Waterloo Region Generations
A record of the people of Waterloo Region, Ontario.

Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario

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Tree: Generations
Latitude: 43.3901422, Longitude: -80.4933069


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Birth   Person ID   Tree 
1 Margaret  1799Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I265085 Generations 
2 Appel, Elizabeth  1844Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I134418 Generations 
3 Becker, Roy Stanley  16 Jan 1900Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I382921 Generations 
4 Bollert, William Frederick  25 Jul 1860Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I269722 Generations 
5 Buschert, Wendel  13 Sep 1847Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I22247 Generations 
6 Bushert, Jonathan  1849Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I92350 Generations 
7 Clemens, Edgar Hugo  2 Dec 1883Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I17166 Generations 
8 Clemens, Irvin Allison "Ivan"  6 Aug 1878Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I17165 Generations 
9 Clemens, Lydia  8 May 1848Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I17117 Generations 
10 Clemens, Nelson  29 May 1887Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I17167 Generations 
11 Doepel, William Gottlieb  10 Apr 1866Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I97240 Generations 
12 Gohl, Maria  1844Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I108314 Generations 
13 Hacker, Elisabeth  22 Mar 1860Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I73561 Generations 
14 Hagedorn, Albert Philip  19 May 1893Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I352825 Generations 
15 Hagedorn, Charles Kappler  5 Feb 1859Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I95608 Generations 
16 Hagedorn, Eduard Christian  20 Sep 1865Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I91500 Generations 
17 Hagedorn, Louisa  18 Mar 1863Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I380752 Generations 
18 Hagedorn, Louisa  18 Mar 1863Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I93438 Generations 
19 Hagedorn, Lydia  1861Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I40467 Generations 
20 Hagedorn, Walter  6 Sep 1898Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I93634 Generations 
21 Hahn, Anna Mary  2 Nov 1858Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I9086 Generations 
22 Henhoeffer, Louis  10 Oct 1876Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I244116 Generations 
23 Hett, Anna Maria  1 Aug 1858Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I96321 Generations 
24 Hett, Catherine  15 Nov 1856Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I269793 Generations 
25 Israel, Elizabeth  17 Sep 1876Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I38468 Generations 
26 Kittel, Simon  1789Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I265074 Generations 
27 Lindsay, Anson Robert  8 Oct 1895Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I380168 Generations 
28 Linze  25 Jun 1893Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I238637 Generations 
29 Lissmann  8 Sep 1896Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I237869 Generations 
30 Main  21 Jul 1893Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I238671 Generations 
31 Main, Frances Ellen  20 Jul 1890Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I351241 Generations 
32 Martin  20 Feb 1893Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I238690 Generations 
33 Melitzer, Cora  12 Feb 1885Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I92386 Generations 
34 Ober, Almeda May  1 Apr 1907Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I349284 Generations 
35 Riehm, Bertha May  26 Jun 1893Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I238789 Generations 
36 Schwartz  22 Nov 1893Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I238803 Generations 
37 Schwartz  20 Jan 1896Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I238091 Generations 
38 Schwartz, Armintha  2 Jul 1900Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I243856 Generations 
39 Shantz, Clayton Arthur  11 May 1914Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I39376 Generations 
40 Shantz, Dorothy Marie  1916Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I123163 Generations 
41 Shantz, Lloyd Stanley  22 Oct 1904Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I124556 Generations 
42 Shantz, Ward Lyle  24 Sep 1909Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I244064 Generations 
43 Stauffer, Daniel  29 Jul 1880Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I10214 Generations 
44 Stauffer, Susannah  25 Dec 1871Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I10210 Generations 
45 Stroh, Emil  22 May 1884Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I370857 Generations 
46 Stroh, Ernestina Pansy  28 Oct 1885Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I93281 Generations 
47 Swartz, Muriel  24 Apr 1899Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I379755 Generations 
48 Swartz, Simon W.  22 Nov 1893Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I5414 Generations 
49 Thaler, Andrew  6 Aug 1864Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I59742 Generations 
50 Thaler, George Adam  30 Oct 1861Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I142823 Generations 
51 Thaler, Simon M.  17 Sep 1857Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I19 Generations 
52 Wanner, Edith Florence  21 Jan 1896Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I238184 Generations 
53 Weber, Valentine F.  25 Dec 1857Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I185636 Generations 
54 Weis, Louisa  16 Aug 1873Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I36369 Generations 
55 Wengert, George  1840Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I265174 Generations 
56 Wilhelm  26 Jul 1893Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I238935 Generations 
57 Wilhelm  22 Jun 1896Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I238207 Generations 
58 Wilhelm  24 Nov 1896Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I238209 Generations 
59 Wilhelm, Henry M.  1877Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I372298 Generations 
60 Wilhelm, Mary  7 Aug 1875Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I95031 Generations 


Matches 1 to 51 of 51

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Died   Person ID   Tree 
1 Barbara  17 Apr 1873Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I367478 Generations 
2 Charlotte  15 Apr 1875Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I366514 Generations 
3 Charlotte  6 Sep 1882Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I242633 Generations 
4 Elizabeth  21 Jul 1877Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I367544 Generations 
5 Louisa  4 Jun 1872Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I93509 Generations 
6 Magdalena  12 May 1865Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I136329 Generations 
7 Ament, Franz  12 Feb 1878Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I367578 Generations 
8 Battler, Morley  17 Dec 1955Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I75847 Generations 
9 Bauer, John  14 Feb 1878Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I367584 Generations 
10 Biehm, Anna  7 Oct 1874Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I96346 Generations 
11 Brighton, John  1 Jul 1865Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I59064 Generations 
12 Brill, Adam  22 May 1891Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I240476 Generations 
13 Clemens, Abraham D.  15 Apr 1877Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I17109 Generations 
14 Clemens, Veronica Ann  22 Aug 1874Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I17118 Generations 
15 Doll, Anna  26 Jan 1881Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I243075 Generations 
16 Doll, Elisabeth Amalia  26 Nov 1875Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I366458 Generations 
17 Doll, Joseph  28 Jun 1884Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I241943 Generations 
18 Doll, Victoria  31 May 1876Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I367492 Generations 
19 Donnenwerth, Susannah  25 Nov 1875Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I28562 Generations 
20 Hacker, Elisabeth  29 Oct 1862Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I73561 Generations 
21 Hagedorn, Eduard Christian  26 Jan 1866Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I91500 Generations 
22 Hagedorn, Ernst  18 Nov 1875Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I366656 Generations 
23 Hagen, Ernest  12 Aug 1888Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I368199 Generations 
24 Henhoeffer, Edward  14 Nov 1875Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I121870 Generations 
25 Israel, George  19 Apr 1885Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I15630 Generations 
26 Israel, Matilda Adeline  20 Nov 1880Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I4962 Generations 
27 Johannes, Johann Joachim "John"  22 Feb 1906Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I94768 Generations 
28 Knechtel, Salome  27 May 1884Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I46145 Generations 
29 Krueger, Elisabeth  4 Jul 1887Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I241016 Generations 
30 Moser, Mary Regina "Regina"  20 May 1890Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I105735 Generations 
31 Mueller, Dewald  6 Jul 1864Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I147830 Generations 
32 Schantz, Veronika  26 Aug 1887Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I240874 Generations 
33 Siegel, Joseph  21 Aug 1875Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I367349 Generations 
34 Steckle, Elizabeth "Betsey"  14 Jul 1878Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I20231 Generations 
35 Steckle, Lucinda  6 Nov 1880Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I20107 Generations 
36 Steckle, Malinda  12 May 1875Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I20106 Generations 
37 Steckle, Noah  15 Sep 1875Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I20105 Generations 
38 Stroh, Emma Leonora  24 Sep 1878Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I367971 Generations 
39 Stroh, Malinda  23 Mar 1880Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I233607 Generations 
40 Voisin, Johanna  12 Mar 1864Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I83505 Generations 
41 Weber, Katharine  29 Jun 1880Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I233635 Generations 
42 Weber, Xaver  12 Jan 1862Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I247900 Generations 
43 Weiss, Magdalena  31 Oct 1875Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I367503 Generations 
44 Wendling, Margaretha  24 Feb 1871Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I247926 Generations 
45 Wiegand, Rev. Johann G.  20 Nov 1835Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I124384 Generations 
46 Wilhelm, Ida Regina  13 Aug 1883Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I94404 Generations 
47 Woods, Charlotte Ann  2 Dec 1881Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I262920 Generations 
48 Woods, Henry  23 Jun 1873Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I367546 Generations 
49 Woods, John Charles  24 Mar 1886Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I36635 Generations 
50 Woods, Mrs.  2 Apr 1875Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I367547 Generations 
51 Zeller, Johann Theobold  30 Apr 1877Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I269921 Generations 


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Buried   Person ID   Tree 
1 Barnes, William Thomas  Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I81892 Generations 
2 Cronin, Irene Marie  Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I158028 Generations 
3 Kennedy, Esther  Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I191910 Generations 
4 Vasey, William Joseph  Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I100995 Generations 
5 Winham, Albert  29 Dec 1891Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I240805 Generations 


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Death   Person ID   Tree 
1 Donnenwerth, Susannah  25 Nov 1875Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I28562 Generations 
2 Johannes, Johann Joachim "John"  22 Feb 1906Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I94768 Generations 
3 Steckle, Elizabeth "Betsey"  14 Jul 1878Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I20231 Generations 
4 Wiegand, Rev. Johann G.  20 Nov 1835Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I124384 Generations 
5 Woods, John Charles  24 Mar 1886Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I36635 Generations 


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Occupation   Person ID   Tree 
1 Henhoeffer, Anthony "Anton"  1873Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I94939 Generations 
2 Klähn, Ludwig  1894Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I96389 Generations 
3 Wiegand, Rev. Johann G.  1816Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I124384 Generations 


Matches 1 to 22 of 22

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Residence   Person ID   Tree 
1 Biehm, Ludwig  1874Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I96347 Generations 
2 Bollert, William  1860Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I269716 Generations 
3 Clemens, Lydia  1873Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I245725 Generations 
4 Fischer, Louisa  1860Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I15438 Generations 
5 Gerodat, Petrus  1868Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I58751 Generations 
6 Gohl, Maria  1868Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I108314 Generations 
7 Grischow, Friedrich  1873Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I245724 Generations 
8 Hackedorn, Louise  1884Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I319013 Generations 
9 Hackedorn, Maria  1875Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I245866 Generations 
10 Hagedorn, Ernest  1865Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I91765 Generations 
11 Hallman, Grace Aileene  1954Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I138568 Generations 
12 Harding, Frederick Garfield  1954Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I164829 Generations 
13 Henhoeser, Anton  1873Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I246112 Generations 
14 Hett, Conrad  1858Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I269791 Generations 
15 Lichty, Catherine  1958Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I29662 Generations 
16 Schmitt, David  1939Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I4297 Generations 
17 Sources, Blank News  Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I98875 Generations 
18 Stoeckle, Nicholaus  1876Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I77129 Generations 
19 Stroh, Yost S.  1884Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I319012 Generations 
20 Voisin, Emilie  1882Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I149848 Generations 
21 Weber, Mary A.  1883Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I97699 Generations 
22 Wilhelm, Elizabeth  1866Williamsburg (Kitchener), Waterloo Region, Ontario I32145 Generations