Waterloo Region Generations
A record of the people of Waterloo Region, Ontario.

Noah S. Bechtel

Male 1818 - 1901  (82 years)

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Leah Bechtel
Female 1868-1886
Sydney Earl "Earl" Fisher
Male 1899-Yes, date unknown
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Lance Corporal Harvey Henry Bechtel
Male 1898-Yes, date unknown
Walter Bechtel
Male 1908-Yes, date unknown
Allan Bechtel
Male 1870-1942
Julia Kaufman
Female 1869-1949
Ellen Borman
Female 1894-1894
Sarah Bechtel
Female 1871-1894
Peter Borman
Male 1869-1930
Male 1874-1874
Millen Bechtel
Male 1910-1921
Miranda Bechtel
Female 1876-1962
Menno Adam Grosz
Male 1874-Yes, date unknown
Robert Elgin Bechtel
Male 1908-Yes, date unknown
Donald Beare
Male -Yes, date unknown
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Harold Bechtel
Male 1915-1936
Milan Gross
Male 1910-Yes, date unknown
Female Abt 1885-Yes, date unknown
Male Abt 1885-Yes, date unknown
Eden Bechtel
Female 1885-1886
Milton Bechtel
Male 1887-1933
Menno Bechtel
Male 1842-1902
Isabella Scherch
Female 1847-1919
Erastus Rannie
Male 1864-1930
Eldon Rennie
Male 1866-1936
Letitia Rennie
Female 1868-1869
Lucinda Rennie
Female 1869-1961
Jane Rennie
Female 1871-1941
Caroline Rannie
Female 1873-1964
Fannie Rennie
Female 1875-1924
Elssworth Rennie
Male 1877-1901
Emery Rennie
Male 1881-1882
Lydia Rennie
Female 1882-1937
Ellen Rennie
Female 1884-1974
Milon Rennie
Male 1889-1966
Lea Bechtel
Female 1844-1929
Louis Hunsperger
Male 1867-Yes, date unknown
Fannie Hunsperger
Female 1870-Yes, date unknown
Joseph Farmer
Male 1855-Yes, date unknown
Amos Hunsperger
Male Abt 1872-Yes, date unknown
Lydia Hunsperger
Female 1873-Yes, date unknown
Rachel Schwartz
Female 1876-1934
William Hunsperger
Male 1877-Yes, date unknown
Jesse Hunsperger
Male 1880-Yes, date unknown
Nancy Hunsperger
Female 1881-Yes, date unknown
Mary Ann Hunsperger
Female 1883-Yes, date unknown
Alvina Bechtel
Female 1877-Yes, date unknown
Moses Bechtel
Male 1848-Yes, date unknown
Avon Payne
Female 1879-Yes, date unknown
Lenard Payne Goudy
Male 1905-Yes, date unknown
Ella Frances Payne
Female 1879-Yes, date unknown
William J. Goudy
Male 1874-Yes, date unknown
Mary Ann Payne
Female 1880-Yes, date unknown
William Franklin Payne
Male 1880-Yes, date unknown
Richard Lambert "Lambert" Payne
Male 1881-Yes, date unknown
Jennie Agnes "Agnes" Payne
Female 1882-Yes, date unknown
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Laroyd Bechtel
Male 1903-1991
Dorothy Gritzner
Female 1900-1986
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Alice Bechtel
Female 1906-1963
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Edna Bechtel
Female 1908-Yes, date unknown
Clifford Mills
Male Abt 1905-Yes, date unknown
Irene Bechtel
Female 1910-1932
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Emma Shirk
Female 1872-1943
W F Payne
Male Abt 1845-Yes, date unknown
Emmanuel Bechtel
Male 1883-1945
Louise Bechtel
Female 1921-2003
Charles Wagner
Male 1932-1996
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Erma May Dedels
Female 1917-Yes, date unknown
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Norman Dedels
Male 1890-1970
Isaac C. Bechtel
Male 1854-1918
Howard S. Martin
Male 1928-1985
Reta Bechtel
Female 1917-2008
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Ruth Bechtel
Female 1925-2016
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Clare Bechtel
Female 1927-2006
Moses S. Bechtel
Male 1883-1948
Alberta Knechtel
Female 1886-1942
William K. Knarr
Male 1872-1946
Elva Snider
Female 1918-2005
David B. Horst
Male 1912-2006
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Alice Snider
Female Abt 1925-
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Luella Hoffman
Female 1927-2011
Elias S. Snider
Male 1882-1930
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Eden S. Bechtel
Male 1887-1982
Nora Brubacher
Female 1920-2009
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Edwin Eby
Male 1904-1989
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Hilda Wagler
Female 1918-2005
Pearl Snyder
Female 1921-1998
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Melissa Knechtel
Female 1889-1936
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Laverne Shantz Good
Male 1918-Yes, date unknown
Silvin Lee Roth
Male 1916-2018
Norma Dettweiler
Male 1927-2013
Ruth Elaine Moss
Female 1930-2002
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Lucinda Bechtel
Female 1893-1960
Morgan Nyle Baer
Male 1921-2014
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Ida Bechtel
Female 1895-1969
Edna Bechtel
Female 1897-1989
Alvin Christian Lugibihl
Male 1882-Yes, date unknown
Nettie Bechtel
Female 1901-1986
Roy S. Snyder
Male 1898-1971
Noah C. Bechtel
Male 1856-1951
Mary Ann Snyder
Female 1859-1932
Mary Bechtel
Female 1858-Yes, date unknown
Hettie Geiger
Female Abt 1882-Yes, date unknown
Elton Geiger
Male Abt 1884-Yes, date unknown
Mary Avon Geiger
Female Abt 1886-Yes, date unknown
Walter Geiger
Male Abt 1888-Yes, date unknown
Grover Geiger
Male Abt 1890-Yes, date unknown
Millan Geiger
Male Abt 1892-Yes, date unknown
Lydia Geiger
Female Abt 1894-Yes, date unknown
Elmer Geiger
Male Abt 1897-Yes, date unknown
Veronica C. Bechtel
Female 1859-Yes, date unknown
John S. Geiger
Male 1857-Yes, date unknown
Shirley Brooks
Female 1924-Yes, date unknown
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Lorraine Knechtel
Female 1925-Yes, date unknown
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Lydia Bechtel
Female 1861-1937
Solomon Knechtel
Male 1856-1932
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Edna Snyder
Female 1891-1989
Ephraim Knechtel
Male 1884-1974
Annabelle Meyer
Female 1925-2012
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Helen May Snyder
Female 1921-2015
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Percy Snyder
Male 1896-1990
Rachel Ann Rudy
Female 1898-1984
Eileen Vollmer
Female 1898-Yes, date unknown
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Eva M. Battler
Female 1924-1992
Earle G. Erb
Male 1925-2004
Ida Snyder
Female 1902-1991
Simon G. Hallman
Male 1886-1976
Esther Bechtel
Female 1863-1940
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Noah S. Bechtel
Male 1818-1901