Waterloo Region Generations
A record of the people of Waterloo Region, Ontario.



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Ann Martin
Female 1840-Yes, date unknown
Isaac Wenger
Male 1840-1841
Amos W. Martin
Male 1860-1860
Josiah W. Martin
Male 1862-Yes, date unknown
Leah W. Martin
Female 1863-1863
Daniel W. Martin
Male 1865-Yes, date unknown
Enos W. Martin
Male 1869-Yes, date unknown
Aaron W. Martin
Male 1872-1873
Anna M. Wenger
Female 1841-Yes, date unknown
John D. Martin
Male 1836-1886
Lucy Ann Wenger
Female 1842-1843
Lydiann Bowman
Female 1869-1869
Mary Ann Bowman
Female 1869-1869
Magdalena Bowman
Female 1870-1892
Enos Doll
Male 1867-1939
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Aaron W. Bowman
Male 1870-1909
Benuel L. Bowman
Male 1846-1907
Henry W. Lichty
Male 1867-1935
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Mary Ann Lichty
Female 1868-1921
Josiah Weber
Male 1864-1940
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John P. Steiner
Male 1873-1941
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Sarah Lichty
Female 1870-Yes, date unknown
Daniel Lichty
Male 1873-1884
George Lichty
Male 1878-Yes, date unknown
Susannah Lichty
Female 1879-1946
Ephraim Snyder
Male 1877-Yes, date unknown
Sarah Ann Reist
Female 1874-1950
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Irvin W. Lichty
Male 1884-1970
Hannah Martin
Female 1888-1985
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Esther Wenger
Female 1845-1903
Addison B. Wenger
Male 1877-Yes, date unknown
Lydia Ann Wenger
Female 1877-1915
Edgar E. Wenger
Male 1879-1953
Calvin Wenger
Male 1882-Yes, date unknown
Ada Viola Wenger
Female 1885-Yes, date unknown
Wesley W. Wenger
Male 1886-1887
Ervin W. Wenger
Male 1888-1918
Ivan Earl Wenger
Male 1892-1907
Peter M. Wenger
Male 1848-1938
Hannah Eby
Female 1854-1936
Malinda Bowman
Female 1873-1933
Enos Doll
Male 1867-1939
Noah W. Bowman
Male 1874-1949
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Nelson Bowman
Male 1876-1876
Lovina Bowman
Female 1878-1944
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Abraham Bowman
Male 1880-1959
Addison Bowman
Male 1882-Yes, date unknown
Titus Bowman
Male 1882-Yes, date unknown
Amaziah Bowman
Male 1884-Yes, date unknown
Milton Bowman
Male 1886-Yes, date unknown
Marietta Bowman
Female 1886-Yes, date unknown
Alvin Bowman
Male 1888-Yes, date unknown
Benuel L. Bowman
Male 1846-1907
Christian Wenger
Male 1850-Yes, date unknown
Mary Ann Gole
Female 1848-Yes, date unknown
Maria Martin
Female 1820-1858
Jonas Z. Wenger
Male 1815-1897
Clara Martin
Female 1852-Yes, date unknown
Sebastian Schwalm
Male 1849-Yes, date unknown
Theresia Reising
Female 1865-1888
Mary Elizabeth Martin
Female 1890-Yes, date unknown
Clara Matilda Martin
Female 1891-Yes, date unknown
Catherine Theresa Martin
Female 1893-Yes, date unknown
Helena Edna Martin
Female 1894-Yes, date unknown
Catherine Straub
Female 1860-Yes, date unknown
Henry S. Martin
Male 1826-Yes, date unknown
Mary Jane Eisenhauer
Female 1831-Yes, date unknown
Edna Schwalm
Female 1875-Yes, date unknown
Female -Yes, date unknown
Male -Yes, date unknown
Female 1828-Yes, date unknown