Waterloo Region Generations
A record of the people of Waterloo Region, Ontario.

Maria Anna "Mary Ann" Stoeser

Female 1822 - Yes, date unknown

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Edith Lorentz
Female 1896-Yes, date unknown
John Andrew Lorentz
Male 1898-Yes, date unknown
Joseph Lorentz
Male 1899-Yes, date unknown
Pauline A. Strub
Female 1901-Yes, date unknown
Maggie Clara "Clara" Lorentz
Female 1902-Yes, date unknown
Mary Ellen Lorentz
Female 1903-Yes, date unknown
Lloyd Dumart
Male 1905-Yes, date unknown
Irene Lorentz
Female 1906-Yes, date unknown
Maggie Marie Pander
Female 1872-Yes, date unknown
Paul Lorentz
Male 1908-Yes, date unknown
Margaret Marie "Maggie" Becker
Female 1872-Yes, date unknown
Edwin Dorscht
Male -Bef 1995
Agnes Dorscht
Female -Bef 1995
John J. Strub
Male 1896-1963
Henry Hubert Strub
Male 1895-Yes, date unknown
Lillian Foreman
Female 1902-1992
Carl August Kahle
Male 1900-Yes, date unknown
Rosa Anna "Rose" Dorscht
Female 1907-Yes, date unknown
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Viola Dorscht
Female 1920-1980
Edgar Lorentz
Male -Yes, date unknown
Alice Lorentz
Female 1898-1919
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Sylvia Lorentz
Female 1905-2002
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Jean Snyder
Female 1916-1999
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John "Jack" Lorentz
Male 1908-Yes, date unknown
Arnold Musselman
Male 1909-1972
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John B. Lorentz
Male 1873-1958
Annie Miller
Female 1882-1950
George Lorentz
Male 1874-Yes, date unknown
Joseph Bender
Male 1876-Yes, date unknown
Egatus Lorentz
Male 1877-Yes, date unknown
Kaselta Waechter
Female 1897-1963
Harold Thomas Thomas
Male 1894-Yes, date unknown
Lovina Waechter
Female 1897-Yes, date unknown
Barbara Waechter
Female 1899-Yes, date unknown
Alexander Waechter
Male 1902-Yes, date unknown
Michalina Pittner
Female 1905-Yes, date unknown
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Peter Waechter
Male 1905-1970
Vera Bijuk
Female Abt 1910-Yes, date unknown
Clara Waechter
Female 1907-Yes, date unknown
John L. Waechter
Male 1909-1972
Marie S. Kzryz
Female Abt 1909-Yes, date unknown
Tella Waechter
Female 1912-Yes, date unknown
Mary Lorentz
Female 1880-1965
John Waechter
Male 1869-1933
Pearl Violet Theresa Sully
Female 1905-Yes, date unknown
Leona Moeser
Female 1908-1998
Claude Sully
Male 1909-Yes, date unknown
Veronica Lorentz
Female 1881-1948
Robert Bender
Male 1907-Yes, date unknown
Barbara Lorentz
Female 1884-Yes, date unknown
Peter Bender
Male 1881-Yes, date unknown
Hilda May Shantz
Female 1912-1991
Ted Edward Adair
Male 1912-1987
Albert Shantz
Male 1885-1968
Theresia Lorentz
Female 1888-Yes, date unknown
Mildred Schacht
Female 1931-1979
Paul Meirowski
Male 1892-1986
Female 1921-2004
John Graham Wray
Male 1916-2001
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Casilta Lorentz
Female 1895-Yes, date unknown
Joseph E. Lorentz
Male 1897-Yes, date unknown
Barbara Lorentz
Female 1898-Yes, date unknown
Emma Lorentz
Female 1899-Yes, date unknown
Martin I Lorenz
Male 1843-1860
Joseph Lorentz
Male 1869-Yes, date unknown
Joseph Lorentz
Male 1846-Yes, date unknown
Christina Bieth
Female 1849-Yes, date unknown
Anthony Lorenz
Male 1847-Yes, date unknown
Christina Litt
Female 1878-Yes, date unknown
Clara Lorentz
Female 1849-1911
Joseph Frenzel
Male 1843-1928
Joseph Weber
Male 1880-Yes, date unknown
Moses L. Weber
Male 1882-Yes, date unknown
Rosina Lorenz
Female 1854-1929
David Weber
Male 1858-Yes, date unknown
Ferdinand Lorentz
Male 1855-Yes, date unknown
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Charlotte Lorentz
Female -Yes, date unknown
Elenora Lorentz
Female 1889-1952
Female 1920-
Frank Lorentz
Male -Bef 1950
James A. Lorentz
Male 1923-1978
Anne Lorentz
Female 1926-1983
Joseph Gibel
Male 1927-1998
Mary Janowski
Female 1910-2001
Esther K. Martin
Female 1928-1996
Martin Lorentz
Male 1907-Yes, date unknown
Wilhelmina Lorentz
Female 1909-Yes, date unknown
Diebold Lorenz
Male 1862-Yes, date unknown
Louis Lorentz
Male 1864-Yes, date unknown
Leo C. Steffler
Male 1893-1986
Oliva Voll
Female 1897-Yes, date unknown
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Rosa Dietrich
Female 1905-Yes, date unknown
Pius Lorentz
Male 1868-Yes, date unknown
Joseph Lorentz
Male 1869-Yes, date unknown
Ludwig Lorentz
Male 1871-Yes, date unknown
Mary Lorenz
Female 1871-Yes, date unknown
Catharina Lorentz
Female 1876-Yes, date unknown
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Maria Anna "Mary Ann" Stoeser
Female 1822-Yes, date unknown