Waterloo Region Generations
A record of the people of Waterloo Region, Ontario.


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Tree: Generations
Latitude: 46.8060125, Longitude: 8.22597833333333


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Birth   Person ID   Tree 
1 Anna  1802Switzerland I397410 Generations 
2 Anna  CALC 2 Sep 1817Switzerland I386896 Generations 
3 Anna  1818Switzerland I398720 Generations 
4 Elizabeth  1793Switzerland I395831 Generations 
5 Elizabeth  1810Switzerland I375736 Generations 
6 Elizabeth  1816Switzerland I412747 Generations 
7 Jane  1818Switzerland I428989 Generations 
8 Margaret  1792Switzerland I396198 Generations 
9 Margaret  1832Switzerland I412631 Generations 
10 Mary  1822Switzerland I364207 Generations 
11 Rosina  1798Switzerland I426473 Generations 
12 Salome  1797Switzerland I409394 Generations 
13 ?  1805Switzerland I395887 Generations 
14 Adolf, Henry  1806Switzerland I395890 Generations 
15 Bettschen, David  1773Switzerland I395828 Generations 
16 Bettschen, Jacob  1807Switzerland I395997 Generations 
17 Bieckel, Joseph  1836Switzerland I390677 Generations 
18 Brunner, Christian  1847Switzerland I389415 Generations 
19 Fanneret, Albert  1845Switzerland I376516 Generations 
20 Fiegel (?), John  1807Switzerland I409393 Generations 
21 Geiger, Daniel  1798Switzerland I396229 Generations 
22 Geiger, David  1786Switzerland I396676 Generations 
23 Glauser, Benidict  1829Switzerland I394235 Generations 
24 Groff  CA 1867Switzerland I359122 Generations 
25 Gunter, John  1797Switzerland I428943 Generations 
26 Gurton, M.  1830Switzerland I395832 Generations 
27 Heiderich, John  1827Switzerland I365362 Generations 
28 Kingee, Ann  1817Switzerland I409635 Generations 
29 Klopfenstein, Elizabeth  1809Switzerland I395998 Generations 
30 Koepfer, Barbara  1800Switzerland I397704 Generations 
31 Koepfer, Catherine  1792Switzerland I397702 Generations 
32 Krauss, Catherine  1806Switzerland I395891 Generations 
33 Kuepfer, Jacob  1798Switzerland I398322 Generations 
34 Kuepfer, Jacob  1799Switzerland I398412 Generations 
35 Kuepfer, Jacob  1840Switzerland I376366 Generations 
36 Kuepfer, Rosena  1835Switzerland I376458 Generations 
37 Laschinger  CA 1826Switzerland I360059 Generations 
38 Lottshehn, Gottleib  1812Switzerland I391434 Generations 
39 Marti, Jacob  1825Switzerland I131039 Generations 
40 Martin, Christian  1787Switzerland I412779 Generations 
41 Martin, Christian  1834Switzerland I412784 Generations 
42 Martin, Frederick  1832Switzerland I412783 Generations 
43 Martin, Gottlieb  1824Switzerland I412782 Generations 
44 Martin, Illegible  1836Switzerland I412785 Generations 
45 Martin, John  1811Switzerland I378307 Generations 
46 Martin, John  1820Switzerland I412781 Generations 
47 Merner  CA 1867Switzerland I359483 Generations 
48 Merner, Christian  1832Switzerland I359846 Generations 
49 Merner, Frederick  1828Switzerland I359194 Generations 
50 Merner, Jacob  1823Switzerland I360135 Generations 
51 Merner, Mary  1825Switzerland I360058 Generations 
52 Meyer, August  1830Switzerland I398006 Generations 
53 Meyer, John  1795Switzerland I409482 Generations 
54 Miller, Henry  1832Switzerland I412817 Generations 
55 Miller, John  1825Switzerland I375743 Generations 
56 Regenz, Caroline  1838Switzerland I397409 Generations 
57 Regenz, Jacob  1830Switzerland I397406 Generations 
58 Regenz, Rudolph  1841Switzerland I397408 Generations 
59 Ritter, Ulrich  1792Switzerland I375735 Generations 
60 Russell, Elizabeth  1835Switzerland I412599 Generations 
61 Schmidt, Gideon  1827Switzerland I359114 Generations 
62 Schweitzer, Magdalena  1828Switzerland I376380 Generations 
63 Schwendimann, Albertina  24 Dec 1849Switzerland I387274 Generations 
64 Schwendimann, Christian  19 Oct 1812Switzerland I386895 Generations 
65 Schwendimann, Susan  8 Jun 1845Switzerland I386897 Generations 
66 Schwindeman, Albertina  1849Switzerland I409641 Generations 
67 Schwindeman, Ann  1843Switzerland I409638 Generations 
68 Schwindeman, Catherine  1846Switzerland I409640 Generations 
69 Schwindeman, Christ  1812Switzerland I409634 Generations 
70 Schwindeman, Elizabeth  1841Switzerland I409636 Generations 
71 Schwindeman, Fred  1852Switzerland I409642 Generations 
72 Schwindeman, John  1842Switzerland I409637 Generations 
73 Schwindeman, Susannah  1845Switzerland I409639 Generations 
74 Shenkel, Samuel  1849Switzerland I373793 Generations 
75 Stalder, Elias  1846Switzerland I412750 Generations 
76 Stalder, Gottfried  1844Switzerland I412749 Generations 
77 Stalder, Heinrich  1812Switzerland I412746 Generations 
78 Stalder, Mary Ann  1841Switzerland I412748 Generations 
79 Steiner, E.  1842Switzerland I395889 Generations 
80 Streit, Leopold "Leo"  1875Switzerland I356078 Generations 
81 Traschel, Christian  1827Switzerland I359527 Generations 
82 Von Gunten, John A.  1850Switzerland I101326 Generations 
83 Von Gunten, John Adolph  1850Switzerland I419421 Generations 
84 Walder, Henry  1832Switzerland I412799 Generations 
85 Walther, John  1830Switzerland I397320 Generations 
86 Young, Peter  1800Switzerland I397411 Generations 
87 Zenger, Magdalena  1827Switzerland I375724 Generations 
88 Zurbrigg, Jacob  1842Switzerland I359851 Generations 
89 Zurbrigg, John  1819Switzerland I394891 Generations 


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Birth   Person ID   Tree 
1 Shykolowich, Emil  Switzerland I315209 Generations