Waterloo Region Generations
A record of the people of Waterloo Region, Ontario.

United States of America

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Matches 1 to 72 of 72

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Birth   Person ID   Tree 
1 Catherine  1795United States of America I428364 Generations 
2 Hannah  1819United States of America I428084 Generations 
3 Josephine  1787United States of America I428404 Generations 
4 Julia.  1819United States of America I428777 Generations 
5 Margaret  1804United States of America I427108 Generations 
6 Margaret  1838United States of America I428407 Generations 
7 Maria  1799United States of America I428129 Generations 
8 Mary  1806United States of America I427995 Generations 
9 Susannah  1797United States of America I427272 Generations 
10 Bauman, Leah  1804United States of America I428184 Generations 
11 Bechtel, Elizabeth  1792United States of America I426993 Generations 
12 Bechtel, Levi  1808United States of America I427854 Generations 
13 Benestingle, Eliza  1862United States of America I426778 Generations 
14 Benestingle, Lydia  1864United States of America I426779 Generations 
15 Boluckyetze (?), Fred  1856United States of America I426834 Generations 
16 Boluckyetze (?), Matilda  1861United States of America I426835 Generations 
17 Bretz, Catherine  1803United States of America I428040 Generations 
18 Brower, Elizabeth  1803United States of America I428496 Generations 
19 Brown, Benjamin  1785United States of America I427146 Generations 
20 Carr, Elizabeth  1802United States of America I428625 Generations 
21 Claflin, Calvin  1829United States of America I428135 Generations 
22 Clemens, Abram  1802United States of America I428468 Generations 
23 Clemens, Jacob  1786United States of America I426766 Generations 
24 Cole, John  1833United States of America I427069 Generations 
25 Cornell, William  1798United States of America I428624 Generations 
26 Dobbin, M. F.  1842United States of America I428047 Generations 
27 Drummer, Barbara  1854United States of America I427239 Generations 
28 Drummer, Martin  1852United States of America I427238 Generations 
29 Elchert, John  1842United States of America I427629 Generations 
30 Goetz, Mary  1853United States of America I428054 Generations 
31 Groh, John  1788United States of America I428834 Generations 
32 Hagey, Daniel  1809United States of America I428068 Generations 
33 Hagey, Jacob  1807United States of America I428546 Generations 
34 Hagey, John  1832United States of America I428550 Generations 
35 Haus, Catherine  1858United States of America I427494 Generations 
36 Hillborn, Sarah  1823United States of America I428210 Generations 
37 Holley, Susan  1788United States of America I428023 Generations 
38 Keil, Henry  1850United States of America I427127 Generations 
39 Kraft, Henry  1853United States of America I428197 Generations 
40 Lewis, Charles  1843United States of America I428767 Generations 
41 Lipscombe, Henry  1814United States of America I428776 Generations 
42 Lutz, Mary  1825United States of America I428203 Generations 
43 Martin, Samuel  1819United States of America I428202 Generations 
44 Meihm, Ferdinand  1845United States of America I426839 Generations 
45 Meihm, Joseph  1846United States of America I426840 Generations 
46 Mosser, Eli  1784United States of America I428025 Generations 
47 Moxley, Elizabeth  1806United States of America I428864 Generations 
48 Nafe, Noah  1819United States of America I428301 Generations 
49 Oberholtzer, Jacob  1799United States of America I427036 Generations 
50 Park, George  1802United States of America I426931 Generations 
51 Pfeiffer, Philip  1849United States of America I428603 Generations 
52 Randall, George  1831United States of America I427244 Generations 
53 Reist, Elizabeth  1803United States of America I428029 Generations 
54 Rosenberger, Susannah  1821United States of America I427964 Generations 
55 Schwartz, Leah  1809United States of America I428547 Generations 
56 Scott, George  1849United States of America I428427 Generations 
57 Shantz, Jacob  1797United States of America I427876 Generations 
58 Shoemaker, Abraham  1807United States of America I427135 Generations 
59 Shuh, Lydia  1817United States of America I426761 Generations 
60 Smith, Sarah  1836United States of America I428847 Generations 
61 Snyder, Christian  1791United States of America I427950 Generations 
62 Snyder, David  1798United States of America I428183 Generations 
63 Snyder, Jacob  1810United States of America I426762 Generations 
64 Souder, Joseph  1821United States of America I428386 Generations 
65 Stone, Daniel  1839United States of America I428406 Generations 
66 Strome, Nancy  1809United States of America I428469 Generations 
67 Wanner, Henry  1787United States of America I428797 Generations 
68 Wanner, Mary  1806United States of America I428114 Generations 
69 Wanner, Susannah  1798United States of America I428110 Generations 
70 Weaver, Amos  1821United States of America I428151 Generations 
71 Weber, Benjamin  1813United States of America I427956 Generations 
72 Wile, Peter  1825United States of America I427901 Generations