Waterloo Region Generations
A record of the people of Waterloo Region, Ontario.

United States of America

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Matches 1 to 132 of 132

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Birth   Person ID   Tree 
1 Agnes  1822United States of America I410196 Generations 
2 Annie  1815United States of America I408979 Generations 
3 Catherine  1852United States of America I410835 Generations 
4 Charlotte  1839United States of America I411906 Generations 
5 Elizabeth  1805United States of America I409529 Generations 
6 Elizabeth  1845United States of America I411975 Generations 
7 Fanny  1793United States of America I412103 Generations 
8 Hannah  1810United States of America I409316 Generations 
9 Martha  1835United States of America I412190 Generations 
10 Mary  1775United States of America I409361 Generations 
11 Mary  1807United States of America I411339 Generations 
12 Mary  1826United States of America I409153 Generations 
13 Nancy  1816United States of America I409150 Generations 
14 Nancy  1825United States of America I411528 Generations 
15 Phoebe  1782United States of America I409827 Generations 
16 Polly  1792United States of America I410485 Generations 
17 Sarah  1837United States of America I412404 Generations 
18 Veronica  1809United States of America I411423 Generations 
19 Albrecht, John  1790United States of America I411330 Generations 
20 Alexander, Charles  1844United States of America I409163 Generations 
21 Alexander, George R.  1855United States of America I409165 Generations 
22 Alexander, Mary  1849United States of America I409164 Generations 
23 Alexander, Ripley  1813United States of America I409161 Generations 
24 Anger (?), Eloys (?)  1839United States of America I412493 Generations 
25 Bauman, Barbara  1797United States of America I410110 Generations 
26 Beam, Christian  1845United States of America I409047 Generations 
27 Bear, Benjamin  1799United States of America I409981 Generations 
28 Bechtel, Samuel  1790United States of America I410109 Generations 
29 Bergey, Isaac  1811United States of America I410055 Generations 
30 Bergey, Oliver  1843United States of America I409130 Generations 
31 Break, Catherine  1843United States of America I408963 Generations 
32 Brenner, Wendel  1836United States of America I412376 Generations 
33 Bretz, Catherine  1804United States of America I409818 Generations 
34 Bretz, Jacob  1799United States of America I410375 Generations 
35 Bricker, Samuel  1775United States of America I408876 Generations 
36 Burkholder, Samuel  1815United States of America I411481 Generations 
37 Buzet (?), Helen  1840United States of America I412517 Generations 
38 Chaplin (?), Euston  1831United States of America I410621 Generations 
39 Clemens, Abraham  1802United States of America I410477 Generations 
40 Clemens, Absolom  1789United States of America I408986 Generations 
41 Clemens, Hannah  1797United States of America I410557 Generations 
42 Clemens, Henry  1810United States of America I410579 Generations 
43 Clemens, Jesse  1789United States of America I410499 Generations 
44 Clemons, Louisa  1819United States of America I410050 Generations 
45 Cliff, Charles  1826United States of America I408891 Generations 
46 Cook, James  1798United States of America I410632 Generations 
47 Cressman, Anna  1810United States of America I408949 Generations 
48 Deel, John  1850United States of America I411557 Generations 
49 Dennick, William  1855United States of America I409940 Generations 
50 Dierstein, Rachel  1890United States of America I408987 Generations 
51 Donner, David  1803United States of America I409605 Generations 
52 Eby, Rebecca  1781United States of America I408877 Generations 
53 Ellis, James  1804United States of America I409513 Generations 
54 Erb, Elizabeth  1793United States of America I410455 Generations 
55 Fiegel (?), Elizabeth  1841United States of America I409395 Generations 
56 Fritz, Aaron  1831United States of America I409132 Generations 
57 Fritz, Narhan  1832United States of America I409134 Generations 
58 Geckel, Regina  1839United States of America I410985 Generations 
59 Geddes, John  1840United States of America I409160 Generations 
60 Gingerich, Nancy  1826United States of America I408879 Generations 
61 Good, Joel  1815United States of America I411681 Generations 
62 Good, Joseph  1805United States of America I410966 Generations 
63 Green, John C.  1804United States of America I410609 Generations 
64 Groh, John  1786United States of America I410221 Generations 
65 Gunther, John  1830United States of America I412066 Generations 
66 Hagey, Daniel  1810United States of America I408881 Generations 
67 Hagey, Isaac  1819United States of America I408878 Generations 
68 Hagey, Joseph  1809United States of America I408914 Generations 
69 Hamel, Charles  1855United States of America I409090 Generations 
70 Hamel, F. A. C.  1857United States of America I409091 Generations 
71 Henry, William  1810United States of America I409349 Generations 
72 Hoffman, Christian  1795United States of America I409006 Generations 
73 Hoffman, John  1783United States of America I409826 Generations 
74 Hoffman, Magdalena  1838United States of America I411767 Generations 
75 Holley, Susan  1790United States of America I409866 Generations 
76 Huber, Nancy  1812United States of America I410056 Generations 
77 Jung (?), Maria  1857United States of America I411237 Generations 
78 Kraul, Emily  1862United States of America I410914 Generations 
79 Kugler, Charles Engelber  1858United States of America I411372 Generations 
80 Lucia, Ira C.  1821United States of America I409100 Generations 
81 Mayer, Catherine  1868United States of America I410976 Generations 
82 Mayer, Jacob  1865United States of America I410975 Generations 
83 Miller, Christian  1790United States of America I410587 Generations 
84 Miller, Margaret  1790United States of America I410500 Generations 
85 Milroy, Jane  1838United States of America I409955 Generations 
86 Morningstar, Benjamin  1858United States of America I412192 Generations 
87 Morningstar, Reuben  1860United States of America I412194 Generations 
88 Morningstar, Samuel  1859United States of America I412193 Generations 
89 Mosser, Peter  1785United States of America I409603 Generations 
90 Moyer, John B.  1822United States of America I409215 Generations 
91 Moyer (?), Clarence (?)  1819United States of America I408929 Generations 
92 Pannabaker, Margaret  1805United States of America I409387 Generations 
93 Reid, John  1855United States of America I412183 Generations 
94 Reist, Elizabeth  1808United States of America I409145 Generations 
95 Reist, Joseph  1808United States of America I409881 Generations 
96 Retman, David  1799United States of America I409528 Generations 
97 Rife, Maria  1817United States of America I410434 Generations 
98 Rosenberger, John  1796United States of America I409386 Generations 
99 Schario, Joseph  1849United States of America I412081 Generations 
100 Scheirich, David  1789United States of America I409144 Generations 
101 Schneider, Christian  1803United States of America I408948 Generations 
102 Singer, Alexander  1854United States of America I411893 Generations 
103 Singer, Isabella  1852United States of America I411892 Generations 
104 Smith, Nelson  1810United States of America I409829 Generations 
105 Souder, John  1821United States of America I410392 Generations 
106 Souder, John  1859United States of America I409154 Generations 
107 Souder, William C.  1814United States of America I410318 Generations 
108 Stein, Clara  1865United States of America I411544 Generations 
109 Stein, Edward  Jul 1870United States of America I411546 Generations 
110 Stein, John  1801United States of America I409817 Generations 
111 Stein, Laura  1867United States of America I411545 Generations 
112 Strome, Elizabeth  1802United States of America I410478 Generations 
113 Strycker, Henry  1803United States of America I409585 Generations 
114 Tyson, J. W.  1813United States of America I409149 Generations 
115 Wanner, Esther  1795United States of America I410588 Generations 
116 Wanner, Henry  1787United States of America I410556 Generations 
117 Wanner, Susannah  1790United States of America I410222 Generations 
118 Weaver, Isaac Moyer  1820United States of America I412009 Generations 
119 Weiler, Nancy  1808United States of America I410376 Generations 
120 Wenzel (?), Jacob  1798United States of America I410503 Generations 
121 Winger, Elizabeth  1826United States of America I412236 Generations 
122 Wood, Jonathan Thomas  1858United States of America I411785 Generations 
123 Yeagley, Elizabeth  1855United States of America I412406 Generations 
124 Yeagley, Henry  1827United States of America I412403 Generations 
125 Yeagley, James  1862United States of America I412409 Generations 
126 Yeagley, John Henry  1851United States of America I412405 Generations 
127 Yeagley, Rella  1860United States of America I412408 Generations 
128 Yeagley, Sibert Licoln  1858United States of America I412407 Generations 
129 Zehr, Aaron  1820United States of America I408978 Generations 
130 Zehr, Aaron  1844United States of America I408981 Generations 
131 Zehr, John  1842United States of America I408980 Generations 
132 Zelner, Samuel  1840United States of America I409131 Generations