Waterloo Region Generations
A record of the people of Waterloo Region, Ontario.

Of, Bavaria, Germany



Matches 1 to 73 of 73

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Anna  Abt 1807Of, Bavaria, Germany I150778
2 Anna Maria  Abt 1839Of, Bavaria, Germany I69895
3 Barbara  Abt 1790Of, Bavaria, Germany I139167
4 Barbara  Abt 1795Of, Bavaria, Germany I150324
5 Barbara  Abt 1814Of, Bavaria, Germany I117421
6 Catherine  Abt 1810Of, Bavaria, Germany I133646
7 Catherine  Abt 1823Of, Bavaria, Germany I94095
8 Clara  Abt 1800Of, Bavaria, Germany I133644
9 Elizabeth  Abt 1790Of, Bavaria, Germany I138958
10 Kunigunda  Abt 1808Of, Bavaria, Germany I139363
11 Magdalena  Abt 1810Of, Bavaria, Germany I30507
12 Maria  Abt 1804Of, Bavaria, Germany I139358
13 Maria  Abt 1804Of, Bavaria, Germany I117795
14 Maria  Abt 1822Of, Bavaria, Germany I148873
15 Marianna  Abt 1770Of, Bavaria, Germany I118369
16 Mary  Abt 1811Of, Bavaria, Germany I144495
17 Adij, Charlotte  Abt 1816Of, Bavaria, Germany I122441
18 Albrecht, Frederick  Abt 1805Of, Bavaria, Germany I33480
19 Albrecht, Frederick  Abt 1813Of, Bavaria, Germany I79558
20 Bachman, Veronica  Abt 1740Of, Bavaria, Germany I20222
21 Bauman, Joseph  Abt 1800Of, Bavaria, Germany I133643
22 Brehm, Geogius  Abt 1810Of, Bavaria, Germany I30506
23 Christman, Philip  Abt 1790Of, Bavaria, Germany I114246
24 Darnell, Christian  Abt 1811Of, Bavaria, Germany I134924
25 Decklar, Charlotte  Abt 1792Of, Bavaria, Germany I121531
26 Dennerlein, Barbara  Abt 1795Of, Bavaria, Germany I114481
27 Fey, Joseph  Abt 1770Of, Bavaria, Germany I118368
28 Finzl, Barbara  Abt 1790Of, Bavaria, Germany I135148
29 Frohlich, George Henry  Abt 1790Of, Bavaria, Germany I138640
30 Fuchs, George  Abt 1804Of, Bavaria, Germany I139357
31 Gaessel, Philipine  Abt 1790Of, Bavaria, Germany I114247
32 Good, Christian  Abt 1822Of, Bavaria, Germany I148872
33 Greil, George  Abt 1807Of, Bavaria, Germany I150777
34 Gutgoher, Josephus  Abt 1795Of, Bavaria, Germany I150323
35 Hauck, Anna Maria  Abt 1805Of, Bavaria, Germany I33481
36 Helm, George  Abt 1800Of, Bavaria, Germany I31232
37 Hoffman, Franciscus  Abt 1826Of, Bavaria, Germany I59158
38 Kees, Catherine  Abt 1790Of, Bavaria, Germany I33937
39 Kieswetter, Pauli  Abt 1790Of, Bavaria, Germany I33936
40 Knapp, Peter  Abt 1792Of, Bavaria, Germany I36700
41 Kunz, Elizabeth  Abt 1800Of, Bavaria, Germany I127030
42 Kurtz, Jacob  Abt 1823Of, Bavaria, Germany I94094
43 Lamb  Abt 1790Of, Bavaria, Germany I258173
44 Lanes, Walburga  Abt 1795Of, Bavaria, Germany I156799
45 Langenbucker, Wolgang  Abt 1795Of, Bavaria, Germany I114480
46 Lenhard, Peter  Abt 1804Of, Bavaria, Germany I117794
47 Ligbig, Barbara  Abt 1826Of, Bavaria, Germany I59159
48 Meivert, Anna M.  Abt 1813Of, Bavaria, Germany I79721
49 Melchior, Michael  Abt 1808Of, Bavaria, Germany I139361
50 Metz  Abt 1839Of, Bavaria, Germany I65252
51 Metzger, Andreas "Andrew"  1813Of, Bavaria, Germany I144586
52 Otto, Sapher  Abt 1816Of, Bavaria, Germany I122440
53 Pfeifer, Michael  Abt 1810Of, Bavaria, Germany I133645
54 Rosette, Elizabeth  Abt 1803Of, Bavaria, Germany I110679
55 Ruth, Jacob  Abt 1807Of, Bavaria, Germany I272536
56 Schill, Maria  Abt 1807Of, Bavaria, Germany I67304
57 Schmidt, Margaratha  1801Of, Bavaria, Germany I102032
58 Schuster, Charles  Abt 1795Of, Bavaria, Germany I156794
59 Seigel, Jacobus  Abt 1811Of, Bavaria, Germany I144494
60 Stockie, Adam  Abt 1814Of, Bavaria, Germany I104128
61 Stoeckle, Catharine  Abt 1772Of, Bavaria, Germany I20225
62 Stoeckle, Joseph  Abt 1740Of, Bavaria, Germany I20221
63 Stoeckle, Magdalena  Abt 1770Of, Bavaria, Germany I20224
64 Trebert, Barbara  Abt 1811Of, Bavaria, Germany I144587
65 Wahl  Abt 1775Of, Bavaria, Germany I97117
66 Werner, Catharina  Abt 1790Of, Bavaria, Germany I135140
67 Winnor?, Emilie  Abt 1811Of, Bavaria, Germany I134945
68 Witmer, Mary  1770Of, Bavaria, Germany I20226
69 Wittman, Andreas  Abt 1790Of, Bavaria, Germany I139124
70 Wolfsteiner, Udalric  Abt 1790Of, Bavaria, Germany I134821
71 Wuerstlein, Andreas  Abt 1790Of, Bavaria, Germany I135147
72 Zaepen, Cathaine  Abt 1800Of, Bavaria, Germany I127034
73 Ziegler, Bartharn?  Abt 1803Of, Bavaria, Germany I110433