Waterloo Region Generations
A record of the people of Waterloo Region, Ontario.

Sao Miguel, Azores



Matches 1 to 39 of 39

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Maria  1893Sao Miguel, Azores I415417
2 Maria  4 Feb 1921Sao Miguel, Azores I435990
3 Maria Lourdes  13 Mar 1922Sao Miguel, Azores I385820
4 Virginia Amelia  13 Aug 1915Sao Miguel, Azores I386549
5 Almeida, Rosa Maria  1 Jun 1956Sao Miguel, Azores I435236
6 Arruda, Maria da Conceicao  1930Sao Miguel, Azores I419219
7 Botelho, Joao Luis  27 Dec 1936Sao Miguel, Azores I384285
8 Botelho, Manuel  24 Mar 1931Sao Miguel, Azores I384287
9 Canto, Joao "John"  8 Dec 1926Sao Miguel, Azores I384446
10 Carreiro, Constantina  2 Oct 1909Sao Miguel, Azores I384463
11 Carreiro, Jose Oliveiro  10 Mar 1926Sao Miguel, Azores I384460
12 Cordeiro, Jose Dos Santos  23 Mar 1925Sao Miguel, Azores I384565
13 Cordeiro, Rui Manuel Ferreira  16 Mar 1970Sao Miguel, Azores I384569
14 Correia, Jose Tobias  3 Jul 1948Sao Miguel, Azores I384581
15 Da Rosa, Mariano Furtado  7 Jul 1936Sao Miguel, Azores I385814
16 Da Silva, Gil Pacheco  12 Mar 1931Sao Miguel, Azores I385816
17 Da Silva, Manuel  1922Sao Miguel, Azores I415054
18 De Lima, Jaime Manuel Pereira  31 Jan 1949Sao Miguel, Azores I385862
19 De Sousa, Joao Amaral  1927Sao Miguel, Azores I386242
20 Duarte, Elvira  10 May 1925Sao Miguel, Azores I384227
21 Fernandes, Gil  21 Dec 1913Sao Miguel, Azores I386006
22 Furtado, Maria Das Merces  1 Jul 1916Sao Miguel, Azores I386105
23 Furtado, Perdo Jesus  24 Dec 1919Sao Miguel, Azores I386103
24 Jesus, Aldora  30 Jul 1948Sao Miguel, Azores I385867
25 Martins, John Olileria  18 Apr 1925Sao Miguel, Azores I431296
26 Medeiros, Antonio  26 Jul 1948Sao Miguel, Azores I386437
27 Medeiros, Eduardo DaCosta  25 Apr 1925Sao Miguel, Azores I416398
28 Melo, Joao Semiao  11 Nov 1929Sao Miguel, Azores I386457
29 Moniz, Georgina  20 Jan 1919Sao Miguel, Azores I383519
30 Moniz, Maria Medeiros  20 Jul 1920Sao Miguel, Azores I384462
31 Mote, Maria Fernanda  1924Sao Miguel, Azores I416079
32 Nicolau, Carlos Duarte  1941Sao Miguel, Azores I385625
33 Pacheco, Maria  14 Jul 1934Sao Miguel, Azores I416458
34 Paquete, Eduardo Manuel  27 Aug 1928Sao Miguel, Azores I379421
35 Pavao, Carlos Manuel  16 Jan 1944Sao Miguel, Azores I385336
36 Pavao, Valdomira  12 Oct 1932Sao Miguel, Azores I385201
37 Pereira, Joao  19 Oct 1930Sao Miguel, Azores I385360
38 Reis, Aldovino  19 Nov 1932Sao Miguel, Azores I413938
39 Resendes, Maria Espirito  4 Aug 1925Sao Miguel, Azores I384884