Waterloo Region Generations
A record of the people of Waterloo Region, Ontario.




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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Evelyn Francis  Cremated I407946
2 Abou-Nimer, William "Bill-Willy"  Cremated I166526
3 Adam, John Alexander "Jack"  Cremated I107245
4 Adams, William  Cremated I122191
5 Adamson, Leon Melvin  Cremated I167243
6 Addis, Roy Thomas  Cremated I167249
7 Agar, Hugh Bruce  Cremated I116175
8 Aitchison, Joseph Edward  Cremated I167274
9 Aitchison, Walter  Cremated I167276
10 Aitkin, George Spaulding  Cremated I208813
11 Alderwick, Peter Tansleigh  Cremated I177762
12 Alexander, Douglas Clement  Cremated I177785
13 Alexander, John MacKenzie "Scotty"  Cremated I176771
14 Assiter, Maurice Frederick George "Fred"  Cremated I165562
15 Austin, Francis Isabelle  Cremated I70697
16 Austin, Leonard Sidney Richard  Cremated I114159
17 Baetz, Judith  Cremated I129602
18 Ballauf, Alfred Hans  Cremated I2719
19 Basham, John Edward  Cremated I184289
20 Beaver, Robert Ralph "Bob"  Cremated I34510
21 Beckman, Calvin B. "Kelly"  Cremated I422854
22 Beggs, Hazel Marguerite  Cremated I299158
23 Bindernagel, Shirley Elvina  Cremated I76008
24 Brown, Syd  Cremated I93305
25 Brubacher, Marvin James  Cremated I258484
26 Brundage, Edward  Cremated I262545
27 Cairns, Elizabeth Rankin  Cremated I93666
28 Carswell, Dora Isabel "Dodi"  Cremated I87557
29 Casselman, Kenneth  Cremated I199263
30 Choma, Wendy Louise  Cremated I166160
31 Class, Frederick John  Cremated I110947
32 Cook, Earl John  Cremated I164680
33 Duench, Howard Kenneth  Cremated I165363
34 Ellis, Dorothy Virginia  Cremated I324950
35 Feick, Morgan Herbert  Cremated I162843
36 Fiddler, Ida M.  Cremated I162582
37 Gildner, Wilbert C. "Butch"  Cremated I99709
38 Gingerich, Glen Wilfred  Cremated I132800
39 Gingerich, Richard Allan "Dick"  Cremated I199924
40 Habel, Gerald  Cremated I406789
41 Halstead, Doris Amelia  Cremated I404119
42 Hollinger, Sandra Ellen  Cremated I115130
43 Holowchuk, William  Cremated I252893
44 Hope, Jean  Cremated I200109
45 Huber, Norma Mildred  Cremated I76613
46 Jarvis, Gladys Evelyn  Cremated I197399
47 Kanmacher, Gordon Sylvester  Cremated I348631
48 Kaster, Harold Samuel  Cremated I162938
49 Kehl, Kenneth John  Cremated I164291
50 Keller, Raymon James  Cremated I94064
51 Kinzie, Harry  Cremated I178189
52 Koehler, William Alfred  Cremated I71221
53 Kooyman, Wayne  Cremated I156192
54 Kreutziger, Lulu  Cremated I47639
55 Laidlaw, John Robert "Jack"  Cremated I207305
56 Leslie, Kenneth  Cremated I28063
57 Letson, Russell Herbert  Cremated I167484
58 Livock, Albert  Cremated I188572
59 MacDonald, Grace  Cremated I22355
60 Martin, Oscar B.  Cremated I145667
61 McCord, Daniel  Cremated I175841
62 McIlveen, Ronald Jack  Cremated I116251
63 Meston, Mayor Donovan P.  Cremated I260782
64 Miller, Bernel W.  Cremated I129849
65 Morrison, Barbara Jean  Cremated I352286
66 Moyes, George Alfred  Cremated I105084
67 Murawsky, Margaret Theresa  28 Jan 1988Cremated I167349
68 Musselman, Delphine Edna  Cremated I172225
69 Myers, Elizabeth "Bette"  Cremated I108844
70 Parr, Kenneth William "Ken"  Cremated I200108
71 Pass, Gordon Edward  Cremated I130257
72 Pequegnat, Leda "Peggy"  Cremated I169141
73 Pequegnat, Paul Eugene  Cremated I154750
74 Peterman, Archie William  Cremated I221398
75 Pirak, Albert Gordon  Cremated I203574
76 Potvin, Marc Richard  Cremated I52924
77 Reinhart, Dr. Edgar  Cremated I93775
78 Ridsdale, Oliver C.  Cremated I413809
79 Rochester, Mary  Cremated I27256
80 Rudisuela, Ronald Henry "Ron"  Cremated I95821
81 Sage, Elmer  Cremated I202221
82 Sauder, Orvil Henry  Cremated I116219
83 Saville, Barbara  Cremated I170915
84 Scheerer, Clare Henry  Cremated I200222
85 Schelter, William  Cremated I3907
86 Schiefele, Thelma  Cremated I167373
87 Schilling, Donald  Cremated I352237
88 Schlichter, Herbert Raymond  Cremated I201792
89 Schnarr, John Gerald "Jack"  Cremated I94649
90 Schrag, Lloyd  Cremated I164298
91 Schweitzer, Elizabeth Norma Jean "Betty"  Cremated I348890
92 Seagram, Norman  Cremated I151752
93 Semple, Wesley Witmer  Cremated I400615
94 Shantz, Ruth Evangeline  Cremated I202200
95 Sismar, Vanessa Kristine  Cremated I117038
96 Snider, Ruby Viola  Cremated I33818
97 Snyder, Sadie Norean  Cremated I212994
98 Stortz, Cyril Ivan  Cremated I166213
99 Swartzentruber, Donald Ray  Cremated I87334
100 Tooze, Cyril  Cremated I93932

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