Waterloo Region Generations
A record of the people of Waterloo Region, Ontario.

Margretha "Margaret" Bauman

Female 1823 - Yes, date unknown

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Carolina Stöffler
Female 1842-Yes, date unknown
Caroline Karges
Female 1867-Yes, date unknown
Elizabeth Karges
Female 1869-Yes, date unknown
Josephine Karges
Female 1903-1967
Frederick Karges
Male 1906-Yes, date unknown
Clara Karges
Female 1910-1995
Joseph Karges
Male 1872-1934
Mary Lorentz
Female 1875-Yes, date unknown
Carl L. Hergott
Male 1914-1994
Louis Karges
Male 1880-Yes, date unknown
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Edna Mary Lunz
Female 1907-1993
Elmer Brandon
Male 1906-1985
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Josephine Karges
Female 1884-1920
George John Lunz
Male 1877-1953
Emma Karges
Female 1887-Yes, date unknown
Peter Karges
Male 1888-Yes, date unknown
Elizabeth Steffler
Female 1846-Yes, date unknown
Henry Karges
Male 1841-1917
Margaret Elizabeth Kimpel
Female 1907-Yes, date unknown
Georgine Kimpel
Female 1909-Yes, date unknown
Sussana Eberlin
Female 1877-1923
George Eberlin
Male 1879-Yes, date unknown
Joseph Eberlin
Male 1880-Yes, date unknown
George Eberlin
Male 1846-Yes, date unknown
Leander Dorsch
Male 1899-Yes, date unknown
Alvin Alfred Dorscht
Male 1900-Yes, date unknown
Isabella Dorsch
Female 1904-Yes, date unknown
Joseph Dorsch
Male 1908-Yes, date unknown
Mary Dorsch
Female 1912-Yes, date unknown
Helka Dorsch
Female 1914-Yes, date unknown
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Mary Steffler
Female 1876-1960
Peter Dorscht
Male Cal 1873-1943
Louisa Steffler
Female 1878-Yes, date unknown
Clara Steffler
Female 1879-1917
Conrad Dickert
Male Abt 1875-Yes, date unknown
Clarence Steffler
Male 1903-Yes, date unknown
Alvin Steffler
Male 1905-Yes, date unknown
Alice Steffler
Female 1909-Bef 1985
Elizabeth Preiss
Female 1882-1970
Ada Dehler
Female 1911-Yes, date unknown
August Exner
Male 1876-Yes, date unknown
John B. Steffler
Male 1885-Yes, date unknown
Elsie Scharff
Female 1894-Yes, date unknown
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Vera M. Steffler
Female 1937-1993
John Steffler
Male 1852-1910
Caroline Bommer
Female 1853-1913
Ethel Peterman
Female 1911-1983
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Deborah Heimpel
Female Abt 1920-1975
Mary Steffler
Female 1879-Yes, date unknown
Ferdinand Daub
Male 1877-Yes, date unknown
Catherine "Katie" Steffler
Female 1881-Yes, date unknown
Dorothy Brohman
Female 1920-2010
Enoch Steffler
Male 1888-Yes, date unknown
Noah Steffler
Male 1890-Yes, date unknown
Gerald Steffler
Male 1923-1983
Lavina Seitz
Female 1893-1975
Joseph Steffler
Male 1893-Yes, date unknown
Eugene Steffler
Male 1896-Yes, date unknown
Clara Steffler
Female 1898-Yes, date unknown
Joseph Steffler
Male 1852-Yes, date unknown
Clara Stoeser
Female 1854-Yes, date unknown
Anthony Steffler
Male 1856-Yes, date unknown
Clara Steffler
Female 1887-Yes, date unknown
Matilda Steffler
Female 1890-1962
Menno K. Roth
Male 1883-1951
Clayton Steffler
Male 1898-Yes, date unknown
Edward Dietrich
Male 1900-Yes, date unknown
Henry Steffler
Male 1856-Yes, date unknown
Katherine Scheckine
Female 1862-Yes, date unknown
Brodasius Rumig
Male 1887-1888
Simon Rumig
Male 1888-1911
Vera M. Rumig
Female 1918-2002
John Lauer
Male 1906-1989
Erma Mary Rumig
Female 1920-1979
John A. Lebold
Male 1915-1991
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Emil Rumig
Male 1894-Yes, date unknown
Marie L. Rumig
Female 1918-2008
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Anthony Rumig
Male 1895-1972
Clemens Rumig
Male 1895-Yes, date unknown
Ludwina Steffler
Female 1860-1943
Joseph Anthony Rumig
Male 1851-Yes, date unknown
Mary Steffler
Female 1863-Yes, date unknown
Anthony Stoeffler
Male 1864-Yes, date unknown
Leo C. Steffler
Male 1893-1986
Oliva Voll
Female 1897-Yes, date unknown
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Rosa Dietrich
Female 1905-Yes, date unknown
Margaret Steffler
Female 1867-Yes, date unknown
Margretha "Margaret" Bauman
Female 1823-Yes, date unknown
Joseph Steffler
Male 1814-Bef 1901