan 1916Seaforth, Huron Co., Ontario I251064 Generations 
12 Meyer, Ludwig G  13 Mar 1886Seaforth, Huron Co., Ontario I241438 Generations 
13 Mielke, Sharon Ann  20 Dec 2002Seaforth, Huron Co., Ontario I386482 Generations 
14 Mitchell, D. William "William"  14 Sep 2011Seaforth, Huron Co., Ontario I338185 Generations 
15 Mohr, Mabel Jean  22 Mar 1963Seaforth, Huron Co., Ontario I349640 Generations 
16 Nafziger, Sarah  17 Nov 1968Seaforth, Huron Co., Ontario I189329 Generations 
17 Richardson, Agnes Lovett  1 Aug 1881Seaforth, Huron Co., Ontario I341890 Generations 
18 Richardson, Agnes Lovett  1 Aug 1881Seaforth, Huron Co., Ontario I151543 Generations 


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Death   Person ID   Tree 
1 Dietrich, Sebastian  17 May 1892Seaforth, Huron Co., Ontario I240081 Generations 
2 Griffin, Rachel  29 Aug 1921Seaforth, Huron Co., Ontario I96487 Generations 
3 Richardson, Agnes Lovett  1 Aug 1881Seaforth, Huron Co., Ontario I341890 Generations 
4 Richardson, Agnes Lovett  1 Aug 1881Seaforth, Huron Co., Ontario I151543 Generations 


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Occupation   Person ID   Tree 
1 Ellsworth, George Hardin  1896Seaforth, Huron Co., Ontario I12780 Generations 
2 Grimmer, James Howard  1918Seaforth, Huron Co., Ontario I78606 Generations 
3 Hallman, Isaiah  1872Seaforth, Huron Co., Ontario I6488 Generations 
4 Horton, Samuel Thomas  1896Seaforth, Huron Co., Ontario I74741 Generations 
5 Humble, John M.  1871Seaforth, Huron Co., Ontario I251584 Generations 
6 Laird, John  1895Seaforth, Huron Co., Ontario I96068 Generations 
7 Laird, John  1901Seaforth, Huron Co., Ontario I96068 Generations 
8 Shantz, Benjamin B.  1870Seaforth, Huron Co., Ontario I20054 Generations 
9 Wilson, David Douglas  1891Seaforth, Huron Co., Ontario I250507 Generations 


Matches 1 to 21 of 21

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Residence   Person ID   Tree 
1 Adam, Susannah  1924Seaforth, Huron Co., Ontario I107212 Generations 
2 Albrecht, Selina  1973Seaforth, Huron Co., Ontario I191804 Generations 
3 Bechtel, Gilbert  1947Seaforth, Huron Co., Ontario I75696 Generations 
4 Davidson, Maggie Jane  1883Seaforth, Huron Co., Ontario I84110 Generations 
5 Davidson, Margaret Janet  1883Seaforth, Huron Co., Ontario I55689 Generations 
6 Fear, Isaac  1906Seaforth, Huron Co., Ontario I141682 Generations 
7 Garden, Clarence Scott  Seaforth, Huron Co., Ontario I188832 Generations 
8 Glowe, Ernst J. F.  1862Seaforth, Huron Co., Ontario I144428 Generations 
9 Hays, Charlie Gibbons  Seaforth, Huron Co., Ontario I355554 Generations 
10 Humble, Mary  1871Seaforth, Huron Co., Ontario I251583 Generations 
11 Humble, Thomas Isaac  1871Seaforth, Huron Co., Ontario I251587 Generations 
12 Joynt, George Leo A.  Seaforth, Huron Co., Ontario I355797 Generations 
13 McEwen, Helen  1871Seaforth, Huron Co., Ontario I251580 Generations 
14 McTavish, Jessie  1893Seaforth, Huron Co., Ontario I20359 Generations 
15 Payne, Walter Frederick  Seaforth, Huron Co., Ontario I357987 Generations 
16 Richardson, William  1869Seaforth, Huron Co., Ontario I87621 Generations 
17 Starr, Harold Joseph  1954Seaforth, Huron Co., Ontario I229878 Generations 
18 Thompson, John Richardson  1871Seaforth, Huron Co., Ontario I234593 Generations 
19 Thompson, John Richardson  1879Seaforth, Huron Co., Ontario I234593 Generations 
20 Twiss, Rena  1910Seaforth, Huron Co., Ontario I112081 Generations 
21 Weber, Jacob "Jake"  1924Seaforth, Huron Co., Ontario I118331 Generations 


Matches 1 to 16 of 16

   Family   Married   Family ID   Tree 
1 Scott / Whyte  16 Apr 1867Seaforth, Huron Co., Ontario F16198 Generations 
2 Devitt / Stevenson  1 Mar 1870Seaforth, Huron Co., Ontario F3552 Generations 
3 Faust / Ellenbaum  22 Mar 1870Seaforth, Huron Co., Ontario F20566 Generations 
4 Volmar / Vollmar  3 Nov 1875Seaforth, Huron Co., Ontario F48574 Generations 
5 Weber / Boehler  9 May 1882Seaforth, Huron Co., Ontario F27980 Generations 
6 Killer / Davidson  21 Aug 1883Seaforth, Huron Co., Ontario F31596 Generations 
7 Killer / Davidson  21 Aug 1883Seaforth, Huron Co., Ontario F40364 Generations 
8 Bresnahan / Nash  22 Jun 1891Seaforth, Huron Co., Ontario F22496 Generations 
9 Thornton / Bullard  5 Apr 1893Seaforth, Huron Co., Ontario F251778 Generations 
10 Hilborn / McTavish  29 Aug 1893Seaforth, Huron Co., Ontario F5060 Generations 
11 Hallman / Brodie  5 Jun 1895Seaforth, Huron Co., Ontario F7875 Generations 
12 Kress / Folland  9 Oct 1895Seaforth, Huron Co., Ontario F251502 Generations 
13 Murray / Hammett  7 Aug 1906Seaforth, Huron Co., Ontario F222061 Generations 
14 McKay / Eckert  28 Sep 1915Seaforth, Huron Co., Ontario F51910 Generations 
15 Grimmer / Twiss  2 Nov 1918Seaforth, Huron Co., Ontario F248842 Generations 
16 Grimmer / Twiss  2 Nov 1918Seaforth, Huron Co., Ontario F25569 Generations