Waterloo Region Generations
A record of the people of Waterloo Region, Ontario.

Family: Jacob J. Snider / Magdalena W. Bauman (F2039)

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Jacob Yost Schneider
Male (1764-1853)
Maria "Mary" Erb
Female (1766-1835)
Anna Schneider
Female (1792-1837)
Maria Snyder
Female (1796-1883)
Benjamin Snyder, Sr.
Male (1798-1861)
John Snyder
Male (1800-1893)
Elizabeth Schneider
Female (1802-1848)
Susannah Schneider
Female (1804-1837)
Magdalena Schneider
Female (1806-1895)
Henry SniderHenry Snider
Male (1811-1877)
Christian Bauman
Male (1766-1824)
Magdalena Weber
Female (1774-1834)
Benjamin W. Bauman
Male (1793-1850)
Mary W. Bauman
Female (1794-1826)
Anna Bauman
Female (1797-1863)
Wendel W. Bauman
Male (1799-1799)
Jonathan W. Bauman
Male (1800-1879)
John W. Bauman
Male (1801-1864)
Catharine W. Bauman
Female (1802-1843)
Samuel W. Bowman
Male (1804-1866)
Christian W. Bauman
Male (1806-1872)
Judith W. BaumanJudith W. Bauman
Female (1808-1866)
Joseph W. Bauman
Male (1809-1884)
Jacob W. Bauman
Male (1811-1891)
Leah W. Bauman
Female (1813-1871)
Henry William Bowman
Male (1815-1883)
Gabriel W. Bauman
Male (1818-1883)
Jacob J. Snider
Male (1794-1862)
Magdalena W. Bauman
Female (1798-1850)
Reeve John B. Snyder
Male (1832-1885)
Joseph B. Snyder
Male (1833-1908)
Jesse B. Snyder
Male (1836-1903)
Susannah B. Snider
Female (1838-1925)
Noah Bowman
Male (1852- )