Waterloo Region Generations
A record of the people of Waterloo Region, Ontario.

Victoria, British Columbia


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Latitude: 48.4283397, Longitude: -123.3645000


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Baker, Helen Louise  1884Victoria, British Columbia I123597
2 Edmonds, George Hounsfield  9 Mar 1918Victoria, British Columbia I196314
3 Lehman, Ernest Noble Victor  24 May 1885Victoria, British Columbia I65808
4 Parkes, George Ernie  4 Nov 1894Victoria, British Columbia I179327
5 Sherk, Lillian May "Lillie"  4 Nov 1884Victoria, British Columbia I4428


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Allingham, William Armstrong  21 Mar 1973Victoria, British Columbia I197739
2 Asmussen, John  26 Sep 1942Victoria, British Columbia I131381
3 Baer, Walter Wesley "Wesley"  23 Apr 1939Victoria, British Columbia I9876
4 Bain, John  CALC 3 Jan 2008Victoria, British Columbia I408330
5 Baker, Elizabeth Ann  17 Mar 1901Victoria, British Columbia I4425
6 Bowman, Grace Winnifred  25 Nov 1961Victoria, British Columbia I8698
7 Buchanan, Franklin  9 Oct 1938Victoria, British Columbia I135912
8 Burness, Alison Kirkwood-Munro  13 Sep 1996Victoria, British Columbia I184335
9 Dalziel, Alexander  21 Jan 1955Victoria, British Columbia I333861
10 Donaldson, Florence M.  15 Feb 1944Victoria, British Columbia I195212
11 Fox, Alma Caroline  20 Apr 1952Victoria, British Columbia I353928
12 Garland, Edgar  7 Jan 1940Victoria, British Columbia I83689
13 Garland, Leila Margaret  29 Sep 1982Victoria, British Columbia I224217
14 Goldie, John "Jack"  1 Mar 1947Victoria, British Columbia I58611
15 Greenhill, George Vores Jewett  29 May 1939Victoria, British Columbia I102693
16 Hall, Margaret Forbes  12 Mar 2009Victoria, British Columbia I66513
17 Hammel, Conrad  9 Dec 1921Victoria, British Columbia I260563
18 Hewitt, Albert Sydney "Sydney"  30 Oct 1918Victoria, British Columbia I179354
19 Higgins, Omar Leo  23 Jan 1919Victoria, British Columbia I62170
20 Humble, Mary  24 Nov 1933Victoria, British Columbia I251583
21 Jenkins, Benjamin  6 Jan 1864Victoria, British Columbia I252282
22 Kribs, Clara Jane "Jennie"  27 Mar 1916Victoria, British Columbia I9927
23 Marshall, Allan Lovett  3 Dec 1977Victoria, British Columbia I215405
24 Mast, Regina E.  4 Dec 1894Victoria, British Columbia I92248
25 Mathison, George Hamilton  9 Oct 1975Victoria, British Columbia I176051
26 McColl, David  11 Feb 1930Victoria, British Columbia I58081
27 Miller, Margaretha Elenora  Victoria, British Columbia I183248
28 Naish, May  17 Aug 1982Victoria, British Columbia I96493
29 Owen, Victoria May  3 Mar 1997Victoria, British Columbia I385550
30 Proudlove, Edgar  1 Apr 1950Victoria, British Columbia I178966
31 Richmond, John Thompson  Dec 1937Victoria, British Columbia I40654
32 Rowe, William Douglas  2012Victoria, British Columbia I385280
33 Schaller, Jerome George  25 Jan 1984Victoria, British Columbia I204443
34 Sherk, Albert Bela  11 Feb 1930Victoria, British Columbia I4426
35 Sherk, Jacob  12 May 1936Victoria, British Columbia I4424
36 Sitler, Ruth  11 Jan 2005Victoria, British Columbia I26451
37 Snyder, Verna  12 Aug 1978Victoria, British Columbia I126196
38 Soper, Margaret Ardelia  16 Aug 1989Victoria, British Columbia I70166
39 Stafford, Charlotte Catherine  30 Dec 1945Victoria, British Columbia I12751
40 Sylvester, Anne Delphine  27 Nov 1959Victoria, British Columbia I51057
41 Vaillant, Collette  22 Dec 2008Victoria, British Columbia I167925
42 Voisin, Oliver Edwin "Brother Paul"  27 Jul 2018Victoria, British Columbia I206858
43 Warner, Marjorie Lillian  16 Nov 1986Victoria, British Columbia I206106
44 Warren, Edith Agnes  15 Mar 1962Victoria, British Columbia I83690
45 Warren, Lilly Unsworth  25 Nov 1968Victoria, British Columbia I311151
46 Whitfield, Albert John  3 May 1949Victoria, British Columbia I83918
47 Worth, Edward Mullins  5 May 1954Victoria, British Columbia I353929
48 Yager, Milton Cairns  21 Aug 1972Victoria, British Columbia I33109


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Near, Kenneth Albert "Ken"  Victoria, British Columbia I431801

Elected Office

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Elected Office    Person ID 
1 Tims, Frank Fraser  1894Victoria, British Columbia I59300


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 Dalgleish, Arthur Duncan  1915Victoria, British Columbia I83327


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Brubacher, Cyrus  1937Victoria, British Columbia I377177
2 Checkley, Francis Yelverton "Frank"  1939Victoria, British Columbia I99805
3 Chisholm, William A.  1938Victoria, British Columbia I130359
4 Dalgleish, Arthur Duncan  Victoria, British Columbia I83327
5 Lockie, George Charles  1960Victoria, British Columbia I140339
6 Lorentz, Marie Dorothy  1984Victoria, British Columbia I201815
7 Makcrow, Helen Irene Elizabeth  1991Victoria, British Columbia I186428
8 McColl, David  1925Victoria, British Columbia I58081
9 Richmond, James  1948Victoria, British Columbia I92438
10 Stafford, Charlotte Catherine  1922Victoria, British Columbia I12751
11 Umbach, George Joshua  1913Victoria, British Columbia I115374


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Kenning / Gibb  15 Oct 1889Victoria, British Columbia F36428
2 Moore / Sherk  3 Jun 1907Victoria, British Columbia F32107