Waterloo Region Generations
A record of the people of Waterloo Region, Ontario.
Now containing about 380,000 people with over 1,400,000 source citations is a growing site. It is being created by volunteers and generously hosted online by Regional Municipality of Waterloo. Its goal is to create a biographical history of the Region of Waterloo. The site gathers information information from various sources which are processed in bulk by volunteers and uploaded. This create duplicates and as time permits duplicates are merged and other sources referenced to create a more complete record of the person and their relationships to others.

It records the lives of those who once called Waterloo Region (formerly Waterloo County) their home. It shows them as individuals, as family members and through events (by clicking on the magnifying glass) how they relate to community members, businesses, buildings, organizations and places. The site is being created from original, sourced records.

Many people are very much documented, others very little. Because of the nature of way information is being typed much of the data is in a RAW state. Duplicates do occur in the creation process (when volunteers send their completed assignments) and your corrections and additions, will help the site be more complete.

Photographs of people, buildings and things associated with these people are most welcome. Wanted also are stories and anecdotes.

Think about becoming a volunteer. We are in need for people to help with many different kinds of records such as: census, birth, marriage and death records.

contact: Darryl_Bonk@yahoo.com


Most Wanted - I am looking for information about these ancestors. Can you help?

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