Waterloo Region Generations
A record of the people of Waterloo Region, Ontario.

Leah Mosser

Female 1818 - 1882  (63 years)

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William Busch
Male 1886-Yes, date unknown
Female -Yes, date unknown
Male -Yes, date unknown
David Reist
Male 1846-Yes, date unknown
Norman Sylvanus Smith
Male 1887-Yes, date unknown
Veronica "Fronica" Reist
Female 1856-Yes, date unknown
George Smith
Male Abt 1856-Yes, date unknown
Aaron Reist
Male 1859-1859
Nettie Bernhard
Female 1888-Yes, date unknown
Mary Reist
Female 1863-Yes, date unknown
Benjamin Bernhard
Male Abt 1864-Yes, date unknown
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Elizabeth Reist
Female 1865-1951
Walter Burch
Male 1861-1925
Katie Clemens
Female 1902-1902
Leah Reist
Female 1868-1949
Miner Clemens
Male 1908-1988
Anne McConnell
Female Abt 1920-1984
Catharine Reist
Female 1872-1965
Magdalena Reist
Female 1874-1874
Ezra Reist
Male 1877-Yes, date unknown
Peter M. Reist
Male 1837-1910
Fannie Hammacher
Female 1846-1907
Esther Reist
Female 1868-Yes, date unknown
George Schaab
Male 1868-1947
May Reist
Female 1899-Yes, date unknown
John E. Schrumm
Male 1897-1974
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Larre Reist
Female 1902-Yes, date unknown
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Ephraim B. Reist
Male 1870-1932
Floyd Reist
Male 1899-Yes, date unknown
Arthur Reist
Male 1900-Yes, date unknown
James Henry Reist
Male 1872-Yes, date unknown
Sarah Reist
Female 1874-Yes, date unknown
Lovina Reist
Female 1876-1877
Ida Reist
Female 1878-1971
Elmore Reist
Male 1880-1881
John Henry Reist
Male Cal 1838-1886
Sarah Ann Bracey
Female 1847-1915
Elma Rieck
Female 1886-Yes, date unknown
Ervin Rieck
Male 1888-1975
Mary Ann Thoman
Female 1886-1937
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Melinda Rieck
Female 1891-1953
John S. Schmitt
Male 1891-1961
Harvey Rieck
Male 1895-1969
Susannah Spaeth
Female 1892-1951
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Milton Rieck
Male 1898-1960
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Norman Rieck
Male 1902-1976
Eliza Cober
Female 1899-1987
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Sarah Kramp
Female 1862-1943
Sylvester Prange
Male 1884-1953
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Melinda Prange
Female 1886-1886
Ida Prange
Female 1887-1905
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Norman Pronge
Male 1891-1962
Elmina Dedels
Female 1896-1967
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Arthur Prange
Male 1892-1958
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Elmer Prong
Male 1894-Yes, date unknown
Rose Wagner
Female 1897-Yes, date unknown
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Laura Prange
Female 1896-1970
Charles Wagner
Male 1890-1958
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Rosey F. Prange
Female 1899-1916
Laura Thaler
Female 1907-1993
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Pearly Prange
Female 1902-Yes, date unknown
Mary Ann Prange
Female 1904-1905
William Prange
Male 1905-1965
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Leah Kramp
Female 1863-1940
Magdalena Kramp
Female Abt 1864-Yes, date unknown
Iva Lorena Kramp
Female 1894-1970
Vernon B. Eby
Male 1892-1962
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Gordon Eli Kramp
Male 1896-1978
Catharine Charlotte Bowers
Female 1879-Yes, date unknown
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Kathleen Elizabeth Zettel
Female 1907-Yes, date unknown
Catherine Charlotte "Lottie" Bowers
Female 1879-Yes, date unknown
Alberta Rieck
Female 1891-Yes, date unknown
Lincoln Rieck
Male 1893-Yes, date unknown
Laura Souder
Female 1892-1943
Roland Rieck
Male 1896-1968
Elsie Rieck
Female 1898-1979
Norman O. Lambke
Male 1895-1970
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Gertrude Rieck
Female 1908-1982
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George Rieck
Male 1860-1939
Irene Kramp
Female 1895-Yes, date unknown
Milton Roy Kramp
Male 1899-Yes, date unknown
Harold Daniel Kramp
Male Cal 1907-1908
Daniel Kramp
Male 1870-Yes, date unknown
Emma Kramp
Female 1871-Yes, date unknown
Mary Merklinger
Female 1865-1953
Nancy Reist
Female 1839-1913
Daniel Kramp
Male 1841-1870
Elizabeth Reist
Female 1841-1936
Louisa Good
Female 1865-Yes, date unknown
Nora S, Hammel
Female 1893-Yes, date unknown
Ada Scheifele
Female 1889-1968
Allan Scheifele
Male 1890-1968
Violet Olivia Shaver
Female 1909-Yes, date unknown
Harvey Scheifele
Male 1893-1932
Milton Roy Scheifele
Male 1898-Yes, date unknown
Hilda Snider
Female 1893-1979
Ward Schiefele
Male 1909-Yes, date unknown
Mary Ellen Meikle
Female 1910-Yes, date unknown
Lucinda Good
Female 1865-1952
Leah Good
Female 1866-1870
Gordon Henry Good
Male 1895-Yes, date unknown
Laura Hill
Female 1897-Yes, date unknown
Ethel P. Good
Female 1897-1944
Vernon Good
Male 1900-Yes, date unknown
Vera Mae Good
Female 1900-1983
Elsie Good
Female 1906-Yes, date unknown
Harold Wilkinson
Male 1886-Yes, date unknown
Allan R. Good
Male 1868-1945
Minnie Stewart
Female 1871-1918
Rosanna Elizabeth "Rosa" Cober
Female 1876-Yes, date unknown
Henry Homeyer
Male 1898-Yes, date unknown
Gladys Homeyer
Female 1901-1920
Russell Homeyer
Male 1902-1978
Webster Homeyer
Male 1907-Yes, date unknown
Robert Homeyer
Male 1909-Yes, date unknown
Sarah Ann Good
Female 1870-1934
William Homeyer
Male 1867-1937
Mary Ann Good
Female 1871-1879
Rev. Henry Good
Male 1900-Yes, date unknown
Rufus Oswald Good
Male 1903-Yes, date unknown
Esther Trafelet
Female 1874-1955
Henry Good
Male 1874-1879
Emma Good
Female 1877-1968
Irene Welch
Female 1913-1989
Rev. Paul Storms
Male 1917-2006
Nancy Good
Female 1880-1965
Rev. Dorwin J. Storms
Male Abt 1883-1948
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Lydia Ann Good
Female 1882-1903
Edwin Shantz
Male 1877-1934
Ida Good
Female 1882-1964
Edwin R. Good
Male 1885-1977
Leonard Good
Male -Bef 1928
Evelyn May Good
Female 1911-Bef 2003
Charles C. McKechnie
Male Abt 1906-Yes, date unknown
Ruby Good
Female 1913-Yes, date unknown
Helen Marie Good
Female 1915-2003
Lorance Gordon
Male 1916-1993
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Soleda May Eby
Female 1886-1927
Sarah Reist
Female 1843-1899
Henry B. Good
Male 1842-1906
Infant Reist
Male 1845-1845
David Reist
Male 1846-1919
Levi Reist
Male 1847-1869
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Leah Mosser
Female 1818-1882
Daniel Reist
Male 1816-1891