Waterloo Region Generations
A record of the people of Waterloo Region, Ontario.

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada


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Latitude: 49.8844444, Longitude: -97.1463889


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Anderson, Norman  17 Jul 1908Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I190421
2 Anderson, Walter Fergus  26 Sep 1910Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I190423
3 Anderson, William Matheson  18 Jun 1905Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I190426
4 Barrable, Gordon Henry  27 Apr 1919Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I405062
5 Bower, Edith Sutherland  1906Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I207040
6 Douglas, Christine Nelson  5 Feb 1906Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I203719
7 Epp, Mayor Herbert Arnold "Herb"  1934Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I260923
8 Halpenny, Lieutenant Colonel William Walton  14 Nov 1909Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I440026
9 Hamlin, Violet D.  1922Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I383387
10 Hine, Marion Doreen  13 May 1923Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I203324
11 Jacques, Laura Emma  19 May 1909Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I211738
12 Jadeski, Kathleen Natalie  1912Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I160924
13 Janzen, Robert Alvin "Bob"  1945Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I341400
14 Kooyman, Wayne  26 Sep 1947Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I156192
15 Lockie, Bertha Jane  30 Aug 1904Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I201948
16 Lockie, Stewart Charles  14 Aug 1906Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I201947
17 MacDonald, Christina Nettie "Chrissie"  12 Jan 1909Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I340055
18 Mahood, Clyde  Aug 1906Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I166953
19 Matthews, Flora Millar  1880Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I171855
20 McCaughan, Theresa  1895Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I379293
21 McKee, Margaret Ellen  14 Jul 1912Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I158465
22 Mclellan, Percy M.  CALC 4 Sep 1885Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I351669
23 McMillan, Alexander George  6 Mar 1924Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I386425
24 Roberts, Margaret  26 Jun 1912Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I197750
25 Schiedel, Mabel Irene  1902Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I331574
26 Shantz, Colon Gassion  7 Apr 1899Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I751
27 Shantz, Edith Ella  24 Jun 1882Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I19734
28 Shantz, Elsie  1880Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I19733
29 Shantz, Ida B.  1877Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I19732
30 Shantz, Keith McCauley  28 Mar 1916Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I319331
31 Shantz, Walter  27 Oct 1885Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I2376
32 Strassburger, Roland G.  26 May 1907Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I86088
33 Taves, Harvey W.  22 Mar 1926Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I149217
34 Thomas, Victor  1927Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I159535
35 Thomas, Victor  1928Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I413631
36 Thomas, Violet  24 Jun 1927Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I136620
37 Wallace, Ethel  1902Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I214978
38 Watson, Alfred Wyllie "Wyllie"  20 Nov 1896Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I57792
39 Watson, David Murray  21 Dec 1900Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I195614
40 Watson, Donald Stevenson  28 Sep 1906Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I195615
41 Watson, Dorothy Margaret  28 Apr 1895Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I341230
42 Watson, Emily Gibb  19 May 1896Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I195612
43 Watson, Margaret Elizabeth  16 Apr 1899Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I195613
44 Watson, Mary Eunice "Eunice"  18 May 1895Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I195611
45 Whiting, Albert Edgar  12 May 1892Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I32585
46 Wildfong, Lloyd Edwin  6 Dec 1924Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I204600
47 Winterhalt, Marie L.  4 Jul 1916Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I88894


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Abra, Jacob Finch  17 Dec 1945Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I14700
2 Alteman, Caroline  15 Feb 1919Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I34823
3 Anderson, Jessie  9 Oct 1942Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I127856
4 Anderson, Mary Ann  20 May 1930Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I127855
5 Archibald, Elizabeth Henderson  16 Mar 1923Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I142364
6 Bell, Andrew White  28 Aug 1911Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I104195
7 Bell, John  14 Feb 1896Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I143012
8 Bowers, Rosalia  22 Jun 1942Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I65015
9 Bowman, Alice Maude "Allie"  24 Dec 1914Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I8692
10 Bowman, Norah Beatrice  30 Nov 1974Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I8699
11 Bruder, Cyril "Cy"  14 Nov 1991Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I322845
12 Cairns, Elizabeth Wallace  4 Feb 1899Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I141925
13 Chapman, John  20 Jul 1880Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I118936
14 Chep, Charlotte  2 Dec 1875Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I268290
15 Clark, Christina  5 Aug 1918Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I119967
16 Collum, David Hugh  2 Nov 1952Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I86142
17 Collum, Emma  1939Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I169430
18 Cowan, Jennie  18 Feb 1883Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I139955
19 Crookshanks, James Johnson  21 Aug 1940Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I276520
20 Cumming, Isabella  15 Mar 1885Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I80154
21 Date, Alice Jane  15 Sep 1902Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I33264
22 Dorscht, Bernice Edna  25 Oct 2016Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I163910
23 Dryden, Andrew  2 Aug 1922Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I161430
24 Dryden, Eliza Cairns  18 Feb 1941Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I124400
25 Eby, Henry  26 Jul 1886Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I21270
26 Eby, Veronica "Fannie"  Nov 1885Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I21089
27 Eby, Wellington  14 Mar 1942Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I21845
28 Erb, Benjamin Franklin  18 May 1936Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I3420
29 Erb, Delton Jacob  29 May 2011Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I160540
30 Erb, Levi Henry  10 Jul 1933Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I10878
31 Erb, Roy  1 Jan 1957Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I17968
32 Falls, John Clare  11 Apr 1924Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I138869
33 Findlay, Charles  28 Feb 1914Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I21259
34 Galloway, Herbert Peter Howell  13 Jul 1939Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I153228
35 Gibson, Alexander  4 Dec 1897Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I102718
36 Gordon, Henry Bruce  21 Apr 1931Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I273887
37 Greenaway, Chester Richard  22 Jan 1964Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I43900
38 Grills, Elizabeth  Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I62095
39 Groff, Samuel  14 Mar 1930Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I4042
40 Guthrie, Janet Grant  18 Dec 1912Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I135541
41 Gutteridge, George Edward  2 Aug 1926Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I209025
42 Haffner, John  24 Feb 1921Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I104468
43 Hallman, Samuel H.  Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I6428
44 Harvie, Malcolm  5 Dec 1922Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I63152
45 Hayes, Mary Ann  27 Aug 1927Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I11649
46 Hespeler, Georgina Hope  19 Dec 1887Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I143021
47 Hilliard, Ellen  31 Dec 1939Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I11009
48 Hoffer, John Arthur "Jack"  16 Oct 2012Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I128778
49 Holwell, Harry  17 Aug 1942Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I120509
50 Hornberger, John G.  6 Feb 1955Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I291512
51 Horst, Eli  4 Jan 1985Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I241479
52 Hunt, Henry Myers  22 Dec 1924Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I65013
53 Hunt, Mary Evelyn  3 Dec 1943Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I65019
54 Janney, Ernest Lloyd  22 Apr 1941Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I40521
55 Johannes, Melinda  31 Jul 1933Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I28778
56 Johnson, Anna Maria  26 Aug 1903Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I171332
57 Keffer, Sarah Catherine  28 Apr 1938Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I126732
58 King, Rev. John M.  5 Mar 1899Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I72190
59 Koschinski, Walter Ernest  2 Aug 1911Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I39516
60 Kutt, Carl A. "Charles"  1952Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I43713
61 Laidlaw, Charles Walter  11 Dec 1953Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I7291
62 Laidlaw, Henry Albert "Harry"  16 Dec 1930Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I7964
63 Last, William  7 Dec 1939Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I137195
64 Lauman, Heinrich "Henry"  1939Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I130184
65 Lilley, Susan Bertha  17 Dec 1917Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I153615
66 Lundy, Chisholm Robert  15 May 1925Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I5053
67 Lundy, Lorella Ola  4 Feb 1909Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I22495
68 MacDonald, Christina Nettie "Chrissie"  19 May 1990Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I340055
69 McGaffin, Mary  19 Apr 1928Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I90593
70 McIntosh, Thomas  28 Jun 1913Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I104746
71 McJannet, Robert  7 Aug 1950Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I209291
72 McKenzie, Donald  3 Mar 1921Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I136083
73 McMillan, Robert  20 Jul 1920Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I67199
74 Millican, Elizabeth "Betsy"  9 Dec 1903Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I129351
75 Morley, Abigail Ann  13 Sep 1917Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I31839
76 Nahrgang, Lanson Edgar  26 Feb 1948Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I94038
77 Nairn, Agnes  3 Dec 1918Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I200944
78 Potter, James Alexander  25 Feb 1930Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I132377
79 Ramsay, Jessie Davidson  1984Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I381792
80 Rapson, Mary  16 Jan 1910Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I16539
81 Riley, Emily Frances  23 Oct 1936Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I196316
82 Robertson, Martha Marian  2 Dec 1926Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I4043
83 Robson, William Wight  16 Apr 1946Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I104967
84 Ross, John Henderson  17 Jul 1909Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I131164
85 Rush, George Milton  11 Aug 1896Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I21023
86 Rutherford, Thomas  22 Jun 1912Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I153614
87 Ruthig, Philip  26 Sep 1924Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I218877
88 Schickler, William John  May 2006Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I213852
89 Schmiedel, Ralph Albert  Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I216724
90 Shantz, Bessie Louella  26 Oct 1961Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I24970
91 Shantz, Harold Hugh  19 Dec 1963Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I206533
92 Shantz, Simon R.  29 Oct 1926Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I19779
93 Sittler, Joseph  26 Feb 1982Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I405276
94 Smith, Elsie Alletta  19 Feb 1949Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I81958
95 Snyder, Joseph Lincoln "Lincoln"  29 Aug 1946Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I2967
96 Stanton, Ralph Gordon  21 Apr 2010Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I76600
97 Steinmann, Norma Arlene  6 Dec 2009Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I200097
98 Steinmetz, Christian Charles  28 Mar 1945Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I218414
99 Stork, Sydney Edwin  18 Apr 1920Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I66286
100 Strang, Janet  23 Nov 1874Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I203800

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Brownlow, Thomas  25 Sep 1893Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I74995


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Lundy, Adre Devere  1911Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I199273
2 Lundy, Chisholm Robert  1911Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I5053
3 Lundy, Leon Leroy  1911Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I199272
4 Lundy, Tera Rell  1911Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I199278
5 Oberholtzer, Lydia  1911Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I18347


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 Armitage, Harold Webb  24 Dec 1914Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I42447
2 Bagg, Arthur Frederick  6 Feb 1917Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I87395
3 Mueller, Waldimar Conrad  1916Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I84596


Matches 1 to 21 of 21

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Baird, Rev. Andrew Browning  1887Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I143122
2 Baldwin, James Matthias  Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I118992
3 Bauslaugh, Allan  1882Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I446349
4 Bricker, Dilman O.  1901Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I12754
5 Brown, Alexander H.  1905Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I127948
6 Campbell, Dr. John L.  1901Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I276930
7 Gordon, H. Bruce  Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I74376
8 Hallman, Daniel H.  1898Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I6469
9 Hespeler, Wilhelm "William"  1884Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I35103
10 King, Rev. John M.  1891Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I72190
11 Marchand, Arnold  1892Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I136951
12 Middleton, Thomas Homer  1907Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I186518
13 Nanton, Sir Augustus Meredith  1886Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I169773
14 Sanderson, George F.  1882Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I446572
15 Shantz, Aaron E.  1881Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I19723
16 Shantz, Gordon Wesley  1918Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I19686
17 Strang, James S.  1881Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I268292
18 Strang, Robert  Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I133814
19 Strang, Robert  1881Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I268289
20 Thacker, Edward Ernest  1916Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I36789
21 Walper, Conrad Henry Currie "Currie"  1884Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I94862


Matches 1 to 58 of 58

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Armitage, Private Louis Edward  Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I176042
2 Bechtel, Henry J.  1914Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I14276
3 Bechtel, Moses  1932Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I13611
4 Bell, Andrew White  1885Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I104195
5 Bell, John  1884Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I143012
6 Bennetto, Charlotte Ann  1906Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I62101
7 Bricker, Lorne Douglas Campbell  1916Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I12642
8 Brown, Dr. Douglas Landseer  1929Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I11617
9 Campbell, Robert Gillespie Noel Scott "Noel"  Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I102300
10 Chadwick, William Francis "Willie"  1915Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I62787
11 Clement, Carlton W. "Carl"  1921Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I193269
12 Devitt, Armintha  1947Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I12882
13 Doerr, Clara Bell  1916Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I14180
14 Doerr, Clayton  1916Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I14188
15 Dryden, Caroline  1948Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I115336
16 Ennis, Mary Ethel "Ethel"  1922Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I57867
17 Ewen, Mary Adelaide  1916Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I189507
18 Graban, Charles  1873Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I143097
19 Hespeler, Georgina Hope  1886Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I143021
20 Hoffer, John Arthur "Jack"  2010Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I128778
21 Homuth, Edith Marie  1916Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I36788
22 Hostetler, Edwin  1930Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I8395
23 Huehn, Johannes "John"  1941Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I47948
24 Janzen, Charlotte Mae  1927Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I29273
25 Kilpatrick, Rebina West  1919Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I133185
26 Kreh, Minnie  1930Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I176104
27 Lacelle, Ada Lillian  1916Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I205227
28 Lacelle, Harold Franklin  1916Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I205228
29 Lacelle, Mildred Eileen  1916Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I205229
30 Lacelle, Milton Franklin  1916Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I205225
31 Lautenschlaeger, Emma  1965Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I76753
32 Lockie, William V.  1960Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I73510
33 McEwan, Sadie M.  1916Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I156768
34 McGiverin, Alfred Chester  1906Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I62104
35 McGiverin, Charlotte  1906Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I100333
36 McGiverin, Thomas  1906Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I62100
37 Meikle, John  1916Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I166967
38 Nahrgang, Lanson Edgar  1916Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I94038
39 Oberholtzer, Earl  1961Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I169309
40 Ottman, Peter Augustus  1943Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I108276
41 Ronald, William Daniel  1925Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I339144
42 Sauder, Ada Ellen  1939Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I11012
43 Sauder, Minnie May  1939Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I11015
44 Scheifele, Tobias  1910Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I114614
45 Schnaeringer, Nancy  1930Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I27030
46 Scott, Jessie  1947Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I94738
47 Scott, John  1947Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I119971
48 Scott, Robert  1947Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I119974
49 Snyder, Joseph Lincoln "Lincoln"  Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I2967
50 Starr, Samuel T.  1962Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I172941
51 Strang, James S.  1881Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I268292
52 Strang, Robert  1881Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I133814
53 Strang, Robert  1881Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I268289
54 Strome, Isaiah R.  1881Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I20718
55 Wallace, Annabella  1916Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I205226
56 Wallace, Mary  1916Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I167102
57 Weidenhammer, Mayor Andrew  1924Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I114114
58 Wendell, Elizabeth "Lizzie"  1916Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada I353430


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Balak / Szwuluk  24 Nov 1914Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada F256771
2 Daniells / Johnston  16 Oct 1942Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada F50770
3 Elliott / Slater  13 Mar 1891Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada F34689
4 Heimbecker / Koch  10 Jan 1901Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada F39328
5 Herman / Yates  20 Oct 1915Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada F42513
6 Lehman / Reiman  2 Jan 1907Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada F17193
7 McLeod / Chaplin  30 Dec 1915Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada F49959
8 McRae / Matthews  19 Aug 1909Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada F49880
9 Mueller / Schrieber  5 Aug 1903Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada F55245
10 Ritz / Mueller  23 Apr 1913Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada F55244
11 Rodger / Matheson  18 Sep 1892Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada F186882
12 Watson / Stevenson  1894Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada F186918
13 Wildfong / Hardy  7 Apr 1921Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada F259457