Waterloo Region Generations
A record of the people of Waterloo Region, Ontario.

William Tilt

Male 1805 - 1883  (77 years)

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Louisa Tilt
Female 1834-1913
John Roberton
Male 1827-1904
Mearl Stricker
Female 1891-Yes, date unknown
William Franklin Green
Male 1889-Yes, date unknown
Ella Jane Tilt
Female 1867-1895
Jacob D. Stricker
Male 1865-Bef 1910
Nathaniel Tilt
Male 1836-1919
Mary Gotby
Female 1846-1907
Elisabeth A. Tilt
Female 1860-Yes, date unknown
Martha Tilt
Female 1862-Yes, date unknown
Harry Gray
Male 1846-Yes, date unknown
Marietta Tilt
Female 1867-1871
Francis Tilt
Male 1837-1914
Mary Ann Peddar
Female 1839-1877
Preston F. Tilt
Male 1866-Yes, date unknown
Charlotta Patti "Lotti" Tilt
Female 1870-Yes, date unknown
Albert S. Tilt
Male 1868-Yes, date unknown
Frederick George Tilt
Male 1899-Yes, date unknown
Harvey James W. Tilt
Male 1875-Yes, date unknown
Lulu Etta Granger
Female 1876-Yes, date unknown
Edwin Bingham Tilt
Male 1879-Yes, date unknown
George Holmwood Tilt
Male 1880-Yes, date unknown
Joseph Tilt
Male 1882-Yes, date unknown
Martha Caroline Tilt
Female 1887-Yes, date unknown
Caroline Amelia "Amelia" Raymo
Female 1863-Yes, date unknown
William Arthur Ramo
Male 1865-Yes, date unknown
Anna Ramo
Female 1867-Yes, date unknown
Walton E. Raymo
Male 1878-1908
Annie J. Tilt
Female 1842-1902
William L. Raymo
Male 1834-1890
Isaac Tilt
Male 1843-Yes, date unknown
Female 1850-Yes, date unknown
Arthur Tilt
Male 1848-Yes, date unknown
Pearl Little
Female 1887-Yes, date unknown
Ellen Tilt
Female 1852-1928
John F. Little
Male 1849-Yes, date unknown
John A. Ohlman
Male 1857-Yes, date unknown
William W. Tilt
Male 1888-Yes, date unknown
Ellie Williams
Female 1896-Yes, date unknown
Louisa Tilt
Female 1886-Yes, date unknown
William Tilt
Male 1887-Yes, date unknown
Lloyd Tilt
Male 1890-Yes, date unknown
Pauline Walder
Female 1860-Yes, date unknown
Mary Edna "Mamie" Cornell
Female 1884-Yes, date unknown
William Tilt
Male 1805-1883
Caroline Cosens
Female 1817-1907
Arthur W. Tilt
Male 1857-Yes, date unknown
Nancy I. Tilt
Female 1860-Yes, date unknown
Henry Tilt
Male 1864-Yes, date unknown
Rosanna Tilt
Female 1867-Yes, date unknown
Isaac Tilt
Male 1869-Yes, date unknown
Cornela Tilt
Female 1878-Yes, date unknown
William Tilt
Male Cal 1827-1888
Elizabeth Shoemaker
Female 1836-Yes, date unknown
Anna Gertrude "Gerty" Biggs
Female 1879-Yes, date unknown
William Thomas Biggs
Male 1882-Yes, date unknown
Edna Jane Biggs
Female 1885-Yes, date unknown
Charles Alexander Biggs
Male 1886-Yes, date unknown
Walton Biggs
Female 1888-Yes, date unknown
Miranda Bechtel
Female 1851-1927
William McBain
Male Abt 1850-Yes, date unknown
Charles Watson
Male 1883-1883
Bert E. Mundy
Male 1920-1979
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Elvina Bechtel
Female 1857-Yes, date unknown
Brison Bechtel
Male 1857-Yes, date unknown
Elvine Bechtel
Female 1857-1943
Mabel Cherry
Female 1883-1916
Wilhelmina "Minnie" Bechtel
Female 1884-Yes, date unknown
Clive Stanley Bean
Male 1884-Yes, date unknown
Edith "Ida" Bechtel
Female 1890-Yes, date unknown
Glenn Earl Eby
Male 1898-1962
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Ruth Bechtel
Female 1900-1999
James Sanford Whiting
Male 1898-Yes, date unknown
Hazel Martin
Female 1886-1953
Rev. H. G. Cartlidge
Male 1885-Yes, date unknown
Ida Jane Martin
Female 1888-1949
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Harold Orme Dobbin
Male 1894-Yes, date unknown
Grace Marion Bechtel
Female 1905-Yes, date unknown
Marian Bechtel
Female 1905-Yes, date unknown
Eileen Schmidt
Female 1916-2007
Isaac Bechtel
Male 1900-Yes, date unknown
Irvin Carl Fromm
Male 1904-1963
Frances Hope Bechtel
Female 1910-Yes, date unknown
Nellie Violetta Bickle
Female 1868-Yes, date unknown
Ella May Bechtel
Female 1870-1901
Ella May Ratz
Female 1898-1954
Jane Tilt
Female 1829-1915
Isaac Bechtel
Male 1829-1892
John Tilt
Male 1880-Yes, date unknown
Bertha Mae
Female -2008
John Tilt
Male 1831-1915
Susan Gotby
Female 1844-1925
Charles Tilt
Male 1858-1858
Isabella Tilt
Female 1860-Yes, date unknown
Male Abt 1867-Yes, date unknown
Margaret Watson
Female 1839-1873
Jane Tilt
Female 1854-Yes, date unknown
Caroline Watson
Female 1829-1855
Jane Cosens
Female 1805-1832
Agnes Tilt
Female 1874-Yes, date unknown
Flora Wilkinson
Female 1863-Yes, date unknown