Waterloo Region Generations
A record of the people of Waterloo Region, Ontario.

Family: Absalom H. Martin / Lydia Bowman (F33828)

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Beneval G. Martin
Male (1876-1931)
Nancy B. Hoffman
Female (1875-1953)
Elias Martin
Male (1900-1986)
Phyanna H. Martin
Female (1904-1904)
Mathias H. Martin
Male (1906-2003)
Manasseh H. Martin
Male (1910-1986)
Beneval H. Martin
Male (1915-1970)
Samuel B. Bowman
Male (1861-1938)
Judith Martin
Female (1863-1938)
David Gramer
Male (1875- )
Ann M. "Nancy" Bowman
Female (1883-1952)
Mary Ann Bowman
Female (1885-1892)
Peter M. Bowman
Male (1886-1962)
Susannah M. Bowman
Female (1888-1977)
Tilman M. Bowman
Male (1890-1975)
Samuel M. Bowman
Male (1892-1940)
Angeline Bowman
Female (1894-1975)
Judith Bowman
Female (1897-1972)
Noah M. Bowman
Male (1902-1974)
Absalom H. Martin
Male (1902-1977)
Lydia Bowman
Female (1908-1963)
Malinda B. Martin
Female (1929-2006)
Melvin B. Martin
Male (1931-1981)
Leander B. Martin
Male (1934-2019)
Ira B. Martin
Male (1939-1991)
Tilman B. Martin
Male (1948-2015)