Waterloo Region Generations
A record of the people of Waterloo Region, Ontario.

Bell Island, Newfoundland


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Latitude: 47.6332014, Longitude: -55.3483008


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Quenneville, Wade  Bell Island, Newfoundland I416723
2 Clark, Mabel  1897Bell Island, Newfoundland I387583
3 Rees, Solomon  1902Bell Island, Newfoundland I413698
4 Sheppard, Thelma Louise  18 Oct 1903Bell Island, Newfoundland I417375
5 Kavanagh, Thomas  6 Jul 1907Bell Island, Newfoundland I383922
6 Yetman, Harvey Thomas  20 Jun 1909Bell Island, Newfoundland I417079
7 O'Brien, Thomas P.  1910Bell Island, Newfoundland I381688
8 O'Keefe, Thomas J.  1913Bell Island, Newfoundland I381636
9 Barbara Isabelle  1914Bell Island, Newfoundland I418267
10 Ford, Mary Helen  1914Bell Island, Newfoundland I431759
11 Dwyer, Anastatia Mary  1915Bell Island, Newfoundland I381637
12 Jackman, Eileen Marie  1915Bell Island, Newfoundland I422580
13 Myers, Patrick Joseph  1915Bell Island, Newfoundland I416477
14 Dwyer, Leo M.  1 Feb 1916Bell Island, Newfoundland I380868
15 Kavanagh, Margaret Mary  5 Mar 1916Bell Island, Newfoundland I381855
16 Noseworthy, Frederick "Fred"  1917Bell Island, Newfoundland I387449
17 O'Brien, Bridget  1917Bell Island, Newfoundland I379435
18 King, Rector  10 Feb 1918Bell Island, Newfoundland I420480
19 Gosse, Ginhilda "Hilda"  1919Bell Island, Newfoundland I387450
20 O'Brien, Loretta Mary  12 May 1919Bell Island, Newfoundland I379454
21 Rose, Albert Gordon  19 Feb 1920Bell Island, Newfoundland I430879
22 Jackman, Stan  1921Bell Island, Newfoundland I418401
23 McCarthy, Rita M.  28 Jan 1921Bell Island, Newfoundland I383508
24 Murphy, Francis Joseph "Frank"  30 Dec 1921Bell Island, Newfoundland I415828
25 Lahey, Richard Alfred  1922Bell Island, Newfoundland I421031
26 Norman, Bessie Patricia  4 Jan 1922Bell Island, Newfoundland I431855
27 Littlejohn, Florence  16 Apr 1922Bell Island, Newfoundland I201758
28 Lahey, Richard Joseph "Dick"  1923Bell Island, Newfoundland I425072
29 Murphy, Leo  13 May 1923Bell Island, Newfoundland I415555
30 Saunders, Isabel  18 Jul 1923Bell Island, Newfoundland I385416
31 Jackman, Mary Margaret  1924Bell Island, Newfoundland I199082
32 Ratford, Charles Raymond  26 Jul 1924Bell Island, Newfoundland I415040
33 Ezekiel, Patrick John  4 Aug 1924Bell Island, Newfoundland I431443
34 Jackman, Mary Margaret  19 Sep 1924Bell Island, Newfoundland I379225
35 Cobb, Stanley John "Jack"  7 Jan 1925Bell Island, Newfoundland I383936
36 Murphy, Thomas  1 Apr 1925Bell Island, Newfoundland I436139
37 Kitchen, Frederick Weston  1 Aug 1925Bell Island, Newfoundland I419265
38 Hammond, Kevin William  5 Aug 1925Bell Island, Newfoundland I436086
39 Byrne, Jeremiah Patrick "Jerry"  1926Bell Island, Newfoundland I432595
40 Young, John J. "JJ"  1926Bell Island, Newfoundland I417099
41 Connors, Margaret Theresa  22 Jun 1926Bell Island, Newfoundland I384555
42 Reid, Sidney A.  26 Jun 1927Bell Island, Newfoundland I387441
43 Rees, Irene Mildred  7 Nov 1927Bell Island, Newfoundland I382507
44 Conners, Augustine "Gus"  1928Bell Island, Newfoundland I384031
45 Moore, John N. "Jack"  1928Bell Island, Newfoundland I431273
46 Vokey, Hubert W.  8 Jul 1928Bell Island, Newfoundland I387716
47 Connors, Augustine John "Gus"  1 Aug 1928Bell Island, Newfoundland I384554
48 Jackman, Ronald Joseph  10 Nov 1928Bell Island, Newfoundland I418994
49 Bartlett, Ewart  1929Bell Island, Newfoundland I193731
50 Verge, Edna Marie  12 Jan 1930Bell Island, Newfoundland I384342
51 Rose, William O.  1 May 1930Bell Island, Newfoundland I414785
52 King, Betty Jean  14 Aug 1930Bell Island, Newfoundland I145289
53 Kennedy, Rita Aloysius  1931Bell Island, Newfoundland I431982
54 Stone, Dermott Joseph  31 Dec 1931Bell Island, Newfoundland I415914
55 Moore, Michael Augustin "Gus"  1932Bell Island, Newfoundland I431274
56 Delahunty, John Raymond "Ray"  30 Apr 1932Bell Island, Newfoundland I415518
57 Wiseman, Ronald Leo  8 Sep 1932Bell Island, Newfoundland I384743
58 Rees, Ada Belle  8 Oct 1932Bell Island, Newfoundland I379011
59 Hart, Gerald "Gerry"  15 Jan 1933Bell Island, Newfoundland I383606
60 Neil, Bertha May  13 Jun 1933Bell Island, Newfoundland I414786
61 Parsons, Chesley Richard  9 Mar 1935Bell Island, Newfoundland I379012
62 Kavanagh, Martin Joseph  12 May 1936Bell Island, Newfoundland I385586
63 Kavanagh, Joseph F.  1937Bell Island, Newfoundland I385515
64 Kavanagh, Mary Lillian  4 May 1938Bell Island, Newfoundland I384744
65 Cole, George Arthur  17 Jun 1939Bell Island, Newfoundland I384531
66 O'Leary, Frederick "Foot"  1941Bell Island, Newfoundland I431736
67 Hart, Allen E.  3 Dec 1941Bell Island, Newfoundland I379168
68 Vokey, Gordon Arnold  1943Bell Island, Newfoundland I384799
69 Tucker, Melvin  20 Aug 1943Bell Island, Newfoundland I384859
70 Ryan, Michael Joseph "Mick"  1944Bell Island, Newfoundland I430801
71 Normore, Lloyd Franklin  22 Mar 1945Bell Island, Newfoundland I383568
72 O'Leary, Walter John  17 Feb 1946Bell Island, Newfoundland I431739
73 Littlejohn, Edward Franis  22 Nov 1946Bell Island, Newfoundland I385718
74 Mercer, Margaret Mary  6 Sep 1948Bell Island, Newfoundland I384860
75 Brown, Frank  5 Feb 1950Bell Island, Newfoundland I384348
76 Jackman, William "Bill"  1951Bell Island, Newfoundland I418859
77 Brown, Janet Marie  5 Nov 1952Bell Island, Newfoundland I384351
78 Mitchell, Charles Leslie  1954Bell Island, Newfoundland I416074
79 Young, Michael James  1954Bell Island, Newfoundland I417091
80 Ezekiel, Gerard Thomas  4 Nov 1955Bell Island, Newfoundland I431542
81 Bartlett, Leo Patrick  23 Jun 1956Bell Island, Newfoundland I384185
82 Parsons, Peter Leslie  3 Oct 1956Bell Island, Newfoundland I379013
83 Byrne, Walter Edmond  22 Dec 1957Bell Island, Newfoundland I432228
84 O'Brien, Catherine Mary  6 Apr 1958Bell Island, Newfoundland I385667
85 Hart, Gerald  1960Bell Island, Newfoundland I415884


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Robbins, Raymond Wilson  Bell Island, Newfoundland I430844


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Byrne, Jeremiah Patrick "Jerry"  Bell Island, Newfoundland I432595
2 Lahey, John  1990Bell Island, Newfoundland I423048
3 Keels, Lawrence J. "Larry"  2020Bell Island, Newfoundland I385517


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Rideout / Mercer  19 Jan 1922Bell Island, Newfoundland F273564