Waterloo Region Generations
A record of the people of Waterloo Region, Ontario.

Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario


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Latitude: 43.7426728, Longitude: -81.7077840


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Abbott, Jean Hall  Feb 1888Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario I187506
2 Arthur, John Howard  1947Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario I122323
3 Baer, Walter Wesley "Wesley"  22 Jul 1865Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario I9876
4 Bell, Alice  1854Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario I129592
5 Bezeau, Emily Izetta  5 Apr 1903Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario I33124
6 Bishop, Emmerson Eugene  1909Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario I157641
7 Brandt, Frederick Charles  26 Jan 1911Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario I201721
8 Calvert, John Roy  22 Nov 1942Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario I262811
9 Cassidy, Carrie E.  1880Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario I388978
10 Cressman, George Allan "Allan"  29 Nov 1874Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario I22353
11 Curran, Emily Maria  13 Nov 1871Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario I205855
12 Eby, Rev. Charles Samuel D. D.  3 Nov 1845Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario I21358
13 Eby, Mary Elizabeth  1848Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario I21366
14 Eby, Samuel C.  Abt 1858Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario I21369
15 Eby, Sarah Fessant  Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario I21367
16 Elliott, Lettie May  Mar 1885Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario I174595
17 Fleming, Gordon C. J.  May 1903Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario I212985
18 Gallager, Anna Jane  2 Feb 1850Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario I63555
19 Glazier, John Francis  1899Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario I165459
20 Graham, William Kenneth "Kenneth"  5 Oct 1905Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario I352515
21 Heideman, Annie  16 Apr 1885Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario I200882
22 Johnston, Donald McKenzie  8 Oct 1870Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario I205850
23 Knight, John Henry  29 Sep 1904Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario I355866
24 Lobb, Kezia  4 Aug 1855Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario I200820
25 Nairn, Jane Kippen  7 Aug 1847Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario I62360
26 Passmore, Mary Elizabeth  1856Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario I423726
27 Reed, Jackson Pellow  26 Jun 1904Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario I421294
28 Reynolds, Delphena May  2 Feb 1903Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario I440663
29 Reynolds, John Harland "Harland"  7 Dec 1904Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario I440662
30 Reynolds, Robert Maitland  7 Mar 1901Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario I179253
31 Sanderson, Clara Eleanor  9 Oct 1913Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario I438849
32 Sararas, Noah K.  17 Sep 1877Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario I156143
33 Saunders, Agnes J.  1 Jan 1897Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario I24655
34 Saunders, Charles W.  12 Oct 1886Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario I24651
35 Saunders, Florence A.  14 Jul 1894Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario I24654
36 Saunders, Josie G.  10 Dec 1891Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario I24653
37 Saunders, Walter L.  19 Apr 1889Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario I24652
38 Saunders, William F.  25 Feb 1885Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario I24650
39 Spence, Constance Irene  29 Feb 1892Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario I98004
40 Struthers, Margaret G.  1862Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario I419916
41 Tokarczyk, Michael John  24 Dec 1904Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario I234956
42 Weseloh, Alma Rose  2 May 1901Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario I193704
43 Wettlaufer, Bobbie  1944Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario I45380
44 Wettlaufer, Louise  17 Sep 1891Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario I400327
45 Whiteley, Dr. James Benson  8 Oct 1857Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario I117267
46 Wilkinson, Ora Zila  Jan 1879Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario I101593
47 Wyatt, Cecil George  29 Mar 1897Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario I129628
48 Wyatt, William  22 Mar 1866Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario I197827
49 Yule, David Daniel  2 May 1874Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario I60995


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Adams, Marvin Amos  16 Dec 1876Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario I26758
2 Baer, William H.  1934Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario I9990
3 Baetz, Donna Julianne  21 Feb 2011Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario I176271
4 Bauer, Rev William David  9 Nov 1988Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario I119500
5 Clark, Isabella  21 Feb 1911Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario I74012
6 Clemens, Edgar Hugo  1 Aug 1945Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario I17166
7 Crawford, Sara Margaret "Sadie"  13 Jan 1988Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario I171196
8 Cressman, Jane Beatty "Jennie  5 May 1881Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario I22345
9 Denison, Daniel G.  15 Sep 1908Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario I116422
10 Elliott, David Robert  5 Jan 2000Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario I33899
11 Ellis, George Lineslu  11 Apr 1972Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario I380365
12 Fear, Samuel Moir  20 May 1898Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario I171792
13 Fields, James  29 Dec 1888Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario I48671
14 Fields, John  2 Nov 1877Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario I200311
15 Filsinger, Konrad Charles "Harry"  1946Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario I117425
16 Fischer, Mary Ann  10 Dec 1912Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario I94296
17 Godwin, Joseph  18 Mar 1972Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario I382192
18 Goudie, Emily  26 May 1909Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario I12025
19 Horton, Frederick W. "Fred"  25 Aug 1998Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario I382665
20 Huck, George Anthony  5 Jan 2000Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario I380076
21 Johnston, Oliver James  4 Nov 1937Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario I218763
22 Kaercher, Margaret  9 Jan 1907Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario I1243
23 Kippen, Jane Murdock  1861Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario I101860
24 Lenz, Margaret Louisa  17 Sep 2006Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario I126237
25 Marlton, Zeda Mary  Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario I188929
26 McCracken, William J.  6 Jul 1923Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario I188361
27 Murray, Archibald E.  6 Jan 1914Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario I168895
28 Niebergall, Eduard  6 Feb 1871Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario I247940
29 North, Mary Anne  16 Jul 1886Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario I48672
30 O'Krafka, Edith May  22 Dec 2008Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario I65887
31 Parsill, Charles William Coswell  16 May 1935Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario I294300
32 Schmidt, Pearl Pauline  23 Nov 2002Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario I169074
33 Seegmiller, Jakob  19 Feb 1875Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario I367344
34 Snyder, Jesse  19 Apr 1911Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario I15222
35 Stafford, Martha Elizabeth  17 Jan 1874Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario I26756
36 Surerus, Daniel L.  22 Apr 1909Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario I19537
37 Surerus, Magdalena  15 Feb 1914Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario I162626
38 Wettlaufer, Arnold Louis  1950Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario I404490
39 Wettlaufer, Bobbie  1950Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario I45380


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Fisher, Sophia  Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario I188609


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Misfortune    Person ID 
1 Adams, Rodney Hamilton  1876Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario I26755


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Biehn, Abraham Thomas  1901Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario I15523
2 Biehn, William J.  1901Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario I15528
3 Bryans, John  1872Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario I100189
4 Chrystal, Alexander Stupert  1912Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario I128134
5 Cressman, Geraldine  1881Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario I22347
6 Cressman, Moses  1881Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario I22340
7 Harvie, Malcolm  1869Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario I63152
8 Heist, Dr. Alva Milton  1922Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario I12856
9 McKenzie, Mark Burgess  1875Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario I146355
10 Morton, Alexander  1874Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario I341086
11 Shinner, Lawrence  1910Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario I103700
12 Tye, William Daniel  1892Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario I216669


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Boehmer, Henry B.  1910Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario I98310
2 Dechert, Clarence "Clare"  1975Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario I300266
3 Dietrich, Mary Elizabeth  1900Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario I56675
4 Filsinger, Konrad Charles "Harry"  1932Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario I117425
5 Fischer, Catharine  1840Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario I21378
6 Keil, Vesta Myrtle  1962Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario I172667
7 Knight, John Henry  Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario I355866
8 Knight, John Henry  Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario I355866
9 Nisbet, Alexander Goodwin  Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario I357918
10 Stewart, Nancy  1872Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario I100190
11 Wells, Edward  1938Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario I231615
12 Wilkinson, Amelia Jane  1891Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario I61337


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bernhardt / Smith  26 Oct 1898Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario F271203
2 Chrystal / Elliott  16 Oct 1877Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario F53478
3 Drinkwater / Cousin  27 Mar 1909Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario F277826
4 Hammill / Passmore  22 Mar 1876Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario F272591
5 Johnston / Curran  21 Jun 1899Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario F57532
6 Oliver / Cressman  17 Dec 1884Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario F5364
7 Ruggle / Dietrich  4 Jul 1900Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario F14622
8 Steip / Noble  8 May 1871Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario F51663
9 Sterzik / Doerr  3 Oct 1878Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario F13689
10 Weber / Challenger  20 Jan 1915Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario F243096
11 Wyatt / Borland  20 Jul 1887Goderich, Huron Co., Ontario F187463