Waterloo Region Generations
A record of the people of Waterloo Region, Ontario.

Frederick Philip Herner

Male 1753 - Yes, date unknown

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George Levagood
Male 1828-1875
Susanna Levagood
Female 1832-1914
Adam Cassel
Male 1829-Yes, date unknown
Samuel Levagood
Male 1834-1914
Margareth Gabel
Female 1835-1895
Philip Levagood
Male 1836-1893
Mary Ficht
Female 1848-Yes, date unknown
David Gabel
Male 1859-1893
Annie Ferguson
Female 1862-Yes, date unknown
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Lydia Gabel
Female 1861-Yes, date unknown
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Magdalena Gabel
Female 1866-1881
Mary Ann Gabel
Female 1868-1943
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Katherine Gabel
Female 1870-1896
Henry Hahn
Male 1863-1941
Heinrich Gabel
Male 1873-1877
Johannes Gabel
Male 1873-1877
Edward L. Gabel
Male 1878-Yes, date unknown
Hannah Stadelbauer
Female 1873-Yes, date unknown
Isabella Gabel
Female 1880-1972
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Alexander Gabel
Male 1882-Yes, date unknown
John Gabel
Male 1836-1924
Sophia E. Herner
Female 1802-1887
George Levagood
Male 1796-1874
Adam Herner
Male 1835-1835
Ada Herner
Female 1836-1836
Moses Herner
Male 1839-1915
John S. Herner
Male 1841-Yes, date unknown
Bella Donald
Female Abt 1841-Yes, date unknown
Nancy Herner
Female 1872-Yes, date unknown
Nicholas S. Lichti
Male 1870-Yes, date unknown
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Herbert Herner
Male 1878-1945
Minerva Witmer
Female 1883-1906
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Edna Weber
Female 1880-1962
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Milton C. Herner
Male 1880-Yes, date unknown
Moses Herner
Male 1883-Yes, date unknown
Mary Herner
Female 1885-Yes, date unknown
Phoebe Herner
Female 1888-Yes, date unknown
Sarah Herner
Female 1891-Yes, date unknown
Ella Herner
Female 1893-Yes, date unknown
Enetta Herner
Female 1895-Yes, date unknown
Mabel Herner
Female 1897-Yes, date unknown
Ella Herner
Female 1893-1972
Harvey Grasser
Male 1885-1982
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Katherina "Catherine" Kesselring
Female 1857-Yes, date unknown
Benjamin Herner
Male 1845-1915
Lydia Horning
Female 1855-1902
Aaron Herner
Male 1848-1850
Charles Skinner
Male 1827-1902
Menno Herner
Male 1852-1852
David Herner
Male 1854-Yes, date unknown
Esther Herner
Female 1857-Yes, date unknown
Robert Finlayson
Male Abt 1857-Yes, date unknown
Samuel Herner
Male 1809-1882
Mary Shantz
Female 1814-1875
Veronica Sherk
Female 1835-Yes, date unknown
Isaac Cosens
Male 1860-1908
Charles Cosens
Male 1862-1952
Elizabeth Sherk
Female 1838-1863
George Cosens
Male 1835-1881
Manilla Shirk
Female -Yes, date unknown
Eva H. Sherk
Female 1866-1952
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Maria H. Sherk
Female 1867-1945
James Hawes
Male 1869-1897
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Benjamin H. Sherk
Male 1869-Yes, date unknown
Barbara Rhodes
Female 1868-Yes, date unknown
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Daniel H. Sherk
Male 1870-1870
Ida M. Erb
Female 1870-1899
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Simon H. Sherk
Male 1871-1888
Levi Sararas
Male 1867-1933
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Clara Schweitzer
Female 1879-1918
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Ephraim H. Sherk
Male 1877-1878
David H. Sherk
Male 1878-1878
Elmina H. Sherk
Female 1879-Yes, date unknown
Darwin H. Shirk
Male 1885-1885
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Reuben H. Sherk
Male 1840-1922
Leah B. Hallman
Female 1844-1895
Leah Eshleman
Female 1846-1916
Jared Ira Cosens
Male 1879-Yes, date unknown
Ira Erwin Cosens
Male 1883-Yes, date unknown
Isabella Heibein
Female 1891-Yes, date unknown
George Wesley Cosens
Male 1886-Yes, date unknown
Sarah Ann Sherk
Female 1842-1932
Fletcher Cosens
Male 1842-1915
Cyrus Sherk
Male 1845-Yes, date unknown
Jeremiah Sherk
Male 1845-1911
Hannah Sherk
Female 1848-Yes, date unknown
William Near
Male Abt 1849-Yes, date unknown
Moses Sherk
Male 1850-Yes, date unknown
John Sherk
Male Abt 1853-Yes, date unknown
Nancy Sherk
Female 1856-Yes, date unknown
Mary Sherk
Female Abt 1857-Yes, date unknown
James Nicholson
Male Abt 1857-Yes, date unknown
Susannah Herner
Female 1817-1886
Daniel Sherk
Male 1806-1858
Frederick Philip Herner
Male 1753-Yes, date unknown
Nancy Demoss
Female Cal 1783-1877