Waterloo Region Generations
A record of the people of Waterloo Region, Ontario.

Sarah Biehn

Female 1799 - 1885  (86 years)

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Jacob Cassel
Male 1821-Yes, date unknown
Sarah S. Cassel
Female 1854-1883
Percy Page
Male 1854-Yes, date unknown
Zenas C. Snyder
Male 1877-1958
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Lavina Cressman
Female 1875-1916
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Almeidia Snyder
Female 1879-1879
Austin Snyder
Male 1882-Yes, date unknown
Savilla Snyder
Female 1883-1970
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John B. Snyder
Male 1848-1922
Mary S. Cassel
Female 1858-1946
Edward Cassel
Male Abt 1890-Yes, date unknown
Eva Cassel
Female Abt 1892-Yes, date unknown
David Cassel
Male Abt 1894-Yes, date unknown
David S. Cassel
Male 1861-Yes, date unknown
Harriet S. Morton
Female 1864-Yes, date unknown
John Cassel
Male 1867-Yes, date unknown
John B. Cassel
Male 1823-1908
Rachel Shantz
Female 1828-1902
Mary Ann Cassel
Female 1850-Yes, date unknown
Female 1828-Yes, date unknown
Catharine Cassel
Female 1851-1906
John Zelner
Male Abt 1850-Yes, date unknown
Sarah Ann Cassel
Female Abt 1855-Yes, date unknown
John G. Cassel
Male 1855-1914
Amos G. Cassel
Male Abt 1858-Yes, date unknown
Elizabeth Bechtel
Female Abt 1860-Yes, date unknown
Levi G. Cassel
Male Abt 1866-Yes, date unknown
Catharine Gehman
Female 1829-1894
Ervin C. McNally
Male 1884-Yes, date unknown
Mary Ann Cassel
Female 1851-1942
Adam Linton
Male 1848-1930
Isaiah O. Cassel
Male 1852-1933
Maggie Clemens
Female 1857-Yes, date unknown
Alvin C. Hallman
Male 1877-1895
Herbert Hallman
Male 1880-Yes, date unknown
Clara Woods
Female 1883-Yes, date unknown
Josiah Hallman
Male 1853-1952
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Idella Poth
Female 1890-1980
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Harvey Cassel
Male 1899-Yes, date unknown
Josiah Cassel
Male 1856-1943
Clayton Morris Cassel
Male 1886-Yes, date unknown
Edith Stoltz
Female 1885-Yes, date unknown
Maria Hallman
Female 1859-1886
Morley G. Cassel
Male 1881-Yes, date unknown
Eva May Walker
Female 1883-Yes, date unknown
Pearlous Wilbert "Perley" Cassel
Male 1888-Yes, date unknown
Jesse B. Cassel
Male 1827-1906
Mary Ann Cassel
Female Abt 1862-Yes, date unknown
Catharine Cassel
Female Abt 1864-Yes, date unknown
Enos B. Cassel
Male 1829-1915
David B. Cassel
Male 1831-Yes, date unknown
Joseph H. Cassel
Male 1874-1895
Nathaniel Cassel
Male 1876-Yes, date unknown
Lydia Cassel
Female 1878-Yes, date unknown
Mary Cassel
Female 1881-Yes, date unknown
Sarah A. Cassel
Female 1883-Yes, date unknown
John Cassel
Male 1887-Yes, date unknown
Hannah Hallman
Female 1835-1924
Abraham Cassel
Male 1855-1889
Amanda Rickert
Female 1860-1929
Sarah Ziegler
Female 1884-Yes, date unknown
George Burt Hilker
Male 1878-Yes, date unknown
Catharine G. Cassel
Female 1856-Yes, date unknown
Philip Ziegler
Male 1849-1908
Florence Sachau
Female 1896-1969
Albert Schedler
Male 1884-1921
Milte Cassel
Male 1897-Yes, date unknown
Early Cassel
Male 1900-Yes, date unknown
Glaster Cassel
Male 1903-Yes, date unknown
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Lily Cassel
Female 1907-Yes, date unknown
Vernon Cassel
Male 1909-Yes, date unknown
Ephraim Knarr
Male 1881-1961
Ida Quehl
Female 1879-1955
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Martin Knarr
Male 1854-1928
Henry Cassel
Male 1861-Yes, date unknown
David Cassel
Male Abt 1863-Yes, date unknown
John Cassel
Male Abt 1867-Yes, date unknown
Lydia Cassel
Female 1870-1870
Bessie Waterman
Female 1891-1931
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Clara Maude Love
Female 1889-1956
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Cleo Waterman
Female 1900-1995
Hattie Waterman
Female 1904-1996
Idella Waterman
Female 1908-Yes, date unknown
Henry Waterman
Male 1870-1947
Allan B. Cassel
Male 1889-1951
Lydia Shantz
Female 1888-1977
George Ewen
Male 1898-Yes, date unknown
Samuel B. Cassel
Male 1858-1949
Male -12 Dec
Laura Shantz
Female 1883-1969
Tobias Shantz
Male 1874-1944
Jeremiah Good
Male 1873-Yes, date unknown
Eden Shantz
Male 1887-1898
Marian S. Shantz
Female 1888-1988
Reuben Steiner
Male 1878-1947
Male 1888-Yes, date unknown
Male 1890-1890
Rosetta Snyder
Female 1902-Yes, date unknown
Pearl Mae Snyder
Female 1895-1925
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Walter C. Shantz
Male 1894-1987
Selina Shirk
Female 1898-1979
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Elizabeth Shantz
Female 1897-1897
Noah Shantz
Male 1899-1899
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Esther M. Nelson
Female 1902-1993
Susannah Cassel
Female 1860-1937
Noah S. Shantz
Male 1859-1936
Sarah Ann Cassel
Female 1865-1870
Henry B. Cassel
Male 1835-1900
Mary Ann Bricker
Female 1839-1922
Mary A.
Female 1839-Yes, date unknown
Milton Cassel
Male 1862-1862
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Lucinda Cassel
Female 1892-1974
David Cober
Male 1873-1946
Laura Cassel
Female 1894-1968
Oliver D. Cassel
Male 1863-1940
Wilfred Cassel
Male 1903-1903
Harvey W. Cassel
Male 1904-1971
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Ida Cassel
Female 1906-1983
Catharine Epp
Female 1907-1990
Kenneth Cassel
Male 1909-1975
Aleda Cressman
Female 1914-2018
Annie Cassel
Female 1912-1982
Matilda Wismer
Female 1870-1928
Ethel Mae Braun
Female 1898-1969
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Lovina D. Cassel
Female 1865-1954
Henry H. Wagner
Male 1867-1946
Delton Cassel
Male 1896-1986
Wilhelmina "Minna" Miller
Female 1861-Yes, date unknown
Jacob D. Cassel
Male 1871-1909
Adam B. Cassel
Male 1836-1892
Sarah Cassel
Female 1838-1885
Joseph Oberholtzer
Male Abt 1838-Yes, date unknown
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Sarah Biehn
Female 1799-1885
John Cassel
Male 1794-1866