Waterloo Region Generations
A record of the people of Waterloo Region, Ontario.

Joseph Stauffer

Male 1802 - 1880  (78 years)

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Mary Ann Bowman
Female 1846-1892
James Hanna
Male 1841-1932
Menno Bowman
Male 1848-Yes, date unknown
Harvey Bowman
Male 1888-Yes, date unknown
Howard Bowman
Male 1895-Yes, date unknown
Minnie Bowman
Female 1897-Yes, date unknown
Hiram S. Bowman
Male 1849-1940
Annie B. Bowman
Female 1853-1935
Angeline Bowman
Female 1853-Yes, date unknown
Albert Shoemaker
Male 1853-Yes, date unknown
Joseph Bowman
Male 1856-1899
Elizabeth Bowman
Female 1858-Yes, date unknown
Eva Hallman
Female 1883-1975
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John Elmer Hallman
Male Abt 1896-Abt 1896
Amanda Bowman
Female 1858-1933
Jacob C. Hallman
Male 1856-1934
Hiram B. McNally
Male 1883-1960
Ida Witmer
Female 1883-1959
John S. Bowman
Male 1822-1903
Sarah Eschleman
Female 1846-1850
Menno B. Clemens
Male 1845-1885
Joseph Eschleman
Male 1850-1878
Paulina St. Clair
Female Abt 1852-Yes, date unknown
Mary Madter
Female 1880-1974
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Blanch Bauman (?)
Female 1887-Yes, date unknown
Noah S. Bowman
Male 1847-Yes, date unknown
Sarah Buckborough
Female 1852-Yes, date unknown
Menno Bowman
Male 1848-Yes, date unknown
Edna Lavouie Hendry
Female 1855-Yes, date unknown
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Lauretta Hallman
Female 1881-1922
Angus K. Bowman
Male 1879-1963
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Minota Hallman
Female 1888-1904
Clayton Bricker
Male 1900-Yes, date unknown
Elias Hallman
Male 1850-1921
Lola Waugh
Female 1873-Yes, date unknown
Dr. Ira Luman Maurice "Luman" Waugh
Male 1877-Yes, date unknown
Austin Waugh
Male 1881-Yes, date unknown
Samuel A. Waugh
Male 1881-Yes, date unknown
Levina Bowman
Female 1853-Yes, date unknown
Dr. David B. Waugh
Male 1853-Yes, date unknown
Joshua Bowman
Male 1855-1862
Mary Stauffer
Female 1830-1897
Jacob S. Bowman
Male 1824-1905
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Lucy Lauretta Snyder
Female 1886-Yes, date unknown
Ralph Edwin Koch
Male 1895-1975
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Lucinda Snider
Female 1853-1927
Ira Elvin Snider
Male 1883-1883
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Ina Alice Snider
Female 1891-1971
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Ivan Cressman
Male 1893-1962
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Levi S. Snyder
Male 1855-1925
Hannah Snyder
Female 1857-Yes, date unknown
Erma I. Horst
Female 1900-1985
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Angeline Snyder
Female 1860-1929
Amos K. Horst
Male 1858-1947
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Noah Samuel Geil
Male 1899-1986
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Earl Koch
Male 1900-Yes, date unknown
Luman Koch
Male 1900-Yes, date unknown
Alice Leola Koch
Female 1902-1958
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Lorne L. Koch
Male 1903-1957
Ada Louise
Female 1903-1987
Levi Floyd Koch
Male 1909-1979
Ruth A. Brenner
Female 1905-1989
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Solomon Koch
Male 1864-1937
Jonas B. Snyder
Male 1827-1909
Matilda Joanna Stauffer
Female 1861-Yes, date unknown
Alexander Wilson
Male 1857-Yes, date unknown
Lorne Shantz
Male 1892-1893
Olive Emma Roos
Female 1895-1955
Ezra S. Shantz
Male 1858-1895
Harley C. Stauffer
Male 1887-Yes, date unknown
Mary Evelyn Stauffer
Female 1891-Yes, date unknown
Roy Earl Becker
Male 1900-Yes, date unknown
Violet Florence Stauffer
Female 1898-Yes, date unknown
Josiah Stauffer
Male 1864-1925
Isabell M. Wilson
Female 1860-Yes, date unknown
Clarence Groff
Male Cal 1893-1893
Ephraim Groff
Male 1860-1913
Loreen E. Mitchell
Female 1900-Yes, date unknown
Annetta Rebecca Stauffer
Female 1870-Yes, date unknown
Charles Moore
Male 1854-Yes, date unknown
---- Stauffer
Male 1871-Yes, date unknown
Ralph Vernon "Vernon" Lackner
Male 1900-Yes, date unknown
Norma I. Lackner
Female 1906-1912
Harvey Herbert Lackner
Male 1909-Yes, date unknown
Ida Mae Hallman
Female 1899-1980
John "Jack" Brohman
Male 1916-Yes, date unknown
Leighton Hallman
Male 1904-1971
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Irvin C. Hallman
Male 1874-1962
Rebecca Stauffer
Female 1876-Yes, date unknown
Jessie Ann Judith Stauffer
Female 1876-Yes, date unknown
Eldon C. Hallman
Male 1879-Yes, date unknown
Dr. Lorne Levi Stauffer
Male 1880-Yes, date unknown
Agnes Bock
Female 1880-Yes, date unknown
Burton Shank
Male 1893-Yes, date unknown
Levi Stauffer
Male 1839-1909
Esther Snyder
Female 1834-1919
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Joseph Stauffer
Male 1802-1880