Waterloo Region Generations
A record of the people of Waterloo Region, Ontario.

London, England


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Latitude: 51.5063131, Longitude: -0.1271536


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
401 Polson, Jane  1855London, England I155989
402 Polson, William  1864London, England I155997
403 Potter, William Rickaby  6 Nov 1890London, England I174730
404 Poure, John  1855London, England I80768
405 Pritchard, Florence  1898London, England I472289
406 Pryce, Katey  1902London, England I349987
407 Pulbrook, Daniel  29 Jan 1887London, England I358080
408 Purkis, Cecil  9 Aug 1884London, England I350007
409 Purkis, Thomas William  18 Jan 1879London, England I358088
410 Quick, George  CA 1867London, England I468691
411 Quick, George William  Between 1897 and 1898London, England I468690
412 Raisig, Joseph William  26 Dec 1888London, England I157329
413 Ramsey, Samuel F.  1841London, England I101013
414 Ransom, Victoria Mae  May 1897London, England I227787
415 Read, Edna Sarah  20 Jul 1891London, England I203402
416 Ready, Thomas John  5 May 1884London, England I221167
417 Rebbeck, Clara Jane  19 Dec 1889London, England I68690
418 Regan, Jeremiah  Jun 1847London, England I24618
419 Resden, Helen  1886London, England I179415
420 Rhodes, Alfred William  1870London, England I100031
421 Richardson, George  CA 1874London, England I476325
422 Richardson, Sydney George  1904London, England I476324
423 Richardson, Violet  23 Mar 1912London, England I205018
424 Ridley, Sergeant Major Stephen  13 Dec 1892London, England I206087
425 Rixon, Joseph Henry "Henry"  11 Apr 1838London, England I178502
426 Robb, William Rowley  1841London, England I205501
427 Roberson, George Edward  Between 1885 and 1886London, England I470152
428 Robertson, John  CALC 25 Nov 1849London, England I424023
429 Robins, Cecil Ernest  28 Jul 1897London, England I221878
430 Robins, Edwin  1 Jul 1897London, England I352874
431 Roe, Bertie James "Bert"  26 Sep 1887London, England I400829
432 Rouse, George  Aug 1870London, England I206001
433 Rumball, Lady Mary Ann  1 Mar 1785London, England I368508
434 Russ, Horace Frank "Frank"  Feb 1892London, England I227915
435 Russ, Maude Theresa  Mar 1910London, England I230739
436 Russ, William  Apr 1884London, England I230736
437 Rutty, Dorothy Violet  1904London, England I475545
438 Rutty, Emily Louise  1899London, England I166678
439 Rutty, William  CA 1869London, England I469171
440 Sanderson, C. H.  15 Dec 1895London, England I358231
441 Sargeant, N. Rosina "Rose"  24 Dec 1903London, England I198943
442 Saunders, Florence Nellie  Oct 1899London, England I185104
443 Saunders, John Edward  17 Mar 1880London, England I212278
444 Sayles, Mary Doris  1898London, England I467828
445 Schorse, Hubert John Harrison  10 Dec 1897London, England I358284
446 Scrimger, James R.  10 Aug 1830London, England I99820
447 Scroggins, Philip  11 Mar 1897London, England I212022
448 Sharpe, Horace Edgar  1899London, England I159263
449 Shaw, Irene May  1920London, England I388606
450 Shenston, Thomas S.  25 Jun 1822London, England I86203
451 Shepherd, Alfred  22 May 1899London, England I358340
452 Shepherd, Alfred  1905London, England I217425
453 Shepherd, George Henry  19 Apr 1892London, England I217422
454 Shepherd, Lillian Hannah  28 Mar 1897London, England I379973
455 Shurly, Cosmos John  11 Feb 1835London, England I65746
456 Sibley, George Desmond  4 May 1901London, England I306533
457 Silcox, James Edward  1851London, England I61556
458 Simpson, Frank David  CA 1869London, England I468967
459 Simpson, Grace  1867London, England I389057
460 Sims, Thomas George  23 Feb 1889London, England I358379
461 Skinner, William Frederick  18 Jan 1893London, England I99452
462 Smith, Alice Matilda  14 Jul 1878London, England I185817
463 Smith, Eleanor Dorothy "Nellie"  1904London, England I424645
464 Smith, James  CA 1845London, England I473204
465 Smith, Lillian Rose  1895London, England I167474
466 Smith, Lydia Ruth  London, England I447571
467 Smith, Sidney Austin  Between 1900 and 1901London, England I468950
468 Smith, Sidney George  CA 1870London, England I468951
469 Smith, Sydney George  21 Aug 1869London, England I225784
470 Smith, William Austin  1907London, England I225783
471 Soulby, Josephine May  Jul 1897London, England I185174
472 Southwell, George  18 Dec 1875London, England I67633
473 Southwell, John Henry  21 Apr 1875London, England I82258
474 Stanton, Emma  17 Aug 1817London, England I29585
475 Staples, Alice Grace  CALC 27 Feb 1868London, England I388628
476 Starkey, Charles Frederick  18 Mar 1892London, England I358464
477 Starkey, James  CA 1867London, England I474294
478 Starkey, Margaret Annie  CALC 9 Sep 1892London, England I424175
479 Starkey, William Henry  Jul 1868London, England I204213
480 Stephens, Emma Sabina  29 Nov 1861London, England I66292
481 Stevens, Annie  18 Jun 1864London, England I65814
482 Stevens, John  1807London, England I197053
483 Stevens, John Frederick  28 Dec 1871London, England I349837
484 Stevens, John J.  1859London, England I139295
485 Stevens, John James  18 Oct 1859London, England I422089
486 Sturgeon, William A.  CA 1876London, England I472338
487 Summerfield, Roland  Aug 1880London, England I358535
488 Tatum, Henry John  CALC 10 May 1859London, England I203366
489 Terry, Lucy Mary Winifred  9 Aug 1902London, England I476733
490 Theogood, Charles Frederick "Frederick"  1897London, England I372014
491 Theogood, William James  CA 1867London, England I473076
492 Thorne, John Mills  3 Oct 1846London, England I69207
493 Thurgood, Henry George  CALC 23 Jan 1898London, England I203274
494 Tindall, John Charles  18 Oct 1798London, England I36352
495 Troth, Theresa  27 Jul 1866London, England I36134
496 Turner, Rosina Adelaide  Apr 1889London, England I347748
497 Vernon, Reginald Charles  1 Apr 1877London, England I46826
498 Vice, Alfred David  21 Jan 1868London, England I96823
499 Vick, Henry William "Harry" III  1889London, England I372854
500 Wade, Albert Edward  12 Oct 1897London, England I358681

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