Waterloo Region Generations
A record of the people of Waterloo Region, Ontario.
Friedrich "Frederick" Gaukel

Friedrich "Frederick" Gaukel

Male 1784 - 1853  (69 years)

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Carl Ahrens Bowman
Male 1874-Yes, date unknown
Jeremiah Hughes Bowman
Male 1876-Yes, date unknown
Guy Alfred Bowman
Male 1877-Yes, date unknown
Clara Belle Judith Lorena Bowman
Female 1884-Yes, date unknown
Wilhelmine Louisa Stumpf
Female 1842-Yes, date unknown
Nancy Gaukel
Female Abt 1810-Yes, date unknown
William Stumpf
Male Abt 1810-Yes, date unknown
Heinrich Gaukel
Male 1813-1834
Ada Lovina Gaukel
Female -Yes, date unknown
Heber Gaukel
Male -Yes, date unknown
Barbara A. Gaukel
Female 1834-Yes, date unknown
Byron Kilborne
Male 1856-1918
Clarence Kilborne
Male 1858-Yes, date unknown
Ida Kilborne
Female 1860-1879
Amos Gaukel
Male 1861-Yes, date unknown
Lillian Gaukel
Female 1861-Yes, date unknown
William M. Cornell
Male 1861-Yes, date unknown
Walter Gaukel
Male 1862-Yes, date unknown
Mary Gaukel
Female 1869-Yes, date unknown
Frederick A. Gaukel
Male 1838-Yes, date unknown
Alma E. Misener
Female 1843-1911
Bertha McKay
Female 1861-Yes, date unknown
Ada McKay
Female 1865-Yes, date unknown
Bruce McKay
Male 1873-Yes, date unknown
Amelia Kuhl
Female 1883-Yes, date unknown
Eva McKay
Female 1877-Yes, date unknown
Elizabeth A. "Eliza" Gaukel
Female 1841-Yes, date unknown
Hiram McKay
Male 1836-Yes, date unknown
James Heber Douglas
Male 1864-Yes, date unknown
Mary Ann Gaukel
Female 1844-1917
William Douglass
Male 1839-1888
Henrietta Gaukel
Female 1847-Yes, date unknown
Washington A. Gaukel
Male 1850-Yes, date unknown
Jessie Glennie
Female 1849-1872
Emanuel Gaukel
Male 1815-1895
Mary Smith
Female 1817-1887
Emily Marion Carroll
Female 1861-Yes, date unknown
Isabella Penelope Laird
Female 1841-Yes, date unknown
Theodor Ahrens
Male 1840-1841
Elisabeth Alena Hughes
Female 1868-Yes, date unknown
Rev. Frederick Edwin Waelchli
Male 1865-Yes, date unknown
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Emmanuel Ahrens
Male Cal 1846-1848
Alfred Ahrens
Male 1850-Yes, date unknown
Edith Elizabeth Roschman
Female 1877-Yes, date unknown
Isabella Wells Roschman
Female 1880-Yes, date unknown
Venita Roschmann
Female 1880-Yes, date unknown
Carl Richard "Charles" Roschman
Male 1886-Yes, date unknown
Vera Irene Reid
Female 1895-Yes, date unknown
Venita Julia Roschman
Female 1888-Yes, date unknown
Angelina Nanneta Roschman
Female 1891-Yes, date unknown
George Harold "Harold" Kuhl
Male 1891-Yes, date unknown
Frieda Victoria Roschman
Female 1894-Yes, date unknown
Nancy Ahrens
Female 1853-1929
Richard Roschman
Male 1848-1930
Elisabeth Gaukel
Female 1818-1879
George Gaukel
Male 1819-1855
Magdalena Karrer
Female Abt 1822-Yes, date unknown
Frederick Gaukel
Male 1847-Yes, date unknown
Elizabeth Gaukel
Female 1850-1851
Clara G. Sherk
Female 1896-Yes, date unknown
Anna Mary Gaukel
Female 1851-1903
William Sherk
Male 1846-1906
Iona R. Hacker
Female 1897-1980
Emma Pequegnat
Female 1891-1980
Florence Pequegnat
Female 1893-Yes, date unknown
Arthur Pequegnat
Male 1894-Yes, date unknown
Clara Shirk
Female 1895-Yes, date unknown
Nora Hass
Female 1894-Yes, date unknown
Levi Gaukel
Male 1824-Bef 1871
Elizabeth Reichert
Female 1823-Yes, date unknown
Elisabeth Gaukel
Female 1831-1851
Frederick William Gaukel
Male 1848-Yes, date unknown
Catharina Stroh
Female 1841-1842
Thorodea Stroh
Female 1842-Yes, date unknown
Dorothy Stroh
Female Cal 1843-1865
Rudolph Potts
Male 1875-1962
Edna Lenora Stroh
Female 1882-Yes, date unknown
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Albertha Luella May Stroh
Female 1887-Yes, date unknown
Frieda Victoria Roschman
Female 1894-Yes, date unknown
Alfred Heinrich Stroh
Male 1878-Yes, date unknown
Emil Friedrich Stroh
Male 1882-Yes, date unknown
Eduard Richard "Edward" Stroh
Male 1884-Yes, date unknown
Cornelia Elisabeth Stroh
Female 1889-Yes, date unknown
Elizabeth Rothaermel
Female 1850-Yes, date unknown
Laura Wilhelmina Stroh
Female 1878-Yes, date unknown
Mary Rothaermel
Female 1856-Yes, date unknown
John G. Stroh
Male 1855-1869
Louisa Wilhelmina Stroh
Female 188-Yes, date unknown
Albert Henry Stroh
Male 1886-Yes, date unknown
Friedrick Emanuel Stroh
Male 1890-Yes, date unknown
Emanuel Stroh
Male 1859-Yes, date unknown
Carolina Rieck
Female 1854-Yes, date unknown
Freddy Stroh
Male 1891-Yes, date unknown
Caroline Riech
Female 1858-Yes, date unknown
Theodore Stroh
Male 1860-1863
Susannah Gaukel
Female 1824-1873
Henry Stroh
Male 1818-1901
Polly Kaufman
Female Abt 1790-Abt 1827
Jacob Gaukel
Male 1832-Yes, date unknown
Maria Roschang
Female 1800-1834
Dorothea Weismiller
Female Cal 1787-1872