Waterloo Region Generations
A record of the people of Waterloo Region, Ontario.

Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario

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Latitude: 42.3178472, Longitude: -83.0338719


Matches 1 to 25 of 25

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Birth   Person ID   Tree 
1 Blackmore, Professor Ralph  1916Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I160261 Generations 
2 Boundy, Margaret Marie  CALC 22 Feb 1919Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I353175 Generations 
3 Burkland, Janet B. "Jennie"  CA 1868Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I352351 Generations 
4 Carroll, Stanley Norman  1923Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I143128 Generations 
5 Childs, Frank  4 Jul 1880Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I192372 Generations 
6 Greguol, Primo  26 Apr 1926Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I107579 Generations 
7 Kay, Frederick Watson "Fred"  3 Mar 1882Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I420112 Generations 
8 Klem, Beatrice Dora  20 Feb 1913Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I105623 Generations 
9 Klem, Gordon Harold  5 Jan 1910Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I170074 Generations 
10 Lippert, George Jacob  Aug 1872Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I137052 Generations 
11 McColl, Dr. D. D. S. Robert Gordon  4 Jan 1916Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I158043 Generations 
12 McHugh, Gerald  1886Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I42618 Generations 
13 McKinnon, Clarence Hamilton  31 Jul 1888Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I61105 Generations 
14 Moore, Alan  27 Feb 1948Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I5784 Generations 
15 Morneau, F. J.  11 Jun 1881Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I357830 Generations 
16 Nelson, Thomas  1862Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I250837 Generations 
17 Patterson, Murray John Gladstone  14 Apr 1890Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I58542 Generations 
18 Reade, Elwill Cranford  21 Mar 1892Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I42318 Generations 
19 Rodgers, Ellen  10 Aug 1886Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I413520 Generations 
20 Scott, Clifford J.  1925Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I340224 Generations 
21 Scott, Monica Jane  29 Apr 1952Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I340233 Generations 
22 Soper, Ida May  May 1876Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I129488 Generations 
23 Stork, Sydney Edwin  3 Dec 1886Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I66286 Generations 
24 Underwood, Ray  1919Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I74877 Generations 
25 Zapfe, August James  8 Jan 1881Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I95560 Generations 


Matches 1 to 58 of 58

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Died   Person ID   Tree 
1 Alderson, Isabella Cecilia  4 Aug 1923Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I30744 Generations 
2 Ariss, Hazel M.  12 May 1971Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I308758 Generations 
3 Arndt, Ronald Joseph  13 Jun 1998Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I198354 Generations 
4 Battenberg, Hildegard  29 May 1994Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I106668 Generations 
5 Blackwood, Hunter Roy "Roy"  27 Feb 1893Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I88909 Generations 
6 Boundy, Ernest John  14 Jun 1976Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I380786 Generations 
7 Brooke, Dr. Daniel Edmund  28 Dec 1895Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I149109 Generations 
8 Bruder, Joseph Francis  23 Mar 1928Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I23389 Generations 
9 Campbell, Duncan Scott  11 Mar 1967Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I75864 Generations 
10 Cassel, Velma Margaret  27 Jan 1996Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I191565 Generations 
11 Clemens, Herbert Allan  7 Oct 1930Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I350323 Generations 
12 Clemens, Lillian Florence  12 Dec 1954Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I350277 Generations 
13 Conrad, Edna Wilhelmina  1920Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I38158 Generations 
14 Coppel, David Leslie  26 Sep 1983Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I112150 Generations 
15 Cosford, Harry  4 Feb 1953Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I104834 Generations 
16 Douglas, Mary Belle  24 Jul 1977Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I58171 Generations 
17 Foster, Shirley Sloan  1 Oct 1999Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I339152 Generations 
18 Fritz, Ferdinand  27 Aug 1977Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I56501 Generations 
19 Gammon, Eliza Jane  27 Aug 1942Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I339818 Generations 
20 Gehl, Alvin Addison Jeremiah  16 Dec 1949Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I377795 Generations 
21 Hanna, John William "Bill"  1 Oct 2004Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I341237 Generations 
22 Hartford, Alzina  12 May 1946Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I116499 Generations 
23 Healy, Anna Marie  9 Oct 1996Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I172348 Generations 
24 Healy, Theresa Catharine  20 Jul 1971Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I172350 Generations 
25 Hett, Dr. - Mayor John Emil  25 Sep 1956Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I130928 Generations 
26 Hooey, Martha  1 Oct 1934Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I181547 Generations 
27 Hopkins, Sarah Overfield  16 Jul 1905Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I254763 Generations 
28 Horst, Noah  5 Apr 2010Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I239713 Generations 
29 Kay, Frederick Watson "Fred"  17 Apr 1893Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I420112 Generations 
30 Kenning, David  5 Dec 1917Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I136917 Generations 
31 Kyle, Elizabeth Guthrie  15 Nov 1966Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I340773 Generations 
32 Longan, James C.  9 Jan 1875Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I23309 Generations 
33 Martin, Agnes  28 May 1953Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I179131 Generations 
34 Martyn, Sarah Mae  14 May 1976Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I168307 Generations 
35 Maus, Dr. John Hall  1 Nov 2008Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I339151 Generations 
36 May, Christina  13 Oct 1947Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I349718 Generations 
37 McCall, Barbara Grace  10 Jan 1932Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I62974 Generations 
38 Miller, Lincoln  20 Oct 1971Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I55980 Generations 
39 Muma, Wesley Arnold "Arnold"  25 Oct 1962Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I340209 Generations 
40 Musselman, David Herbert  29 Dec 1969Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I13866 Generations 
41 Musselman, Eden Reverdy  10 Apr 1960Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I13864 Generations 
42 Musselman, Walter Lloyd  1 Nov 1954Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I13865 Generations 
43 Ogram, Emma  20 Nov 1970Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I51271 Generations 
44 Puttock, Sarah Ann  11 Oct 1927Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I349875 Generations 
45 Reitz, Lena  9 May 1925Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I29125 Generations 
46 Rooke, Charles Henry  17 Nov 1937Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I351536 Generations 
47 Ross, Matilda  1951Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I79974 Generations 
48 Scholl, Caroline  24 Dec 1913Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I86502 Generations 
49 Smith, Doris  20 Nov 1997Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I169127 Generations 
50 Swain, Lenora Louisa  11 Jan 1953Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I113742 Generations 
51 Tabbert, Dora Magdalena  5 Jul 1960Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I224405 Generations 
52 Underwood, Ray  12 Jun 1919Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I74877 Generations 
53 Warner, Rachel Ellen  21 Aug 1905Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I102694 Generations 
54 Warnholz, Ernest "Ernie"  11 Aug 1997Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I80382 Generations 
55 Wettlaufer, Louise  1974Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I189291 Generations 
56 Wilkie, Darlene  16 Apr 1995Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I200203 Generations 
57 Wismer, Lillian "Lillie"  10 Mar 1943Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I342161 Generations 
58 Wright, Evaline Victoria  4 Dec 2004Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I418967 Generations 


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Buried   Person ID   Tree 
1 Campbell, Duncan Scott  Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I75864 Generations 
2 Fleming, Gordon C. J.  Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I212985 Generations 


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Death   Person ID   Tree 
1 Blackwood, Hunter Roy "Roy"  27 Feb 1893Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I88909 Generations 
2 Bruder, Joseph Francis  23 Mar 1928Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I23389 Generations 
3 Clemens, Herbert Allan  7 Oct 1930Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I350323 Generations 
4 Gammon, Eliza Jane  27 Aug 1942Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I339818 Generations 
5 Kay, Frederick Watson "Fred"  17 Apr 1893Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I420112 Generations 
6 Kenning, David  5 Dec 1917Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I136917 Generations 
7 Puttock, Sarah Ann  11 Oct 1927Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I349875 Generations 
8 Rooke, Charles Henry  17 Nov 1937Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I351536 Generations 


Matches 1 to 15 of 15

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Occupation   Person ID   Tree 
1 Anderson, James  1879Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I114379 Generations 
2 Bennett, Arthur J.  1901Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I1913 Generations 
3 Brain, Dr Roy Gordon  1923Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I43330 Generations 
4 Carlyle, James Patton  1907Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I12542 Generations 
5 Conrad, Clara Elisa  1923Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I42134 Generations 
6 Craig, Peter  1872Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I91934 Generations 
7 Durand, James  1895Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I101775 Generations 
8 Johnston, John Samuel  1897Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I216655 Generations 
9 Klem, Nelson Alexander  1910Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I143421 Generations 
10 Klinck, Harold  Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I197309 Generations 
11 Lichty, Menno  1917Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I9769 Generations 
12 Renaud, Donald Frederick  Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I413651 Generations 
13 Ridley, Richard John  1927Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I206098 Generations 
14 Smolinski, Caroline Minnie  1901Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I169490 Generations 
15 Wichels, Dr. Herbert J.  1924Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I36651 Generations 


Matches 1 to 39 of 39

   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Residence   Person ID   Tree 
1 Isabella  1965Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I171033 Generations 
2 Amlinger, Bernice Mary  1974Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I108629 Generations 
3 Arndt, Lavina  1943Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I95062 Generations 
4 Arndt, Lavina  1970Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I95062 Generations 
5 Battenberg, Hildegard  1950Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I106668 Generations 
6 Bignell, Duveen  1980Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I177361 Generations 
7 Boyd, Harold Elmer  1964Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I116045 Generations 
8 Bristow, Florence  Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I114039 Generations 
9 Christman, Charles Astor  1934Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I26150 Generations 
10 Daniells, Minnie Ann  1928Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I76315 Generations 
11 Daniells, Minnie Ann  1931Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I76315 Generations 
12 Deline, Ira  1954Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I194754 Generations 
13 Gibson, Irene Jane  1955Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I194745 Generations 
14 Gillespie, Robert John "Bob"  1952Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I341450 Generations 
15 Gunn, Norman  1972Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I72927 Generations 
16 Handstein, Edna  1954Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I79977 Generations 
17 Handstein, Ellen Barbara "Ella"  1954Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I194753 Generations 
18 Hoffman, Alexander Franklin  1932Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I2084 Generations 
19 Jaffray, Robert Miller  1923Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I61067 Generations 
20 Johnston, Etta E.  1907Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I216654 Generations 
21 Kreh, Anna  1930Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I176086 Generations 
22 Lackner, Graham  1923Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I49703 Generations 
23 McFarland, Robert James  1928Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I176201 Generations 
24 Milburn, John Albert  1917Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I179084 Generations 
25 Morneau, F. J.  Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I357830 Generations 
26 Musselman, Eden Reverdy  1942Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I13864 Generations 
27 Musselman, Walter Lloyd  1942Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I13865 Generations 
28 Rausch, Leona  1924Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I183185 Generations 
29 Reid, Walter Irving  1944Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I195595 Generations 
30 Roberts, Louise Wilhelmina "Minnie"  1901Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I169497 Generations 
31 Roos, Harry E.  1947Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I31113 Generations 
32 Simpson, Edwin R.  1925Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I110056 Generations 
33 Stevens, Rose  1970Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I351313 Generations 
34 Warnholz, Ernest  1964Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I320510 Generations 
35 Warnholz, Ernest "Ernie"  1959Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I80382 Generations 
36 Wismer, Milton Bechtel  1951Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I24160 Generations 
37 Zapfe, August James  Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I95560 Generations 
38 Zapfe, August James  Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I95560 Generations 
39 Zimmerman, Florence Clara  1952Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario I118188 Generations 


Matches 1 to 23 of 23

   Family   Married   Family ID   Tree 
1 Boomer / Nelles  17 May 1871Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario F48538 Generations 
2 Perkins / Eby  26 Dec 1887Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario F7904 Generations 
3 Mattew / Bean  13 May 1889Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario F49579 Generations 
4 Osborne / Eby  5 Nov 1889Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario F13838 Generations 
5 Hannifan / Gallagher  14 Nov 1895Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario F20296 Generations 
6 McPhail / Reitz  19 Sep 1903Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario F28262 Generations 
7 Fysh / Payne  31 Mar 1906Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario F270711 Generations 
8 Clark / Gordon  7 Oct 1909Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario F247537 Generations 
9 Gerth / Butler  7 Oct 1909Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario F49515 Generations 
10 Hertell / Erb  24 Aug 1910Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario F21963 Generations 
11 Boehmer / Spies  26 Jun 1912Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario F251813 Generations 
12 Clemens / Mellish  12 Aug 1912Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario F11100 Generations 
13 Wildern / Richardson  26 Mar 1913Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario F271977 Generations 
14 Cowley / Woodfield  14 Apr 1915Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario F252369 Generations 
15 Geach / Hallman  27 Jan 1916Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario F35490 Generations 
16 Barton / Swears  29 Oct 1916Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario F271603 Generations 
17 Miller / Hehn  12 Feb 1919Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario F44351 Generations 
18 Peifer / Guthrie  22 Oct 1919Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario F37413 Generations 
19 Mattes / Kimpel  1 Jun 1921Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario F251474 Generations 
20 Beyer / Beck  18 Apr 1923Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario F10519 Generations 
21 Dippel / Bunn  3 Dec 1924Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario F52661 Generations 
22 Totten / Findlay  29 Oct 1926Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario F53769 Generations 
23 Willard / Hamlet  12 Sep 1928Windsor, Essex Co., Ontario F41368 Generations