Waterloo Region Generations
A record of the people of Waterloo Region, Ontario.

Mitchell, Perth Co., Ontario


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Latitude: 43.4686203, Longitude: -81.2002106


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Brown, Grace Bonnibel "Bonnibel"  Mitchell, Perth Co., Ontario I437359
2 Brown, Jean Marie  2 Aug 1924Mitchell, Perth Co., Ontario I166214
3 Brown, Private Lawrence Richard  15 Mar 1888Mitchell, Perth Co., Ontario I61911
4 Brown, Ruth Caroline  1929Mitchell, Perth Co., Ontario I23858
5 Brown, Private Sydney Clarence  12 Jan 1894Mitchell, Perth Co., Ontario I213177
6 Brown, William Harry  14 Aug 1886Mitchell, Perth Co., Ontario I61910
7 Cairns, Elizabeth Wallace  18 Sep 1865Mitchell, Perth Co., Ontario I141925
8 Close, C. S.  9 Jan 1897Mitchell, Perth Co., Ontario I354812
9 Crawford, Robert Percival  14 Jun 1900Mitchell, Perth Co., Ontario I196061
10 Crawford, Wilbert Leo  11 Jan 1895Mitchell, Perth Co., Ontario I50833
11 Dalton, Spencer Hotham  12 Feb 1900Mitchell, Perth Co., Ontario I44756
12 Davidson, George Barley  1896Mitchell, Perth Co., Ontario I144700
13 Dunsmore, Amy J.  18 Feb 1879Mitchell, Perth Co., Ontario I40446
14 Edwards, Lily May  12 Feb 1878Mitchell, Perth Co., Ontario I206780
15 Eizerman, Lillian "Lily"  13 Jan 1899Mitchell, Perth Co., Ontario I113193
16 Friend, John  1874Mitchell, Perth Co., Ontario I68536
17 Goebel, Fredrick  3 May 1857Mitchell, Perth Co., Ontario I85941
18 Greve, Catherine Julia Mary Susanna "Susanna"  21 Jul 1876Mitchell, Perth Co., Ontario I68475
19 Griffin, Albert George  29 Jun 1885Mitchell, Perth Co., Ontario I332627
20 Griffin, Alice B.  1865Mitchell, Perth Co., Ontario I125250
21 Hamacher, Annie  1869Mitchell, Perth Co., Ontario I350664
22 Hertel, Franklin "Frank"  3 May 1854Mitchell, Perth Co., Ontario I93753
23 Hillen, Mary Jane  4 Nov 1867Mitchell, Perth Co., Ontario I95458
24 Hird, Fanny  28 Jul 1883Mitchell, Perth Co., Ontario I209089
25 Hoflich, George  3 Jun 1862Mitchell, Perth Co., Ontario I95457
26 Huber, Evelyn  31 Aug 1877Mitchell, Perth Co., Ontario I10391
27 Johnson, Fanny  Mitchell, Perth Co., Ontario I437358
28 Junck, Robert McGee  Mar 1876Mitchell, Perth Co., Ontario I204232
29 Kahle, Carl August  1900Mitchell, Perth Co., Ontario I185368
30 Keeler, William James  7 Apr 1881Mitchell, Perth Co., Ontario I82538
31 Kinsman, John Henry  1853Mitchell, Perth Co., Ontario I80227
32 Kinsman, Minnie  28 Jun 1873Mitchell, Perth Co., Ontario I79969
33 Knechtel, Albert Thomas  7 Nov 1869Mitchell, Perth Co., Ontario I11277
34 Koenig, Albert Max  10 Aug 1896Mitchell, Perth Co., Ontario I176593
35 Koenig, Elsa Frances  Oct 1901Mitchell, Perth Co., Ontario I176595
36 Koenig, Josephine  Apr 1904Mitchell, Perth Co., Ontario I176596
37 Koenig, Victoria Alma  Aug 1897Mitchell, Perth Co., Ontario I322711
38 Lehman, William Frank  1883Mitchell, Perth Co., Ontario I164706
39 McDougall, George Armour  29 Nov 1878Mitchell, Perth Co., Ontario I67235
40 McMaster, John Wesley  1887Mitchell, Perth Co., Ontario I124297
41 Mueller, Caroline L. "Carrie"  31 Jul 1877Mitchell, Perth Co., Ontario I64204
42 Ratz, Leslie Lawrence  1894Mitchell, Perth Co., Ontario I2071
43 Robb, Margaret R.  1856Mitchell, Perth Co., Ontario I424294
44 Soeder, Alfred  20 Dec 1892Mitchell, Perth Co., Ontario I89866
45 Thiel, Hilda  11 Sep 1888Mitchell, Perth Co., Ontario I16115
46 Walker, Fred Lorne  3 Jul 1879Mitchell, Perth Co., Ontario I105052
47 Whiting, Sylvenous Thornley "Thornley"  13 Apr 1897Mitchell, Perth Co., Ontario I158435
48 Woolsey, Mary Elizabeth  3 Oct 1878Mitchell, Perth Co., Ontario I195099


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Doerr, Heinrich "Henry"  8 Feb 1895Mitchell, Perth Co., Ontario I57023
2 Göbel, Albert  8 Jul 1886Mitchell, Perth Co., Ontario I241313
3 Hammacher, Menno  9 Feb 1872Mitchell, Perth Co., Ontario I1969
4 Joss, Magdalena  19 Apr 1884Mitchell, Perth Co., Ontario I68898
5 Kressler, Catharine  20 Oct 1901Mitchell, Perth Co., Ontario I278637
6 Little, David  17 Nov 1888Mitchell, Perth Co., Ontario I155960
7 Martin, Stanley Irvin  Feb 1996Mitchell, Perth Co., Ontario I181564
8 Marty, Friedrich  16 Aug 1897Mitchell, Perth Co., Ontario I68896
9 Ritz, Heinrich  5 Dec 1891Mitchell, Perth Co., Ontario I240730
10 Smith, Jemima  3 Apr 1930Mitchell, Perth Co., Ontario I119685
11 Stueck, Ann Catherine  11 Nov 1940Mitchell, Perth Co., Ontario I143835
12 Thiel, Conrad K.  15 Nov 1931Mitchell, Perth Co., Ontario I33390


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Cameron, Allan Donald  Mitchell, Perth Co., Ontario I191562
2 Graham, Celina  Mitchell, Perth Co., Ontario I204020


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Griffin, Alfred J.  1885Mitchell, Perth Co., Ontario I332625
2 Gutteridge, John  1889Mitchell, Perth Co., Ontario I146595
3 Huber, George T.  1877Mitchell, Perth Co., Ontario I3149
4 Ritz, Heinrich "Henry"  1873Mitchell, Perth Co., Ontario I246495
5 Russell, James  1903Mitchell, Perth Co., Ontario I443119
6 Susand, Henry Edwin  1861Mitchell, Perth Co., Ontario I80279


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Butcher, Frederick  1867Mitchell, Perth Co., Ontario I215072
2 Gobel, Emma  1882Mitchell, Perth Co., Ontario I149093
3 Hiller, Robert John "Bob"  1987Mitchell, Perth Co., Ontario I185045
4 Hurlburt, Dr. Richard Watson  1875Mitchell, Perth Co., Ontario I40791
5 Koenig, Albert Max  Mitchell, Perth Co., Ontario I176593
6 Konig, Adam  1882Mitchell, Perth Co., Ontario I149082
7 Little, Thomas  1864Mitchell, Perth Co., Ontario I119669
8 Little, Thomas  1864Mitchell, Perth Co., Ontario I119669
9 Ritz, Heinrich "Henry"  1873Mitchell, Perth Co., Ontario I246495
10 Stauffer, Edna  1987Mitchell, Perth Co., Ontario I308333
11 Wasmann, Mina  1873Mitchell, Perth Co., Ontario I246496
12 Whiting, Sylvenous Thornley "Thornley"  Mitchell, Perth Co., Ontario I158435
13 Winston, William Henry  1880Mitchell, Perth Co., Ontario I26706


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Boundy / Field  7 Feb 1920Mitchell, Perth Co., Ontario F17059
2 Cuthbertson / Clulow  1 Jan 1880Mitchell, Perth Co., Ontario F32138
3 Dalton / Hanson  2 Jul 1917Mitchell, Perth Co., Ontario F48772
4 Hiuser / Greve  21 Jun 1904Mitchell, Perth Co., Ontario F17930
5 Johnson / Armstrong  18 Feb 1874Mitchell, Perth Co., Ontario F20624
6 Kyle / Collison  11 Apr 1885Mitchell, Perth Co., Ontario F15051
7 Leake / Bleam  3 Aug 1882Mitchell, Perth Co., Ontario F5092
8 Payne / Smith  8 Jan 1871Mitchell, Perth Co., Ontario F30000
9 Roos / Grant  24 May 1879Mitchell, Perth Co., Ontario F8718
10 Schneider / Nugent  27 Jun 1906Mitchell, Perth Co., Ontario F57148
11 Watson / Parrish  30 Aug 1919Mitchell, Perth Co., Ontario F55824