Waterloo Region Generations
A record of the people of Waterloo Region, Ontario.

Exeter, Huron Co., Ontario


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Latitude: 43.3550000, Longitude: -81.4805556


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Box, William Thomas  8 Jul 1847Exeter, Huron Co., Ontario I204219
2 Etherington, Emma  6 Jan 1861Exeter, Huron Co., Ontario I328548
3 Hincks, Edward Lewis  1861Exeter, Huron Co., Ontario I104123
4 Jeffery, Donald Edwin M.  1928Exeter, Huron Co., Ontario I379620
5 Lambrook, Wilbert Wesley "Wesley"  18 Apr 1880Exeter, Huron Co., Ontario I360900
6 Matheson, Jessie Waters McKay  21 May 1888Exeter, Huron Co., Ontario I339112
7 Matheson, William James Law "Law"  13 Nov 1883Exeter, Huron Co., Ontario I339111
8 Prentice, Evangeline Elizabeth  16 Jul 1883Exeter, Huron Co., Ontario I225348
9 Rosenberger, Edwin Neil  12 Apr 1888Exeter, Huron Co., Ontario I16094
10 Rosenberger, Jennie Louisa  10 Apr 1886Exeter, Huron Co., Ontario I16101
11 Seldon, Maria  1 Oct 1885Exeter, Huron Co., Ontario I183461
12 Smale, Mary Ellen  28 Oct 1867Exeter, Huron Co., Ontario I67022
13 Walper, Conrad Henry Currie "Currie"  19 Mar 1860Exeter, Huron Co., Ontario I94862
14 Walper, Curry Ora  15 May 1886Exeter, Huron Co., Ontario I94943


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Cochrane, John Goldie "Goldie"  15 Apr 1952Exeter, Huron Co., Ontario I38391
2 Cress, George Russell  19 Mar 1999Exeter, Huron Co., Ontario I178059
3 Dance, Jane Elizabeth  21 May 2015Exeter, Huron Co., Ontario I53216
4 Ernst, Rev. Nelson Rudy  12 Nov 1978Exeter, Huron Co., Ontario I1026
5 Gingerich, Gerald K.  30 May 1983Exeter, Huron Co., Ontario I176024
6 Hardy, Nancy  25 Aug 1944Exeter, Huron Co., Ontario I84486
7 Hardy, Solomon  15 Mar 1928Exeter, Huron Co., Ontario I218340
8 Hoffmann, Helen Dorothy Clara  25 May 2008Exeter, Huron Co., Ontario I82879
9 Howald, John  24 Feb 1928Exeter, Huron Co., Ontario I265817
10 Jantzi, Mabel Magdalene  7 Feb 1983Exeter, Huron Co., Ontario I187077
11 Jantzi, Rev. Orval Michael  21 May 1979Exeter, Huron Co., Ontario I132295
12 Kennel, Magdalena "Mattie"  3 Oct 1992Exeter, Huron Co., Ontario I149154
13 Kistner, Jean Elizabeth  15 Jan 2017Exeter, Huron Co., Ontario I189940
14 Lutz, Catherine  13 Feb 1922Exeter, Huron Co., Ontario I64366
15 Lytle, William Noble  22 Feb 1995Exeter, Huron Co., Ontario I423514
16 Marshall, Hannah Mariah  18 Sep 1911Exeter, Huron Co., Ontario I71988
17 Martin, Luella  2008Exeter, Huron Co., Ontario I257005
18 McKersie, Jane  21 Nov 1866Exeter, Huron Co., Ontario I96013
19 McKersie, Janet  26 Aug 1878Exeter, Huron Co., Ontario I96017
20 Moore, Jane J.  12 Oct 1906Exeter, Huron Co., Ontario I22591
21 Musser, Aaron  18 Feb 1923Exeter, Huron Co., Ontario I3969
22 Myers, Ross Herman  29 Aug 1999Exeter, Huron Co., Ontario I169266
23 Otterbein, Lloyd Samuel  31 Dec 2011Exeter, Huron Co., Ontario I298292
24 Pozzobon, Flavio Luigi  3 May 2016Exeter, Huron Co., Ontario I385420
25 Priebe, Louisa  11 May 2001Exeter, Huron Co., Ontario I321584
26 Pulver, Harriet  9 Oct 1899Exeter, Huron Co., Ontario I68643
27 Shantz, Elam Wilbur  23 Nov 1995Exeter, Huron Co., Ontario I226780
28 Steckle, Menno Shantz  16 Nov 1980Exeter, Huron Co., Ontario I10087
29 Wettlaufer, Lillian Emily  Aug 1999Exeter, Huron Co., Ontario I169265


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Rosenberger, Abraham E.  1888Exeter, Huron Co., Ontario I15816


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Biehn, Barbara G.  1883Exeter, Huron Co., Ontario I15508
2 Fink, Caroline  1891Exeter, Huron Co., Ontario I108515
3 Fink, Christina  1891Exeter, Huron Co., Ontario I108516
4 Fink, Henry  1891Exeter, Huron Co., Ontario I108513
5 Hincks, Rev. John Perrott  1861Exeter, Huron Co., Ontario I104120
6 Kuhl, Edward H.  Bef 1986Exeter, Huron Co., Ontario I54200
7 Neidinger, Louise  1891Exeter, Huron Co., Ontario I108514
8 Prentice, James  1883Exeter, Huron Co., Ontario I15510


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Becker / Browning  25 Nov 1913Exeter, Huron Co., Ontario F48506
2 Golby / Vale  12 Jul 1899Exeter, Huron Co., Ontario F271200
3 Lamb / Beatty  8 Apr 1868Exeter, Huron Co., Ontario F51478