Waterloo Region Generations
A record of the people of Waterloo Region, Ontario.



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 #   Repository ID   Name   Tree 
1 R18 Ancestry.com Generations 
2 R99 Archive.Org Generations 
3 R112 Archives de l'ancien Évêché de Bâle in Porrentruy, Switzerland Generations 
4 R71 Archives of Ontario Generations 
5 R14 AutomatedGenealogy.com Generations 
6 R85 Borthwick Institute Generations 
7 R38 Brant County Museum Generations 
8 R24 British Columbia Archives Generations 
9 R27 Cambridge Archives Generations 
10 R25 Canadian Patents Website Generations 
11 R6 Collections Canada Generations 
12 R113 Commonwealth of Kentucky State Board of Viatl Statistics Generations 
13 R5 Conrad Mennonite Archives (Conrad Bible College) Generations 
14 R42 Doon Heritage Crossroads Generations 
15 R51 Dreisinger Funeral Home Generations 
16 R12 Elgin County Branch, Ontario Genealogical Society Generations 
17 R97 Erzbischöflichen Archiv Freiburg Generations 
18 R94 Essex Record Office Generations 
19 R70 Family History Centre (Kitchener, Ontario) Generations 
20 R2 Family History Library erase 
21 R2 Family History Library Generations 
22 R7 FamilySearch.org Generations 
23 R56 Find-A-Grave Generations 
24 R50 FreeBMD Generations 
25 R101 Fulton History Generations 
26 R100 General Register Office, Northern Ireland [GRONI] Generations 
27 R28 George Kenyon (20060 Generations 
28 R11 George Willits Generations 
29 R79 Glenbow Museum. Library and Archives Generations 
30 R89 Google Books Generations 
31 R108 Google News Generations 
32 R68 Greg Boxwell Generations 
33 R107 Henry Walser Funeral Home Ltd. Generations 
34 R49 Hessisches Staatsarchiv Darmstadt Generations 
35 R96 https://www.canadianmennonite.org Generations 
36 R86 Humberside Record Office Generations 
37 R76 Internet Generations 
38 R37 Internet Archive Generations 
39 R22 Ivan Kramer Generations 
40 R1 Kitchener Public Library Properties 
41 R72 Kitchener Public Library (Central Library) erase 
42 R72 Kitchener Public Library (Central Library) Generations 
43 R106 Library and Archives Canada Generations 
44 R75 Library and Archives Canada Generations 
45 R13 Library and Archives Canada Generations 
46 R69 Manitoba Legislative Library Generations 
47 R82 Marion Roes Generations 
48 R65 Mennonite Historical Society Library Generations 
49 R78 Mount Hope Cemetery Generations 
50 R95 National Archives Generations 
51 R104 New Register House Generations 
52 R124 New York Public Library Generations 
53 R102 Norwich Archives Generations 
54 R74 Not Given Generations 
55 R73 Not Given (See Notes) Generations 
56 R17 Oxford County Branch, OGS Generations 
57 R91 Region of Waterloo Archives Generations 
58 R53 Roger Miller Generations 
59 R19 Rootsweb.com Generations 
60 R26 Saskachewan Health Generations 
61 R67 St. Jerome College - University of Waterloo Generations 
62 R23 University of Michigan Generations 
63 R59 University of Waterloo Special Collections Library Generations 
64 R15 Unknown Generations 
65 R20 Vital Statistics Agency - Manitoba Generations 
66 R16 Waterloo Historical Society Generations 
67 R3 Waterloo Region Branch, Ontario Genealogical Society erase 
68 R3 Waterloo Region Branch, Ontario Genealogical Society Generations 
69 R21 Website - Waterloo County Hall of Fame - Inductees Generations 
70 R9 Wellington District Archives and Muesum Generations 
71 R54 Wilfrid Laurier University Archives Generations 
72 R77 Wilfrid Laurier University. Library Generations