Waterloo Region Generations
A record of the people of Waterloo Region, Ontario.

Mary Martin

Female 1842 - 1876  (33 years)

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Ivan Cressman
Male 1893-1969
Christina Martin
Female 1895-1984
Osias Cressman
Male 1900-1900
Arlene M. Bowman
Female 1942-2001
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Menno W. Frey
Male 1910-1996
Nancy Bauman
Female 1873-1960
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Judith Gingrich
Female 1893-1928
Susannah Gingerich
Female 1895-Yes, date unknown
Ammon G. Martin
Male 1925-1997
Lydia W. Weber
Female 1925-2000
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Abner G. Martin
Male 1927-2010
Phares G. Martin
Male 1928-1999
Lovina B. Reist
Female 1929-2013
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Mervin G. Martin
Male 1930-2002
Elo G. Martin
Male 1932-2003
Rebecca Gingrich
Female 1898-1959
Peter M. Martin
Male 1897-1962
David Gingrich
Male 1901-Yes, date unknown
Milton G. Martin
Male 1930-1995
Annie B. Bowman
Female 1930-2002
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Lydia Gingrich
Female 1905-1961
Tobias M. Martin
Male 1901-1991
Perceda Reist
Female 1918-2006
Ermina Bowman
Female 1917-20001
Elsie M. Bowman
Female 1920-1997
Orval M. Martin
Male 1917-1986
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David M. Bowman
Male 1924-1993
Lydia Martin
Female 1895-1941
Samuel M. Bowman
Male 1892-1940
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Abner M. Bauman
Male 1925-1990
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Nancy Martin
Female 1897-Yes, date unknown
Henry S. Bauman
Male 1898-Yes, date unknown
Isaac Martin
Male 1900-Yes, date unknown
Aden W. Martin
Male 1922-1989
Alice Martin
Female 1923-2007
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Elvina W. Martin
Female 1924-2009
Isaac G. Martin
Male 1923-1971
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Almeda W. Martin
Female 1927-1999
Elmer S. Martin
Male 1925-2011
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Isaac C. Martin
Male 1900-1986
Rebecca G. Weber
Female 1901-1977
Loreen Martin
Female 1925-2019
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Mary Martin
Female 1902-1976
Tilman Martin
Male 1901-Yes, date unknown
Clarence Martin
Male 1928-1930
Cleon Martin
Male 1928-1969
Lloyd Martin
Male 1929-2006
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David C. Martin
Male 1905-1984
Adina Martin
Female 1905-1972
Mahlon S. Martin
Male 1934-1979
Gordon M. Martin
Male 1934-2017
Viola Martin
Female 1936-2011
Ion S. Gingrich
Male 1933-2017
Malinda Martin
Female 1907-1988
Ibra G. Martin
Male 1905-1988
Israel Martin
Male 1910-Yes, date unknown
Seleda Sittler
Female 1934-2013
Lorne Martin
Male 1939-2004
Israel C. Martin
Male 1910-1995
Viola Lichty
Female 1911-1993
Osiah Martin
Male 1912-Yes, date unknown
Daniel M. Martin
Male 1944-2003
Osiah C. Martin
Male 1912-1988
Malinda Martin
Female 1913-1993
Judith Cressman
Female 1871-1959
David B. Martin
Male 1872-1941
Amos W. Cressman
Male 1901-1978
Clarence Bowman
Male 1926-1926
Lorne C. Bowman
Male 1931-2014
Ruth Snyder
Female 1927-2016
Erma M. Cressman
Female 1930-2007
Mahlon Dettwiler
Male 1929-2019
Mervin Cressman
Male 1939-2013
Nelson Cressman
Male 1907-1930
Mary Ann Weber
Female 1909-1979
Leah M. Weber
Female 1874-1963
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Mary Martin
Female 1842-1876