Waterloo Region Generations
A record of the people of Waterloo Region, Ontario.




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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 Adams, Private William Frederick  1914WW1 I57462
2 Adams, Private William J.  1914WW1 I158056
3 Affholder, Frank Joseph  1914WW1 I354268
4 Aikens, Private James Wilson  1914WW1 I118337
5 Ainslie, Private Robert  1914WW1 I209097
6 Ainslie, Private Robert  1914WW1 I209097
7 Ainsworth, Albert Ernest  1914WW1 I198251
8 Ainsworth, Albert Ernest  1914WW1 I198251
9 Ainsworth, Private Fred  1914WW1 I158057
10 Ainsworth, Private Fred  1914WW1 I158057
11 Ainsworth, J.  1914WW1 I354273
12 Akitt, Ernest Joseph  1914WW1 I118339
13 Albrecht, Private Louis John  1914WW1 I38812
14 Albright, Lt. Solon  1914WW1 I6676
15 Alcock, Private John William  1914WW1 I118438
16 Allan, Charles A.  1914WW1 I354283
17 Allemang, Corporal Alba S.  1914WW1 I365947
18 Allemang, Corporal Alba S.  1914WW1 I365947
19 Allemang, Private Harvey Musselman  1914WW1 I13836
20 Allen, Alfred Charles  1914WW1 I145112
21 Allen, Private George McDermott  1914WW1 I209276
22 Allen, Winn  1914WW1 I118443
23 Allen, Winn  1914WW1 I118443
24 Allin, William Henry  1914WW1 I158071
25 Allison, Private Harry Herbert  1914WW1 I65118
26 Allison, Lloyd  1914WW1 I61623
27 Ames, Private William Arnold  1914WW1 I118444
28 Ames, Private William Arnold  1914WW1 I118444
29 Amis, Private Walter Henry  1914WW1 I118513
30 Anderson, A.  1914WW1 I145113
31 Anderson, Sergeant Frederick S.  1914WW1 I78967
32 Anderson, Hugh Donald  1914WW1 I49254
33 Anderson, Private John D.  1914WW1 I65951
34 Anderson, Private John D.  1914WW1 I65951
35 Anderson, Robert James  1914WW1 I121180
36 Andrus, Private Elmo  1914WW1 I121204
37 Andrus, Private Elmo  1914WW1 I121204
38 Anger, Private Porles Austin  1914WW1 I122260
39 Anthony, Private Harold Mark "Mark"  1914WW1 I122266
40 Anthony, Private Harold Mark "Mark"  1914WW1 I122266
41 Antisell, Thomas Christopher Mansell "Mansell"  1914WW1 I223691
42 Appleyard, Private Joseph Clarence "Clarence"  1914WW1 I338620
43 Appleyard, Private Joseph Clarence "Clarence"  1914WW1 I338620
44 Appleyard, Private William Byecroft  1914WW1 I338619
45 Aramchuck, Private Alexander  1914WW1 I158073
46 Aramchuck, Private Alexander  1914WW1 I158073
47 Arber, Private Arthur  1914WW1 I158079
48 Arber, Private Arthur  1914WW1 I158079
49 Archer, George  1914WW1 I354309
50 Arendt, Harry  1914WW1 I354310
51 Arendt, Harry  1914WW1 I354310
52 Armitage, Private Louis Edward  1914WW1 I176042
53 Armitage, Private Louis Edward  1914WW1 I176042
54 Armstrong, Thomas Henry  1914WW1 I354313
55 Arndt, Private Harvey Henry  1914WW1 I97324
56 Arnold, T. Albert  1914WW1 I354316
57 Ashbury, David James  1914WW1 I354317
58 Ashbury, David James  1914WW1 I354317
59 Ashby, Private William Byecroft  1914WW1 I158083
60 Ashcroft, Private Arthur  1914WW1 I158084
61 Ashcroft, Private Enoch A.  1914WW1 I158087
62 Ashcroft, Private Enoch A.  1914WW1 I158087
63 Ashton, Private George Harold  1914WW1 I158088
64 Ashton, Private George Harold  1914WW1 I158088
65 Atkin, Corporal Arthur  1914WW1 I158089
66 Atkin, Corporal Arthur  1914WW1 I158089
67 Atkinson, Private Charles Henry  1914WW1 I158090
68 Atkinson, Private Jesse  1914WW1 I222162
69 Atkinson, Private John Marshall  1914WW1 I158091
70 Attwater, Private George Ernest  1914WW1 I158092
71 Attwater, Private George Ernest  1914WW1 I158092
72 Aumann, Milton David  1914WW1 I55609
73 Austen, Private Edward  1914WW1 I158093
74 Austen, Private Edward  1914WW1 I158093
75 Axt, Irvin Garfield  1914WW1 I173049
76 Aylward, A. H.  1914WW1 I147054
77 Aylward, George  1914WW1 I158095
78 Ayres, Corporal Henry William  1914WW1 I158099
79 Ayres, Corporal Henry William  1914WW1 I158099
80 Babington, Private Albert Edward W.  1914WW1 I158101
81 Babington, Private Albert Edward W.  1914WW1 I158101
82 Bach, Private George Conrad  1914WW1 I192674
83 Bach, Private George Conrad  1914WW1 I192674
84 Badke, William Henry  1914WW1 I98650
85 Badke, William Henry  1914WW1 I98650
86 Baechler, Norman Arthur  1914WW1 I162540
87 Baechler, Norman Arthur  1914WW1 I162540
88 Baer, Lawrence Stager  1914WW1 I79204
89 Baer, Lawrence Stager  1914WW1 I79204
90 Baetz, Private Frederick Alfred  1914WW1 I37960
91 Baetz, Private John Henry  1914WW1 I95142
92 Baetz, Private John Henry  1914WW1 I95142
93 Baetz, Private Walter Edward  1914WW1 I95141
94 Baetz, Private Walter Edward  1914WW1 I95141
95 Bagg, Arthur Frederick  1914WW1 I87395
96 Bagg, Arthur Frederick  1914WW1 I87395
97 Bailey, Private Albert Victor  1914WW1 I205425
98 Bailey, Private Joseph  1914WW1 I158102
99 Bailey, Robert George  1914WW1 I205422
100 Bailey, Robert George  1914WW1 I205422

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Military Award

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military Award    Person ID 
1 Beckman, Sergeant Lloyd Justus  1914WW1 I92814
2 Robertson, Jean Morton  1914WW1 I358206
3 Robertson, Jean Morton  1914WW1 I358206
4 Ward, Edgar  1914WW1 I358721
5 Ward, Edgar  1914WW1 I358721


Matches 1 to 97 of 97

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Allison, Lloyd  1914WW1 I61623
2 Bailey, Sergeant Wilbert Rudolph  1914WW1 I190755
3 Bassil, Sapper Frederick  1914WW1 I158173
4 Brandon, John Charles  1914WW1 I109723
5 Carthy, Percy  1814WW1 I58379
6 Chapman, Albert William H.  1914WW1 I159704
7 Daniel, Private Robert  1914WW1 I196756
8 Dauberger, Linus  1914WW1 I354938
9 Dilly, Robert Mason  1914WW1 I222844
10 Duffy, William  1914WW1 I167183
11 Eagle, Russell Edward  1914WW1 I26477
12 Edwards, Eric  1914WW1 I355099
13 Eldred, William James  1914WW1 I355103
14 Gatehouse, Private Richard Oliver "Dick"  1914WW1 I127246
15 Gates, John Milton  1914WW1 I355291
16 Gothorpe, Philip Odling  1914WW1 I355375
17 Hadfield, George Victor  1914WW1 I210018
18 Harriett, Archie  1914WW1 I355513
19 Heberle, John Henry S.  1914WW1 I355562
20 Hedges, Henry  1814WW1 I75033
21 Henderson, Wallace  1914WW1 I355582
22 Howlett, William Frederick  1914WW1 I355692
23 Huber, Charles  1914WW1 I352973
24 Huehnergard, Allister Ezra  1914WW1 I55189
25 Johns, Charles Stanley  1914WW1 I388040
26 Johns, Charles Stanley  1914WW1 I388040
27 Johnson, Herbert  1914WW1 I39778
28 Kyle, Albert  1914WW1 I355909
29 Kyle, Albert  1914WW1 I355909
30 Lanning, Lance Corporal Henry "Harry"  1914WW1 I80611
31 Lawrence, George  1914WW1 I355955
32 Lawrenson, Robert  1914WW1 I355958
33 Leach, Albert  1914WW1 I230693
34 Lord, Alfred  1914WW1 I232095
35 Low, James Clarke  1914WW1 I228372
36 McKenzie, Frank  1914WW1 I357651
37 McKenzie, Frank  1914WW1 I357651
38 McKenzie, John Vernon  1914WW1 I357653
39 McKenzie, John Vernon  1914WW1 I357653
40 McKenzie, Joseph Francis  1914WW1 I357654
41 McKenzie, Joseph Francis  1914WW1 I357654
42 Mercer, Isaac George  1914WW1 I357757
43 Mercer, Isaac George  1914WW1 I357757
44 Moore, James  1914WW1 I357823
45 Moore, James  1914WW1 I357823
46 Moore, William  1914WW1 I128748
47 Morris, William George  1914WW1 I357838
48 Morris, William George  1914WW1 I357838
49 Mulligan, Thomas  WW1 I349458
50 Murray, Douglas  1914WW1 I357875
51 Murray, Douglas  1914WW1 I357875
52 Newman, Norris  1914WW1 I357909
53 Newman, Norris  1914WW1 I357909
54 Ogram, William Alfred  1914WW1 I357936
55 Ogram, William Alfred  1914WW1 I357936
56 Ostell, Herbert  1814WW1 I357955
57 Ostell, Herbert  1814WW1 I357955
58 Ottman, Albert Jacob  1914WW1 I52371
59 Pequegnat, Troschia P.  1814WW1 I358005
60 Pequegnat, Troschia P.  1814WW1 I358005
61 Philip, E. F.  1914WW1 I358016
62 Philip, E. F.  1914WW1 I358016
63 Piper, E. A.  1914WW1 I358036
64 Piper, E. A.  1914WW1 I358036
65 Plumb, Arthur Richard  1914WW1 I358043
66 Plumb, Arthur Richard  1914WW1 I358043
67 Potter, Helen  1914WW1 I188773
68 Rahman, Irvin James  1914WW1 I358105
69 Rahman, Irvin James  1914WW1 I358105
70 Renwick, Robert  1914WW1 I205964
71 Ridley, Sergeant Major Stephen  1914WW1 I206087
72 Riehl, Arthur John  1914WW1 I238004
73 Robb, Charles Henry  1914WW1 I358193
74 Robb, Charles Henry  1914WW1 I358193
75 Schneider, Harry  1914WW1 I358277
76 Schneider, Harry  1914WW1 I358277
77 Sears, Reginald  1914WW1 I347136
78 Sherrer, William Andrew  1914WW1 I358348
79 Sherrer, William Andrew  1914WW1 I358348
80 Shuyler, Andrew  1914WW1 I358362
81 Shuyler, Andrew  1914WW1 I358362
82 Smith, John  1914WW1 I358408
83 Smith, John  1914WW1 I358408
84 Southon, Frederick Sydney  1914WW1 I358444
85 Southon, Frederick Sydney  1914WW1 I358444
86 Thomas, Arthur Wellington  1914WW1 I78907
87 Thomas, Francis John  1914WW1 I358587
88 Thomas, Francis John  1914WW1 I358587
89 Thompson, Gordon  1914WW1 I358601
90 Thompson, Gordon  1914WW1 I358601
91 Waller, Charles A.  1914WW1 I163249
92 Wallis, George  1914WW1 I228877
93 Ward, John Henry  1914WW1 I358723
94 Ward, John Henry  1914WW1 I358723
95 White, William  1914WW1 I358805
96 White, William  1914WW1 I358805
97 Winn, Private Allen  1914WW1 I158068