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Christina Sherk[1]

Female 1827 - Yes, date unknown

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  • Name Christina Sherk 
    Born 1827  , Ontario, Canada Find all individuals with events at this location  [2
    Gender Female 
    Rsrch. Note
    • From Reaman's "Trail of the Black Walnut",page 59:

      "Sherk is a well known name in the Niagara Penninsula. The original settler who spelled his name Schoerg, came from Lancaster Co., Penn. U.S.A. in 1789, the revolutionists having burned his home because he sympathised with the British and harboured their officers. He bought his river farm, lot 6, con. 1 Willoughby twp. Welland County, along the Niagara River." Bertie and Humberstone twp's lie next to it, and many Stoners and Sherks were in those twp's later on. Joseph seems to have been this early settler's name. There was also a Joseph who went to Waterloo County. By Mrs. Young, also a Sherk relative, seven pioneer Sherks came to Bertie twp., but one wonders if they weren't sons of the first Joseph. I would say so.
      I found five Sherks on the 1851 census who were likely five of the seven mentioned. Christian was in Haldimand, John, Joseph, Daniel and Ben were in Bertie twp. They ranged in age from 7 to 56 years, born U.S.A. Samuel who is Mrs. Young's ancestor, would also be one of the seven sons, and possibly Casper who went to Markham. Christian was born Canada, by census.
      I stand to be corrected in thinking the above Sherks were sons of pioneer Joseph. But by Reaman's book, it sounds as if one pioneer Sherk in Welland. How the Joseph who went to Waterloo County was related I am not sure, but he likely was. Casper Sherk who settled in Markham twp. York Co. was brother to the Joseph in Waterloo. "Reaman." Also a Peter Sherk settled in Waterloo County in 1805. Perhaps a son of Joseph. No proof.
      Back to "Trail of the Black Walnut", p. 109:

      "In the fall of 1799 Joseph Sherk and Samuel Betzner (note, Joseph's wife was a Betzner) came from Franklin Co. Penn. U.S.A. to Canada. They arrived safely on the Canadian side of the Niagara River, and Shark spent the winter there, (one presumes with the Sherks) while Betzner went on to the vicinity of Ancaster and remained there until spring. In the spring Joseph Sherk and Samuel Betzner pressed on about twenty miles beyond the limits of civilization desiring to locate a fine river of which they had heard, the Grand. In 1800 Joseph Sherk bought 261 acres opposite to Doon. Richard Beasley owned the land, got into finincial difficulties and could not give them clear title. They had to raise $20,000 for 60,000 acres or loose all they had put in. Joseph Sherk and Sam Bricker agreed to go to their relatives in Pennsylvania to try to raise this sum. Sam's father was very ill and they were almost in despair. Here "Trail of the Black Walnut" and "The Trail of the Conestoga" differ. According to Reaman Bricker vent to his wife's people for help. This, according to Conestoga, was only partly true as Bricker married his wife while there, and their honeymoon was the trip back to Canada with the money slung under their light wagon, 'waegle', in a keg.
      John and Jacob Erb accompanied them back to Canada. A joint company was formed called the German Company. Christian Eby had contributed $2500 of the money and his son Benjamin was secretary treasurer of the company. He later was made Bishop of the Mennonite church, and founded Kitchener, Ontario.
      Among the earliest familiea to settle in Waterloo Co. were Benjamin, Daniel, Abraham, John, Joseph and Christian Eby. John, Daniel, Joseph, Christian and Abraham Weaver. Bowmans, John Moyer, Martin Overholt, Peter
      Sherk, and the two Erbs, John and Jacob. By 1805 thirty five families were in the settlement.
      Descendants of 11 John Fretz and Sherk:
      This John Fretz came from Pennsylvania and settled in Welland County in 1800, the same year that another John Fretz settled in Lincoln Co. The two 'Johns' visited each other but were unable to establish a relationship.
      11 John Frets, b. Feb. 8, 1749; died August 30, 1815. Md. Magdalena Fox of Pa., b. April 1, 1748; died Sept. 23, 1820. He was a wheel-wright, joiner and manufacturer of fanning mills and a member of the Dunkard Church. His ancestory is involved in doubt. By some of the connection he is supposed to have emigrated from Germany. He settled near Mannheim, in Lancaster Co., Pa. where probably all his children were born. In 1800 he emigrated to Welland Co. Can, with all his family except daughter Barbara and son Daniel. They were six weeks in making the journey, taking their live stock with them. At night, bells were put on the horses and cattle and they were turned out to pasture. After a milking, the milk was put into the churn, which was fastened to the hind part of the wagon, and their butter was churned by the motion of the wagon as they proceeded. On the 12th day of June they crossed the Niagara River on a raft. They swam the horses and cattle across They were helped by friendly Indians. John Fretz settled in Bertie Twp., Welland Co., Ontario on about 400 acres of land. He built a log house. Some time previous to his death he laid out a family burying ground on his property. He and his wife and several descendants are buried there. His children were:
      I Barbara Fretz b. June 8, 1771, d. June 29, 1829; md. Abraham Winger. They stayed in Penn. for awhile after her folks left for Canada but came later and settled near her father. Their children were Abraham, John, Magdalena, Fanny, Barbara, Nancy and Susan Winger.
      II Abraham Fretz b. Dec. 10, 1773, d. young.
      III Rev. Daniel Fretz b Aug. 3, 1776, d. Aug. 16, 1864; md. Jemina Sullivan. Stayed in Penn. He a bishop of the German Baptist Church, an undertaker and manufacturer of fanning mills corn shellers and cutting boxes. No data on children, if any.
      IV Jacob Frets b. June 3, 1779, d. Jan. 25, 1850; md. Barbara Sherk. No data on children.
      V Peter Frets b. Feb. 28, 1781, d. Oct. 31, 1864; md. Mary Zavitz. No data.
      VI Frances Frets b. Dec. 12, 1784, d. Mar. 3, 1810; md. John Sherk. No issue.
      VII Mary Frets b. Sept. 25, 1788, d. Oct. 16, 1839; md. Joseph Sherk. They lived all their lives on lots 7 and 8, con. 14 Bertie Tvp., Welland Co., Ontario. No dates for him. Christian or Chrystal, their son, born about 1804, must have come to Haldimand County, Ont. quite early as I found him on the 1842 census in Rainham Twp. He married Anna Dauner, born about 1810 by census They had children: Elias, Joseph, Elizabeth, Mary Ann, called Folly and given as Anna Maria on tombstone, Lydia, Catherine, Fanny, Magdalena, Jacob, Benjamin, Anna, Josiah and Susanne.
      1. Elias son of Christian Sherk b. 1829 or 1830; md. Catherine Cusler or Coosler. No children. Adopted 5 or 6; E]ias and Frances Bingleman, Catherine, Allen Hedder or Hedden and Ed Stephen. I am unsure whether this is two boys or two names.
      2. Joseph Shark son of Christian Shark, b. Feb. 1, 1833, d. July 15, 1911. Md. Anna Swartz, b. Oct. 25, 1838, d. Mar, 28, 1870. On the 1871 census Joseph was alone with Hezikiah age 8 and Josiah age 4. Grave stones give Josiah as born 1866, died 1951; wife Margaret Featherston. 1868 - 1941 and Hezekiah Shark 1862 - 1938. No other data. Joseph (2) remarried to Elizabeth Overholt b June 12, 1838, d. April 16, 1916. One child - Melvin, unmarried; 1874- 1947. Was found in his home murdered, supposedly for the money that gossip said he had in the house. Joseph, his wife end sons are bur. in the Union Cemetery, Sweets Corners, Selkirk, Ont. west of South Cayuga.
      3. Elizabeth Shark daughter of Christian Shark, b. about 1835, md. Jacob Snider. Children Annie b. about 1855, Joseph b. about 1856, Alma and Albert, twins b. about 1858, Emma about 1860. The approximate ages of these above from 1871 census. Given elsewhere ware also Joseph, James, Amelia and Graham. No dates.
      4. Mary Ann (Anna Maria, on grave stone) called 'Polly' Shark, b. June 1837, d. Dec. 1921. Md. Andrew Bingleman from Haldimand Co., Ont. Rainham twp. See Bingleman for their family. (How Stoner's grandparents.) Andrew Bingleman died leaving young children. They were kept for some time by relatives. She remarried to Henry Rhora; no date.
      5. Lydia Shark b. about 1838; md. Henry Hoover. Children: David, John, Adolphus, Annie, Josiahi lived near Selkirk, Ontario.
      6. Catherine Shark b. about 1839 or 1840; md. Paul Effinger. Children: Eli, Susanne, Emma, Edward, Annie.
      7. Francis "Fanny" Shark b. about 1841 or 1842; ad. August Helky. Children: Joanna, George, Arminta, Elias, Rosie, Mary, Fredrick, Henry.
      8. Magdalene Shark, b. 1843 or 1844; md. Jacob Frets. Children: Benjamin, Abraham, Christian, Clara, Norman, Arminta, Manassah and Edward.
      9. Jacob Shark b about 1846; md Augusta Thomas, Essex Co, Ont. Children: Etta, Sybilla, Dessmoro, Catherine Elizabeth, Theo.
      10. Benjamin Shark b. about 1848; md. Caroline Reichala. Children: Josiah and John. They adopted Nora Nie. Josiah lived on the family homestead in Rainham twp. Haldimand Co., Ontario.
      11 Annie Sherk b. Dec. 11, 1850, d. May 2, 1907; by cemetery readings md. Samual. Fess. Children: Allen, Loretta, Edward or William. Perhaps both names. Lanson A. born 1871, died 1881. Cemetery reading.
      12 Josiah Sherk b. about 1853; md. Eliza Yoger. Children Lucy, John, Elmer, Palmer, Christian, Amos, Annie, Herman.
      13. Susanna Sherk b. about 1856; md. John Eckard. Lived Selkirk, Rainham twp. Children: Annie, Ella, Sarah, Lanson, Winnie. Dates for these Sherks are mostly from census. They are Howard Stoner's grandmother, her parents, grandparents and brothers and sisters.
      Now we go back to Christian or Chrystal's brothers and sisters. Children of Mary Fretz and Joseph Sherk. Chrystal is given as I. Re II, Frances III, Elizabeth IV, Catherine V, Annie VI, Mary VII, Barbara VIII, Christina IX, Andrew X, Joseph XI.
      II Regina Sherk daughter of Joseph and Mary Shark md. Henry Zimmer Rainham twp. Haldimand Co., Ontario. Children: Joseph, Annie, Mary, Samuel, Catherine, Bernard, Elizabeth, Susan, Henry; no dates.
      III Frances Sherk, daughter of Joseph Sherk and Mary Fretz; md Sam Neff, Welland Co., Ont. Children: Elizabeth, Caroline, Chrystal or Christian, Leve Ephriam, Frances. No dates.
      IV Elizabeth Sherk daughter of Joseph Sherk and Mary b. Mar. 27, 1814, d. Mar. 25, 1887; md. Bernard Werner from France. Men minister. Children: George, Jacob, Mary, John, Levi, Julia, Elizabeth. Jacob lived in Edmonton, Alta.
      V Catherine Sherk daughter of Joseph and Mary Sherk; md. Dudrick Hoover. Lived Rainham twp. Children: Benjamin, Aaron, Simeon, Moses, Joseph.
      VI Annie Sherk daughter of Mary and Joseph Sherk; md. Rev. Moses Sider, Wainfleet, Ont. One child, Andrew Sider.
      VII Mary Sherk, died young.
      VIII Barbara Sherk b. Oct. 21, 1823 Welland Co.; md. Christian Sider. Children: Anna Sider, Mary Sider, Christie, Julian, Joseph, Sarah, John, Emma, Barbara, Christian, Melissa, Fannie.
      IX Christine Sherk; md. John Foreman. Shoemaker in South Cayuga twp. Children: Julia, Joseph, Jacob, Henry, Mary, Christopher, Tryphena, Thyphesa, Frances John, Sarah Andrew Foreman.
      X Andrew Sherk md. Elizabeth Sider. Children: Anna Sherk (dec'd), William Sherk (Dec'd), Henry Sherk, Joseph, Mary, Fidellan, Chris Elizabeth and Menno Sherk.
      XI Joseph Shark aid. Catharine Heximer. Farmer, Mennonite. Children: Elizabeth Sherk, Ephraim, Hubbard, Emmanuel, Richard, Andrew Sherk and Mary Sherk (dec'd).
    Name Christina Foreman 
    Name Dinah Sherk  [2
    Eby ID Number Waterloo-24304 
    Died Yes, date unknown 
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    Family John Foreman,   b. 1824, , Ontario, Canada Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. Yes, date unknown 
     1. Julia Ann Foreman,   b. 1847, , Haldimand Co., Ontario, Canada Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. Yes, date unknown
     2. Jacob Foreman,   b. 1850, , Haldimand Co., Ontario, Canada Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. Yes, date unknown
     3. Henry Foreman,   b. 10 Jan 1851, Rainham Twp., Haldimand Co., Ontario, Canada Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 30 Sep 1934, Kitchener, Waterloo Region, Ontario, Canada Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age 83 years)
     4. Veronica "Frances" Foreman,   b. 22 Sep 1858, , Haldimand Co., Ontario, Canada Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 1920  (Age 61 years)
     5. John Emanuel Foreman,   b. 1860, South Cayuga Township, Haldimand Co., Ontario Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. Yes, date unknown
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  • Sources 
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      Henry FOREMAN, 26, shoemaker, Reinham Haldinaud County, New Dundee, s/o John & Adina FOREMAN, married Leah WING, 18, Wilmot Township, same, d/o I. WING & Christina WING, Wilmot Township, witn: Daniel BEAN of New Dundee & Elizabeth WING of Wilmot Township, 7 Feb 1877, New Hamburg

    2. [S491] Census - ON, Haldimand - 1881, Cayuga South, Haldimand, Ontario Film 1375891 District 146 Sub-district C Page Number 24 Household Number 111.

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