Waterloo Region Generations
A record of the people of Waterloo Region, Ontario.

Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England


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Latitude: 52.2284011, Longitude: 0.1118500


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Clay, Charles James  20 Oct 1891Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England I354790
2 Devine, John Edmund  6 Jun 1922Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England I81205
3 Doggett, Richard  16 Apr 1897Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England I355025
4 Gill, George  4 Feb 1890Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England I355326
5 Gunn, T. A.  27 Jun 1882Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England I355432
6 Hatley, Olive Elizabeth  2 Mar 1891Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England I108371
7 Hawes, Charlotte "Lottie"  12 Mar 1874Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England I76360
8 McCabe, Michael  19 May 1946Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England I206825
9 Purkiss, Thomas John  CALC 23 Sep 1864Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England I350120


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bain, Catherine  9 Oct 1999Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England I383069
2 Bartels, Inez Fannie  27 Feb 1995Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England I225226
3 Beaupre, Marguerite Mary  17 Jan 1982Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England I22789
4 Bowlby, Judy  7 Apr 2020Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England I214132
5 Bowman, Sylvia Elizabeth  24 Jun 2003Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England I169396
6 Bryan, Margaret I.  11 Apr 1991Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England I383814
7 Burdett, Philip Walter  15 Feb 2005Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England I214301
8 Candler, Thelma Jean  9 Dec 1999Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England I370206
9 Claydon, Lillian Marie  30 Aug 2003Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England I213970
10 Cressman, George Edwin "Edwin"  11 Jan 2015Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England I175736
11 Devine, Marjorie Eileen  13 Mar 1989Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England I120463
12 Foote, Daisy Eleanor  8 Jan 1994Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England I178613
13 Hamilton, Edith Evelyn  1987Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England I348823
14 Harris, John M. M. "Jack"  Dec 1977Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England I52739
15 Jesus, Maria  4 Jan 1992Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England I415015
16 Koehler, Marie Matilda  6 Oct 2017Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England I169810
17 Lamky, Marie  1 Mar 1988Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England I423245
18 Lichty, Howard John  30 Jan 2013Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England I186936
19 Mee, Laura Eveline  1988Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England I83914
20 Miller, Elizabeth Edna "Betty"  12 Feb 1992Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England I381367
21 O'Conner, Margaret  25 Jan 1996Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England I380893
22 Rahn, Gordon Edward  2018Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England I105171
23 Riley, Alfred Edward  13 Jul 1995Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England I229166
24 Sauder, Louise Elvira  1 Jul 1975Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England I11151
25 Schaus, Dorothea Christina "Dora"  23 Dec 1987Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England I92788
26 Schiedel, Ivan Earl  27 Sep 1974Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England I48291
27 Schweitzer, Ada  15 Feb 1973Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England I52923
28 Vokey, Frederick  29 Jul 1998Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England I387436
29 Wren, Elizabeth  12 Jan 1974Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England I382384


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Honoured    Person ID 
1 Soper, Dr. Augustus A.  Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England I129486